OpenAIRE at Workshop on CRIS and OAR, May 2010


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Presented by Yannis Ioannidis - Workshop on CRIS and OAR, Rome 10-11 May, 2010

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OpenAIRE at Workshop on CRIS and OAR, May 2010

  1. 1. WORKSHOP ON CRIS, CERIF AND INSTITUTIONAL REPOSITORIES, Rome, 10-11/5/2010 Interoperability Challenges and Approaches
  2. 2. OpenAIRE - factsheet Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe Programme: FP7 – Research Infrastructures Starting date: December 1, 2009 Duration: 36 months Budget: 4.1 Million 38 partners covering all European member- states – To be reached at OpenAIRE Project Overview2
  3. 3. Partners OpenAIRE Project Overview3 University of Athens (coordinator) University of Goettingen Library (scientific coordinator) CNR-ISTI (technical coordinator) University of Bielefeld Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) CERN SURF ICM – University of Warsaw University of Minho University of Gent Library eIFL Technical University Denmark Scientific Communities Health (Life Sciences) – EMBL-EBI Environment – World Data Center for Climate – Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) Information & Communication Science – Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities – Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) Liaison Offices
  4. 4. Liaison Offices OpenAIRE Project Overview4 Region 1 North (DTU) Denmark (Danish Technical University) Finland (University of Helsinki) Sweden (National Library of Sweden) Region 2 South (UMINHO) Cyprus (Universtity of Cyprus) Greece (National Documentation Center) Italy (CASPAR) Malta (Malta Council for Science & Technology) Portugal (University of Minho) Spain (Spanish Foundation for Science & Technology) Region 3 East (eIFL) Bulgaria (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences) Czech Republic (Technical University of Ostrava) Estonia (University of Tartu) Hungary (HUNOR) Latvia (University of Latvia) Lithuania (Kaunas Technical University) Poland (ICM – University of Warsaw) Romania (Kosson) Slovakia (university Library of Bratislava) Slovenia (University of Ljubljana) Region 4 West (UGENT) France (Couperin) Germany (University of Kostanz) Ireland (Trinity College) Netherlands (Utrecht University) UK (SHERPA) Austria (University of Wien) Belgium (Universtiy of Gent) Norway (University of Tromsoe)
  5. 5. European Helpdesk Promote FP7-pilot and ERC OA guidelines National Open Access Liaison Offices (27 countries) Provide OA “toolkits” for – Researchers – Institutions Setup 24/7 portal for deposit, search of OA publications Liaison with – Other European OA initiatives – Publishers – CRIS systems OpenAIRE Project Overview5
  6. 6. Supporting repository e- Infrastructure OpenAIRE portal built on D-NET Access to scientific publications – Search, browse – Visualization tools Deposition of articles – Setup repository for “homeless” pubs (INVENIO) – Harvest OA publications from existing repositories Provide monitoring tools for – Document/depositing statistics – Usage statistics from repository infrastructure Interoperation with other infrastructures OpenAIRE Project Overview6
  7. 7. OpenAIRE in a nutshell OpenAIRE overall overview: functionalities and domains served OpenAIRE Project Overview7
  8. 8. Research data management Explore the requirements, practices, incentives, workflows, data models, and technologies to deposit, access, and otherwise manipulate research datasets Produce feasibility studies to show researchers the benefit for depositing Work with four (4) scientific communities – Health (Life Sciences) – Environment – Information & Communication Science – Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities OpenAIRE Project Overview8
  9. 9. CRIS vs. IR CRIS Management research context – research input/output relations – stakeholders, environments Bibliographic metadata, authors Enumerated lists, controlled vocabularies, ontologies Managed by institution research administration Interoperability w/ other admin systems “well understood” IR Management of research content – research output – scientific results, creators Bibliographic metadata, authors Full-text indexing, persistent ids for content (URN, UDI, …), content statistics, usage rights Managed by institution libraries Interoperability w/ other research infrastructures “active area of work” OpenAIRE: Interoperability Challenges and Approaches 9
  10. 10. CERIF Data Model OpenAIRE: Interoperability Challenges and Approaches10
  11. 11. CRIS and IR Overlapping data, stakeholders, org units involved Danger of duplication effort First integration efforts [DRIVER-II Technology Watch Report] – TCD portals in Ireland – Narcis in the Netherlands – DDF-MXD format in Danemark OpenAIRE: Interoperability Challenges and Approaches11
  12. 12. OpenAIRE Interoperability Publications – Projects – Primary Data Treated as independent w/ distinct – Origins, Life cycles, Target groups OpenAIRE: create relations among them Life in separate systems, cohesive semantics in OpenAIRE Relations through mappings OpenAIRE: Interoperability Challenges and Approaches12
  13. 13. OpenAIRE Data Model 0.1 OpenAIRE: Interoperability Challenges and Approaches13 Authors Projects manifestations participants publishedArticles authorships Authorships fundedBy Data Sources Files Manifestations responsibleFor files location authoredBy Organizations Articles
  14. 14. OpenAIRE Controlled Vocs OpenAIRE: Interoperability Challenges and Approaches14 NationalitiesAuthors Countries Organization s LicenseKindsArticles Languages DataSource Typologies DataSources FP7Subjects Projects _FP7subjects Projects nationality license_kind language country_of_origin typology
  15. 15. OpenAIRE Interoperability Common data model (CERIF-inspired, CERIF subset) CRIS-related data ingested by European Participant Portal ++ (& orgs’ CRISs) IR-related data harvested from individual reps based on the DRIVER infrastructure Primary data under investigation Enhancement of D-Net software [DRIVER] Specs in “by the end of May” OpenAIRE: Interoperability Challenges and Approaches15