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OpenAIREplus NOADs

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OpenAIREplus NOADs

  1. 1. NOADs and OpenAIREplus
  2. 2. Existing OpenAIRE initiative Linking Open Access repositories with European FP7 project publications Based on Open Access repository infrastructure network built during the DRIVER project OpenAIREplus is a parallel project OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs 2
  3. 3. Some project facts 41 partners, incl. 5 new countries OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs Technical production & operation CERN CNR-ISTI-IT ICM NKUA UniBIE Communities – EBI – biology – DANS – social sciences – STFC/BADC – climate Coordination: University of Athens, GR - Goettingen State and University Library, DE - CNR-ISTI, IT Networking Partners 3
  4. 4. OpenAIREplus - Aims Develop an Open Access, participatory infrastructure for scientific information that includes  publications  datasets  projects  interlinking Expand OpenAIRE networks of repositories: reaching out to  thematic repositories  dataset repositories OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs 4
  5. 5. OpenAIREplus Aims Expand OpenAIRE base of publications including all OA publications indexed by the DRIVER infrastructure Open its content through the OpenAIREplus portal Search Browse Statistics Third-party applications or service providers through standard protocols OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs 5
  6. 6. OpenAIRE Portal OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs 6
  7. 7. OA Publication Infrastructure Open Data Infrastructures OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs7 ESFRi,EUwide infrastructures OpenAIRE and OpenAIREplus in the European infrastructure: Vision
  8. 8. OpenAIREplus vs OpenAIRE Similarities – WP2, Dissemination – Networking structure – Technical architecture – Helpdesk 8
  9. 9. How OpenAIREplus works Three activity areas: Networking: Human Community Outreach: NOADs Services: Building sustainable infrastructure Joint Research Area OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs 9
  10. 10. Project Synergies Networking ResearchService OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs10 Project Management Results Technical Coordination Research Studies
  11. 11. NOAD involvement in WPs 11
  12. 12. Networking Activities Expand Networking activities established in OpenAIRE – WP2, WP3 Dissemination – NOADs, events, advocate benefits of OA Community building – Training, 3 Workshops Helpdesk OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs12
  13. 13. NOADs role Dissemination – WP 2 Reinforce and expand your network Encourage deposition! Encourage involvement in training and support Local advocates for Open Access and linked data Mobilise 13
  14. 14. WP 2 Networking - Dissemination Aligning national and European scholarly publication and data initiatives Awareness among stakeholders – Liaison and international outreach, Work with EuroCRIS, DataCITE, DANS, EBI, STFC/BADC,… – Cooperate with scientific communities to investigate and experiment with the concept of linking publications and associated datasets Produce studies on copyright/licensing Identify sustainability/financing models OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs14
  15. 15. WP4 Networking – Helpdesk Active participation of NOADs Content themes extended from OpenAIRE – Copyright, disciplinary issues, enhanced publications, data repository, sustainability As other WPs develop, topics will be enriched to show advantages of Open Access OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs15
  16. 16. Extending OpenAIRE... Service Activities: – A quality service infrastructure for the population, curation, and access of the Integrated European Research Information Space of Open Access publications- projects-datasets; – Helpdesk services supporting researchers towards meeting the demands of the EC Open Access Joint Research Activities: – Data models and functionalities supporting management, discovery and visualization of links between publications and datasets (metadata about datasets) – OpenAIREplus Orphan repository to offer deposition and Web publishing for datasets OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs 16
  17. 17. An „Enhanced publication“ Before, data was embedded within a publication e.g a static graph or table Today, researchers would like to use some of that data, and re-use it in computer readable form. It would help if the researcher could have it in reusable form, or link to it For example….. OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs 17
  18. 18. A ‘Static‘ publication: embedded data <Slide from Jens Klump
  19. 19. A PLoS „Enhanced publication“ OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs 19 PLoS: O’Toole, Greenan, Lange, Srayk o, Müller-Reichert
  20. 20. Author supplied Supplementary info: TIFF,MOV OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs 20 PLoS: O’Toole, Greenan, Lange, Srayko, Müller-Reichert
  21. 21. Some issues with data Data infrastructure is being defined Public data, in open domain, not copyrighted Publishers – – Data doesnt belong to them, in fact they are happy to co-operate with re-use and linking of data No financial gain from data! OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs 21
  22. 22. Reasons for sharing and re-use of data Re-use and recognition, impact factor Principles of science Requirements of funding organisations Journal data availability Van der Graaf M, Waaijers, L (2011) Surfboard to Riding the Wave OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs22
  23. 23. Sharing data Sharing data is good…encourages innovation Richer European information space 63% researchers would like to use others‘ data – Kuipers, T & van der Hoeven, J (2009) PARSE.Insight: OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs 23
  24. 24. Weak culture of sharing data Reasons for reluctance: – Legal issues: 41%, – Misuse 41%, – Data compatibility 33% Kuipers, T & van der Hoeven, J (2009) PARSE.Insight: OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs 24
  25. 25. Some thorny data issues Heterogenous datasets, – highly discipline specific, bespoke formats – fit for re-use? – format ingest? Licensing and IPR issues – not defined Data integrity – is the data authentic Business models – not defined OpenAIREplus Overview for NOADs 25