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Text2Reader Flyer

  1. 1. The resource you’ve been waiting for all these years! Best Professional Resource —Resource Links MagazineText2Reader is a monthly Language Arts program for grades 6 to 8.Easy-to-use, teacher-created Comprehension exercises High-quality reading Reading and writing activities selections and engaging Readers Theater activities help your students Assessment rubrics make meaning from what they read. Opportunities for enrichment All exercises tied to English Language Arts learning outcomes and Common Core Text2Reader—A monthly Language Arts program for middle schools www.text2reader.com • text2reader@orcabook.com
  2. 2. What is Text2Reader?Text2Reader is a monthly stand-alone resource for grades 6 to 8 English Language Arts teachersand is available by subscription. Text2Reader is teacher-created and addresses middle schoolEnglish Language Arts learning outcomes. As a supplementary resource, Text2Reader supports you in your goals of teaching students tolove reading, to understand a variety of texts, to think critically and personally about the texts theyencounter and to make meaning by listening, speaking and writing about what they’re reading.It complements your ongoing Language Arts program. And it’s great to know you can lean onText2Reader to cover virtually every core outcome! Each issue of Text2Reader includes an excerpt from a fiction, nonfiction and graphic text withaccompanying activities. It also features a new Readers Theater script plus a “Digital Nation” articlethat addresses current issues in the online world. Text2Reader is for you, the teacher, with the aim of engaging your students deeply in theworks—and words—they read.How does Text2Reader arrive at my school?Text2Reader is available to download as a PDF from the T2R website. Each month, you will be ableto access the current issue, all past issues and any additional content developed just for you. Wanta print version? We can do that too for a small additional charge.How do I use it in my classroom?Text2Reader arrives ready to be used: you don’t have to consult a gigantic unit guide or plan anentire unit around reaching a particular set of outcomes. Text2Reader does it for you. Each sectionof Text2Reader can stand alone; you can pick and choose parts of the program or use the wholepackage in its entirety. Need to cover topic sentences for first block tomorrow morning? You canpull just the section dealing with that and have it ready to go when students arrive. Need a home-work assignment on persuasive writing? T2R has that too.Can I share Text2Reader with anotherteacher in my school? How?Yes you can! Your Text2Reader subscription may be shared throughout your school. Print it.Photocopy it. Post it on your school’s server for all ELA teachers to use. To share access to theadditional materials and resources found on www.text2reader.com, just provide other teachers withyour username and password. Really!
  3. 3. Does Text2Reader make any provisions for differentiated instruction? Nearly all of the assignments and activities in Text2Reader can be easily adapted to suit the levels your students need. Students will apply their reading, writing and speaking skills to real- world activities: debating current topics that matter to them, writing résumés, setting personal goals, creating visual media and much more—both independently and in groups. These authentic learning experiences are the cornerstone for differentiated instruction. *Visit the FAQ section at www.text2reader.com to find out more about differentiated instruction and Text2Reader. Are the Text2Reader excerpts and lessons suitable for grades 6 through 8?All of the reading selections in Text2Reader are within the interest level and reading rangeof middle school students. The fiction selections come from our popular Orca Soundings andOrca Currents series, both of which are accessible to developing and advanced readers alike.Similarly, the nonfiction and graphic novel selections are geared toward readers ages ten andup, with an interest level that spans late elementary through middle school and beyond. The assignments are explicitly created to be usable across the three grade ranges. Eachassignment can also be easily modified by the teacher in terms of length and depth. Ok. I like the idea. How do I get Text2Reader? And what does it cost? You can order Text2Reader directly from the www.text2reader.com website or by calling Orca Book Publishers at 1-800-210-5277 or by emailing us at text2reader@orcabook.com. A full-year, school-wide subscription, delivered electronically costs just $175. In partnership with Want to know more? Sign up for a free Are you a BC educator? 7-day trial today! Visit www.learnnowbc.ca to www.text2reader.comaccess T2R at a discounted rate.
  4. 4. “I am impressed with Text2Reader, with the layout on the site and the substantial presentation and additional resources… I appreciate the variety of text and the skill complexities that are explicitly addressed. It is completely appropriate for middle school and not intimidating at all.” Text2Reader is available as a monthly —Kate Schoedinger, download as part of an annual subscription. Reading Specialist, NH A single subscription can be used by every Language Arts teacher in your school. New in 2012! For $175.00 you’ll receive eight issues of Digital Nation—a feature article with Text2Reader plus a full year’s access to accompanying activities based on additional resources at Text2Reader.com! current issues in the online world. Please check a box and return this page to us by email (orders@orcabook.com)❑ Email me a free sample! Email: (or visit www.text2reader.com and sign up for a free 7-day trial)❑ Sign me up for the subscription for $175 + tax (Includes 8 issues plus additional resources on www.text2reader.com)PO # Contact NameSchool Name Phone #School AddressCity ProvinceCredit Card # Expiry DateName of Cardholder Signature Questions? text2reader@orcabook.com www.text2reader.com