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The Roadmap to Great Work


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What is great work and how can teams achieve it? This roadmap will help you find the answers to those questions and ultimately help you transform your team from good to great.

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The Roadmap to Great Work

  1. 1. THE ROADMAP TO GREAT WORK:A Journey to Innovation, Excellence, and Business Results GREAT WORK DESTINATION THE GOOD WORK keeps the business running. It is demonstrated when: • Employees deliver on expected projects. • Work is completed on time. • Team members function well within their roles. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GOOD AND GREAT WORK? BUT... ...GREAT WORK is a step above. It is work that: • Delivers a difference for the team, department, and company. • Impacts processes, products, and customers. • Shows creativity and innovation. Employees in any industry, capacity, or seniority level can deliver great work. But the recent Great Work Study reveals not all employees are empowered to deliver innovation. WHO’S ON BOARD? While 82% of employees believe everyone should be doing great work, ONLY 65% REPORT ALL EMPLOYEES ACTUALLY DO GREAT WORK. So how can leaders bridge that disconnect? 82%65% Great Work Happens When… Employees learn and practice the FIVE SIMPLE SKILLS that lead to innovative, difference making, great work: 1. Ask the right question. 2. See for yourself. 3. Talk to your outer circle. 4. Improve the mix. 5. Deliver the difference. 1 2 3 4 5 88% 18% WHILE 87% OF GREAT WORK INVOLVES AN EMPLOYEE SEEING FOR THEMSELVES, ONLY 24% OF EMPLOYEES HAVE MASTERED THIS GREAT WORK SKILL. 87% 24% 72% of great work benefits from employees talking to their outer circle, but only 13% of employees are well-versed at this skill. 72% 13% 90% OF GREAT WORK PROJECTS FINISH WITH AN EMPLOYEE DELIVERING THE DIFFERENCE, BUT ONLY 22% OF EMPLOYEES REPORT THEY ARE GOOD AT THIS GREAT WORK SKILL. WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? Then, take the one step shown to significantly improve employees’ ability to deliver innovation: recognize them when they deliver greatness. Employees who are recognized often are over 5x better at asking the right question, nearly 4x better at talking to their outer circle and seeing for themselves, and over 4x better at improving the mix and delivering a difference than employees who aren’t recognized. WHAT IS THE OUTCOME? Teaching employees about the great work skills, and allowing them the time and resources to apply them delivers business results. In fact, having a workforce well-versed in the five great work skills is more predictive (by 17%) of positive business results than having a highly engaged workforce. Engagement is not the goal—empowering employees to do great work and deliver a difference is what leaders should be aiming for. Empower your people by recognizing their efforts and achievements, and you’ll encourage their ability to do great work even more. WHEN LEADERS EMPOWER GREAT WORK, EVERYONE WINS. Research shows that when employees do great work, they deliver a measurable difference for your company and customers alike. WHAT IS GREAT WORK? HOW CAN TEAMS ACHIEVE IT? And what are the results it can deliver for employees, customers, and your bottom-line? Consult our Great Work Roadmap to find out. These research-backed insights will help you navigate the world of Great Work. Use them as your roadmap on your way from good to great. CHALLENGES OF DELIVERING GREAT WORK THE 88% of great work begins with someone asking the right question, but only 18% of employees are good at practicing this great work skill. Educate employees on the five skills and the importance of great work. 84% of great work is a product of improving the mix, but only 19% of employees say they improve the mix well. 84% 19%