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Owen 40 remedies


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Introducing Owen homoeopathics 40 remedy range

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Owen 40 remedies

  1. 1. Introducing Owen homoeopathics
  2. 2. Early stages of the acute inflammatory process, in the first 24 hours. Take at the first sign of illness, the effects of this remedy are gone in 1 hour and so it may need frequent repetition initially. Ailments often come on suddenly during the night after exposure to dry, windy weather or a fright such as fever, croup, colds, influenza, earache, vomiting etc. It is considered the vitamin C of Homoeopathy and is often used with Ferrum Phos. Compare with Belladonna and Chamomilla. Pain with touch or uncovering, numbness, pins & needles. Skin hot and dry. States of shock, anxiety and fear, fear of death. Modalities – both sides, very thirsty for cold water, pupils may be contracted. Worse cold winds. Aconite
  3. 3. Hay fever and colds with profuse clear nasal discharge and frequent sneezing. The symptoms are ‘as if peeling onions’. This remedy may require frequent repetition, every ½ - 1 hr as necessary. The profuse nasal discharge excoriates but the eye discharge does not although the eyes themselves may burn. Symptoms often begin with sneezing (compare Nat Mur). Better cold rooms and open air. This remedy helps the body to flush out dead viruses and dead white blood cells, it acts like a natural antibiotic. Allium cepa
  4. 4. This remedy has a proactive action against colds and flu. Take a dose fortnightly or monthly depending on susceptibility. Especially recommended for the elderly and those who suffer respiratory problems. Repeat when in contact with an infected person or at the first sign of symptoms, in conjunction with the indicated remedy (eg Aconite, Ferrum phos). Anas barb is usually only effective during the first 24 hours of cold or flu symptoms after that choose another remedy based on your symptom picture. Anas barbariae
  5. 5. Wheezy, difficult breathing with much rattling mucous which cannot be expectorated. Suffocative feeling with sweat, debility and a bluish tinge around the eyes and lips. The mucous can be abundant, ropy, white and sticky and difficult to expectorate. Excessive salivation. Cough worse 3-4am. Nausea and vomiting. Craving for apples and acid drinks that disagree. Averse to milk. Pustular eruptions leaving a blue red scar (compare with Ant Crud). Antimonium tartrate
  6. 6. Bites and stings such as bee stings with redness, heat and swelling. Also good for hives, nettle rash, allergic eruptions and even for sore throats and cystitis with classic stinging pains and sensation of swelling. Joint pain with red, puffy swelling and stinging pain. Apis
  7. 7. Accidents and injuries with bruising and shock, or simply for feeling ‘as if bruised and beaten’. Bruising, knocks to the head and soft tissue damage. Use during childbirth and for surgical and dental procedures to promote rapid repair and healing. Take 4 hourly during air travel to reduce jet lag. Arnica
  8. 8. Digestive symptoms with vomiting, diarrhoea and burning stomach cramps, ‘as if poisoned’ they feel they will die. Restless anxiety especially around midnight to 2am. Second stage of a cold; feels weak and chilly with runny nose, cough and wheezing. A dose a day while travelling helps with the adjustment to change, it protects from colds and stomach upsets. Arsenicum
  9. 9. Compare with Aconite for the first stage of the inflammatory process, particularly in small children. Ailments such as earache, colds, flu, fever, sore throat, headache, toothache, threatened mastitis etc which come on suddenly. Intense, throbbing pain, cramping congestion, bright redness and heat of the face or affected part. Repeat often. Belladonna
  10. 10. Hard, dry cough with pain under the sternum aggravated by coughing and any movement even breathing deeply. Also helpful for headaches, colicky abdominal pains or rheumatic joint pains which are worse from movement. Grumpy, irritable and wants to be left alone to rest. Bryonia
  11. 11. Teething, poor appetite, leg cramps, colic in babies, stomach pains and headaches in adolescents. Craves salt and smoked meats. Whining and discontented. Tired, thin, glandular and growing. It improves the absorption of nutrients and has a tonic effect at times of rapid growth. Calc Phos
  12. 12. Painful urination with burning, scalding and great urgency. Raw sore throat with burning and stinging. Burning indigestion. Burning and stinging cold sores. Burns, scalds and sunburn with violent burning and rapid blistering. Cantharis
  13. 13. Weakness, feeling faint, desires fresh air and fanning. Cold sweat, bluish lips and cold, clammy face. Bloating, wind and digestive problems especially when digestion is slow and the appetite is poor after a bout of illness, fasting or medical or surgical procedures. Reaction to shellfish with vomiting & diarrhoea. Pasty and clammy, feeling faint. Carbo vegetablis
  14. 14. Teething, colic, colds, fevers, earaches etc. One cheek red and one pale. Greenish diarrhoea. Wants to be carried or picked up and then put down over and over. Extremely irritable and angry. Restless, thirsty, cranky and sensitive to pain, can’t be pleased. Severe menstrual cramps, angry and irritable. Chamomilla
  15. 15. Travel sickness, jet lag, dizziness, ailments from disturbed sleep. Dizzy with an empty hollow feeling. Nausea and aversion to food. Sad, depressed and exhausted by worry and lack of sleep, nursing loved ones and getting up to sleepless children. Exhausted and must lay down. Cocculus
  16. 16. Violent, spasmodic, cramping pains with doubling up. Griping, flatulent colic with diarrhoea. Menstrual cramps or ovulation cramps that may be so severe that there is vomiting and fainting. Pain may make the person scream and writhe about. Better from firm pressure, heat and doubling up. Colocynthis
  17. 17. Eye complaints, hay fever and colds with dry, itching, gritty feeling, acrid tears and light sensitivity. Margins of the eyes may be red, burning, itchy and swollen. Hacking day time cough that may bring tears to the eyes. Euphrasia
  18. 18. This is a tissue salt made from Iron phospate. It’s good for the early stages of illness for feverish complaints and when generally ‘off colour’. Fever, earache and nose bleeds. Use it on its own or with Aconite or Belladonna. Twice daily for anaemia or after any excessive blood loss to help the body rebuild iron supplies. Ferrum phos
  19. 19. Flu symptoms with slow onset and classic aches and pains. The pains are bursting or pulsating. Droopy, drowsy and feeling heavy and listless. Anticipatory anxiety. Fear, stage fright, exam nerves and nervous anxiety. Repeat often prior to a worrying event. Gelsemium
  20. 20. Infections like boils, splinters, acne, styes, right sided sore throats with ‘splinter like’ pains. Ear pain with throbbing. Worse cold wind and drafts. Cold sores, herpes, eczema with suppuration. Rough, barking, rattly cough with yellow mucous. Hoarseness. Third stage of croup after Aconite and Spongia. Hepar sulph
  21. 21. Injury involving areas rich in nerves ‘the Arnica of the nerves’. Shooting, burning, stinging pains. Jammed fingers, bricks on toes, puncture wounds, splinters, bites and stings with long shooting pains, coccyx pain. After surgery including dental treatment as it promotes healing of wounds, scratches and cuts. Hypericum
  22. 22. Emotional upsets, shock, grief, hysteria, emotional and mental strain. Homesickness. Sighing and trembling with changeable moods, disturbed sleep and eating patterns. Lump in the throat sensation. Empty feeling not relieved by eating. Headache from crying. Contradictory and paradoxical symptoms. Ignatia
  23. 23. Persistent nausea and vomiting. Morning sickness, travel sickness, gastric upset, hoarse, spasmodic cough with nausea and vomiting. Bloody discharges, especially with nausea. Sensitive to noise, chilly, irritable and averse to food. Ipecac
  24. 24. Chronic sinusitis or thick catarrh with thick, ropy, yellow, stringy discharge, or so congested that there is no discharge. Catarrhal headache, the pain may be in a small spot. Bronchitis symptoms with difficult expectoration, ulcerated throat, hoarseness. Kali bic
  25. 25. Thick, white nasal discharges and catarrh. Earache and glue ear. Stuffy head colds, glandular swellings, tonsillitis with white coating on the tonsils. Thrush and mouth ulcers. Deafness with crackling in the ears on swallowing or blowing the nose. Kali mur
  26. 26. This tissue salt is a tonic and nutrient for the brain and nerve tissues. Headache from mental strain, over work or studying. Fatigue associated with jet travel. Convalescence. Sleep disturbances with insomnia. Depressed and exhausted. Kali phos
  27. 27. Bites, stings and puncture wounds. The skin is swollen, pale and mottled. Use once daily, when traveling in the tropics or to insect infested areas. This remedy supports the body to cleanse the blood. Use it after Arnica for black eyes, bruises and sprains to promote healing. Ledum
  28. 28. A deficiency of this tissue salt causes tissues to cramp and contract. Use for spasmodic pains, cramps, menstrual cramps, abdominal colic and wind. Leg cramps and growing pains. Shooting, darting, stabbing neuralgic pains. Mag phos
  29. 29. Mouth ulcers and inflamed gums that are spongy and bleed easily. Septic sore throat with excessive saliva and foul breath. Chronic ear problems, glandular swellings and abscesses that won’t resolve. Diarrhoea preceded by chilliness. Offensive night sweats and generally worse at night. Mercurius
  30. 30. Colds start with sneezing and the nose runs like a tap. Eczema or acne along the hairline or in the creases of a joint. PMS and menstrual symptoms. Dryness of vagina at menopause. Sad, irritable, depressed and wants to be left alone. Craves salt or is averse to it. Nat mur
  31. 31. Ailments from overindulgence, overwork, sedentary habits, night watching, shift work, travel, and at times when the body clock is upset. Insomnia from 3-4 am with thoughts of business then wakes cross and irritable. Stressed, critical and over-sensitive. Hangover remedy for excesses of food, alcohol, coffee, drugs and mental stimulation. Stuffy colds and hay fever, nose drips during the day. Bloated and flatulent. Nux vomica
  32. 32. All kinds of coughs; loose, dry, spasmodic coughs. Hoarseness. Vomiting and heartburn. Desires ice cold water then vomits as it warms in the stomach. Easy nosebleeds. Many fears; thunder, storms, twilight, the dark, ghosts and the unknown. Phosphorus
  33. 33. Thick, bland, yellow– green mucous. Eye complaints, styes and sticky eyelids. Colds, congestive coughs, earaches and sinusitis. Tummy aches from rich, fatty foods, pork or ice cream. PMS, menstrual symptoms and menopausal flushes. Rashy illnesses like measles or chicken pox. Clingy, weepy and moody. They want consolation, company, fresh air and they want their mum’s attention. Pulsatilla
  34. 34. Pain and stiffness of bone, connective tissue, joints or tendons from overexertion. Restless and stiff on beginning to move, much better from movement – the ‘rusty gate remedy’. Flu with joint pain from getting wet while perspiring. Shingles, chicken pox, eczema and cold sores with blisters. Rhus tox
  35. 35. Sprains and strains of knees, wrists and ankles, contusion of the bone, similar to Arnica. Stiffness and pain in the joints and limbs with bruised weakness and weariness. Sciatica. Eye strain and eye fatigue with blurred vision. Assists healing after blows and fractures, surgery to bony areas and dental surgery. Ruta grav
  36. 36. Menstrual symptoms with irregularity, dragging pains and heaviness. Hot flushes, dryness and headaches at menopause. Lower back pain with dragging aching. Emotionally worn down, depressed, irritable and indifferent. Averse to consolation, wants to be left alone. Better exercise or dancing. Sepia
  37. 37. Boils, ingrown hairs, abscesses, suppurations with failure to resolve and heal well. Poor resistance to infection. Helps expel splinters, thorns etc. Frequent colds, gum boils, glandular swellings, recurrent ear infections, sinusitis. Dry, fragile skin. Head and foot sweats. Nails weak and break easily. Silica
  38. 38. Croup and colds with a dry, raucous cough and a sense of tickling or irritation in the throat. Barking like a seal and burning rawness and weakness in the chest. This remedy follows Aconite well for croup. Worse around midnight. Marked anxiety with the suffocative attacks. Spongia
  39. 39. Dry, scaly skin conditions, worse from bathing and the warmth of the bed. Menopausal hot flushes with burning heat. Haemorrhoids with burning. Helps restore balance after antibiotics and other medicines, take 6c potency twice daily for a week. Sulphur
  40. 40. Warty growths, also think of Antimonium Crudum when there is a tendency to corns, warts and calluses especially on feet. Tinea and fungal infections. Weak, distorted nails with ridges and streaks (or consider Silica). Thuja
  41. 41. Violent, painful vomiting with cutting and cramping pains in the bowel, limbs and calves. Dizziness, exhaustion and rapid prostration. Fearful, dehydrated and collapsed with pale face, cold sweat, bluish sunken eyes and cold limbs. Severe menstrual cramps with sweat and collapse. Veratrum album
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