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Project Management Professional(PMP) Broucher |


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Project Management Professional(PMP) Broucher |

  1. 1. PMBOK PROJECT MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL,(PMP®) Exam preparation course5th Edition REP ID NO : 3757 COMBINING RESEARCH, INNOVATION AND ACCURACY. DELIVERING SUCCESSFUL RESULTS FOR PEOPLE, THROUGH TRAINING "PMI®", "PMBOK®" "PMP®" and "PMP-ACP®" are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc. COURSE BROCHURE Connaissanceshut training and consulting ( ) Global registered eduction provider (REP)
  2. 2. KnowledgeHut being a pioneers and follows Global Blended Model of Approach (GMBA) in its unique classroom trainings. So as the e-learning providing a excellent breakthrough of training programs with exceptional quality through KnowledgeHut LMS which SCROM1.2 compliant. Customers for our e-learning trainings and solutions are spread over 40+ countries worldwide.For any group enquiry on e-learning please contact us at . We offer PMP, Microsoft Project 2007/2010, Function Point Analysis, Microsoft Excel 2010, CSM Basics in online training mode. World-Class Solutionsfrom world class Provider.......... C ConnaissancesHut Training and Consulting About us KnowledgeHut, the global leader in training and consulting was born on July19, 2011 with efforts of 4 people from various backgrounds and expertise in Training, sales, marketing, Technology and operations. At KnowledgeHut, Inc. we realize that the solutions we provide mean very little unless they create value for you, our client. When you choose KnowledgeHut, Inc., you are choosing a solution partner - one that will see to it that you receive the value you deserve and the results you are looking for. As we always strive to deliver our customer expectations. Knowledgehut has pioneered the Global Blended Model of Approach (GBMA), which emerged as aeffective way of making training and learning easier for individuals and corporate in the industry, which is also applicable to the consulting services that we provide. As we you read this, KnowledgeHut operates and offers its services in about 47 countries worldwide and soon would be expanded to many other countries in 2013. Consulting Extreme Customer Satisfaction Our Customer Support Team follows a Six Sigma Green belt-style program designed to continuously improve our level of customer satisfaction. Every customer is assigned a primary account coordinator responsible for all parts and equipment needs— from order to invoice. Web development Software Development E-learning Businesses today need to stay on their toes and respond to the rapidly changing market conditions with innovation and agility. Staying ahead of that change and achieving long-term success requires business transformation. KnowledgeHut Consulting is an international management consulting firm that advises clients across the world on strategy, business transformation and innovation, delivers integrated, end-to-end IT and management consulting solutions and services to help your business transform in the right way. We leverage industry knowledge to develop world class, custom solutions that make your business more efficient, agile and responsive to customer needs & market demands. We track and measure your results and work with you in understanding and improving on clients expectations thus helping them by raising revenues, efficiency while lowering costs. Wifly data and technologies Pvt Ltd a sister concern of KnowledgeHut whcih has made name with its quality solutions and service to its clients. WIFLY services leverage deep domain expertise in the Industry, technical expertise in leading Internet technologies and a cost-effective global solutions. If you are in search of a web developer for your website or a global mindset company to develop and manager your web assets & portfolio, you are right place. Get in touch with via email at Welcome to Wifly Software Development, a trusted global software development company with mission of innovating for future. We deliver a full spectrum of software consulting & development services to clients from more than 03 countries across the globe. Wifly's extensive experience delivering solutions to a wide range of internet businesses—E-Commerce, Media Distribution, Social Networking, & mixtures of these types—allows it to consistently develop RICH INTERNET APPLICATIONS. Our vertical expertise is deep enough to meet the most complex requirements includes Construction, Media & Entertainment, Payments & Billing, Healthcare and education.
  3. 3. C ConnaissancesHut Training and Consulting Table of Contents Agenda Course Overview Course Overview Eligibility Learning Objectives Examination Rules and Regulations Related Courses Of intrest Introduction to PMP certification course Project Management Framework Project Management Processes Groups Knowledge Areas (10) Integration Management Scope Management Time Management Cost Management Quality Management Human Resource Management Communication Management Risk Management Procurement Management Stakeholder Management Professional and Social Responsibility PMP Examination tips and tricks Innovators in learning We provide a range of innovative delivery formats, to make it easier for you and your people to access learning and development activities, when and where they are needed. Find out how our courses work at Classroom training:Led by experienced tutors in our UK-wide, purpose designed training centres, including residential options, or at your premises. Virtual courses:giving the full interactive learning experience of an online classroom, in the comfort of your office or home. Great for dispersed project teams. eLearning:For you to complete at your own pace, and from wherever you want. Off-the-shelf and bespoke options are available.
  4. 4. C ConnaissancesHut Training and Consulting AGENDA Objectives 1. Course Introduction 2. Guidelines for the PMP® Exam Preparation 6. Project Time Management 3. Project Management Framework 7. Project Cost Management 4. Project Integration Management 8. ProjectQuality Management 5. Project Scope Management 11. Project Risk Management 9. Project Human Resource Management 12. Project Procurement Management 10. Project Communication management 13. PMP ® Professional Responsibility 14. Course WrapUp Post-Course Online Assessment Post-Course Online Sample Exam (200 questions, 4 hours) Before we take you through the details regarding course overview of PMP or Project Management Professional Exam, let me ask you a question, how many of you have thought of getting a PMP certification this year, but couldn't take it or rather not finding time to get it? Well, if you think about the relevance and the benefits you gain having a PMP certification, you will definitely make up your mind to grab this opportunity soon. Project Managers are often referred to the CEO of their respective project. This is true, because as a Project Manager you will have different set of team members in which you have an option to choose only efficient people to work on a particular project. This is not that easy! As a Project Manager you will have many hurdles to confront with until you are done with your project in making your client happy and continue to be an asset to your organization. Let me give you an overview as to what PMI PMP course has to offer. The processes fall into 5 groups. This knowledge area would also take you through other areas which would include Integration, Cost, Quality, Communications, Time, Procurement, Risk Management etc. After completing this training, participants will be able to: COURSE OVERVIEW Details Learn How To: 1. Master Proven scope techniques for asking the right questions, negotiating scope, and defining requirements that yeilds clear certifiable and measureable scope statements 2. Decompose scope into a work 3. Break down Structure 4. Develop effective Project plans understand and use diffrent scheduling techniques 5. calculate realistic schedule, cost and resources estimates 5. Track and communicate project status 6. Monitor and control your project during execution 7. close out your project Understand the value of project management, organizational project management maturity & the PMP® certification process Know an overview of what a PMP® certified project management must know how to apply Know the Ten knowledge areas of PMI’s Guide to the PMBOK® Know the five process groups of processes for project management Understand the 47 key processes of project management and how they relate
  5. 5. C ConnaissancesHut Training and Consulting COURSE DESCRIPTION Learn How To: This Classroom course is aimed at people who work, or would like to work, on projects on a daily basis and would like to achieve the PMP® Certification. More specifically, this course is for project managers who want to master the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK®) and i m p r o v e t h e i r s k i l l s i n m a n a g i n g p r o j e c t s . The approach to project management education is application driven. You will be immersed in project management through use of a comprehensive case study, exercises, examples and war stories. At the end of this program, you will be able to pass the exam and at the same time know how to use PMBOK® in practice as a project management professional . This program contains 14 highly interactive, and modular course units. The course is enriched with engaging questions from real-life project situations. Through a series of sample-exam questions you will be optimally prepared to take and pass the exam . , Certification This certification program would be apt for anybody who is a manager, supervisor or a consultant seeking a thorough understanding of PMI's processes or terminologies for Project Management. Also the course is appropriate for project managers who desire to take the PMP® certification examination and have previous project management training and desire to review PMI's PMBOK® as a supplement to their own study plan. WhoShouldAttend? Individuals who need to strengthen their project management skill sets, 1. Project Mangers/Leaders 2. Program Managers 3. Project Coordinators 4. Delivery Managers 5. Project Analysts 6. Project Consultants 7. Project Stakeholders 8. IT Managers 9. Technical Managers 10. QA Analysts 11. Technical Head 12. Project Directors 13. Mechanical, Electrical & Civil Engineers 14. Professionals from other industries like Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Telecom, Banking and Finance etc. CourseBenefits Asaneffectiveprojectmanager,you organizescarceresources,workunder tightdeadlines,controlprojectchange andgeneratemaximumteam performance.Throughasimulated casestudy,youlearnhowto successfullyplan,manageanddeliver projects.Youalsolearnhowto implementprojectmanagement processes,developleadershipskills& respondtoreal-worldscenarios. Attheendofthecourse,youleave withtemplatesandchecklists forusebackattheworkplace. Prerequisites: There are no formal prerequisites for participating in the PMP® Exam Preparation course, however, there are specific prerequisites prior to scheduling the PMP® exam. Course preparation: Learners need to do a pre-course assessment of 40 sample exam questions before starting with the Classroom. You will receive online access to the pre-course assessment and are expected to have finished the 40 questions when coming to class the first day. Learning Objectives: At the end of this course, you will: • Be able to pass the PMP® Exam become a certified project management professional (PMP®) • Gain the skills and knowledge of project management based on the PMBOK® Guide and real-life project management practices • Know how to use the tools and techniques you learned while studying for the PMP® exam • Apply project management techniques useful in the real world • Share a common lexicon of project management terms and principles PDU’S : 35 PDUS
  6. 6. *mise en garde : ce questionnaire est un outil de sensibilisation et ne doit pas être interprété comme un diagnostic médical ni remplacer les recommandations d’un professionnel de la santé C ConnaissancesHut Training and Consulting Annexure 1.Introduction to PMP Certification course What is PMI & PMBOK Evolution of PMI Courses offered by PMI PMI contact resources What is PMP Pre-requisite for the PMP Exam PMP Exam syllabus How PMP exam is structured 2.Project Management Framework Definition of a Project What is Project Management What is Operations Management What is Program Management What is Portfolio Management Project Management Office (PMO) The Triple Constraints (Out of Syllabus) Role of a Project Manager Organizational Structure Enterprise environmental factors Project Life cycle Vs Product Life Cycle 3.Project Management Framework Project Life Cycle Overview Project Life Cycle Vs Project Management Process Stakeholders Key Stakeholders Process groups, knowledge areas, Input/output of 42 Project Management Process Organizational Influences on Project Management. 4.Project Integration Management What is Project Management Integration Role of Project Team Role of Project Sponsor Project Selection Methods Core PM processes of Integration Management. 5.Project Scope Management What is Project Scope Management Product Scope vs. Project Scope Collect requirements Define Scope Create WBS WBS Example Verify Scope Control Scope 6.Project Time Management Project Time Management What is Project Schedule Gantt Charts Network Diagram Estimation Core PM processes Time Management area. Schedule Network Analysis Techniques PERT, PERT analysis, Critical Path Method Schedule compression 7.Project Cost Management What is Project Cost Management Differentiate b/w Cost Estimating & Cost Budgeting Key Terminology in Project Cost Management Core PM processes of Project Cost Management. Earned Value Technique Project Selection Methods 8.Project Quality Management What is Quality? What is Quality Management? Cost of Quality Core PM processes of Project Quality Management.
  7. 7. C ConnaissancesHut Training and Consulting Annexure 9.Project Human Resource Mangement What is Human Resource Management Roles and Responsibilities of the Project Sponsor Functional Manager vs. Project Manager Core processes of Human Resource Management Plan Human Resource Management Acquire Project Team Develop Project Team Manage Project Team Conflict Management Motivation Theory 10.Project Communication Management What is Communication Communication Methods, Technology & Channels Basic Communication Model Key Terminology in Communication Management Core processes of Communication Management Plan Communications Management Manage Communications Control Communications 11.Project Risk Management What is Risk Project Management Risk’s How is risk & EMV calculated Risk Classification Decision Tree Analysis Risk Reserve & Contingency Reserve Key Terminology in Project Risk Management Core processes of Risk Management Plan Risk Management Identify Risk Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis Plan Risk Responses Control Risks 12.Project Procurement Management What is a Contract Different Types of Contract Advantages & Disadvantages of contract types Key Terminology in Procurement Management Processes of Project Procurement Management Plan Procurement Management Conduct Procurement Control Procurement Close Procurement 13.Project Stakeholder Management Who is a Stakeholder Stakeholder Register Various Analytical Techniques Various Management and Interpersonal Skills Key Terminology in Stakeholder Management Processes of Project Stakeholder Management Identify Stakeholders Plan Stakeholder Management Manage Stakeholder Engagement Control Stakeholder Engagement Ensure Individual Integrity Contribute to Project Management Knowledge Base Ethnocentrism Code of Ethics Professional Responsibility Balance stakeholder’s interest 14.Professional & Social responsibility
  8. 8. *mise en garde : ce questionnaire est un outil de sensibilisation et ne doit pas être interprété comme un diagnostic médical ni remplacer les recommandations d’un professionnel de la santé C ConnaissancesHut Training and Consulting Eligibility and About Examination Educational Background Secondary degree (High School) Project Management Experience Project Management Education Minimum of five years/60 months of unique, non-overlapping professional management experience during which at least 7,500 hours were spent leading and directing project tasks 35 hours of formal education Four-year degree (Bachelor’s)Minimum Minimum of three years/36 months of unique, non-overlapping professional management experience during which at least 4,500 hours were spent leading and directing project tasks 35 hours of formal education Eligibility About the examination • The PMP® examination is comprised of 200 multiple-choice questions. Of the 200 questions, 25 are considered pretest questions. Pretest questions do not affect the score and are used in examinations as an effective and legitimate way to test the validity of future examination questions. • All pretest questions are unmarked and randomly placed throughout the examination. The 200 questions cover the vast body of project management terms, concepts, principles, and application. • The time allotted to complete the exam is four hours, the exam is computer based. Pass/Fail results are provided at the conclusion of the exam. • There are no scheduled breaks during the exam, although candidates are allowed to take a break(s), if needed; however, during the break the clock continues to count down. • Enrolling and paying for exams is done through PMI. Training companies are not able to sell exam vouchers. For more information, download the PMP® Exam FAQ document or review the PMI PMP® handbook. To find more detailed information on the PMP® Exam and the application process, please review the PMI, PMP® Handbook. More Information
  9. 9. *mise en garde : ce questionnaire est un outil de sensibilisation et ne doit pas être interprété comme un diagnostic médical ni remplacer les recommandations d’un professionnel de la santé C ConnaissancesHut Training and Consulting Online Training KnowledgeHut offer sustainable solution in Online Training which is ought to facilitate individuals, to enhance the understanding of various corporate training courses and excel in their respective area of knowledge. Online Training literally means computer based learning which also involves various elements of multimedia, amalgamation of both audio and video or with the web-links provided. There are various methods adopted by us, to help our delegates get ultimate online training and learning experience which is reliable, effective and detail oriented. We provide you with the online training courses globally such as PMP, CSM, Six Sigma Green Belt, CMMI V1.3, FRM and many more. We also ensure you that, these online training courses will be very suitable according to your need. Along with online training we also provide you with other free resources for better preparation. These certification courses or rather any online training you opt for through us would include Audio-Video enabled chapters, Simulation tests, access to free resources available on our website, eBooks which could also be easily downloaded for your reference etc. We have to also look at the purpose of Online Training. Choosing online training has various benefits such as: ·A thorough understanding of the courses available ·A meticulous way of learning to achieve business goals efficiently and so on. KnowledgeHut brings excellent online training to our delegates or course aspirants. The online training courses we provide at KnowledgeHut are ideal to those who would prefer studying with ease, understand and finally get certified! We have largest team of experts (CST Trainers) and most extensive portfolio of courses and certifications. Innovators in learning and development solutions with a wide range of flexible learning options including classroom, eLearning,virtual, smart phone apps and blended. Unrivalled experience in all industry sectors including SME, blue-chip and local and central government. World network of high quality venues, Excellent pass rates and a delegate experience that 97.1% of delegates would recommend to others. We are the #1 learning solutions partner of choice for more companies than any other provider. W hy Know ledgehut ? Other Courses of Interest: • The Certified ScrumMaster course enables learners to become accomplished Scrum Team Members and to successfully implement Scrum Projects in organizations. • The PRINCE2 Foundation course prepares candidates to take and pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. • We have a specialized training courses pertain to the interest of the participants, some of them CSM, ITIL, TOGAF9, RISK MANAGEMENT, CISM, CISA, CISSP, CISA, CBAP, ISO, SOX CERTIFICATION SIX SIGMA, BALANCE SCORECARD, SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT, & Others MICROSOFT PROJECT, MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT, CSM ESSENTIALS, MICROSOFT EXCEL 2010
  10. 10. USA : 1-469-442-0620 1-832-684-0080 India : +9180-41100637 +9180-65474647 UK : +442035193467 Aus : 61290374228 Singapore : 6564944930 Affiliate Partners NORTH AMERICA SOUTH AMERICA EUROPE MIDDLE EAST INDIA AFRICA APAC Support : Corporate : APAC : MEA : Europe : Americas : India : Fax : (281) 754-4941 Skype : knowledgehut We Believe you are a satisfied participant, and thank you for being a part of Knowledgehut enterpriser