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Orca Book Publishers Fall 2013 US Catalog

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Orca Fall 2013 US Catalog

  1. 1. eachingmoreeadersFall 2013Reaching More ReadersMiddle-School Fiction for Reluctant Readers
  2. 2. Cover photography credit: Ian McAllister (from The Great Bear Sea)ContentsHighlights...........................................................................................................................................................1Board Books • Ages 0–3..................................................................................................................................2Picturebooks• Ages4–10................................................................................................................................5Orca Echoes • Ages 7–9..............................................................................................................................11Orca Young Readers • Ages 8–11..............................................................................................................13Orca Footprints • Ages 8–12......................................................................................................................15Juvenile Nonfiction • Ages 7+..................................................................................................................16Orca Limelights • Ages 11–14.....................................................................................................................24Juvenile Fiction • Ages 9+.........................................................................................................................26Lorimer Sport Stories • Ages 10–13..........................................................................................................29Lorimer Podium Sports Academy • Ages 13+.........................................................................................30Teen Fiction • Ages 12+...............................................................................................................................31Orca Currents • Hi-Lo • Ages 10–14........................................................................................................42Orca Audio—GoReaders • Hi-Lo • Ages 10+.........................................................................................44Orca Sports • Hi-Lo • Ages 10+................................................................................................................45PathFinders • Ages 13–16.............................................................................................................................46Lorimer SideStreets • Ages 13+................................................................................................................47Orca Soundings • Hi-Lo • Ages 12+..........................................................................................................48Rapid Reads Fiction • Adult..........................................................................................................................50Polestar Planners and Calendars................................................................................................................52OrderingTerms & US Retail Sales Representatives...............................................................................................55Frontlist Order Form...................................................................................................................................56Orca Book Publishers gratefully acknowledges the support for its publishing programs provided by the following agencies:the Government of Canada through the Canada Book Fund and the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Province of British Columbiathrough the BC Arts Council and the Book Publishing Tax Credit.
  3. 3. HighlightsFall2013Ian McAllister and Nicholas Read have partneredagain to create The Great Bear Sea: Exploring theMarine Life of a Pacific Paradise. Filled with McAllister’sgorgeous photography, this book celebrates theunique fauna and flora of the northeast PacificOcean. For full details, see page 16. All three titlesby this successful duo have been converted intoepub format so our readers can enjoy these bookson ereading devices.Connect with us herefacebook.com/OrcaBook@orcabookthe orca blogorcabook.com/blogRemember customer service?We do too! At Orca, a real live personalways answers the phone.Got questions? Give us a call.1-800-210-5277We continue to see success withSeven (the series). As of April2013, all of the titles in the seriesare in their third print run withmore than 70,000 copies sold.We thank all of our customersfor supporting this project. We know readers wantmore of their favorite characters,and we plan to deliverin Fall 2014 with Seven (the sequel).The Orca Footprints series launched last season andwas well received. We anticipate a warm receptionfor the latest entry in the series, Brilliant! Shining aLight on Sustainable Energy by Michelle Mulder. Seepage 15 for details.in the limelightFall 2013 marks the launch of the Orca Limelights,our new series featuring characters with a passionfor the performing arts. See page 23 for an interviewwith the editor of the series about the developmentof this exciting new endeavor. The inaugural titlesin the Orca Limelights series are Attitude by RobinStevenson, Cut the Lights by Karen Krossing andTotally Unrelated by Tom Ryan.got marine life?This season we’ve got lots of great newcontent, including new nonfiction, an excitingnew series and an update on the wildlysuccessful Seven (the series).SEVENSERIESTHE
  4. 4. 2 www.orcabook.comBoard BooksThese little hamstersare crazy for color!October 20139781459804104$9.95 bb5.5 x 724 pagesages 0–3pdf 9781459804111This Little HamsterKass ReichThese little hamsters love everything redThey have a hat, a cherry and a spool of threadThese little hamsters prefer items in pinkThey have cupcakes, a wand and something to drinkThis Little Hamster is a spirited playful board book for babies and toddlers. Rhyming couplets andcheerful illustrations will capture the interest of both child and adult readers.This follow-up toKass Reich’s bestselling debut,Hamsters Holding Hands,is a charming introduction to basic colors thatwill fascinate little ones.Kass Reich is an educator and artist who was born in Montreal, Quebec. She earned a degree inart education from Concordia University in 2010. She loves traveling and is currently spending timein Hong Kong working on new projects.Keywords: colors, hamsters, humor, babiesPraise for Hamsters Holding Hands“This charming counting book features spunky, pear-shaped hamsters…engaging in simple yet unex-pected fun…Debut talent Reich brings subtle,off-kilter humor—with props like balloons,pinwheels,and snorkel gear—and an understated style to her spreads, with the hamsters citrus hues playfullysmudged outside their outlines. Its hard not to smile at images of the happy hamsters jumping ropeor working on their tans.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review“Counting books are a dime a dozen,but few attain the outright adorableness of Montreal artist KassReichs first board book. Rendered in earth tones with hints of hot pink, Reichs splay-toed rodentsfrolic in the sun, eat some rice, and, yes, hold hands. The text is simple and fun, a combination thatwill no doubt strike a chord with wee ones.”—Quill and QuireAlso by Kass ReichHamsters Holding Hands9781459801233 • $9.95 bbages 0-3
  5. 5. Baby’s First BookshelfFrom ABCs to lullabies—the perfect gift for baby!Introduce the new arrival in your life to the exciting world of books with Orca’s Baby’s FirstBookshelf.This packaged set, wrapped in an inscription band for personalizing your gift, featuresthree of our bestselling board books.Titles include: Alligator Bear Crab, Kiss Tickle Cuddle Hug and Welcome Song for BabyKeywords: babies, poetry, parenting, interactionSea Otter PupVictoria MilesIllustrated by Elizabeth GattPup may be little, but he has big lessons to learn.Follow along as Pup learns how to eat spiky sea urchins, somersault beneath the waves andgroom himself. He still needs lots of help from Mother, but one day Pup will be old enough todive down below the waves and search for food on his own.Accompanied by beautiful illustrations and set in the North Pacific, this heartwarming tale isperfect for little ones who still have lots to learn themselves.Victoria Miles is the author of numerous award-winning books for children,including Old MotherBear, which received a Henry Bergh award from the American Society for the Protection ofAnimals.Victoria lives in North Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband and two daughters.Elizabeth Gatt was born in London, England, and has an ma in graphic design from the CentralSchool of Art and Design. She worked for a number of years at the Natural History Museum inLondon and began illustrating children’s books after her two children were born. Elizabeth nowlives in Burlington, Ontario.Keywords: sea otters, North Pacific, nurturing, independence, baby animals3www.orcabook.comSeptember 20139781459804678$9.95 bb7 x 726 pagesages 0–3pdf 9781459804685Available now!9781459804470$24.95 three board books7 x 73 x 24 pagesages 0–3Board BooksNEW inBoard BookFormat
  6. 6. 4 www.orcabook.comBoard BooksEncourage Baby’sfirst words.September 20139781771080002$8.95 bb6.5 x 6.514 pagesages 0–3NimbusBaby TalkShanda LaRamee-Jones and Carol McDougallBaby Talk is the third book in the Baby Steps series. Each book in the series focuses on a keydevelopmental stage in baby’s first year. Babies love to communicate with the ones they love.With its modern twist on classic nursery rhymes, Baby Talk gives families the opportunity to have funwith sounds and words that are the building blocks of early language. Baby Talk will encourage baby’sfirst words in a fun and playful way.Carol McDougall is a writer,editor and former librarian for the Canadian Children’s Book Centre.She is also director of the Read to Me! Nova Scotia Family Literacy program and lives in Halifax.Shanda LaRamee-Jones is the provincial coordinator of the Read to Me! Nova Scotia FamilyLiteracy Program. She has a passion for supporting early learning and has a master’s of education inliteracy.Keywords: early childhood development, baby book, language, babiesAlso by Shanda LaRamee-Jones and Carol McDougallBaby Play9781551099026 • $9.95 bbages 0-3Baby Look9781551099378 • $9.95 bbages 0-3
  7. 7. 5www.orcabook.comIn a landnot-so-far away…October 20139781459803244$19.95 hc8.75 x 10.7532 pagesages 4–8pdf 9781459803251Once Upon a BalloonBree GalbraithIllustrated by Isabelle MalenfantTheo tried to hold on,he really did. He stared at his hand and told it to stay closed,but it didn’t want to listen.He clenched his fist so tight, his knuckles turned white, but his fingers had other plans. Theo watched thestring slip from his hand. The balloon drifted upward, slowly at first, and then in a hurry.Zeke is brokenhearted when he accidentally lets go of the string of his party balloon. As hewatches it float out of sight, Zeke wonders where his balloon might have gone. Luckily, his olderbrother Theo knows everything about everything.Theo explains that it is a little-known fact that alllost balloons end up in Chicago, the Windy City.Then he tells Zeke about Frank, who is responsiblefor collecting all the balloons in the world. Zeke is so touched by Franks story that he decides tosend him a message of hope the only way he knows how.A unique story filled with the magic and whimsy of childhood imagination, Once Upon a Balloonwill delight young readers and reawaken the child in all of us.Bree Galbraith is a graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art + Design. She uses narrative inmuch of her work and was thrilled when a class project became her first published children’s book.Bree is surrounded daily by her amazing family, which includes her two children/muses, her husbandand the family dog. She draws inspiration from the little things in life that bring people closer together.Bree works as a graphic designer in Vancouver, British Columbia.For Isabelle Malenfant, illustration is like cooking and is always evolving, so she loves to try andmix new mediums. Her miracle recipe: a pinch of watercolor, a dash of pencil, a big spoon of pasteland a drop of numeric colors. Isabelle has illustrated more than a dozen children’s books, includingMaggie’s Chopsticks (Kids Can), which was nominated for the Christie Harris Illustrated Children’sLiterature Prize. Isabelle lives and works in Montreal, Quebec, with her family—a red bear, a sweetdreamer and a little tiger. According to her girls, she has the best job in the universe.Keywords: imagination, pursuing your dreams, childhood fantasy, balloons, ChicagoPicturebooks
  8. 8. Time for Flowers, Time for SnowGlen HuserIllustrated by Philippe BéhaComposer: Giannis GergantelisA retelling of the legend of Demeter and Persephone.The Greek goddess of harvest Demeter loves her daughter Persephone more than life itself.So after Persephone is kidnapped by Hades, ruler of the underworld, and taken as his bride,Demeter’s sorrow covers the earth in winter snow.The crops fail, and Zeus sends his messengerHermes to bring about Persephone’s release. But things get complicated when Persephone takes aliking to her captor.The book includes a CD of the lyrics performed as an opera choral by schoolchildren of Montreal.The Monty Python Terry Jones narrates the text on the CD.Glen Huser has written many novels for children, including The Runaway for Tradewind Books.He has received several awards, including the Governor General’s Award. He lives in Vancouver.Philippe Béha is an internationally acclaimed artist and has won the Governor General’s Awardfor his illustrations three times. He has illustrated over 125 books for children, including the prize-winning The King Has Goat Ears for Tradewind Books.Giannis Gergantelis has composed and arranged music for theatrical plays, multimedia proj-ects, festivals and musical ensembles. His two previous children’s operas received great criticalacclaim in Greece.Keywords: Hades, Persephone, Demeter, seasons, love, Greek mythologyAesop’s FablesMichael RosenIllustrated by by Talleen HacikyanAn amusing take on the classic Aesop’s fables.Michael Rosen and Talleen Hacikyan join forces to portray some of Aesop’s most famousfables in this beautifully illustrated picture book. Loyal dogs, tricky foxes and powerful lionsare only a part of the large cast of animals that helps teach children age-old life lessons.Michael Rosen has written more than fifty books for children. He is a former UK Children’sLaureate. He lives in London, UK.Talleen Hacikyan is an artist, art teacher and writer based in Montreal, Quebec. Aesop’s Fablesis her first picture book.Keywords: Aesop, morals, animals, fables6 www.orcabook.comPicturebooksSeptember 20139781896580814$16.95 hc11.25 x 11.87532 pagesages 4–8TradewindSeptember 20139781896580265$18.95 hc9 x 11.812554 pagesages 5–11TradewindCDenclosed
  9. 9. Hoogie in the MiddleStephanie McLellanIllustrated by Dean GriffithsBeing a middle monster can have its ups and downs; sometimesHoogie feels like the hole in the middle of a donut.Sometimes Hoogie feels like the hole in the middle of a donut. She isn’t big and dependable likeher sister,Pumpkin. She isn’t tiny and sweet like her brother,Tweezle. She’s just…Hoogie. Everyday she hears,“You’re too big for this” and “You’re too small for that” until there’s such a big littlepain inside of her that she doesn’t know what to do. Luckily, Mom and Dad are there to show herwhat a very special place the middle can be.Stephanie McLellan’s rhythmic text uses exuberant rhyme, alliteration and spot-on simile toaffirm and celebrate the middle child.Award-winning author Stephanie McLellan wrote Hoogie in the Middle for her own middlechild, whose family nickname is “Hoogie.”Dean Griffiths was a comic-book artist and computer graphics designer before he discoveredpicture books. Twenty-one books later, he is an award-winning illustrator who divides his timebetween fatherhood and art.Keywords: siblings, middle children, families, parents, emotions, belonging, monsters, children,relationships7www.orcabook.comPicturebooksAugust 20139781927485286$17.95 hc8.5 x 7.532 pagesages 3–7Pajama PressAugust 20139781927485279$19.95 hc10.5 x 932 pagesages 4–7Pajama PressCommunity SoupAlma FullertonWhat do you get when you combine young gardeners, theirtasty vegetables and a herd of mischievous goats—a recipe fordisaster or a bowl of delicious soup?In a garden outside a Kenyan schoolhouse, children are working together to harvest the vege-tables they have grown and make them into a soup for everyone to share. But Kioni is havingtrouble: her mischievous goats have gotten into the garden and are wreaking havoc on the vegeta-bles! Luckily, the resourceful children find a solution that ensures a tasty soup while saving Kioni’sfour-legged intruders at the same time.Using rollicking verse with echoes of “Mary had a Little Lamb,” Alma Fullerton tells a livelystory about communal projects and finding creative solutions that help everyone contribute.Thistale for young readers is graced with Alma’s striking mixed-media collage art.A portion of the proceeds of this book will be donated to the Creation of Hope Project,which supports schools in Kenya in the building of community gardens. Learn more athttp://creationofhope.com.Alma Fullerton has written award-winning free-verse novels for juvenile readers (Walking onGlass, Libertad) and, recently, the critically acclaimed picture book A Good Trade. Community Soup isthe first picture book Alma has chosen to illustrate herself.Keywords: community, problem solving, creativity, school, Kenya, Africa, children, teachers, goats,gardens, soup, food, cooking, rhyme, mixed media
  10. 10. Tallulah the Theatre CatJennifer BrownA village cat follows her dreams in this humorous tale.Tallulah the village cat is passionately drawn to the theater in Victoria-by-the-Sea,Prince EdwardIsland. Her search to fit in takes readers on a humorous behind-the-scenes tour of a theater.Her rise from being most unwelcome to greatly appreciated is a story of the values of persistence,loyalty and following one’s bliss.Jennifer Brown is a Fine Arts graduate of Concordia University, Montreal. She taught art forthirty years, developing her love for children’s creativity and children’s literature. She now makesher home in Prince Edward Island, where she creates handmade books and explores a wide rangeof media in her studio. Tallulah the Theatre Cat is her first children’s book.Keywords: cats, theater, persistence, strength, adversity, acting, Prince Edward IslandWhat’s Going On at theTime Tonight?Gerald MercerIllustrated by Holly DeWolfA merry and carefree tale about an undersea party.What’s Going On at the Time Tonight? is a sweet and rollicking rhyming book about aNewfoundland “time” (party) with a twist: it’s underwater! The sea lice are boogying, thejiggly jellyfish are riding the wave, and everyone is having a good time tonight.Gerald Mercer has been an educator in Newfoundland and Labrador for twenty-eight years. Heis the author of two previous books for children, Emma’s New Game and Emma’s Treasure. Geraldlives with his wife, Daphne and three children, Rebecca, Andrew and Simeon in Mount Pearl,Newfoundland and Labrador.Holly DeWolf is an illustrator, published author, artist and blogger. She creates work for theeditorial, children’s and stationary markets. She currently lives in New Brunswick and illustratesdaily, happily!Keywords: ocean, seaside, beach, rhyming, marine life, Newfoundland8 www.orcabook.comPicturebooksAugust 20139781771080040$19.95 hc9 x 932 pagesages 3–9NimbusSeptember 20139781894838986$9.95 pb8 x 824 pagesages 4–9Acorn
  11. 11. Evangeline for Young ReadersHélène BoudreauIllustrated by Patsy MacKinnonA vital interpretation for children of this classic poem.Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s epic poem Evangeline tells the story of two young peopledeported from beautiful Acadie just before they are to be married—and their search foreach other that lasts the rest of their lives. First published in 1847, the poem has been importantto Acadian identity ever since. In Evangeline for Young Readers, the tragic story of Evangeline andGabriel’s deportation is recounted to a new generation. In simple prose true to Longfellow’s poem,Hélène Boudreau describes the utopian village of Grand-Pré where Evangeline grows up, the trau-matizing deportation and Evangeline’s relentless search across America for her true love. PatsyMacKinnon’s stunning illustrations bring the story to life in full color.Hélène Boudreau is a Canadian writer and artist. A native of Isle Madame, Nova Scotia, shewrites fiction and nonfiction for children and young adults from her home in Markham, Ontario.Patsy MacKinnon is the illustrator of A Day with You in Paradise, Heartsong and The Voyage ofWood Duck. A member of the prestigious Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, Patsy livesin New Waterford, Nova Scotia.Keywords: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Evangeline, classics, poetry, young readersMorgan’s Boat RideHugh MacDonaldIllustrated by Anna BaldA child’s river adventure resultsin the coming-together of a community.Morgan and her dog take an accidental journey down the river that flows past the summercottage where they holiday with Morgan’s mother. As they float along, they observe land-scapes, life on the water, various birds and people enjoying the activities the river has to offer.Thestory is about not only their adventure but also community, and how the people who see themdrifting past make sure they come to no danger.The story ends at the local wharf,where the entirecommunity celebrates the pair’s adventure and safe return.Hugh MacDonald is a poet,editor,children’s author and novelist. He was Prince Edward Island’spoet laureate from January 1,2010,to December 31,2012. He has received several awards,includingthe L.M. Montgomery PEI Children’s Literature Award for Chung Lee Loves Lobsters. In 2004,he waspresented with the Award for Distinguished Contribution to the Literary Arts on Prince EdwardIsland. He lives near Montague, PEI, with his wife, Sandra.Anna Bald was born in Montague, PEI, and lived in a little farmhouse there for three wintersbefore her parents moved her to the southern shores of Nova Scotia. Anna has studied art andpolitics on both coasts of Canada, returning home to throw pots, paint pictures, tattoo sailors anddraw the world around her. Morgan’s Boat Ride is her first book.Keywords: community, togetherness, adventure9www.orcabook.comPicturebooksAugust 20139781894838962$12.95 pb9 x 924 pagesages 4–9AcornSeptember 20139781771080101$11.95 pb8.5 x 1140 pagesages 8–12Nimbus
  12. 12. 10 www.orcabook.comPicturebooksGet a taste of NovaScotian revelryin this energeticretelling.October 20139781551099385$17.95 hc9.25 x 9.2532 pagesages 4–8NimbusA Bluenose Twelve Daysof ChristmasBruce NunnIllustrated by Doretta Groenendyk“The Twelve Days of Christmas” gets a taste of Nova Scotian revelry in this energetic retelling bystoryteller Bruce Nunn.With Doretta Groenendyk’s charming and funny illustrations,readersyoung and old will want to read—and sing!—this version of the carol every Christmas.Bruce Nunn, aka “Mr. Nova Scotia Know-It-All” on CBC Radio’s Information Morning, is the authorof four books about Nova Scotia history. He dreamed up the Buddy for a Christmas food-bankbroadcast in 2004. His last children’s book was The Magical Christmas Light of Old Nova Scotia.Doretta Groenendyk is a graduate of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University andan author and illustrator of several books for children, including Fiddles and Spoons (illustrator) andThank You for My Bed (author/illustrator). She lives in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia with herhusband and three children.Keywords: Bluenose, maritime, holiday, Christmas, yuletide, carols,“Twelve Days of Christmas”
  13. 13. Orca EchoesMessy MirandaJeff Szpirglas and Danielle Saint-OngeIllustrated by Dave WhamondWhat’s inside Miranda’s desk?Miranda has one messy desk. It’s full of books, pencils, science projects and…other stuff. Toomuch stuff,says her teacher,Ms. Basil. On a family visit to her Uncle Aldo’s one night,Mirandawonders if some of his magician’s tools might offer a solution to her messy-desk problem. Sneakingoff to the magic room,Miranda finds Uncle Aldo’s impressive collection of top hats. Miranda knowsthat magic top hats can hold lots of things—why not the mess from her desk? At first, the hatseems to do the trick, but soon things start to go horribly wrong. As Uncle Aldo says, you have tobe careful with magic.Jeff Szpirglas and Danielle Saint-Onge live together in Toronto, Ontario, and teachin classrooms with students of diverse cultural backgrounds. Jeff has written several books,including the award-nominated You Just Can’t Help It! and a terrifying new novel called Evil Eye.Danielle has a master’s degree in social anthropology and is a crusader for equity in the class-room. Besides teaching, they spend their time writing stories like Something’s Fishy and takingcare of their twin babies.Keywords: magic, problem solving, messy desks, classrooms, humorNovember 20139781459801172$6.95 pb5.25 x 7.62564 pagesages 7–9pdf 9781459801189epub 9781459805187Orca Echoes Collection9781554692613$298.85Price valid until July 31, 2013collection of 43 paperbacksages 7–9Orca Echoes Resource Guide9781554697991$45.00 cd9781554692408$45.00 coil-bound At-level fiction for ages 7 to 9 Free teachers’ guides online for individual titles Complete resource guide available Guided Reading selections 15 black-and-white illustrations 64 pages eachEarly chapter books11www.orcabook.com
  14. 14. Pirate Island TreasureMarilyn HelmerIllustrated by David ParkinsHeave ho, and away we go, to look for pirate treasure.Charlotte and her brother,Jacob,are thrilled to head off on an adventure in their grandpa’s boat,The Seawind. As they set sail for Pirate Island, they look forward to a day of beachcombing,playing pirates and storytelling.There are plenty of great treasures to be found,but Charlotte,whocan be very bossy, is having trouble sharing with Jacob. When Charlotte accidentally loses oneof Jacob’s best finds, a piece of driftwood that looks just like a pirate’s cutlass, it’s the final straw.Feeling horrible for upsetting her brother, Charlotte is determined to set things right.Marilyn Helmer is the author of many books for children,including picturebooks,early readers,novels, riddle books and retold tales. She discovered a knack for storytelling at a very young agewhen she made up wild and creative excuses for the occasional bout of mischief. Pirate IslandTreasure is her sixth book with Orca and her fifth in the Orca Echoes series. Marilyn and herhusband live near Belwood, Ontario. For more information, visit www.marilynhelmer.com.Keywords: pirates, adventure, sharing, treasure hunting, siblingsJustine McKeenand the Bird NerdSigmund BrouwerIllustrated by Dave WhamondJustine’s not the only one with green ideas!Meet Justine McKeen, the Queen of Green. She’s trying to save the planet, one person at atime, and when she decides to get something done, it’s a lot of fun.When a small bird is injured after flying into the school window,the students are shocked andupset. But they are even more shocked when school bully Jimmy Blatzo rescues the bird and nursesit back to health. Blatzo may have saved one bird, but the problem is much bigger and not confinedto the school grounds. Birds are flying into the windows at the town hall too. With the help ofJustine, green activist extraordinaire, Blatzo gets the courage he needs to approach town council.Getting over his fear of public speaking will be one challenge. Getting used to his new nickname,“Bird Nerd,” will be another matter entirely.Sigmund Brouwer is the bestselling author of many books for children and young adults,including the popular Justine McKeen, Queen of Green series. Justine McKeen and the Bird Nerd isthe fifth book in the series. Sigmund lives in Red Deer, Alberta, and Nashville,Tennessee. For moreinformation visit www.rockandroll-literacy.com.Keywords: birds, animal conservation, community, activism, humor, environmentalism,“green”projects and activities12 www.orcabook.comPicturebooksNovember 20139781459803947$6.95 pb5.25 x 7.62564 pagesages 7–9pdf 9781459803954epub 9781459803961November 20139781459801653$6.95 pb5.25 x 7.62564 pagesages 7–9pdf 9781459801660epub 9781459805194Orca EchoesIncludesgreen projectideas for theclassroom!
  15. 15. The Great Bike RescueHazel HutchinsTo track down a bike thief, you’ve gotta think like one.The summer is off to a lousy start when Levi’s bike is stolen from outside the corner store. Hefeels even worse because he didn’t lock it. But when his best friend Riley’s locked bike is stolenthe very next day, the boys are determined to get both bikes back. Upon discovering there havebeen a string of bike thefts in the area, the friends hatch several plans to find the culprit.There areso many potential suspects—Steve Morrow and his gang,the tattooed guy who sits at the bus stop,the owners of the secondhand bike store. There’s also Emily Grimshaw, Levi’s childhood nemesis,who keeps popping up and showing a peculiar interest in the thefts. Does she really want to helpor is she involved somehow? And will Levi and Riley ever see their beloved bikes again?With a long list of publishing credits, Hazel Hutchins writes novels and picture books thatreveal thoughtful twists on everyday life.The plots play out with humor, warmth and the strengthof a good story well told. Awards include the Shining Willow Young Readers’ Choice Award, theMarilyn Baillie Picture Book Award and the R. Ross Annett Award for Children’s Literature. Herbooks are found on reading lists, in journal reviews and in translation in interesting corners ofthe world. A popular presenter at schools and libraries across Canada, Hazel lives in the RockyMountain town of Canmore, Alberta.Keywords: bicycles, mystery, crime, theft, friendship13www.orcabook.comPicturebooksOctober 20139781459804784$7.95 pb5 x 7.5112 pagesages 8–11pdf 9781459804791epub 9781459804807October 20139781459804036$7.95 pb5 x 7.5112 pagesages 8–11pdf 9781459804043epub 9781459804050Orca Young ReadersSecondsSylvia TaekemaJake is through with being runner-up.When it comes to cross-country running,Jake does everything right. He eats all the right foods,trains like crazy and reads articles about running in his spare time. There’s nothing easyabout running, but the hardest part for Jake is that, at the end of the day, Spencer Solomon alwayswins first place. Determined to take the lead for once, Jake continues to push himself even more.His rigorous training schedule leaves no time for friends, family, pizza or joking around. When Jakeis invited to join the Diamond Running Club, he thinks he’s found an opportunity to train harder.Instead, with the help of his coach, Jake begins to rediscover what he used to love about runningin the first place.Way back when she was in grade school, Sylvia Taekema was asked to write about what shewould like to do when she grew up. She answered that she didn’t know exactly, but that it wouldprobably have something to do with children. She was right. In addition to all the fun she and herhusband have with their own children, Sylvia enjoys working as a supply teacher and as a volunteerin programs for children at school, church and in the community. She loves to read, bake cookiesand go on camping adventures with her family. She lives in Chatham, Ontario.Keywords: running, cross-country, competition, self-esteem, family, self-acceptance
  16. 16. NonfictionSeries for Young ReadersPedal It!How Bicycles are Changing the WorldMichelle Mulder9781459802193•$19.95hc•48pages•Ages8–12Down To EarthHow Kids Help Feed the WorldNikki Tate9781459804234•$19.95hc•48pages•Ages8–12“In a bouncy, friendly tone...Mulder twines themechanics of bicycles with cultural phenomenon,the environmental benefits of cycling and eventhe change in womens fashions...A smart, tangyhistory of our two-wheeled friend.”—Kirkus Reviewsfood production (Spring 2013)cycling (Spring 2013)sustainable energy (Fall 2013)water (Spring 2014)Series themes include:Reaching More Readerswww.orcafootprints.comKids today inhabit a world full of complex—and often mystifying—environmental issues.The Footprints series aims to help kids answer their questions about the state of the natural world withwell-researched, simply-expressed information and powerful images. With topics such as food production,water, cycling and sustainable energy, these books will inspire kids to take action.
  17. 17. 15www.orcabook.comOrca FootprintsHarnessing thepower of innovation.October 20139781459802216$19.95 hc8 x 9.548 pagesages 8–12pdf 9781459802223Brilliant!Shining a Light on Sustainable EnergyMichelle MulderDid you know that cars can run on french-fry grease or that human poop can be used to providepower to classrooms? Kids in Mexico help light up their houses by playing soccer, and in thePhilippines, pop-bottle skylights are improving the quality of life for thousands of families. Brilliant! isabout what happens when you harness the power of imagination and innovation: the world changesfor the better! Full of examples of unusual (and often peculiar) power sources, Brilliant! encourageskids to look around for new and sustainable ways to light up the world.Michelle Mulder travels mostly by bicycle because she loves the idea of being her own engine.She is the author of Pedal It!, Not a Chance, Out of the Box, After Peaches and several other books foryoung people. Friends and family in Victoria, British Columbia, are used to her showing up every-where wearing a helmet and a reflective vest. For more information, visit www.michellemulder.com.Keywords: sustainability, energy, innovation, power, light, heatAlso by Michelle MulderPedal It!9781459802193 $19.95 hcages 8–12
  18. 18. 16 www.orcabook.comJuvenile NonfictionExplore the relationshipbetween theGreat Bear Sea and therainforest it nourishes.September 20139781459800199$19.95 pb7.5 x 9128 pagesages 8+pdf 9781459800205epub 9781459805217The Great Bear SeaExploring the Marine Life of a Pacific ParadiseWritten by Ian McAllister and Nicholas ReadPhotographs by Ian McAllisterFollowing up the success of their first two books about the Great Bear Rainforest, The SalmonBears and The Sea Wolves, Ian McAllister and Nicholas Read take readers on an expedition intothe wondrous and mysterious underwater world of the Great Bear Sea. This amazing part of thenortheast Pacific Ocean is home to some of the planet’s mightiest and most beloved residents:whales, sea lions, dolphins, orcas, sea otters and wild salmon. Filled with spectacular images of thislargely unknown part of the world, the book also explores the uncertain future of the Great BearSea in this age of climate change, overfishing, pipelines and oil tankers. Can a rainforest full of rarespirit bears,fishing wolves and great grizzlies survive without a Great Bear Sea to feed and nourish it?Ian McAllister,a founding director of the wildlife conservation group Pacific Wild,is an award-winningphotographer and filmmaker. He has spent more than twenty years working to preserve Canada’stemperate rainforest. Ian lives with his family on an island in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest.Nicholas Read, a lifelong animal lover and former journalist, has written about environmental andanimal issues for publications in both Canada and the UK. He is the author of five books with animalthemes. He currently teaches journalism at Langara College in Vancouver, British Columbia, wherehe lives with two rescued cats.Keywords: Great Bear Rainforest, marine life, the environment, ecology, conservation, Pacific coast,marine mammals, whales, orcas, dolphins, porpoises, salmon, sea ottersAlso by Ian McAllisterand Nicholas ReadThe Salmon Bears9781554692057 • $18.95 pbages 8+The Sea Wolves9781554692064 • $19.95 pbages 8+
  19. 19. A Collection ofCharlie D MysteriesGail Bowen BundleListen your waythrough the worldof Charlie D withunabridged audioon a preloaded mp3player. Perfect forschools and libraries,Orca GoReaderscome with batteriesand headphones. Nodownloads, CDs orcassettes, just hitPlay and go.9781459805637 • Set of four books for $34.95Charlie D is the host of a successful late-night radio call-in show, “The World Accordingto Charlie D.” His listeners have a particularly intimate relationship with him and oftenreveal much about themselves, confident that he will honor their trust and that he cansave them. In their minds, he is perfect: one of lifes winners. But Charlie D’s easy confi-dence on-air belies reality for a man born with a wine-colored birthmark that covers halfof his face. Each of these novels features mysteries that are played out in a race againsttime as Charlie D fights for the lives of his listeners and his own well-being.Gail BowenGoReaderAn Unabridged Audio Collectionof Charlie D Mysteries9781459805644 • $49.95
  20. 20. 18 www.orcabook.comJuvenile NonfictionSeptember 20139781771080125$14.95 pb8 x 8.7556 pagesages 8–12NimbusOctober 20139781927513156$14.95 pb5 x 7140 pagesages 13+SumachBe a Wilderness DetectivePeggy KochanoffThe perfect book for budding naturalists.Why is that tree lumpy? How do insects stay alive in the winter? What are tides, anyway?In Be a Wilderness Detective, biologist and artist Peggy Kochanoff answers these and manymore questions. With simple language and beautifully accurate paintings, Kochanoff walks youngreaders through many nature puzzles, including identifying different types of animal scat andunderstanding how maple trees can be tapped without being harmed. Clear, precise and engaging,Be a Wilderness Detective is the perfect book for budding naturalists—and will also convince couchpotatoes to get outside. Science and nature have never been more fun!Peggy Kochanoff is a writer and illustrator who has a degree in vertebrate zoology.Keywords: nature, activities, science, biology, animals, wildlife, plantsLetters LivedRadical Reflections, Revolutionary PathsEdited by Sheila SampathAn accessible new collection that reminds us we all have thepower to shape the world.In this accessible new collection, Shameless magazine editorial director, activist designer andeducator Sheila Sampath has invited an incredible group of contributors, all committed to socialjustice work, to share letters they have written to their teen selves. These candid, powerful and relatable letters tackle the tough process of learning how to trustand love ourselves as well as navigate our bodies,families,identities and communities. Contributorsfrom around the globe,including Rae Spoon,Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha,Rozena Maart andNina Power share how they have created their own paths—personally and politically—from verydifferent starting points.Letters Lived reminds us that political work is a process and, although it isn’t always easy, thatwe all have the power to define how we shape our world, and we never know exactly what that’sgoing to look like.Sheila Sampath is an educator and an activist designer who has been working toward socialgood since 2003. She is the editorial and art director of the award-winning magazine Shameless, a Canadian feminist voice for young women and trans youth.Keywords: letters, activism, growing up, teen years, social change
  21. 21. Last AirliftA Vietnamese Orphan’s Rescue from WarMarsha Forchuk SkrypuchTuyet wonders who would ever choose to adopt a girl like her?Tuyet used to dream of being adopted. But it is the end of the Vietnam War, and Tuyet’s Saigonorphanage is full of perfect babies and toddlers. Who would want an eight-year-old girl with aleg weakened by polio? Even when the city is invaded and strangers rush her onto a plane boundfor North America,Tuyet is sure she is only there to care for the fifty-six babies on board. Shecouldn’t possibly be bound for a family of her own…could she?Last Airlift is the true story of one girl’s escape from war-torn Vietnam. School Library Journalsaid,“The author tells Tuyet’s story with respect and dignity, introducing readers to a brave girlcaught up in the turbulent times of her country, her fears of leaving what she knew, and the joyof finding a new life. Archival and family photos are included throughout, as are a historical noteexplaining the circumstances surrounding the airlift and an author’s note with follow-up informa-tion about Tuyet. Her story will appeal to a broad range of readers.”Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch is the award-winning author of more than a dozen books,includingpicture books, chapter books and juvenile and young-adult novels. Last Airlift is Marsha’s first workof narrative nonfiction.Keywords: Vietnam,war,adoption,family,physical disabilities,polio,refugees,immigration,biographyNo Shelter HereMaking the World a Kinder Place for DogsRob LaidlawBecome a “Dog Champion.”Be inspired by “Dog Champions,” people around the world who have dedicated their lives tohelping homeless and exploited dogs. Kirkus Reviews says,“Dogs mistreatment…is addressedfrankly but gently.” School Library Journal says,“Canine lovers will discover a broad array of topicsuseful for caring for dogs and becoming an advocate for their humane treatment. Chapters arebrief but chock-full of information…Children will come away from this book educated and inspiredto become ‘Dog Champions.’”For more than thirty years, Rob Laidlaw has devoted his life to protecting animals, as an advo-cate, a WSPA project manager, the founder of a wildlife protection group and a writer.Keywords: dogs, pets, animals, Dog Champions, activism, social justice, nonfiction19www.orcabook.comJuvenile NonfictionOctober 20139780986949517$12.95 pb5.75 x 8120 pagesages 8–12Pajama PressSeptember 20139780986949524$14.95 pb7 x 964 pagesages 8–12Pajama PressNew inpaperback!New inpaperback!
  22. 22. 20 www.orcabook.comJuvenile NonfictionJewish refugeesin the ShanghaiGhetto—a true story.September 20139781927583104$14.95 pb6.5 x 8204 pagesages 9–13Second StoryShanghai EscapeKathy KacerShanghai, China, seems an unlikely destination for Jewish refugees trying to escape the cruel anti-Semitic laws of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party before the Second World War. But while mostcountries were unwilling to give refuge to Jews,China was one place that did. More than twenty thou-sand European Jews found refuge in Shanghai between 1937 and 1939.Lily Toufar and her family arrive in Shanghai in 1938, having fled from Vienna on the eve ofKristallnacht. Shanghai is a strange place for this bright young girl. After the bombing of Pearl Harbor,and under pressure from Hitler, the Japanese government in Shanghai has ordered Jewish refugeesto move into a ghetto in an area of Shanghai called Hongkew. There is little food to eat and poorsanitation, and disease is rampant. For Lily, life becomes gruelling after her family is forced into theghetto. Lily endures the difficult conditions, always hopeful for an end to the war and a return tonormal life.Kathy Kacer is an award-winning author of Holocaust stories for young readers. She began bywriting her own mother’s story in The Secret of Gabi’s Dresser and continued with seven other storiesin the Holocaust Remembrance Series for Young Readers: The Underground Reporters,Clara’s War,TheNight Spies, Hiding Edith,The Diary of Laura’s Twin,To Hope and Back and We Are Their Voice:Young PeopleRespond to the Holocaust. Keywords: The Holocaust, intolerance, braveryAlso by Kathy KacerWe Are Their Voice9781926920771 • $16.95ages 9–14To Hope and Back9781897187968 • $14.95ages 8–13
  23. 23. 21www.orcabook.comJuvenile NonfictionWomen whochanged the face ofbusiness.September 20139781927583128$10.95 pb6 x 9128 pagesages 9–13Second StoryPhenomenal FemaleEntrepreneursJill BryantThis collection of biographies profiles ten creative business leaders who have proven that entre-preneurial women can not only succeed in business but can also bring about positive change. Against all odds, African-American Madam C.J. Walker, born in 1867, became a self-mademillionaire who promoted civil rights and opposed racism. Designer Dorothy Shaver, Body Shopfounder Dame Anita Roddick and high-finance expert Naina Lal Kidwai built businesses based onintegrity, responsibility and respect. Among the growing number of young female entrepreneurs nowin their thirties and forties are Sheryl Sandberg, Sue Chen, Susan Mashibe, Nicole Robertson, KelseyRamsden and Jodi Glover.Jill Bryant is always on the lookout for stories of trailblazing women. She is the author of twoother books in the Women’s Hall of Fame Series: Dazzling Women Designers and Amazing WomenAthletes. A writer and freelance editor, Jill lives in Ontario.Keywords: activists, business, entrepreneurs, feminismAlso by Jill BryantAmazing Women Athletes9781896764443 • $10.95ages 9–13Dazzling Women Designers9781897187821 • $10.95ages 9–13
  24. 24. HomophobiaDeal with it and turn prejudice into prideSteven SolomonIllustrated by Nick JohnsonA timely resource for helping kids understand and resolveconflicts stemming from homophobia and bullying.That’s so gay! It’s a phrase commonly heard in school halls and on playgrounds. But when usedas a put-down, it’s also homophobic. With plenty of quizzes, Q+As, comics and scenarios, thisinteractive and highly visual new book in the Deal With It series helps kids determine what is—and what isn’t—homophobia and what they can do to make their schools,homes and communitiesmore safe and inclusive for everyone.Steven Solomon is the school social worker forToronto District School Board’s Human SexualityProgram. He provides counseling for students who are bullied because of their sexuality anddelivers anti-homophobia workshops for K-12 students. In 2012 he was awarded a TDSB ExcellenceAward, in part for his work helping students to establish Gay-Straight Alliances in schools.Nick Johnson is a writer and illustrator who co-founded the independent comic book labelVicious Ambitious.Keywords: conflict resolution, homosexuality, bullying, gay and lesbian identity, adolescenceReal Justice:Convicted for Being Mi’kmaqThe story of Donald Marshall Jr.Bill SwanHow wrongfully convicted Donald Marshall Jr. forced the justicesystem to confront its racism.When a black teen was murdered in a park late one night, his young companion, DonaldMarshall Jr., became a prime suspect. Police coached two teens to testify against Donald,which helped convict him of a murder he did not commit. He spent eleven years in prison beforehe finally got a lucky break. Not only was he eventually acquitted of the crime, but an inquiry intohis wrongful conviction found that a non-Aboriginal youth would never have been convicted in thefirst place. Donald became a First Nations activist and later won a landmark court case in favor ofNative fishing rights. He was often referred to as the “reluctant hero” of the Mi’kmaq community.Bill Swan is the author of nine Sports Stories novels and another Real Justice title on StevenTruscott, which is shortlisted for the 2013 Red Maple Non-Fiction Award. Bill is retired fromDurham College and teaches online courses in journalism and business writing.Keywords: criminal law, justice, racism, rights and responsibilities22 www.orcabook.comJuvenile NonfictionOctober 20139781459404427 • $12.95 pb9781459404410 • $24.95 hc8.5 x 1132 pagesages 9–12LorimerSeptember 20139781459404397 • $12.95 pb9781459404380 • $18.95 hc5.5 x 8.5184 pagesages 13–18Lorimer
  25. 25. Reaching More ReadersAnnouncing the Fall 2013 debut ofWhere did the idea for theLimelights series come from?I loved books about ballet and musicwhen I was a girl, and I noticed that thereweren’t many recent books about kidsinvolved in performing arts, even thoughthere has been an explosion of interest inperforming. Kids who want to make theirperforming dreams a reality will love theLimelights series.How many books will therebe in the series?I have signed enough titles to take usthrough 2015, and I expect to sign moreas time goes on. A lot of writers haveexperience in the performing arts—andthey want to write about it!How did you choose whichperforming arts to feature first?I put out a call for submissions and waspleasantly surprised by the positiveresponse. For the first season, I wantedthere to be variety (music, dance, theater)and I wanted the subject matter to appealto both male and female readers.Did you do any performingarts as a kid?Yes, I played the violin and piano, and Idanced. My son is a professional musicianand my daughter studied acting and dancefor many years.When all the worlds a stageInterviewwith serieseditorSarahHarvey
  26. 26. 24 www.orcabook.comOrca LimelightsOctober 20139781459803824$9.95 pb4.75 x 7.25128 pagesages 11–14pdf 9781459803831epub 9781459803848AttitudeRobin StevensonThere’s more to ballet than pink pointe shoes and tutus.When Cassie comes to Vancouver from Australia for an intensive summer program at a pres-tigious ballet school, she finds it hard to fit in. A clique of girls who have been at the schoola long time don’t want the newcomers to get any attention. At first Cassie tries to go along toget along, but when she realizes that some of the visiting summer students are being bullied andthreatened, and that she herself is being sabotaged, she finally speaks out—and finds out how farsome girls will go to succeed.Robin Stevenson is the author of more than a dozen books for children and teens, includingfour novels in the Orca Soundings series. Robin spends most of her time writing, hanging outwith her son and teaching creative writing to adults, teens and kids. She lives in Victoria, BritishColumbia, with her family. For more information, visit www.robinstevenson.com.Keywords: competition, excellence, ballet, friendship, cliques, honesty, fitting in~ At-level novels for ages 11–14.~ Each book focuses on one performing art such asmusic, theater, dance, circus, slam poetry, magic orstand-up comedy.~ Three new books each season, featuring ballet, theaterdirecting and music for Fall 2013.~ Lots of performance action, drama and passion!When all the worlds a stageA new ongoing seriesof performing arts novelswww.orcalimelights.com
  27. 27. 25www.orcabook.comOrca LimelightsOctober 20139781459804586$9.95 pb4.75 x 7.25128 pagesages 11–14pdf 9781459804593epub 9781459804609October 20139781459804135$9.95 pb4.75 x 7.25128 pagesages 11–14pdf 9781459804142epub 9781459804159Totally UnrelatedTom RyanWhen you step into the spotlight, you have to expect some heat.Neil plays guitar with his family’s band, the Family McClintock, even though he can’t stand theCeltic music they play, he doesn’t dance, he hates the outfits, and every single performancereminds him that he isn’t as talented as the rest of the family.When his buddy Bert convinces him to form a rock band and enter a local talent show, Neil’splaying improves and everyone notices, including a girl who shares his musical interests. He startsto think that all those years of practice might come in handy after all. But it all comes to a headwhen Neil has to choose between an important gig with the family band and the talent show. He’sonly sure of one thing: whatever he decides to do, he’s going to be letting someone down.Tom Ryan was born and raised in Inverness on Cape Breton Island. Like most transplantedCape Bretoners, he spends a lot of time wishing he was back on the right side of the causeway.He currently lives in Ottawa, Ontario, with his partner and dog. He can be found online atwww.tomwrotethat.com.Keywords: family, loyalty, talent, Celtic music, friendship, rock and roll, guitarCut the LightsKaren KrossingIs the play cursed or is Briar just a lousy director?Briar has a vision for the one-act play she’s been chosen to direct at her performing arts highschool. She’s going to create a masterpiece. If only everyone involved in the production sharedher vision. Her leading lady is gifted but troubled,her leading man has a crush on the leading lady,herstage manager doesn’t have a clue, and her best friend, who wrote the play, is worried that Briar’sproduction is cursed. As Briar struggles to motivate her cast and crew, she learns some importanttruths about the fine art of directing—and about herself.Karen Krossing is addicted to stories. She studied English and drama at university before shebegan to write novels and short stories for children and teens. Karen also encourages new writersthrough workshops for kids, teens and adults. She lives with her family in Toronto, Ontario. Cut theLights is her fifth novel. For more information, visit www.karenkrossing.com.Keywords: theater, directing, acting, ego, depression, empowerment, cooperation, leadership
  28. 28. The UnmakingThe Last Days of Tian Di, Book 2Catherine EganEliza is growing in her magical powers, but can she learn enoughto stop the horrid Kwellrahg from killing her mother?Eliza, now fourteen, has been studying magic and gaining a reputation for her power. She hasmuch yet to learn—although she understands things like the Ancient Magic, by which thingsare made and unmade, she cannot yet affect it herself. She is strong-headed and independent,chafing at the boundaries the Mancers have set for her. Ravens continue to gather around Eliza andthe Citadel,and nobody is sure if they are Eliza’s guides or a trick sent by the evil xia sorceress Nia.The Mancers create magic daily to keep Nia in her prison, but she escapes, turning them all tostone except Eliza’s grandfather, Kyreth, the head Mancer. Why on earth would she do that? Niaalso summons Ancient Magic to create a horrid Kwellrahg, with which to threaten Eliza’s mother.Eliza,her friends Nell and Charlie,the witch Swarn and the Faerie Lord Jalo must stop Nia fromwreaking further destruction. The key to victory is Eliza’s mastery of the Ancient Magic. Can shemake it work in time? Will they learn the true story of Eliza and Nia’s common heritage?Catherine Egan has fashioned another thrilling fantasy tale of magic, of good battling evil, of ayoung woman discovering her true nature and realizing her own powers.Catherine Egan made her publishing debut as a fantasy novelist with the bestselling first bookin this series, Shade and Sorceress. Her short fiction has appeared in many literary journals in theUnited States and Canada. Readers can follow Catherine’s experimental Twittertales—stories toldin three tweets a day—on Twitter: @ByCatherineEgan.Keywords: fantasy, good versus evil, dragons, sorceresses26 www.orcabook.comJuvenile FictionAugust 20139781771030090$11.95 pb7 x 5175 pagesages 8–12TuckamoreSeptember 20139781550505597$12.95 pb5.5 x 8.5256 pagesages 9–12CoteauBuried TruthsAlice WalshA great mystery for young adults.After her mother dies, fourteen-year-old Zoe is whisked away to Newfoundland to live with afather she has never met. In the tiny village of Port au Choix, she gets caught up in solving themystery of finding the habitation site of the Maritime Archaic Indian,an ancient culture that lived inthe area more than four thousand years ago. At the same time, Zoe has her own mystery to solve.Going through her mother’s journals,she discovers secrets that baffle and confuse her. Could Zoe’slife have been nothing more than an elaborate lie?Alice Walsh has written numerous articles and short stories for newspapers, magazines andliterary journals, as well as educational material for various publications. Alice graduated fromSt. Mary’s University with a degree in criminology and English, and from Acadia with a master’sdegree in children’s literature. She has worked as a preschool teacher, probation officer, creative-writing instructor and hospital ward clerk.Keywords: adventure, mystery, history
  29. 29. Sam Swallow and theRiddleworld LeagueWilliam NewIllustrated by YayoThe ultimate book for young puzzle lovers.All Sam Swallow wants is to join the Little League baseball team. But on the way to the park hestumbles, hits his head and falls into Riddleworld, a land where birds talk in puzzles and catswait to pounce. Nothing is what it seems to be in Riddleworld. Sam himself has been transformedinto a bird.To get back to this world,Sam needs to solve some difficult puzzles,make a few unlikelyfriends, and avoid the cats at all costs.William New is a recipient of the Governor General’s Award for his poetry and is a member ofthe Order of Canada. He recently received the George Woodcock Lifetime Achievement Awardfor his contribution to Canadian literature. Sam Swallow and the Riddleworld League is his first novel.Nominated for the highly esteemed Governor Generals Award and winner of the Mr. ChristiesBook Award, Yayo has illustrated many childrens books, including Night Sky Wheel Ride. He livesin Montreal with his wife and family.Keywords: riddles, baseball, fantasyMimi Power and theI-don’t-know-whatVictoria MilesIllustrated by Marc MongeauBig sisters, little sisters. Fireworks in the house!Artist, animal lover and would-be swimming sensation Mimi Power knows what it’s like to liveunder the tyranny of a three-year-old sister. Things have never been the same in the Powerhousehold since “The Waby” arrived. Finding creative space in all the chaos is getting harder bythe minute for Mimi.But with the school art show looming and a prize at stake that’s too good to give up on, Mimidevises a plan that’s three-year-old-proof. Or is it? To know for sure, Mimi will have to tap into herbig-sister power and find her own little piece of the sky. Recently nominated for the Sheila A. EgoffChildren’s Literature Prize.Victoria Miles is the award-winning author of Magnifico, Old Mother Bear and numerous otherbooks for children. She lives in North Vancouver, British Columbia, with her husband and twodaughters.Marc Mongeau lives in Montreal, Quebec. He has illustrated more than thirty-five children’sbooks, including There Were Monkeys in my Kitchen! by Sheree Fitch, which was a finalist for theGovernor General’s Children’s Literature Award.Keywords: sisters, family, art, school27www.orcabook.comJuvenile FictionOctober 20139781896580982$12.95 pb5.9375 x 8.6875144 pagesages 9–11TradewindSeptember 20139781896580654$12.95 pb5.375 x 8.1875224 pagesages 9–11Tradewind
  30. 30. 28 www.orcabook.comJuvenile FictionSeptember 20139781459404502 • $12.95 pb9781459404519 • $18.95 hc5 x 7.75136 pagesages 9–12LorimerSeptember 20139781771080187$12.95 pb5 x 7.25192 pagesages 8–12NimbusStreet KingsBrad V. CowanCale Finch’s plans for spring break? EAT. SLEEP. SKATE.Cale’s determined that this time he’ll successfully ollie the set of seven stairs that marks initia-tion into the Seven Stair Crew, a group of older, junior-high skaters. But Cale soon finds thatnot all local skaters are welcoming to grommets (new skaters) like him. He has to find his voice,learn to stand up for himself and believe in his own ability to skate in order to find his rightful placein this youth subculture.Growing up, Brad V. Cowan was no stranger to the best places to skateboard in his neighbor-hood. He works in television and film and was a producer of the West 49 Ambition Skatecamp tele-vision series, in which eight skaters went head-to-head in a skateboarding competition.This is hisfirst novel.Keywords: skateboarding, confidence, spring breakBuried Secrets at LouisbourgJo Ann YhardCan Fred find the jewels buried by his ancestorin time to save his family?Fred has had a rough summer. His secret crush on Mai is going strong, his mother has barelyrecovered from a battle with cancer, and his unreliable father’s diving business has gonecompletely underwater. Now Fred,Mai and Grace,extraordinary fossil hunters,are at the Fortressof Louisbourg hunting a different kind of treasure. They are secretly excavating the historic site,trying to find a mass of jewels Fred’s ancestor may have buried there—jewels that could saveFred’s family. But Fred uncovers far more than he bargained for, including a dangerous plot thatcould leave Fred’s family in even more serious trouble. The young detectives from the bestsellingThe Fossil Hunter of Sydney Mines shine in this fast-paced mystery for middle readers.Jo Ann Yhard’s first novel, The Fossil Hunter of Sydney Mines, is a Canadian bestseller. Jo Ann livesin Halifax,Nova Scotia,with her husband,James,where she writes on her yellow laptop,Bumble Bee.Keywords: mystery, treasure, detectives, buried treasure, history, Canada, Louisbourg
  31. 31. Game FaceSylvia GunneryBasketball player Jay has to focus onwhat’s weak and make it strong.Jay Hirtle is back in Rockets territory, and he’s determined to help his former teammates winthe basketball championship. But some of his teammates aren’t very welcoming,including Colin,Jay’s former best friend and last season’s MVP. When Jay wins out in a close vote for team captain,Colin’s behavior becomes even more hostile. Jay has to think of a way to fix their strained relation-ship—and the effect it has on the team’s showing—even if it means giving up the captaincy.Sylvia Gunnery, an award-winning educator, is the author of two previous Jay Hirtle novels,Personal Best and Out of Bounds, which was a Hackmatack Children’s Choice Award nominee.Keywords: basketball, leadership, teamwork, self-sacrifice29www.orcabook.comLorimer Sports StoriesSeptember 20139781459403758 • $9.95 pb9781459403765 • $16.95 hc5 x 7.75128 pagesages 10–13LorimerOctober 20139781459403819 • $9.95 pb9781459403826 • $16.95 hc5 x 7.75128 pagesages 10–13LorimerReplaySteven SandorWarren’s dreams of being a football star are within reach—butdoes he have to cheat to win?Growing up above his parents’ Chinese family restaurant in a small town, Warren Chen hasalways dreamed of being a football star. At ninety pounds and five feet tall, he’s not exactlybuilt like a linebacker, but even short kids from tiny towns have big dreams. At first the coach isreluctant to even let him try out, but soon he sees Warren’s strengths—he is small and slippery,and no one can catch him. Warren is named the team’s new running back.In their first game of the season,Warren and the team face their biggest rivals. With a breath-taking dash along the sideline, Warren reaches the end zone to score the game-winning touch-down—almost. But Warren celebrates anyway, and the referee buys it.The losing streak is broken,and Warren has proven himself worthy to be on the team,a genuine football star! But he knows it’snot quite the truth and that sooner or later, someone will find out. Warren has to decide whetherto come clean and cost his school the victory, or continue living the small-town football dream.Steven Sandor is a professional sportswriter and magazine editor. He also draws on his experi-ence as a color commentator for FC Edmonton broadcasts to write Sports Stories novels.Keywords: football, honesty, overcoming obstacles, cheating
  32. 32. 30 www.orcabook.comLorimer Sports Stories/Podium Sports AcademySeptember 20139781459403789 • $9.95 pb9781459403796 • $16.95 hc5 x 7.75128 pagesages 10–13LorimerSeptember 20139781459403727 • $9.95 pb9781459403734 • $16.95 hc5.5 x 8.5144 pagesages 13–18LorimerDouble PlaySara CassidyAllie’s invited to play on the boys’ baseball team, but then herstep-brother announces he wants to play on the girls’ team!Allie loves baseball. It’s the one thing that has been consistent in her lately complicated life.Allie’s father left recently,and now Allie has a new family—her mother’s new girlfriend,Phyllis,and Phyllis’s son, Miles, have moved in. It’s taking some adjustment, mostly because Miles seemsdetermined to get under her skin.Things start looking up when Allie gets invited to join the boys’baseball team as their new pitcher. But then Miles announces that he’s quitting the boys’ team andtrying out for Allie’s old team—a girls’ team!Allie is sure he’s doing it just to annoy her, but Miles insists that he just likes the girls’ style ofplay better. As Allie struggles to find her place on the boys’ team,she starts to see that Miles is justtrying to fit in as well, and that it may be even harder for him than it has been for her.Sara Cassidy teaches creative writing at Camosun College and is the director of the VictoriaWriters Festival. She has published two previous novels for teens as well as dozens of newspaperand magazine articles and short stories. She lives in Victoria, British Columbia, with her family.Keywords: baseball, gender roles, stepfamilies, same-sex parentingForward PassLorna Schultz NicholsonParmita Kapoor: the soccer player who won’tkeep a secret that crosses the line.Podium Sports Academy’s star goalkeeper wants nothing more than to play on Canada’sNational Team. Parmita works hard at school and on the pitch,so if it seems like she’s avoidingboys, she hopes everyone will think it’s because she wants to be the best, and not because she’ssecretly attracted to girls.The team’s new assistant coach may actually have the pull to get Parmita a National Teamtryout,but Parmita is uncomfortable with her coach’s constant flirting and accidentally-on-purposetouching. After the coach guesses Parmita’s secret about her sexuality and corners her in thelocker room, Parmita has to decide how far she’ll go to get a tryout.Lorna Schultz Nicholson is an experienced sports writer. Her books have been nominatedfor the SYRCA Diamond Willow Award and the Golden Eagle Children’s Choice Book Award. Sheis a full-time fiction author who works from her home in Calgary, Alberta, which she shares withher husband, senior hockey official Bob Nicholson, and their three children. For more information,visit www.lornaschultznicholson.com.Keywords: soccer, sexual abuse, gay and lesbian identity, high school
  33. 33. 31www.orcabook.comTeen FictionSelf-portraitof the artist as ateenage girl.October 20139781459805309$19.95 hc5.5 x 8.25288 pagesages 12+pdf 9781459802650epub 9781459802667AudaciousGabrielle PrendergastSixteen-year-old Raphaelle says the wrong thing, antagonizes the wrong people and has the wrongattitude. She can’t do anything right except draw, but she draws the wrong pictures. When herfather moves the family to a small prairie city, Raphaelle wants to make a new start. Reborn as “Ella,”she tries to fit in at her new school. She’s drawn to Samir,a Muslim boy in her art class,and expressesher confused feelings in explicit art. When a classmate texts a photo of Ella’s art to a younger friend,the fallout spreads throughout Ella’s life,threatening to destroy her already-fragile family.Told entirelyin verse,Audacious is a brave,funny and hard-hitting portrait of a girl who embodies the word audacity.Gabrielle Prendergast is a UK-born Canadian/Australian who lives in Vancouver,British Columbia,with her husband and daughter. She holds an mfa in Creative Writing from the University of BritishColumbia. A part-time teacher and mentor, Gabrielle blogs and rants at www.angelhorn.com andwww.versenovels.com.Keywords: sex, bullying, religion, censorship, art, family dynamics, fresh startsAdvance praise for Audacious“Beautifully written, thoughtfully layered, and occasionally disturbing…Audacious is a book just aspowerful as its title.” —Margarita Engle, Newbery Honor-winning author of The Surrender Tree
  34. 34. 32 www.orcabook.comTeen FictionDanny hasmore lives than theproverbial cat.October 20139781459804340$12.95 pb5.5 x 8.25216 pagesages 12+pdf 9781459804357epub 9781459804364Who I’m NotTed StauntonDanny has survived everything life has thrown at him: being abandoned at birth, multiple abusivefoster homes, life as a con man in training. But when his latest “protector” dies suddenly, Dannyhas to think fast or he’ll be back in foster care again. He decides to assume the identity of a boy whodisappeared three years before. If nothing else, he figures it will buy him a little time. Much to hisastonishment, his new “family” accepts him as their own—despite the fact that he looks nothing liketheir missing relative. But one old cop has his suspicions about Danny—and he’s not about to declarethe case closed. Inspired by a true story, Who I’m Not is a powerful portrait of a boy whose identityis as fluid as a river and as changeable as a chameleon’s skin.Ted Staunton is a writer, speaker, workshop leader, story teller and musical performer. His novelJump Cut was part of Seven (the series) and he is the author of many other books,including the Morganseries for young readers, the picture book Puddleman, and two titles in the Orca Currents series. Helives in Port Hope,Ontario.To learn more about Ted,visit his web site at www.tedstauntonbooks.com.Keywords: deception, abuse, grifters, family, loyalty, identityAlso by Ted StauntonJump Cut9781554699476 • $9.95ages 10+Power Chord9781554699032 • $9.95ages 10–14
  35. 35. 33www.orcabook.comYou can’t be a heroevery day.October 20139781459802865$12.95 pb5.5 x 8.25216 pagesages 12+pdf 9781459802872epub 9781459802889If OnlyBecky CitraFifteen-year-old Pam is assaulted when she and her twin brother,Danny,are walking home throughthe woods. Danny is frozen with fear and does nothing; luckily, Pam is rescued by a woman outwalking her dog. Pam deals with the trauma by isolating herself while Danny struggles with the shameof not protecting his sister. His shame is compounded by their father’s contempt, and Danny decidesto redeem himself by finding Pam’s attacker. In the process, he discovers a family secret, and Pamconnects with new friends who help her regain her confidence.Becky Citra is the author of many books for children and teens, including Missing, After the Fire andNever to be Told. Becky lives on a ranch in Bridge Lake, British Columbia, where she has ridden andtrained horses for thirty years.Keywords: courage, twins, old age, family secrets, assault, friendshipAlso by Becky CitraMissing9781554693450 • $9.95 pbages 9–12After the Fire9781554692460 • $9.95 pbages 9–12Teen Fiction
  36. 36. 34 www.orcabook.comTeen FictionBest. Prom. Ever.October 20139781459802971$12.95 pb5.5 x 8.25240 pagesages 12+pdf 9781459802988epub 9781459802995Tag AlongTom RyanIt’s junior prom night. Andrea is grounded for getting her older brother to buy booze for her, Paulis having panic attacks, Roemi has been stood up by his Internet date, and Candace is busy tagginga building (before she gets collared by a particularly tenacious cop). By happenstance, the four near-strangers end up together, getting into more trouble, arguing and ultimately helping each other outover the course of eight madcap hours.Tom Ryan was born and raised in Inverness on Cape Breton Island. After high school, he studiedEnglish at Mount Allison University and then moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he studied filmproduction. Tom’s first novel, Way to Go, has been nominated for numerous awards. He lives inOttawa, Ontario, with his partner and dog. He can be found online at www.tomwrotethat.com.Keywords: friendship, randomness, bonding, sexuality, loyalty, integrityAlso by Tom RyanWay to Go9781459800779 • $12.95ages 12+
  37. 37. 35www.orcabook.comTeen FictionBecoming a statisticwas never part ofthe plan.September 20139781459801363$12.95 pb5.5 x 8.25288 pagesages 12+pdf 9781459801370epub 9781459801387So Much It HurtsMonique PolakIris is an aspiring actress, so when Mick, a well-known visiting Aussie director, takes an interestin her, she’s flattered. He’s fourteen years older, attractive, smart, charming and sexy—in otherwords, nothing like her hapless ex-boyfriend,Tommy. But when Iris and Mick start a secret relation-ship, she soon witnesses Mick’s darker side, and his temper frightens her. Before long, she becomesthe target of his rage, but she makes endless excuses for him. Isolated and often in pain, Iris strugglesto continue going to school, where she is preparing for her role as Ophelia. When her family andfriends begin to realize that something is terribly wrong, Iris defends her man, but she also takes thefirst tentative steps toward self-preservation.So Much It Hurts is Monique Polak’s fourteenth novel for young adults. Her historical novel,What World is Left, won the Quebec Writers’ Federation Prize for Children’s and Young AdultLiterature. In addition to writing fiction, Monique teaches English and Humanities at MarianopolisCollege in Montreal, Quebec. She is also an active freelance journalist. For more information, visitwww.moniquepolak.com.Keywords: domestic violence, acting, deception, self-preservationAlso by Monique PolakWhat World is Left9781551438474 • $12.95ages 12+Miracleville9781554693306 • $12.95ages 12+
  38. 38. 36 www.orcabook.comTeen FictionIt’s always“beer o’clock”at Kit’s house.September 20139781459802742$12.95 pb5.5 x 8.25288 pagesages 12+pdf 9781459802759epub 9781459802766BaygirlHeather SmithGrowing up in a picturesque Newfoundland fishing village should be idyllic for sixteen-year-oldKit Ryan, but living with an alcoholic father makes Kit’s day-to-day life unpredictable and almostintolerable. When the 1992 cod moratorium forces her father out of a job, the tension between Kitand her father grows. Forced to leave their rural community, the family moves to the city, wherethey live with Uncle Iggy, a widower with problems of his own. Immediately pegged as a “baygirl,” Kitstruggles to fit in, but longstanding trust issues threaten to hold her back when a boy named Elliotexpresses an interest in her.Originally from Newfoundland, Heather Smith now lives in Waterloo, Ontario, with her husbandand three children. Her Newfoundland roots inspire much of her writing. For more information,visit www.heathertsmith.com.Keywords: alcoholism, loyalty, family, first love, death
  39. 39. 37www.orcabook.comTeen FictionJuly 20139781927485248$21.95 hc5.5 x 7.5296 pagesages 12+Pajama PressSeptember 20139781927485323$19.95 hc5.5 x 8232 pagesages 12+Pajama PressNix Minus OneJill MacLeanA powerful YA novel about a boy,a dog and the way they save each other.Nix Humbolt doesn’t talk much. Though at fifteen he’s taller and leaner than he was in his“Fatty Humbolt” days, he still lies low at school. At home, Nix finds refuge in his father’sworkshop, where he builds intricate boxes and tables—and avoids arguments with his polar-oppo-site older sister. Roxy is so alive the air around her vibrates. Nix would slay ten dragons for her,but she drives him crazy—especially when she decides to go after Bryan Sykes.The guy is seriouslytoxic,but Roxy won’t listen,so what can Nix do? The only battles he ever fights are on his Xbox—until the day he finds the guts to fight for Swiff Dunphy’s neglected dog,Twig. She won’t win anybeauty contests, but Nix is determined to save her. And when things start to spiral out of control,she might just be the one who saves him.Award-winning author Jill MacLean divides her time between writing in her East Coast home,presenting in school classrooms and pursuing her love of nature.Keywords: dogs,pets,animal abuse,siblings,grieving,introversion,woodworking,high school,self-confidence, parents, family, Newfoundland, free verse“This is an absorbing, emotionally resonant book.” —Quill QuireNamesakeSue MacLeodJane’s project on Lady Jane Grey is really drawing her in. Literally.It started with a history project. Mr. Gregor assigned a research paper on a figure from theTudor era, and of course Jane Grey had to pick her namesake—Lady Jane Grey, the fifteen-year-old girl whose parents schemed to place her on the throne of England, then abandoned her toface the executioner. The project is engrossing from the start, but when Jane opens a mysteriousprayer book and finds herself in the Tower of London in 1554, she ends up literally drawn into hernamesake’s story. Soon Jane is slipping into the past whenever the present becomes too unbear-able, avoiding her mother’s demands, her best friend’s fickleness, her crush’s indifference. In thetower she plays chess with the imprisoned Lady Jane and is awed by her new friend’s strength andcourage. And in the tower,keeping vigil as the day of the execution draws near,Jane learns that shetoo must have the courage to fight for her own happiness.Sue MacLeod has filled her career with the written word,working as a writer,an editor,a libraryassistant and even a poet laureate. Sue wrote Namesake, her first novel, out of a desire to honorJane Grey for “who she was—not only a victim, but also courageous, strong and full of life.”Keywords: Tudor England,time slip,Jane Grey,history,relationships,alcohol abuse,friendship,highschool, self-confidence, courage, mothers, daughters,Tower of London
  40. 40. 38 www.orcabook.comTeen FictionNovember 20139780986949500$14.95 pb5.5 x 8240 pagesages 12+Pajama PressOctober 20139781894838993$12.95 pb5.25 x 7.75128 pagesages 12+AcornTrue BlueDeborah EllisHow long can Jess remain loyal to a friend arrested for murder?Stephanie was the brattiest camper in Jess and Casey’s cabin, but Casey couldn’t really havemurdered her—could she? With her best friend arrested and the town turning against her,Jess’ moral dilemma might be too much for her to handle.Known for her novels about courageous young people in developing countries,award-winningauthor Deborah Ellis has produced an incisive story about a different kind of courage. Booklist says,“This intelligent mystery is a complete 180 from the author’s leprosy-in-India tale, No Ordinary Day(2011), but is similar in how its impact sneaks up on you…The unreliability of Jess’ first-personaccount becomes increasingly obvious as we learn the depths of Jess’ jealousy and the dubious-ness of her morals.The mystery here is not just a whodunit but how loyalty and betrayal can restalong such a razor’s edge.” Kirkus Reviews says,“Jess…grabs readers’ attention and never lets it go.”Deborah Ellis is a peace activist, feminist, humanitarian and award-winning author. True Blue, likeall of Deborah’s books, was written out of her fascination with courage—“when we have it, whenwe don’t, and how we make the decision to be brave or cowardly.”Keywords: mystery, moral courage, peer pressure, mental health, friendship, values, crime, teen-agers, high school, summer campThe Sewing BasketSusan WhiteDealing with a parent’s illness is difficult at any age.It is the late 1960s, and the world of twelve-year-old Ruth Iverson pretty much revolves aroundher friends, a boy she likes,The Monkees and spending time with her dad, doing special stuff likewatching the Toronto Maple Leafs win the Stanley Cup. But she is soon to realize that her mom’sstrange behavior, which has become an embarrassment, is a symptom of a disease that will affecther family’s life and possibly Ruth’s future. While she watches major events like the marriage ofJohn Lennon and Yoko Ono, the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy andNeil Armstrong’s walk on the moon, Ruth faces some major life events of her own and strugglesto come to terms with the changes they bring.Susan White is grateful to have the time, since retiring, to work on her writing and the freedomto regularly visit her new granddaughter in Alberta. Her previous books include Ten Thousand Truthsand The Year Mrs. Montague Cried, which won the Ann Connor Brimer Award. Visit her website atwww.author-susan-white.blogspot.ca.Keywords: illness, family, coping, coming of ageNew inpaperback!
  41. 41. 39www.orcabook.comTeen FictionSeptember 20139781927583142$12.95 pb5.5 x 8.25250 pagesages 12+Second StorySeptember 20139781927583166$12.95 pb5.5 x 8.25200 pagesages 13+Second StoryRachel’s PromiseShelly SandersTwo strong young hearts ahead of their time maketheir way in 1904 from Russia to Shanghai.The story that began in the novel Rachel’s Secret continues in Rachels Promise.With his drunkenfather out of work,fifteen-year-old Sergei leaves for a factory job in St. Petersburg. But factorylife in 1904 Russia is unimaginably difficult,and Sergei soon joins the workers rebelling against inhu-mane conditions.Forced to leave Russia because of continuing riots against Jews, Sergei’s sweetheart, Rachel,takes the Trans-Siberian Railway across Russia to board a ship to Shanghai. Like Sergei,Rachel mustabandon her studies and work to support her family.Rachel and Sergei are both working to save enough money to move to America for a betterlife. Rachel’s dream of becoming a journalist is encouraged by an unlikely friend in Shanghai, andSergei becomes ever more embroiled in the politics of revolutionary Russia. Separated by thou-sands of miles, Sergei and Rachel cling to each other through letters, which become the brightestparts of their lives. Both hope for a future that will see them reunited and their dreams fulfilled.Shelly Sanders has worked as a freelance writer for almost twenty years. The character ofRachel in Rachel’s Secret and Rachel’s Promise was inspired by Shelly’s grandmother, a Russian Jewwho fled to Shanghai to escape persecution.Keywords: European history, intolerance, refugeesUntil TodayPam FluttertA portrait of loss, betrayal and courage in the face of abuse.Kat is alone with a secret she doesn’t want to keep but can’t risk telling. A victim of longtimesexual abuse at the hands of her family’s trusted friend, Kat is torn between trying to protectherself and safeguarding her little sister, whom she fears might be next.Greg is a clever and manipulative abuser who has Kat convinced that she is as much to blamefor his behavior as he is. Caught in a tangled web of deception and self-loathing, Kat believes Gregwhen he says that no one will accept her word over his.Thanks to him,Kat is already isolated fromher parents and at risk of losing her best friends.With no one to turn to, Kat keeps a secret journal where she writes the truth about every-thing that has been going on since she was a little girl. But now the journal is missing, and Kat’ssecret is about to unravel.Pam Fluttert lives in New Hamburg, Ontario, with her husband and two daughters. In additionto writing and drawing in her spare time, she works at the University of Waterloo. Pam spends asmuch time as possible with her human family, two dogs and two horses.Keywords: sexual abuse, friendship
  42. 42. ReachingReluctantReadersHi-Lo books from Orca BookPublishers are short, high-interestnovels, written at a lower reading level butwith age-appropriate plots and characters.These books feature linear storylines,limited vocabulary and contemporary topics.Short, high-interestnovels for ages 10 to 14• Reading levels from grade 2.0–4.5• 112–136 pages each• Accelerated Reader selections• Lexile levels available• Free individual teachers’ guides online• Resource Guides available, both print (coil-bound) and CD• 70 titles now availableMystery stories with sportsthemes for ages 10+• Reading levels from grade 2.0–4.5• 144–192 pages each• Accelerated Reader selections• Lexile levels available• Free individual teachers’ guides online• Resource Guides available, both print (coil-bound) and CD• 38 titles now availableContemporary, compellingstories for ages 12+• Reading levels from grade 2.0–4.5• 112–144 pages each• Accelerated Reader selections• Lexile levels available• Free individual teachers’ guides online• Resource Guides available, both print (coil-bound) and CD• 92 titles now availableEngaging, short novelsfor adults• Reading levels from grade 2.0–6.0• 128–144 pages each• Great storytelling• Easy-to-read format• Free individual teachers’ guides online• 33 titles now availableThe Spider BiTeSMedora SaleReading level: 2.0Interest level: AdultThemes: mystery, suspense, literacy978-1-55469-282-8 pbSummaryAfter being suspended from the force on suspicion of corruption, Detective Rick “The Spider”Montoya knows his career as a police officer is over. It doesn’t matter that he was framed. Even ifRick can prove it was a setup, the mark is still on his name, like a stain. Not only that, but Rick’sdrinking has driven away Angela, his wife and best friend. Their marriage is in shambles.Rick returns home from five months away working on a farm. He discovers someone living inhis basement apartment. but before he can find out who it is, the house goes up in flames. Twopeople die in the fire. One is Rick’s landlord, Cheryl. The identity of the other victim isn’t soclear. At first many people believe it’s Rick who has died. After all, it was his suite.The night of the fire, Rick goes over to the house to check things out. He’s attacked andknocked unconscious. When he comes to, he’s really interested in figuring out who set the fireand killed two people. He’s pretty sure he was supposed to be one of them.As Cheryl’s daughter, Susanna, grieves the loss of her mother, the number of suspects mounts.A young electrician; an insurance guy; Rick’s own wife (an ex-cop turned insurance investigator);one of his colleagues; even Rick himself.Independent of the investigating officers, Rick weaves a thoughtful web of possibilities as hesorts through different people’s connections to the people who died in the fire. The conclusion?Susanna arranged to have her mother killed so she could collect on her sizable insurance policy.Rick is offered a job as an insurance investigator, and he and Angela take one more crack atmaking their marriage work.READINGGUIDEThe Middle GroundZoe WhiTTallReading level: 4.2Interest level: AdultThemes: relationships, trust, literacy978-1-55469-288-0 pbSummaryMissy Turner’s son has gone to summer camp for six weeks, leaving behind an empty house—and a mother who realizes her only child will soon leave home. Missy heads for work, onlyto learn that the hardware store is closing and she’s out of a job. Naturally upset, she returnshome—and walks in on her husband Dale making out with their next-door neighbor.Shocked, Missy heads to the café in town. Her day turns from bad to worse when, momentslater, she finds herself being held at gunpoint—even if it is by a sexy Jude Law lookalike whosmells like wood chips and soap.but the robbery goes wrong, and the police show up. Right there, Missy makes a choice. Herson is growing up. Her husband is a beer-bellied cheater in sweatpants. Maybe her sister is right:maybe she does need some adventure in her life.Missy helps the thug escape and eventually agrees to join him on a road trip to New York.Enthralled by her sudden freedom—and uncharacteristic badness—Missy camps out with herrenegade outlaw in a tawdry motel. She buys his stories about how he’s really not a criminal, justa guy who’s been dealt a bad hand. but hours later, the guy pulls a gun on yet another cashier—and Missy finally connects the dots.Missy and her husband spend the summer apart. but her dangerous fling with the gunman hashelped her see what matters most—and where she needs to make changes. As thesummer draws to an end, Missy and Dale are back together, preparing to welcome their sonhome. There is a good chance they will work things out.READINGGUIDELove You To DeaThGaiL BowenReading level: 4.2Interest level: AdultThemes: mystery, suspense, literacy978-1-55469-262-0 pbSummaryWhen radio host Charlie D hits the airwaves at 11:00 every night, he leaves behind CharlieDowhanuik: heartbroken, unable to trust, a blood-red birthmark covering half his face. behindthe mic, Charlie D is a charismatic, wise-cracking stud who holds people together as their livesfall apart. His show, The World According to Charlie D, has a huge following. It’s where peopleturn when they don’t know where else to go.but lately, several among Charlie’s faithful flock of listeners have turned up dead. Clues havebeen arriving in the station mail—clues that point to one of Charlie’s listeners as the killer.Charlie and his producer, Nova, agree to help the police flush out the killer during tonight’sbroadcast. He or she will be listening; there’s no doubt of that.All night, Charlie probes his callers for clues about who’s behind the violence. Every fan is asuspect. Charlie is forced to dig deep within himself to keep his cool when he has to listen towhat seems to be the death of one of his most loyal followers. The pressure’s on: he’s got topinpoint the perpetrator before anyone else gets killed.but true to her obsession, the suspect can’t stay away from Charlie for long. In a surprisemaneuver that puts Nova’s life at risk, the murderer reveals herself at the radio station.In person.When the killer learns the man behind the voice is no match for the perfection she’denvisioned, her dream is shattered. but in bringing Charlie to the edge, she helps him realize hehas nothing to hide.READINGGUIDESold as collections. For more information email: collections@orcabook.com
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  44. 44. 42 www.orcabook.comOrca CurrentsSeptember 20139781459803718 • $9.95 pb9781459803725 • $16.95 hc4.25 x 7136 pagesages 10–14rl 3.1pdf 9781459803732epub 9781459803749September 20139781459803565 • $9.95 pb9781459803572 • $16.95 hc4.25 x 7136 pagesages 10–14rl 3.8pdf 9781459803589epub 9781459803596Destination HumanK. L. DenmanAs if girls aren’t alien enough already.Chloe thinks of herself as a normal teenage girl—if there’s any such thing—until a formlessalien being inhabits her body.The being is named Welkin and claims to be a Universal. Welkinhas entered Chloe’s body as part of a school project. Chloe agrees to let this weirdo observe herlife for three days as long as Welkin doesn’t interfere.Welkin tries to respect the non-interferenceportion of the agreement. But Welkin’s stream of alien commentary as Chloe deals with boys, hercoach and math homework has a comic, and sometimes enlightening, impact on Chloe’s life.K.L. Denman has never been inhabited by an alien being, but she found Welkin’s perspec-tive to be a great way to explore the challenging teen experience. K.L. Denman lives in Delta,British Columbia. For more information visit www.kldenman.com.Keywords: aliens, science fiction, humor, physicality, running, image, romance, magic realismTamperedMichele Martin BossleyCare for a spider with your grapes?Trevor has started his first job at Ashton’s Fresh Marketplace, where someone has beentampering with the food. Cayenne has been sprinkled on cookies, garlic put in coffee, andplastic insects hidden in fruit displays to terrify customers.Trevor and his friends Nick and Robyndecide to find out who is out to destroy the store’s reputation. Is it Mattie, the disgruntledex-employee? Or perhaps the competition? Or is it Alex, their schoolmate who doesn’t knowwhen a joke has gone too far? Their snooping makes the kids themselves seem suspicious,and soonthey realize they have to solve the mystery before Trevor gets fired for a crime he didn’t commit.Michele Martin Bossley is the author of eighteen novels for young people. A frequent speakerat writing conferences and schools, Michele divides her time between writing and parenting herfour sons. She lives in Calgary, Alberta.Keywords: grocery stores, food tampering, mystery, careers, nutrition, employment, sleuthing
  45. 45. 43www.orcabook.comOrca CurrentsOctober 20139781459804371 • $9.95 pb9781459804388 • $16.95 hc4.25 x 7128 pagesages 10–14rl 3.8pdf 9781459804395epub 9781459804401October 20139781459804968 • $9.95 pb9781459805101 • $16.95 hc4.25 x 7128 pagesages 10–14rl 3.4pdf 9781459804975epub 9781459804982Ace’s BasementTed StauntonWhen bullying backfires.Following the demise of his first band, Ace has started a duo called Two with Lisa, a girl he hasa huge crush on. As Ace and Lisa get serious about their music, Denny, Ace’s hapless friend,tries to help out by filming their every move so that he can create the ultimate music video. As ajoke, Denny puts together a Two video capturing all of the embarrassing moments—moments thatLisa in particular doesn’t want shared. Somehow, the video gets posted on YouTube. Lisa and Acefind themselves starring in the latest comedic viral video. Lisa is humiliated and refuses to talk toAce—until their fame turns out to have positive results.Ted Staunton divides his time between writing and a busy schedule as a speaker, workshopleader, storyteller and musical performer for children and adults. Ted lives in Port Hope, Ontario.For more information, visit www.tedstauntonbooks.com.Keywords: Internet bullying, rock and roll, social media, humor,YouTube, guitar, singing, romanceCaught in the ActDeb LougheadCottage life is not always tranquil.Dylan and his friends attract the attention of the police when a summer bonfire gets out ofcontrol. Dylan almost loses a job opportunity at a local inn because of his antics, but he issaved by the lies of Heather, an employee of the inn. When he is caught on camera stealing towelsfrom a summer cottage after a skinny-dipping prank, Dylan and his friends become suspects in anumber of cottage robberies. Dylan learns everything he can about the robberies,with the hope ofclearing his name, and finds himself in more than one sticky situation in the process.Deb Loughead is the author of more than twenty-five books for children and young adults. Shehas written and directed children’s plays and taught creative-writing classes for adults in Toronto.Deb likes to spend her non-writing time reading, knitting or hanging around horses as a thera-peutic-riding volunteer. Deb lives with her family in Toronto, Ontario.Keywords: cottages, summer jobs, mystery, sleuthing, holidays, troublemaking, pranks, crime