The Seven Sequels


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One Shocking Discovery. Seven Thrilling Adventures.

A visit to their grandfather’s cottage leads seven grandsons to a hidden cache of passports and foreign currency. Was their beloved grandfather a spy, or even worse, a double agent? Determined to unearth the true story of their grandfather’s mysterious past, the seven cousins set off on seven new adventures that will take readers from the cobblestones of Cambridge to the beaches of Uruguay. Eric Walters, John Wilson, Ted Staunton, Richard Scrimger, Norah McClintock, Sigmund Brouwer and Shane Peacock of the bestselling Seven (the series) return with their signature writing styles.

Read one. Read them all. YOU choose the order.

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The Seven Sequels

  1. 1. 7 novels written by 7 bestselling authors READ ONE. READ THEM ALL. YOU CHOOSE THE ORDER. Watch the trailer here! The Seven Sequels bundle 9781459808256 • $64.95 9781459808263 pdf 9781459808270 epub ages 10+ 7 linked stories published simultaneously 10.01.2014 ALSO AVAILABLE AS EBOOKS! The bestselling Seven (the series) continues with The Seven Sequels! All seven authors from the original series will return October 1, 2014 with a second set of seven novels. bring their signature writing styles to a series of adventures that take readers from the cobblestones of Cambridge to the beaches of Uruguay. Who was David McLean? A loving grandfather? A spy? Or a traitor? Eric Walters John Wilson Ted Staunton Richard Scrimger Norah McClintock Sigmund Brouwer Shane Peacock 7 grandsons 7 new missions 7 authors 7 extraordinary sequels
  2. 2. The Seven Sequels October 2014 9781459805439 $10.95 pb 5 x 7.5 240 pages 9781459805446 pdf 9781459805453 epub ages 10+ Sleeper Eric Walters DJ wants it all: the car, the girl and the truth about his grandfather. DJ jets across the Atlantic to England to follow a series of obscure clues and symbols he hopes will reveal the truth about his grandfather. In London,he stays with Doris,the elderly woman he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with. Laid up with a broken ankle, Doris has her grandchild, Charlie, offer assistance. Charlie—short for Charlotte—is a beautiful model who is romantically (and secretly) linked to a member of the British Royal Family. Spies, guns, double agents, the Cambridge Five and a vintage E-Type Jag are a few of the things DJ and Charlie encounter on an adventure that makes climbing Kilimanjaro look like a walk in the park. Eric Walters began writing in 1993 as a way to entice his grade-five students into becoming more interested in reading and writing. Since then,Eric has published over eighty books and won more than one hundred awards. Often his stories incorporate themes that reflect his background in education and social work and his commitment to humanitarian and social-justice issues. He speaks to over seventy thousand students per year, in schools throughout North America. Eric has three grown children and lives in Mississauga, Ontario, with his wife and two dogs. For more information, visit Keywords: Cambridge Five, espionage, James Bond, England, adventure, romance Also by Eric Walters Between Heaven and Earth 9781554699414 · $9.95 pb 9781554699421 pdf 9781554699438 epub ages 10+ “The rich setting and the thrilling details…will make readers yearn for their own adventure.” —Kirkus Reviews for Between Heaven and Earth, Eric’s novel in Seven (the series). ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹
  3. 3. The Seven Sequels Broken Arrow John Wilson Nothing says “I love you” like plutonium. Steve thinks he made the right choice turning down a snowy week with his cousins at a cabin in northern Ontario in favor of a relaxing (and perhaps romantic) time under the Spanish sun with his friend, Laia. But when an email from his brother DJ arrives, implicating their grandfather in some shadowy international plots involving nuclear bombs, Steve and Laia immediately put aside all thoughts of a lazy, sun-drenched vacation. In a desperate attempt to find out if Steve’s grandfather was a Cold War-era spy,they crack mysterious codes,confront violent Russian mobsters,dodge spies, unearth a bomb and avoid nudists. But the more they uncover, the more Steve wonders: whose side was Grandpa really on? Born in Edinburgh,Scotland, John Wilson grew up on the Isle of Skye and outside Glasgow without the slightest idea that he would ever write books. After completing a degree in geology at St. Andrews University, he worked in Zimbabwe and Alberta before taking up writing full-time and moving to Lantzville on Vancouver Island in 1991. John is addicted to history and firmly believes that the past must have been just as exciting, confusing and complex to those who lived through it as our world is to us. He has written over forty books of fiction and nonfiction for kids, teens and adults, and has won or been shortlisted for many awards. For more information, visit Keywords: Cold War, Spain, romance, adventure, espionage, nuclear bombs October 2014 9781459805408 $10.95 pb 5 x 7.5 256 pages 9781459805415 pdf 9781459805422 epub ages 10+ Also by John Wilson Lost Cause 9781554699445 · $9.95 pb 9781554699452 pdf 9781554699469 epub ages 10+ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ “The dialogue is witty and sharp… The Spanish setting oozes charm, beauty and history.” —Resource Links for Lost Cause, John’s novel in Seven (the series).
  4. 4. The Seven Sequels Coda Ted Staunton In the murky world of espionage, how can you tell who’s on your side? When his brother Bunny vanishes from the Toronto City Hall skating rink, Spencer, a budding filmmaker,finds himself plunged into the stuff of movie thrillers:kidnapping,terrorists,intrigue, a missing document, a world-famous pop star, disguises, romance and a rogue alligator. As he races the clock to save his brother, he must sort the real from the make-believe and unravel a murder mystery involving his grandfather. The last time Spencer got tangled up in an adventure from his grandfather’s past, he didn’t believe it was for real. Now he can’t get anyone to believe him when he says that Bunny has been kidnapped and that someone is going to die. When he isn’t writing, Ted Staunton has a busy schedule as a speaker, workshop leader, story- teller and musical performer for children and adults.Ted is the author of numerous books for young readers of all ages, including Puddleman, the Morgan series and the acclaimed Hope Springs a Leak, which was shortlisted for both a Silver Birch Award and a Hackmatack Award. His most recent novel is the YA mystery thriller Who I’m Not. Ted lives in Port Hope, Ontario. For more information, visit Keywords: humor, brothers, loyalty, espionage October 2014 9781459805491 $10.95 pb 5 x 7.5 224 pages 9781459805507 pdf 9781459805514 epub ages 10+ Also by Ted Staunton Jump Cut 9781554699476 · $9.95 pb 9781554699483 pdf 9781554699490 epub ages 10+ “An entertaining story with a heart of gold.” —Kirkus Reviews for Jump Cut, Ted’s novel in Seven (the series). ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹
  5. 5. The Wolf and Me Richard Scrimger Life isn’t about making sense. It’s a gift, and you do your best with it. Bunny is in trouble. He’s been kidnapped from the skating rink at City Hall in Toronto, and now he’s locked in a cold basement room, still in his parka and skates. Where is he? And why do his kidnappers keep asking questions about his dead grandpa and some weird national anthem? Bunny may not always know what’s going on, but he has an innocent’s ability to get to the heart of things and find out what it’s all about. When he manages to escape, he skates across hockey rinks and down frozen highways, always a few strides ahead of his kidnappers. He gets help along the way from an assortment of characters—some kindly, some crazy, some scary and at least one that will make your jaw drop. Richard Scrimger is the award-winning author of twenty books for children and adults. His middle-school novel The Nose from Jupiter won the Mr. Christie’s Book Award. His books have appeared on ALA’s Kids’ Picks list and on The Globe and Mail and ALA’s notable books lists and have been translated into almost a dozen languages (actually, eleven). Richard lives in Toronto, is the father of four, and is used to being laughed at. For more information, visit Keywords: brothers, skating, friendship, loyalty October 2014 9781459805316 $10.95 pb 5 x 7.5 256 pages 9781459805323 pdf 9781459805330 epub ages 10+ The Seven Sequels Also by Richard Scrimger Ink Me 9781459800168 · $9.95 pb 9781459800175 pdf 9781459800182 epub ages 10+ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ “Bunny’s a rare hero—not on anyone’s journey but his own.” —Kirkus Reviews for Ink Me, Richard’s novel in Seven (the series).
  6. 6. From the Dead Norah McClintock The mean streets of Detroit hide a multitude of sins. Rennie is in Uruguay when his cousins discover a secret cache at their dead grandfather’s cottage. Thousands of dollars in foreign currencies. A mystifying notebook. Multiple passports, some obviously fake. A gun. A disguise. And a photo of some Nazis. Rennie’s mission: to find out whether there was more to the old man than anyone knew. Was he a spy? If he was, what did he do? And for whom? Did he help a Nazi war criminal escape justice? Rennie’s quest leads him to Argentina and then to Detroit, where he finds more questions than answers and more than one gun pointed—and fired—in his direction. Norah McClintock writes mystery and crime fiction for young adult readers. She is the author of the Chloe and Levesque,Mike and Riel,Robyn Hunter,and Ryan Dooley series,as well as many stand- alone novels. Norah grew up in Montreal, Quebec, is a graduate of McGill University (in history, of all things) and lives in Toronto, Ontario. She is a five-time winner of the Crime Writers of Canada’s Arthur Ellis Award for Best Juvenile Crime Novel. Her novels have been translated into sixteen languages. For more information, visit Keywords: espionage, Nazi war crimes, Detroit, murder October 2014 9781459805378 $10.95 pb 5 x 7.5 272 pages 9781459805385 pdf 9781459805392 epub ages 10+ The Seven Sequels Also by Norah McClintock Close to the Heel 9781554699506 · $9.95 pb 9781554699513 pdf 9781554699520 epub ages 10+ “A neat, suspenseful mystery tailor-made for young readers.” —Kirkus Reviews for Close to the Heel, Norah’s novel in Seven (the series). ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹
  7. 7. The Seven Sequels Tin Soldier Sigmund Brouwer When things hit you out of nowhere, pick yourself up and pretend nothing happened. Jim Webb’s pursuit of the truth about his grandfather’s role in the Vietnam War puts him squarely in the sights of someone high up in the US military—someone who wants certain events from that war left in the past. Webb goes on the run in the American Deep South with Lee, a Vietnam vet, trying to smoke out the man they call the Bogeyman by using Webb as bait. The Bogeyman may be powerful and smart, but Webb and Lee, with the help of a few of Lee’s old army buddies (and one motorcycle-riding girl), are ready to take him down. Sigmund Brouwer is the bestselling author of nineteen novels and several series of children’s books, including titles in the Orca Echoes, Orca Currents and Orca Sports series, with over three million books in print in seven different languages. His 2012 novel, Devil’s Pass, was a finalist for the John Spray Mystery Award, a Red Maple nominee and a Kirkus Reviews Critics’ Pick. For more infor- mation, visit Sigmund and his family divide their time between his hometown of Red Deer, Alberta, and Nashville,Tennessee, where his Grammy-nominated wife is a singer and songwriter. Keywords: honor, racism,Vietnam War, friendship, trust October 2014 9781459805460 $10.95 pb 5 x 7.5 272 pages 9781459805477 pdf 9781459805484 epub ages 10+ Also by Sigmund Brouwer Devil’s Pass 9781554699384 · $9.95 pb 9781554699391 pdf 9781554699407 epub ages 10+ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ “A strong, fast-paced survival story with a kick.” —Booklist for Devil’s Pass, Sigmund’s novel in Seven (the series).
  8. 8. Double You Shane Peacock Adam discovers the true meaning of “live and let die.” When Adam Murphy learns that his late, revered grandfather, David McLean, hid a huge stash of foreign cash and fake passports in the family’s cottage, he is stunned. Was Grandpa really a traitor, as some of the evidence suggests? And why was a loaded Walther PPK pistol hidden at the cottage? Determined to prove his grandfather’s innocence, Adam takes the famous James Bond gun and follows the clues to Bermuda,where he encounters danger,evidence of espionage,and an unusual girl named Angel Dahl. Desperate and on the run with Angel, pursued by a deadly operative, Adam races to other exotic locations, unsure if Angel is friend or foe, or if his grandfather was a hero or a villain. Three clues hold the dark secret of David McLean’s past—the letter W, a glass eye with a golden iris, and the haunting words of someone named Mr. Know. Shane Peacock is a biographer, journalist, screenwriter and the author of more than a dozen books for young readers,including The Boy Sherlock Holmes series. His work has won many honors, and his novel, Becoming Holmes, was a finalist for the Governor General’s Award. Because Shane often writes about unusual subjects, his research methods have, at times, been out of the ordinary too; he has learned the arts of tight-rope walking, silent killing, trapeze flying and sumo eating, all in the service of his art. Shane and his wife, journalist Sophie Kneisel, live with their three children on a small farm near Cobourg, Ontario, where he continues to search for and imagine larger-than-life characters. In his spare time he enjoys playing hockey, reading, and sometimes even walking the wire. For more information, visit Keywords: espionage, James Bond, loyalty, friendship, Cuban Missile Crisis October 2014 9781459805347 $10.95 pb 5 x 7.5 272 pages 9781459805354 pdf 9781459805361 epub ages 10+ The Seven Sequels Also by Shane Peacock Last Message 9781554699353 · $9.95 pb 9781554699360 pdf 9781554699377 epub ages 10+ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ ‹ “A fantastic and thrilling page-turner.” —CM Magazine for Last Message, Shane’s novel in Seven (the series).
  9. 9. Seven (the Series) Audiobooks Rediscover the original Seven with these audiobook adventures. SEVE N SERIES THE 9781459808805 • Runtime: 5.5 hours 9781459808836 • Runtime: 4.5 hours 9781459808867 • Runtime: 5.5 hours 9781459808812 • Runtime: 5 hours 9781459808829 • Runtime: 4.5 hours 9781459808850 • Runtime: 4.5 hours9781459808843 • Runtime: 5.5 hours Seven (the series) Complete Audiobook set Includes Between Heaven and Earth by Eric Walters, Lost Cause by John Wilson, Jump Cut by Ted Staunton, Ink Me by Richard Scrimger, Close to the Heel by Norah McClintock, Devil's Pass by Sigmund Brouwer, Last Message by Shane Peacock. 9781459808874 • $199.95 Runtime: 35 hours $29.95 each!
  10. 10. The Seven Sequels Audiobooks Complete unabridged action-packed audio on CDs. 9781459808515 • Runtime: 4.75 hours 9781459808461 • Runtime: 5 hours 9781459808478 • Runtime: 6.25 hours 9781459808492 • Runtime: 5 hours 9781459808522 • Runtime: 4.5 hours 9781459808508 • Runtime: 5.25 hours9781459808485 • Runtime: 6.5 hours The Seven Sequels Complete Audiobook set Includes Sleeper by Eric Walters, Broken Arrow by John Wilson, Coda by Ted Staunton, The Wolf and Me by Richard Scrimger, From the Dead by Norah McClintock, Tin Soldier by Sigmund Brouwer, Double You by Shane Peacock. 9781459808539 • $199.95 Runtime: 35.5 hours $29.95 each!
  11. 11. Over 100,000 copies sold “Richly detailed and satisfying.” -Kirkus Reviews 9781554699414 • $9.95 9781554699421 pdf 9781554699438 epub 9781554699445 • $9.95 9781554699452 pdf 9781554699469 epub 9781554699476 • $9.95 9781554699483 pdf 9781554699490 epub 9781459800168 • $9.95 9781459800175 pdf 9781459800182 epub 9781554699506 • $9.95 9781554699513 pdf 9781554699520 epub 9781554699384 • $9.95 9781554699391 pdf 9781554699407 epub 9781554699353 • $9.95 9781554699360 pdf 9781554699377 epub Also available as Seven (the series) bundle 9781459802704 • $59.95 Ages10andup SEVEN SERIES THE The o riginal series 9781459802711 pdf 9781459802728 epub www. seventheseries .com
  12. 12. Praise for the series grandsons journeys authors 1 amazing ser i es www. seventheseries .com read one. read them all. You Choose the Order. "Readers can look forward to Richard Scrimger's sense of humour, Norah McClintock's sense of mystery, John Wilson's take on history, Shane Peacock's dark plotting, Eric Walters' character- building challenges, Ted Staunton's musicality, and Sigmund Brouwer's problem-solving strategies to enrich the tales. Definitely a series for all readers." —CanLit for Little Canadians blog “I had to force myself to take a break for food and sleep once in a while. I just wanted to keep reading.” —Sam D. (teen reviewer with bookhype, a YALSA’s Teens Top Ten review program) “Every reader will doubtless have his or her own favourite...but all will find an intriguing package of books to savour.” —Canadian Children’s Book News "Exciting and good fun...It's wonderful to read a book where you love all the characters and here I certainly did." —Back to Books blog “This series is going to be very popular...The Seven series is a must-purchase for public and school libraries that are looking to add more action and adventure stories to their collections for older children and teens. Highly Recommended." —CM Magazine Also available as ebooks Free Teachers’ Guide available online