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OpenAIRE-Connect Webinar for gateway managers (3rd testing phase)


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OpenAIRE-Connect Webinar for gateway managers (3rd testing phase)

Published in: Science
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OpenAIRE-Connect Webinar for gateway managers (3rd testing phase)

  1. 1. @openaire_eu OpenAIRE-Connect Alessia Bardi Webinarforgateway managers
  2. 2. The OpenAIRE Initiative European (and beyond) infrastructure for Open Science Networking infrastructure: Open Science advocacy and support, global alignment and interoperability, etc. e-infrastructure: services for monitoring of Open Science, research impact for funders, sharing and reporting for research communities, tools supporting Open Science publishing practices
  3. 3. Build a community gateway to Open Science AvirtualenvironmenttoimplementOpenSciencepublishingpractices
  4. 4. Motivations Asaresearcher,wherecanIfind allandonlytheresearchproducts ofmydisciplineandthatIcan helptogrowandcurate? Literature & Data Deluge Asaresearcher,howcanIpublish myresearchproductsaccording toOpenScienceprinciples? Open Science publishing tools HowcanImonitortheuptakeof OpenSciencepublishingpractices ofmyresearchcommunity? Monitoring OpenAIRE-Connect Tech meeting | Pisa | 8th February 2018 Publishing all types of research artefacts Publishing packages of artefacts Publishing an up-to-date record of research artefacts metadata and links
  5. 5. How does a community gateway work?
  6. 6. OpenAIRE e-infrastructure Materializingtheresearchgraph Project communit y FunderFunding Product Publication Research Data Software Organization Source Other res. products MiningHarvestingDeduplication • Harvested data sources 10K + • Harvested records 500Mi + • Publication full-texts 7.5Mi (soon 10.5Mi+) • Harvested/mined links 200Mi +
  7. 7. Relevant projects InformOpenAIREteamaboutmissingprojects/funders Acknowledgement statementsorotherinfotobefoundinfull-texts(whenapplicable) OpenAIRE-compliant contentproviders(e.g. thematicrepositories, journals) InformOpenAIREteamaboutmissingproviders(wecansupporttheminbecomingOpenAIRE compliant) InformOpenAIREteamaboutadditionalcriteriatobeappliedforinclusionwhennotallrecords fromaproviderarerelevant,butasubsetcanbeidentifiedbasedonmetadatainformation[soon integratedintheadmintool] Zenodocommunities Subjects/keywords ManualadditionviatheLinkfunctionality (youandthesubscribed researchers candoit) AlsoinbulkwithalistofDOIsorwithanORCIDid Identifying the subset of artefacts among those in the OpenAIRE research graph
  8. 8. Logo Description NEW: Curators (i.e. info about you) NEW: Organizations (i.e. info about the organization supporting the gateway) It can be your organization, research association or infrastructure Prepare the gateway for researchers (1/2)
  9. 9. Select the types of research artefacts you want to be visible Decide which statistics will be visible, and where Add help texts Prepare the gateway for researchers (2/2)
  11. 11. Complete re-design More documentation For researchers For managers For future managers and much more… Release changes on the home page
  12. 12. Re-design Release changes on the gateways (1/3)
  13. 13. • Curators and supporting organizations Release changes on the gateways (2/3)
  14. 14. Link functionality Support environment Release changes on the gateways (3/3)