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Consultancy project ricardo siller execution


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Consultancy project ricardo siller execution

  1. 1. Consultancy ProjectRicardo SillerStructure of the Proposal
  2. 2. Who?:Hormigón Express’s Needs• Hormigón Express is the leader in the production of pre-mixedand ready mix concrete in Panama. They have been operatingsince January 2000.• Hormigón Express seeks to position itself as a SociallyResponsible company, with a strong participation intoPanama’s society as well as being the purveyors of societalvalues and human formation.• Hormigón Express seeks to communicate this attribute (beingsocially responsible) to the general public.• One way in which Hormigón Express has done this before hasbeen sponsoring elite Panamenian atlhetes and supportinginstitutes dedicated to the education of children with lesserresources.
  3. 3. Objectives of Consultant’sIntervention• How might Ricardo Siller’s intervention can help HormigónExpress to fulfill its needs?• The consultant is going to study the case thoroughly in order todesign a pr campaign that is going to be aimed to Panamenianmedian and press.• Actually, by virtue of doing a preliminary research, there are 39media outlets in Panama.• The objective here is:• To get press to Hormigón Express for them to be exposed nationallythrough these outlets.• To design a campaign aimed to place Hormigón Express’s brand intoconsumer periodicals, radio, tv, blogs and magazines.• To make recommendations about how to manage thecommunications that result from that exposure.
  4. 4. Characteristics of the Service that willSatisfy the Company• Analysis of the current Hormigón Express brand’s values:• Based on their actual marketing department’s information.• Research of Panamenian outlets suitable for this campaign:• Some of those contacts are actually in the consultant’s media database.• Designing and Creation of the PR Campaign:• Define what is going to be included in the communications.• Helping in the distribution of the campaign to Panamenian media.• Reporting on the PR campaign results:• The Consultant has the tools and applications for monitoring thebehavior of a pr campaign througout the time.• Delivering a manual of recommendations:• The manual will contain topics such as media training andcommunications management in order to address the results of thecampaign.
  5. 5. Benefits from Ricardo Siller’sintervention• Exposure in National Panamenian Media for Hormigón Expressbrand.• Positioning of the brand and its values in the Panameniansociety.• Helping to increase the net value of sales.
  6. 6. Timeline• Preliminary Activities: Some initial contact has been done.• Week 1: Analysis and Research.• Week 2: Designing of the PR Campaign.• Week 3: Distribution of the PR Campaign.• Week 4 - 6: Results.• Reporting of the results of the campaign.• Delivering of the Recommendations Manual.
  7. 7. Analysis And Research Phase• Distribution Analysis and Research:• 2518 Outlet Points in a geographic region that is ofthe interest of the company.• Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, ElSalvador, Guatemala, Mexico.• Consumer Periodicals, Magazines, Blogs, InternetPortals, Radio, Tv.• Only outlets that cover business news.
  8. 8. Analysis And Research Phase• Company Brand Analysis:• Based on their actual marketing department’sinformation, the company’s values are based on theresponsibility that the brand has with the society inwhich it operates around.• This is the basis from which the project is going tostart and from which we are going to develop thecampaign.• Current Company’s storylines; supoorting of olimpicathletes and institutes of education and culture.
  9. 9. Ricardo Siller CardenasConsultant’s Resume• Publicist, Press Agent and Business Consultant forLatin Music Wire, a music promotion and publicrelations agency that serves commercial brands inMexico, Latin America and USA.• Music Business Specialist by Berklee College ofMusic.• Bachelor in International Relations by InstitutoTecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey(ITESM, Tec de Monterrey)• Author of 4 books related to the Music industry.• For more information about Ricardo Siller:• Past clients and testimonies:• Ricardo’s work in the press: