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Ways to Raise Immune System with Comprehensive Constitutional Homeopathy Programs


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Issues related to Fibromyalgia, Brain Imbalance and Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Leaky Gut Syndrome and Migraine Symptoms stem from a miscommunication between the cerebral neurons that regulate pain reception and those that control vascular dilation and constriction.

The Brain and Spine must be properly balanced (or “calibrated”). If the brain and spine are not communicating properly, then no treatment modality will have full effect or may be completely ineffectual. Additionally, sarcodes are dilutions of healthy tissue that drive a remedy toward that organ. DesBio and Dr. Bruce Shelton have created a full line of homeopathic remedies to heal the whole body...we call it Comprehensive Homeopathy.

DesBio products are available only through healthcare practitioners. For more information on Comprehensive Homeopathy visit visit or phone 1-800-827-9529. If you are a consumer, please visit homeopathic remedies ( for a new line of homeopathic remedies available to the public.

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Ways to Raise Immune System with Comprehensive Constitutional Homeopathy Programs

  1. 1. Optimizing Every ProtocolUtilizing Comprehensive Homeopathy<br />Dr. Bruce H. Shelton MD, MD(H), DiHom, FBIHChief Medical Consultant for Deseret Biologicals, Sandy, UT<br />
  2. 2. Today’s Topics<br />The Brain and the Immune System<br />Brain imbalances and disease<br />Comprehensive Homeopathy / Philosophy<br />The Six Types (Stages) of Ingredients<br />Burgi Groups<br />Desbiochords<br />Comprehensive Homeopathy Products<br />The Protocol<br />Contact Information and Next Steps<br />
  3. 3. The Brain Controls The Immune System <br />Parasympathetic<br />The Parasympathetic Nervous System activates the Th1 Lymphocytes.<br />The Sympathetic Nervous System activates the Th2 Lymphocytes.<br />Sympathetic<br />
  4. 4. The Spine The Information Highway <br />
  5. 5. The Matrix<br />Organ Parenchymal Cell<br />Elastin<br />Defense Cell<br />Basement Membrane<br />Ground Substance<br />Axon<br />Fibroblast<br />Collagen<br />Mast Cell<br />Capillaries<br />
  6. 6. Extra-cellular Matrix<br />
  7. 7. To<br />To<br />B<br />To<br />Ts<br />To<br />The Immune System<br />Antibody production<br />Antibody/antigen<br />cancellation<br />Mild <br />concentrations<br />T-Helper<br />Lymphocyte<br />Allergen<br />APC<br />Stimulation<br />IL- 1<br />IL- 6<br />Low or high<br />Concentrations<br />Macrophage<br />Suppression<br />T-suppressor<br />Lymphocyte<br />ß-Lymphocyte<br />
  8. 8. Endpoint Concentration Effect<br />Mid range concentrations stimulate T helpers<br /> Point moves tomore dilutewith treatment<br /> Point moves to more concentrated with treatment<br />Low concentration stimulates T suppressor<br />High concentration stimulates T suppressor<br />Very Dilute<br />Very Concentrated<br />Concentration of Presenting Antigen<br />
  9. 9. Endpoint Concentration Effect<br />
  10. 10. Th1<br />Th2<br />Th3<br />To<br />To<br />To<br />To<br />To<br />B<br />To<br />Ts<br />To<br />The Immune System<br />Antibody production<br />IL- 2<br />Antibody/antigen<br />cancellation<br />Mild <br />concentrations<br />TGF-B<br />T-Helper<br />Lymphocyte<br />Allergen<br />IL- 4,5,6<br />APC<br />IL- 1<br />IL- 6<br />Low or high<br />Concentrations<br />Stimulation<br />Macrophage<br />Suppression<br />ß-Lymphocyte<br />T-suppressor<br />Lymphocyte<br />
  11. 11. Control is in the Brain <br />
  12. 12. Control is in the Brain<br />&quot;This is the first time that a genetic approach has been used to demonstrate that specific neurons in the nervous system are capable of regulating immune response in distant cells.”<br />—Alejandro Aballay Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the Duke Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology.<br />
  13. 13. The Matrix<br />Organ Parenchymal Cell<br />Elastin<br />Defense Cell<br />Basement Membrane<br />Ground Substance<br />Axon<br />Fibroblast<br />Collagen<br />Mast Cell<br />Capillaries<br />
  14. 14. Brain Imbalance and DiseaseFibromyalgia<br />“There was a time when it was thought to be psychosomatic,” said Dr. Robert Bennett, a fibromyalgia expert at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland. “We now understand the pain in fibromyalgia is an abnormality in the central nervous system in which pain sensations are amplified.”<br />“The pain of fibromyalgia is not occurring because of some injury or inflammation of the muscles or joints,” said Dr. Daniel Clauw, a fibromyalgia researcher and director of the Center for the Advancement of Clinical Research at the University of Michigan. “There is something wrong with the way the central nervous system is processing pain from the peripheral tissues. It’s over-amplifying the pain.”<br />The “central sensitization” model of fibromyalgia may even be used to help explain and treat other chronic pain conditions that have stumped doctors, such as irritable bowel syndrome, chronic low back pain, interstitial cystitis and vulvodynia, Clauw said. All may be variations of central sensitization and the resulting imbalance of chemicals and hormones.<br />Recent studies show multiple triggers for the amped-up response to pain. Fibromyalgia patients have, for instance, elevated levels of substance P, a neurotransmitter found in the spinal cord that is involved in communicating pain signals.LA Times Aug. 22, 2005<br />
  15. 15. Brain Imbalance and DiseaseIrritable Bowel Syndrome<br />The exact cause of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is not known. However, health experts believe faulty communication between the brain and the intestinal tract causes the symptoms of IBS. <br />A complex combination of elements, including psychological stress, hormones, the immune system, and chemicals called neurotransmitters, appears to interfere with messages between the brain and the bowel. The miscommunication causes abnormal muscle contractions or spasms, which often cause cramping pain. The spasms may either speed the passage of stool, causing diarrhea, or slow it down, causing constipation or bloating.MSN Health, May 23, 2008, Kathleen Romito, MD - Family Medicine, Arvydas D. Vanagunas, MD - Gastroenterology<br />
  16. 16. Brain Imbalance and DiseaseAnorexia<br />Neurotransmitters are chemicals found in the brain. <br />Nerves use neurotransmitters to talk with each other. <br />In a disease like anorexia, it is likely that the symptoms come from miscommunication between nerve cells.<br />Stanford School of Medicine, Jan. 10, 2008 “Ask a Geneticist”<br />
  17. 17. Brain Imbalance and DiseaseMigraine Headaches<br />Migraine symptoms stem from a miscommunication between the cerebral neurons that regulate pain reception and those that control vascular dilation and constriction.<br />Emerg Med 38(11):20-32, 2006<br />
  18. 18. The New Method of Comprehensive Homeopathy<br />Samuel Hahnemann<br />
  19. 19. Comprehensive Homeopathy<br />The DesBio Comprehensive Homeopathy formulas are the only formulas ever created that utilize six stages of homeopathic ingredients<br />
  20. 20. The Six Stages<br />Plants<br />Minerals<br />Sarcodes<br />Bach PatersonBowel Nosodes<br />Body Chemicals<br />Phenolics<br />
  21. 21. Plants<br />70% of all homeopathics are plant-based.<br />
  22. 22. Metals<br />The next biggest group of homeopathicsis metals.<br />
  23. 23. Sarcodes<br />Sarcodes aredilutions ofhealthy tissuethat drive a remedytoward that organ.<br />
  24. 24. Bach PatersonBowel Nosodes<br />Eight bowel germdilutions that act assuper homeopathics—they representeighty differenthomeopathics.<br />
  25. 25. Bowel Nosodes<br />
  26. 26. Krebs Cycle<br />26<br />
  27. 27. Phenolics<br />Acetaldehyde<br />Acetylcholine Chloride<br />Apiol<br />Ascorbic Acid<br />Caffeic Acid<br />Chlorogenic Acid<br />Cholesterol<br />Cinnamic Acid<br />Coniferyl Alcohol<br />Cortisol<br />Coumarin<br />DHEA<br />Dopamine<br />Epinephrine<br />Estrogen<br />Formaldehyde<br />GABA<br />Gallic Acid<br />Glucagon<br />Histamine<br />Indole<br />Insulin<br />L-Dopa<br />Malvin<br />Mannan<br />Melatonin<br />Menadione<br />Norepinephrine<br />Octopamine<br />Phenylisothiocyanate<br />Phenylalanine<br />Phloridzin<br />Piperine<br />Progesterone<br />Pyrrole<br />Quercetin<br />Rutin<br />Salsolinol<br />Serotonin<br />Taurine<br />Testosterone<br />Tryptophan<br />Tyramine<br />
  28. 28. PhenolicsToolkit<br />
  29. 29. PhenolicsToolkit<br />
  30. 30. Phenolics andthe Nervous System<br />Eleven phenolics are integral to the brain andnervous system:<br />Acetylcholine Chloride<br />Epinephrine<br />Dopamine<br />GABA<br />Histamine<br />L-DOPA<br />Melatonin<br />Norepinephrine<br />Octopamine<br />Serotonin<br />Taurine<br />Indicatedphenolics are in Brain Balance.<br />
  31. 31. DesBioChordsas a Regulator<br />The same ingredient in multiple dilutions in a remedy is a DesBioChord.<br />
  32. 32. Burgi Groupsas an Optimizer<br />Several ingredients in the same dilution are known as a Burgi Group.<br />
  33. 33. The Power of Comprehensive Homeopathy<br />The utilization of these six stages, formulated in Burgi Groups and Desbiochords, supercharges the affect of each formula.<br />
  34. 34. Comprehensive Homeopathy Product Principles<br />The Brain and Spine must be properly balanced (or “calibrated”)<br />If the brain and spine are not communicating properly, then no treatment modality will have full effect or may be completely ineffectual<br />The Matrix must be functioning properly in order for the body to eliminate toxins<br />The elimination organs and pathways must be balanced and functioning<br />
  35. 35. CEREBROMAX<br /><ul><li>Acetylcholine Chloride (6x, 12x, 30x, 200x, 12c, 30c, 60c, 200c)
  36. 36. Dopamine (6x, 12x, 30x, 200x, 12c, 30c, 60c, 200c)
  37. 37. GABA (6x, 12x, 30x, 200x, 12c, 30c, 60c, 200c)
  38. 38. Octopamine (6x, 12x, 30x, 200x, 12c, 30c, 60c, 200c)
  39. 39. Serotonin (6x, 12x, 30x, 200x, 12c, 30c, 60c, 200c)
  40. 40. Taurine (6x, 12x, 30x, 200x, 12c, 30c, 60c, 200c)
  41. 41. Cerebrum SuisSarcode (8x)
  42. 42. Cyclic AMP (8x)
  43. 43. Diencephalon SuisSarcode (8x)
  44. 44. Pineal Gland SuisSarcode (8x)
  45. 45. Thalamus OpticusSuisSarcode (8x)</li></li></ul><li>SPINALMAX<br /><ul><li>Berberis Vulgaris (4x)
  46. 46. CimicifugaRacemosa (4x)
  47. 47. Cinchona Officinalis (4x)
  48. 48. Colocynthis (4x)
  49. 49. LedumPalustre (4x)
  50. 50. Ranunculus Bulbosus (4x)
  51. 51. AesculusHippocastanum (6x)
  52. 52. Cuprum Aceticum (6x)
  53. 53. Nadidum (6x)
  54. 54. Natrum Oxalaceticum (6x)
  55. 55. Nicotinamidum (6x)
  56. 56. PicricumAcidum (6x)
  57. 57. PyridoxinumHydrochloricum (6x)
  58. 58. Riboflavin (6x)
  59. 59. Silicea (6x)
  60. 60. ThiaminumHydrochloricum (6x)
  61. 61. Ammonium Muriaticum (8x)
  62. 62. CartilagoSuis (8x)
  63. 63. Discus IntervertebralisSuis (8x)
  64. 64. A-lipoic Acid (8x)
  65. 65. Argentum Metallicum (10x)
  66. 66. Mercurious PraecipitatusRuber (10x)
  67. 67. CalcareaPhosphorica (10x)
  68. 68. Coenzyme A (10x)
  69. 69. Funiculus Umbilicus Suis (10x)
  70. 70. GlandulaSuprarenalisSuis (10x)
  71. 71. Bone Marrow Suis (10x)
  72. 72. GnaphaliumPolycephalum (10x)
  73. 73. Sulphur (28x)
  74. 74. Bacillus 7 (30c)
  75. 75. Gaertner Bach (30c)
  76. 76. Morgan Pure (30c)
  77. 77. Proteus (30c)</li></li></ul><li>Leaky Gut Syndrome<br />Toxins in the gut such as bacteria, viruses and allergens attatch to the intestinal wall and weaken it.<br />The weakened intestinal lining becomes inflamed and this inflammation presents in a variety of ways, including fatigue, diarrhea, muscle & joint soreness, etc.<br />Healthy<br />Unhealthy<br />
  78. 78. DesBio Detox Kit<br />DETOX I<br /><ul><li>CarduusMarianus (3X)
  79. 79. ChelidoniumMajus (4X)
  80. 80. Cinchona Officinalis (4X)
  81. 81. LycopodiumClavatum (4X)
  82. 82. Methyl Cobalamin (4X)
  83. 83. TaraxacumOfficinale (4X)
  84. 84. Veratrum Album (4X)
  85. 85. Avena Sativa (6X)
  86. 86. CynaraScolymus (6X)
  87. 87. OroticumAcidum (6X)
  88. 88. Menadione (6X, 8X, 30X, 200X)
  89. 89. A-LipoicumAcidum (8X)
  90. 90. Hepar Suis (8X)
  91. 91. Colon Suis (8X, 30X, 200X)
  92. 92. Duodenum Suis (8X, 30X, 200X)
  93. 93. Gallbladder Suis (8X, 30X, 200X)
  94. 94. Intestine Suis (8X, 30X, 200X)
  95. 95. Lymph Nodes Suis (8X, 30X, 200X)
  96. 96. Pancreas Suis (8X, 30X, 200X)
  97. 97. Thymus Suis (8X, 30X, 200X)
  98. 98. A-KetoglutaricumAcidum (10X)
  99. 99. Cholesterinum (10X)
  100. 100. FormicumAcidum (10X)
  101. 101. Glyoxal (10X)
  102. 102. HistaminumHydrochloricum (10X)
  103. 103. MallicAcidum (10X)
  104. 104. Natrum Oxalaceticum (10X)
  105. 105. Sulphur (13X)
  106. 106. CalcareaCarbonica (28X)
  107. 107. Morgan Gaertner (30C, 200C)
  108. 108. Morgan Pure (30C, 200C)</li></li></ul><li>DesBio Detox Kit<br />DETOX II<br /><ul><li>SolidagoVirgaurea (3X)
  109. 109. BaptisiaTinctoria (4X)
  110. 110. BerberisVulgaris (4X)
  111. 111. Equisetum Hyemale (4X)
  112. 112. ArgentumNitricum (6X)
  113. 113. Cantharis (6X)
  114. 114. Capsicum Annuum (6X)
  115. 115. Cuprum Sulphuricum (6X)
  116. 116. OrthosiphonStamineus (6X)
  117. 117. Pareira Brava (6X)
  118. 118. Sarsaparilla (6X)
  119. 119. Terebinthina (6X)
  120. 120. ApisinumPurum (8X)
  121. 121. Barosma (8X)
  122. 122. MercuriousCorrosivus (8X)
  123. 123. Urinary Bladder (8X)
  124. 124. HeparSulphurisCalcareum (10X)
  125. 125. NatrumPyruvicum (10X)
  126. 126. PyelonSuis (8X)
  127. 127. UreterSuis (8X)
  128. 128. Urethra Suis (8X)
  129. 129. Colibacillinum (13X)
  130. 130. Quercetin (10X, 30X, 200X)
  131. 131. GlyoxalDihydrate (10X)
  132. 132. Dys Co Bach (30C)</li></li></ul><li>DesBio Detox Kit<br />DETOX III<br /><ul><li>Conium Maculatum (4X)
  133. 133. Dulcamara (4X)
  134. 134. Echinacea Angustifolia (4X)
  135. 135. AesculusHippocastanum (6X)
  136. 136. AntimoniumTartaricum (6X)
  137. 137. AscorbicumAcidum (6X)
  138. 138. Coccus Cacti (6X)
  139. 139. GaliumAparine (6X)
  140. 140. GentianaLutea (6X)
  141. 141. Geranium Robertianum (6X)
  142. 142. Pulsatilla (6X)
  143. 143. SarcolacticumAcidum (6X)
  144. 144. GlandulaSuprarenalisSuis (8X, 30X, 200X)
  145. 145. Lymph Gland Suis (8X)
  146. 146. Sulphur (8X)
  147. 147. CalcareaPhosphorica (10X)
  148. 148. FerrumPhosphoricum (10X)
  149. 149. HeparSuis (10X)
  150. 150. Hypothalamus Suis (10X)
  151. 151. Spleen Suis (10X)
  152. 152. Cortisone Aceticum (13X)
  153. 153. MercuriousSolubilis (13X)
  154. 154. BarytaCarbonica (28X)
  155. 155. Umbilical Cord Suis (6C, 30C)
  156. 156. Tonsil Suis (6C, 30C)
  157. 157. Phenylalanine (8X, 30X, 200x )
  158. 158. Gaertner Bach (9C)
  159. 159. Triiodo-L-Thyronine (10C)
  160. 160. Medulla Ossis (12C)
  161. 161. Mutabile Bach (30C)</li></li></ul><li>DesBio Detox Kit<br />MATRIX SUPPORT<br /><ul><li>CeanothusAmericanus (4X)
  162. 162. Hydrastis Canadensis (4X)
  163. 163. Veratrum Album (4X)
  164. 164. Anacardium Orientale (6X)
  165. 165. ArgentumNitricum (6X)
  166. 166. Condurango (6X)
  167. 167. MomordicaBalsamina (6X)
  168. 168. Oxalis Acetosella (6X)
  169. 169. Pulsatilla (6X)
  170. 170. Mannan (8X, 30X, 200X)
  171. 171. Bile Duct Suis (8x )
  172. 172. Colon Suis (8X)
  173. 173. Duodenum Suis (8X)
  174. 174. Esophagus Suis (8X)
  175. 175. Eye Mucosa Suis (8X)
  176. 176. Gallbladder Suis (8X)
  177. 177. Ileum Suis (8X)
  178. 178. Intestine Suis (8X)
  179. 179. Ipecacuanha (8X)
  180. 180. Jejunum Suis (8X)
  181. 181. Kali Bichromicum (8X)
  182. 182. Lung Mucosa Suis (8X)
  183. 183. Nasal Mucosa Suis (8X)
  184. 184. NatrumOxalaceticum (8X)
  185. 185. Oral Mucosa Suis (8X)
  186. 186. Pancreas Suis (8X)
  187. 187. Phosphorus (8X)
  188. 188. Rectum SuisSarcode (8X)
  189. 189. Stomach Mucosa Suis (8X)
  190. 190. Sulphur (8X)
  191. 191. Belladonna (10X)
  192. 192. Kreosotum (10X)
  193. 193. LachesisMutus (10X)
  194. 194. MandragoraOfficinalis (10X)
  195. 195. Urinary Bladder Suis (6C)
  196. 196. Dysentery Co (30C, 200C)</li></li></ul><li>The ProtocolCEREBROMAX and SPINALMAX<br />
  197. 197. CEREBROMAX & SPINALMAXDosage Instructions<br />Option I<br />3 to 10 drops each three times daily<br />Option II<br />10 drops each added to a liter of water and sip throughout the day. Minimum of two liters per day.<br />STAGE I – do the above for two weeks<br />STAGE II (Maintenance) – take both products once weekly during treatment (example, Sunday morning) and thereafter for as long as needed<br />Always take at least 15 minutes away from food<br />
  198. 198. The ProtocolTHE DETOX KIT<br />
  199. 199. DETOX KITDosage Instructions<br />Option I (Optimal) – 10 drops each sublingually:<br />Detox I at bedtime (best at 1:00 am)<br />Matrix Support first thing in the morning<br />Detox III at lunch time<br />Detox II at 3:00 pm<br />Option II<br />3 to 10 drops each of DETOX I, II & III, and MATRIX SUPPORT three times daily<br />Option III<br />10 drops each of DETOX I, II & III, and MATRIX SUPPORT added to a liter of water and sip throughout the day. Minimum of two liters a day.<br />Always take at least 15 minutes away from food for minimum of 30 days<br />
  200. 200. Optimization ofBiological Dentistry<br />A new series kit composed of penicilliumchrysogenum and propionibacterium.<br />
  201. 201. Pre-Dental Visit<br />AraneaDiadema 6xPreparation for tooth pain.<br />CalceareaPhosphorica 12xReduce teeth sensitivity.<br />Equisteum Hyeamale 4xSupport kidney function.<br />Ferrum Iodata 12xSupport of kidneys and liver.<br />Gentiana Lutea 5xA tonic influence improving appetite.<br />Geranium Robertianum 4xPainful hemorrhages and ulcerations<br />Juglans Regia 3xLymphatic support.<br />Lymphatic Nosode (Lymph) 12xStimulation and support of the lymphatic system.<br />Myosotis Palastris 3xSupport the lungs as to avoid gagging and vomiting.<br />Nasturtium Aquaticum 4xSupport of the liver and gall bladder.<br />Pinus Sylvestris 4xKidney and liver support, swollen glands and tooth pain.<br />Sarsaparilla 6xLymphatic and kidney support.<br />Srophularia Nosoda 3xLymphatic support.<br />Teucrium Scorodonia 3xSupport of the lungs and bronchi.<br />Thyroxin Nosode 12xEnhances metabolic action<br />Veronica Beccabunga 3xTrauma of the skin.<br />Rescue Combination 3xRelaxation, reduce stress. (Includes Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Clematis).<br />Fumaria Officinalis 4xBlood cleanser, liver support.<br />Natrum Sulphuricum 4xTrauma, headaches.<br />Indications: TREATMENT PRECEDING A DENTAL VISIT. Pre-Dental Visit has been formulated as a detoxification and drainage formula prior to a dental visit, or any surgery.<br />
  202. 202. Post-Dental Visit<br />Arnica Montana 4, 12, 30, 200xPromotes healing of wounds and injuries, excites capillary blood flow.<br />BryoniaAlba 4xDeep strong pain, as with broken bones.<br />Calendula Officinalis 4xFeeling of great pain with enhanced healing of wounds and injuries.<br />Belladonna 6xLocalized inflammation and hematomas.<br />CarboVegetabilis 12xSymptoms of shock and suppurations.<br />BellisPerennis 6xDeepmuscular soreness, deep soreness, bruising, inflammation and circulation support.<br />Chamomilla 3xHypersensitivity to pain, promotes healing.<br />Echinacea Angustifolia 3xStimulates immune function, soothes inflammation process.<br />Millefolium 3x, 6xArterial bleeding and artery lesion.<br />HypericumPerforatum 3xNerve lesions, tearing pains.<br />HamamelisVirginiana 3xTendency to promote embolism.<br />HeparSulphurisCalcareum 8xRegeneration of the sulfide enzymes.<br />RhusToxicodendron 6-12-30xPain in the tissues.<br />Rescue 8xRelaxation, reduce stress. (Star of Bethlehem, Rock Rose, Impatiens, Cherry Plum, Clematis).<br />Indications: For the temporary relief of symptoms related to the trauma associated with a dental visit, or any surgery.<br />
  203. 203. Oratox<br />Dental Nosode 12-30-60-200xMarcaine, dental gold, jaw ostitis, prilocaine, molybdenum, palladium, etidocaine, lidocaine, autoacryeat, phosphate cememapivacaine, carboxylate cement, copper amalgam, non gamma 2 amalgam, bacterial ostitis, acrylic polymer, silver amalgam, zinc oxydatum, composite material complex.<br /> NatrumFluoratum 12xCramps, muscle pains.<br /> CalcareaMuriatica 12xStomach remedy, vomiting.<br /> MercuriousSolubilis 12xSuppurations, abscesses, nasopharyngeal drainage, sinus congestion, edema.<br />Lymph 5xStimulates and supports the lymphatic system. <br />Thyroidinum 5xMuscle weakness, sweating, headache, tingling sensations, cravings for sweets, goiter, nocturnal enuresis, faintness, nausea, hypo-thyroidism, cold extremities, low blood pressure, sensitive to cold.<br />Thymus Gland 5xStimulates and supports the Thymus gland.<br />Bone 5xPhosphorous and calcium support.<br /> FucusVesiculosis 3xSupports glandular system and mucous membranes, non-toxic goiter, digestive disturbances, flatulence, constipation, thyroid enlargement.<br />Colloidal Iodium 12xHeadaches, joints, liver and lymphatic support.<br />Colloidal Selenium 12xGenito-urinary and liver support.<br />Colloidal Vanadium 12xSupports detox function of liver.<br />Colloidal Sodium 12xPrimary electrolyte, involved in regulating pH balance.<br />Indications: For relief of symptoms due to dental products toxicity, or inflammation of mouth or gums and pain following dental work. Dental toxicity, metal and mercury toxicity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, muscle cramps, mouth ulcer, thyroid or liver dysfunction.<br />
  204. 204. Gum Therapy<br />LachesisMutus 30cBad mouth odor, nauseous taste, toothache, pain extending to ears.<br />HeparSulphurisCalcareum 30cGums and mouth painful to touch, abscessed and bleed readily.<br />Calendula Officinalis 1xVery sore and painful open wounds, inflammation.<br />MercuriusSolubilis 30cSore, painful and bleeding gums.<br />Arnica Montana 3xSore painful gums.<br />PlantagoMaj 1xToothache, tooth sensitive to touch, pain, bleeding gums.<br />PhytolaccaDecandra 2xToothache, ulcerated mouth.<br />CarboVegetabilis 30cPyorrhea, gums retracted and bleed easily.<br />Eugenia Caryophylatta 1xSore bleeding gums.<br />MycopalsmaSalivarius 18xA mycoplasma related to gum disease.<br />Indications: For temporary relief of symptoms related to gingivitis, inflamed and bleeding gums, pyorrhea, minor pain and ulcerations.<br />
  205. 205. Dental ProtocolPre-Visit<br />48 hours prior to the visit, begin twice daily regimen of:<br />CEREBROMAX<br />SPINALMAX<br />Pre-Dental Visit<br />
  206. 206. Dental ProtocolPost-Visit<br />For visits related to simple cleanings or fillings and other minor procedures, use Post-Dental Visit.<br />For visits related to major procedures such as tooth extraction, cavitation repair, mercury filling removal and all major dental surgical procedures use Oratox.<br />
  207. 207. Dental ProtocolPost-Visit (continued)<br />The day of the visit, continue CEREBROMAX and SPINALMAX and start a mixture of Detox I, Detox II, Detox III and MATRIX SUPPORT plus Post-Dental Visit (for minor procedures) or Oratox (for major procedures).<br />Administer by adding 20 drops of each formula to a liter of water and drink once every day until mouth is completely healed (usually two to four weeks—healing will be accelerated).<br />
  208. 208. Dental ProtocolPost-Visit (ongoing)<br />CEREBROMAX,SPINALMAX,the three DETOX remedies and MATRIX SUPPORT all have long-term benefits<br />Use until the patient feels completely well<br />Maintenance is once weekly or daily for one week each month<br />
  209. 209. Smart Silver<br /><ul><li>Use Smart Silver liquid twice daily to fight infection and heal inflamed or infected gums
  210. 210. Rinse following brushing, swish, hold, swallow – repeat.
  211. 211. Do not soak dentures in Silver Gel</li></li></ul><li>Smart SilverThe NEW Doctor’s Infection Protocol<br /><ul><li>Improves antibiotic action
  212. 212. Internal and external disinfectant
  213. 213. Destroys bacteria, viruses and mold
  214. 214. Safe to use, non-toxic
  215. 215. No side effects or contraindications</li></li></ul><li>Smart SilverNew Patent, New Technology<br />Patented manufacturing process uses 10,000 volts of alternating current<br />Resultant solution resonates at 910 terahertz (same as germicidal ultraviolet light) and has a pure silver core that is missing two electrons in its outer shell<br />Unique in that bacteria do not mutate or become resistant<br />
  216. 216. Smart SilverMechanism of Action<br />Silver OxideKills bacteria on contact by pulling one electron from atoms comprising the bacterial cell membrane, thereby rupturing the bacterial cell<br />ResonanceResonates at same antimicrobial frequency as “blue” germicidal laboratory lights. The nano-particles are small enough to enter and rupture host cells via resonant frequency without additional risk of exposure to surrounding tissue<br />Magnetic Viral DNA DisruptionViruses consist of a capsid that contains incomplete DNA segments, each containing a slight magnetic charge.Smart Silver is engineered with an opposite charge that attracts the viral DNA and mechanically interferes with the ability of viral DNA to replicate. Healthy DNA does not contain a magnetic charge and remains unaffected by the charge of Smart Silver.<br />
  217. 217. Smart SilverNo Argyria Risk, ‘Blue Man Syndrome’<br />Many are concerned with the risk of turning blue from taking a silver product. There is NO WORRY WITH SMART SILVER. <br />In the Journal of the American Medical Association, December 2000, it was estimated that there were 106,000 deaths yearly caused by the ‘proper’ use of antibiotics. There were no reported deaths or injuries in the year 2000 from the medicinal use of silver. <br />Silver is the safest and most effective alternative available. Contrary to myth, there is no risk of argyria with reasonable use of Smart Silver. <br />The minimum amount of silver known to cause argyria in adults is 900 mg of silver taken orally in one year. In order to reach this level of silver intake, an individual would have to consume 380 eight ounce bottles of Smart Silver within one year.<br />
  218. 218. July 2004 KO-1<br />
  219. 219. December 2004 KO-2<br />
  220. 220. July 2005 KO-3<br />
  221. 221. Ordering Information<br />DesBio products are available only through healthcare practitioners.<br />We will email special one-time introductory Comprehensive Homeopathy pricing to the attendees of this event.<br />In the event you do not receive the email, please contact us at or phone 1-800-827-9529<br />The catalog, with these products added, will be available for download next week.<br />