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The State of Open Knowledge in Belgium 2017



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The State of Open Knowledge in Belgium 2017

  1. 1. The State of Open
  2. 2. Hello! Inge Van Nieuwerburgh @ivnieuwe (Board member Open Knowledge) Toon Vanagt @toon (Chairman Open Knowledge)
  3. 3. The Essentials Guiding you through the conference day
  4. 4. Open Knowledge Belgium advocates “A world where knowledge creates power for the many, not the few” A grassroots organisation that consists of people, mainly volunteers, passionate about openness, using advocacy, research and technology to unlock information, enabling people to use and share knowledge in Belgium and beyond. We are a non-profit promoting Open Knowledge (as part Open Knowledge International) and an umbrella organisation for our 7 active working groups: ○ Creative Commons Belgium ○ OpenStreetMap Belgium ○ Open Tourism ○ Open Access Belgium ○ Open Transport (iRail) ○ Open Badges Belgium ○ Open Education (in the making)
  5. 5. Wifi & Tweets ● Where do I find my wifi code? Check your lanyard ● Posting about the conference on social media? #openbelgium ● Questions & feedback to the organisers on Twitter? @openbelgium ● Where do I charge my electronic device(s)? At the free charging station in the foyer
  6. 6. Feeling lost? Check your lanyard This lanyard
  7. 7. Feeling lost? Reach out to a volunteer This shirt
  8. 8. Off the menu.. Speed meeting for data owners and reusers ● 15h30-17h00 ● “Data producer meets Data consumer” ● Organised by cirb / cibg in the Foyer
  9. 9. Wiki Loves Art Check the side wall of the Atrium
  10. 10. Open Visualisations & Open Notes Frederik Vyncke (fritsbits) will make visualisations. Feel free to make and post your own visualisations: We look forward to your visual summaries & doodles Feel free to help write our collaborative notes and contact the transcribers (present in every conference room)
  11. 11. The State of Open Looking back and forward
  12. 12. Trump’s Inauguration vs. Obama’s: Comparing the Crowds (20/01/2017) Alternative facts
  13. 13. Let’s not take all things “open” for granted If you can make people believe there is a bigger crowd on the right than the left.. we risk to wave enlightenment goodbye & enter dark times..
  14. 14. (13/12/2016)
  15. 15. Open Science
  16. 16. Some policy support Flanders: report VRWI on open science including OA, OD, skills Wallonia: project for a law on open access to scholarly articles
  17. 17. Europe Extended pilot open research data in H2020 Council conclusions on the transition towards an Open Science system, May 2016: “…AGREES that the results of publicly funded research should be made available in an as open as possible manner …” “as open as possible, as closed as necessary”.
  18. 18. FAIR data Findable
  19. 19. FAIR data Accessible
  20. 20. FAIR data Interoperable
  21. 21. FAIR data Re-usable
  22. 22. Skills Data curator
  23. 23. Skills Source: Ringlead: Data Steward
  24. 24. Skills Source:
  25. 25. Copyright
  26. 26. Reform European level Proposition exception TDM Idea should be: Right to read is right to mine
  27. 27. Open Knowledge Lifetime Achievement Award
  28. 28. 1. Too expensive 2. There’s no business case 3. There’s no commercial value 4. It’s private 5. It’s secret 6. It's our data 7. We have invested a lot of money in this 8. Link enough data and one will arrive at sensitive private information 9. It's not data, it's information 10. It will never work Noël Van Herreweghe (@opendataforum_) Open Data manager at Information Flanders 11. We don't know how to do this 12. We don't have the right people to do this 13. We need the money 14. It’s not ours, and we don’t know who’s data it is 15. No idea what the quality of the data is 16. We don’t know where to find it 17. It’s not our job 18. It isn’t in the right format 19. I am not authorised 20. Who is going to use this anyway 21. ... Receives our Open Knowledge Lifetime Achievement Award 2017 for overcoming early “Open Data” excuses such as:
  29. 29. 2. State of Open Where are we today?
  30. 30. Open Knowledge was recognised as grassroot umbrella organisation for open data legislation Grassroot input from & feedback by Open Knowledge Belgium Discussed in government Discussed in parliament Voted in parliament Belgium V V V V Flanders V V V V Wallonia V V V V Brussels V V V V
  31. 31. Annual effort tracking state of Open Data Source:
  32. 32. Government Spending (ranking 8th) Government Budget (ranking 25th) Source:
  33. 33. Location Data portal availability URL Europe V Belgium V Flanders V Wallonia V Brussels V Data portals are the new black
  34. 34. Low hanging fruit is gone Algorithm ethics Feedback loops Extra privacy constraints (GDPR) New gatekeepers Open Science Sustainable revenue models for “re-users” Open spending Copyright reform Real time data Linked data
  35. 35. Open Summer of code 2017
  36. 36. Thanks! You can reach us at @toon & @ivnieuwe Open Belgium 2017 - Slide template CC-BY 4.0 SlidesCarnival #openbelgium