Wbs External Consultancy Projects 2009


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Wbs External Consultancy Projects 2009

  1. 1. Warwick Business School – External Consultancy Projects Olivia Brook Manager – External Projects
  2. 2. How WBS can work with you Campus Corp Rec Job Posting CV Database Recruiting Partner Consultancy Research CV Book Project Partner Networking & MBA Sponsor Case Study Exec Education Presentations Flexible modular service based on your needs Warwick Business School 2
  3. 3. WBS Consultancy Project - What is it? A summer engagement between a student, WBS & you Delivery of a specific piece of practical work be it a project or piece of research Outcome focused with results delivered in the form of management report, dissertation or presentation to key stakeholders Your access point to a Global Talentpool of high quality experience & expertise Warwick Business School 3
  4. 4. How does it work? Defined idea or not? We work with you to scope out something of value that can be delivered within a timeframe Development of a specific brief Selection of appropriately skilled candidate Engagement typically during the summer, duration will vary by course All work undertaken with confidentiality as a primary concern Warwick Business School 4
  5. 5. Range of Programmes MBA MSc Business Analytics & Consulting MSc Financial Mathematics, MSc Finance and MSc Finance & Economics MSc Information Systems & Management MSc Management Science & Operational Research MSc Marketing & Strategy Warwick Business School 5
  6. 6. Benefits for Sponsors Fulfillment and delivery of critical projects The introduction of cutting edge management thinking within your business A fresh perspective on your issues Potential efficiency & cost savings Access to top quality resource at competitive rates Projects are a low risk, “try before you buy” approach to selecting potential employees Employer brand development - enhance your reputation as desirable places to work by offering students satisfying experiences Warwick Business School 6
  7. 7. Benefits for Students Opportunities to apply business school concepts to real world work assignments Develop skills and experience in industry and functional roles Opportunity to“crystallise” career interests A chance to evaluate a prospective employer Develop a network of professional contacts for future opportunities Potential to secure a full-time job offer Warwick Business School 7
  8. 8. Consultancy Projects – Examples Essential factors for successful continuous improvement – The example of a food manufacturing company Strategies to enhance organisational identity, brand and increase visibility E-business and collaboration adoption, methods and models for SMEs A Comparison of CDO Pricing Methods Simulation modelling of the Engine Repair Process in Engine Assembly plants Exploring the challenges involved in valuing the benefits of implementing Intranets Climate adaptation plan for major County Council Marketing to the migrant population – Banking Warwick Business School 8
  9. 9. Recent Project Sponsors Warwick Business School 9
  10. 10. WBS Project Feedback 07/08 92% of project sponsors would recommend WBS consultancy projects to internal and external colleagues 96% of project sponsors felt WBS consultancy projects delivered value for money 96% of project sponsors felt that the participant achieved the objectives outlined in the WBS consultancy project brief Warwick Business School 10
  11. 11. Optimising the Project – CSF’s Definition of Scope – it is vital that both the project objectives are crystal clear and agreed by all stakeholders before commencing Resource Availability – access to data and personnel must be made a priority Timeliness – pre agreed timelines if possible and agreed milestones Sponsor Availability – input and support for the student will be essential, so make sure you can make the time! Warwick Business School 11