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Jun2011 Red Dragon Newsletter


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Jun2011 Red Dragon Newsletter

  1. 1. 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Commander’s Note: Red Dragon 6Red Dragon Families and Friends, June 2011I am pleased to report to you that your Soldiers are performing extremely well as weconduct daily missions with our Iraqi Security Force partners. We have spent a great Inside this issue:deal of time learning and understanding our environment and have validated all the hard Alpha Battery 3work preparing for our mission was certainly time well spent. Our systems are in place,we are settled into our mission, and we are dedicated to making you proud with our Bravo Battery 4disciplined and precise performance. Golf Company 5As we work hard out here, we are so proud of all you are doing to take care of our pre-cious Families. We can‟t thank you enough. We trust you are able to take advantage of Headquarters Battery 6-8the great activities and events in the central Texas area or wherever you have chosen tobe this summer. If you are in the area, please consider attending the FRG Family Night, Rear Detachment 914 JUL 11 at 6:00pm at the Oveta Culp Center. Our Rear-Detachment will provide youthe latest information on the battalion and the FRGs will provide battery level details Special News 10-11and answer questions. Also, stay tuned to your FRG for information on our upcoming Red Dragons in Action 12Town Hall video teleconference (19 JUL 11).On behalf of all Red Dragon Soldiers, I thank you for your continued support. Youmotivate us and keep our spirits high as we journey through this deployment together.We are committed to keeping you informed through our access to the Internet, phonecalls, Skype, Facebook, or simply the old fashioned way – writing a letter.This is a very historic time in Iraq and we are proud to be a part of it. Nodoubt that each Iraqi we work with during our deployment will long re-member our professional operations and unequaled strength of character.The CSM and I have spent the last week awarding combat patches to allRed Dragons. The 1st Cavalry Division combat patch symbolizes dedica-tion to protecting our freedoms, self-less service at a critical time in ournation‟s history, loyalty to unit, and so much more. Thank you Red Drag-ons and your Families!Have a great remainder of the summer and thanks again for being the rocksolid support for the Red Dragons.Blackjack!Red Dragons!Sincerely,LTC Nate Cook LTC Cook meeting with local leaders
  2. 2. Page 2 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Headquarters and Headquarters Battery 3-82FA “Hellraisers” Hello Hellraiser family and friends. Operation New Dawn has started for Hellraiser Battery! As we continue to accomplishour mission one task at a time, we find ourselves already one month closer to coming home. For those of us who came early, timepassed like sand in an hourglass, but as soon as the unit arrived, we hit the ground running, time flew, and a month has alreadypassed. Our counterparts from 2-11 FA, 25th ID (out of Hawaii) treated us well. They established our housing and arranged fortransportation, and showed us the process so we could do the same for the rest of unit. We went on missions together and quicklytook over. After all, they‟d already been here for a year; it was time for them to go home. In time, the same will be said for us…butwe may decide to do a good ole‟ fashion Texas Bar-B-Cue on the way out! This deployment we are joined by two additional platoons from Thunder. We integrated with ease and soon they became“our” platoons. We are all Hellraisers. The missions we conduct are for a singular purpose; train the Iraqi forces to do the job we‟vebeen doing for almost a decade; share smart ideas with each other, andlearn from the other‟s mistakes. The majority of our missions focus on talking to local leaders,finding out what they need for support, and how we can best provide it.Every now and then we find ourselves doing something fun like, “Iraqikids day,” a day dedicated to allowing Iraqi children to do things thatour children do, like zip lines, dancing, and, of course, food. Our Iraqicounterparts welcomed us with open arms. Several of us have had theopportunity to break bread and drink Chai (tea) with them. They wantthe same thing we want, an Iraq that can stand on its own feet, whichcan provide for its people, and fight terror whenever and wherever itrears its ugly head. The Troopers of Hellraiser Battery are eager to do their jobs,eager to serve their country, eager to complete our mission and go homeagain to their families and friends. We have the honor of being one ofthe last units in Iraq. There are even some Soldiers in the Battery whowere here at the very beginning who will also be a part of the closingchapter. Headquarters Battery Commander CPT Roscoe enjoying I want to let each of you know, you play a large role in ensur- time with a local Sheik during Kids Day at JBBing success in accomplishing our mission. These Soldiers came heretrained and prepared for the tasks at hand, however we cannot do it without your support. The support you have given us preparingfor our deployment, and what I‟ve seen so far has been incredible. I encourage each of you to continue to show your enthusiasticcare and love for our Hellraiser Soldiers as we have a very dynamic mission ahead of us. Our Soldiers are doing very well and con-tinue to impress and improve each and every day. The attitude, strength, endurance, confidence, and dedication to the mission arethe best of I‟ve ever seen from any group of Soldiers I‟ve worked with in the last seven years in the Army. It‟s an honor to servewith each and every one of them. I ask you to keep sending those words of encouragement as Hellraiser Battery continues their ef-forts. I thank you and your loved one‟s for your service to this great nation. CPT Michael Roscoe Hellraiser 6
  3. 3. Page 3 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Headquarters Battery Platoons Greetings! 1st Platoon sends their best wishes from the outgoing unit at Joint Base Balad, Iraq. This has been a great ex-perience so far. We‟ve hit the ground in a dead sprint as Soldiers from were already departing as we arrived. It was a steep learn-ing curve for some of us, especially for those who haven‟t deployed before. We wouldn‟t have it any other way. It‟s been a great learning experience for all of us, and we have continued to keep our morale despite the heat. The Iraqi culture is very hospitable, and we‟ve rather enjoyed spending time with the local leaders drinking Chai, or eating kabobs. When we aren‟t on patrol, you can normally catch 1 st platoon training for our upcoming missions, or working out at the gym. Every now and then we just have to do something that reminds us of the good times we‟ve had at home. We appreciate the support you‟ve given to each of our Soldiers. Taking the time to talk to our loved ones at home is a great morale booster, and we sure can‟t wait to see ya‟ll when we return. 2LT James “Zach” Williams 1st Platoon Leader2LT Williams and SGT Omanson meeting with a local leader Greetings to the Hellraiser family! I‟m incredibly happy to be a part of this Hellraiser team. Coming from Thunder Bat- tery, the Hellraisers welcomed us immediately upon arrival. We are glad to be here. We‟ve been spending the majority of our time working with the Iraqi Army and the Iraqi Police. We meet with them almost daily to provide whatever help they may need. I was surprised how professional they are and how they continue to steadily improve. Working closely with another Army or se- curity force has been a great experience for many of us. We‟ve all learned that Soldiers are Soldiers everywhere, no matter where you go. We share so much in common with the Soldiers we work with each and every day. The majority of our time we‟ve spent working hard with these Iraqi Security Forces, but, occasionally, we do get a break to call home. We appre- ciate the support you‟ve given to each of our Soldiers and we look forward to hearing about all the great things coming from home. Hope all is well and I appreciate the sacrifices you and your Soldiers have made to keep our country safe. 2LT Andrew Roberts 2nd Platoon Leader PFC Zaba, SSG Bartley, and 2LT Roberts with a couple Iraqi Soldiers after the completion of an Advise and Assist Mission
  4. 4. Page 4 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Hello Hellraiser family. Most of you may not know us yet since we are a brand new platoon coming from Thunder Battery;however, we are all very excited to be a part of the Hellraiser Team. It didn‟t take us long to become fully integrated with the Hell-raisers by taking off on mission within the first 24 hours of arriving at Joint Base Balad. Our platoon is doing incredibly well, andwe appreciate the love and support from back home. We are doing our best to stay cool out here, especially in these next few, criti-cal, summer months. We definitely miss those Texas summers. Please don‟t miss a beat and enjoy as much of it as you can. Wethank you for taking care of us. Please keep those care packages and letters coming; they are greatly appreciated. Thank you againfor standing behind us. 1LT Christopher Koppel 3rd Platoon Leader Hellraiser Soldiers discussing future combine training with their Iraqi Security Force counterpart Hello Hellraiser family members. We appreciate all the love and support we‟ve received this past month. Your Soldiershave been executing their missions flawlessly each and every day; it brings me great honor to serve as their Battery Executive Offi-cer. We do our best to have fun when we can. Recently, the Hellraisers hosted “Iraqi Kids Day” here on Joint Base Balad. This isan event where we invite kids from one of the local villages we operate in on to Joint Base Balad and set up a day of fun for them. Itwas a great experience not only for the kids, but for our Soldiers as well. Our Soldiers are making history to not only what will beread in text books, but in the lives of the Iraqi people. The lives that were touched during Iraqi Kids Day will be something thatthese local kids and our Soldiers will remember for many years to come. It was a fun day for all of us. We try our best to have fun whenever we can and enjoy the aspects of Joint Base Balad whenever we have freetime. For most that have never been to this country, we find that thisregion is not necessarily what we expected. The land near the TigrisRiver is lush and fertile with palm trees lining the floodplain and ca-nals feeding into farms and orchards. The vista is surreal when look-ing at it through fresh eyes. The base itself is like a small city. OurSoldiers currently live in air conditioned housing units, they haveshower facilities, and the DFAC is open 24 hours a day. We have anindoor swimming pool and an indoor gym. These amenities, however,are on a schedule for termination. While this may seem to be an in-convenience, everyone realizes that each closure is but another step toour journey home. We have a long road ahead of us, but with yoursupport, it will be that much easier! 2LT Richard Ramos Executive Officer Headquarters Battery Executive Officer, 2LT Ramos, with his buddy at Kids Day
  5. 5. Page 5 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Alpha Battery 3-82FA “Gators” Greetings from Joint Base Balad Iraq, I hope this letter finds you all well and in good spirits. We have just completed ourfirst month “in country” and spirits are high. Living conditions on Joint Base Balad, affectionately known as JBB, are the highestmost have experienced while deployed. No need, whether being mental, physical, or spiritual, is neglected. This base boasts an in-door pool , a running track, and a large, 24 hour gym for PT. The two large dining facilities, or DFACs, offer an almost unheard ofvariety of food – from the ultra healthy – to burgers, onion rings, and ice cream. The soldiers are housed in CHUs (containerizedhousing units, AKA, „trailers‟); each air-conditioned, 10‟ X10‟ room houses two men from the Battery. Soldiers have the opportunityto contact their loved ones through a variety of means, including internet, telephone, or standard mail. Many Soldiers have alreadyreceived packages from home and they are a much appreciated boost to Alpha‟s morale. Our mission here could not be more noble and I could not be more proud of the performance of these men as they have metthe challenges of this environment with professionalism, discipline, skill, motivation, and heart. Our job here, besides training theIraqis, is to protect the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and others who reside at JBB, and to set conditions for a stable, self-sufficient Iraq. This mission is a welcome one to our many, multiple-deployers, and we all look forward to seeing this mission through. For many of the first-time deploy- ers, it has been a culture shock as they interact with new people and arrive at places they have never seen before. The hospitality of the locals has been very cordial and Chai, a very sweet, hot tea, has become a favorite among the men. We had a very successful relief in Place with the outgoing unit who introduced us to this area and its people in a professional and thorough manner. We owe them a debt of gratitude, but the Gators are now in charge. Each and every member of the Gators looks forward to the road ahead as we get a little closer to completing the mission and coming home every day. We thank you for your continued thoughts, prayers, love and support. I person- ally want to thank you for what you mean to these men.CPT Hammond and 2LT Smith meeting with a local Sheik Very Respectfully, CPT Bryan S. Hammond Gator 6 Alpha Battery Platoons Greetings from sunny and sandy Iraq where we are still looking for thebeach. 1st Platoon has been running hard since touching down in Iraq and continues tolead the way in the Gator Battery. Morale is strong and will continue to be thankfulfor the packages and letters from home. Patrols in Iraq continue to keep the platoonon their toes and off their butts; don‟t worry ladies the men will come home in bettershape than when we left. The local Iraqis have welcomed us with gifts of local foodand hot Chai, which is quite addicting. The platoon works hard, but also plays hard asyou can see by our pictures. Enjoy the photos of the men and rest assured that theywill keep in touch with you through all means available. Look forward to seeing all ofour loved ones at the end of our tour. One month down with only eleven to go and itwill fly by. Gator Red 6 out. 1LT Michael B. Hobgood 1st Platoon PL 1st Platoon Soldiers drilling with their rifles
  6. 6. Page 6 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Salam! 2nd PLT sends their best wishes from Iraq. We‟ve been working hard and staying busy in the first month overseas. Soldiers have had their hands full trying to balance the rigors of missions and training while trying to stay cool in this heat! Luck- ily their rooms are air conditioned and the meals are hot. The DFACs serve everything from steak and fish to sandwiches and salads, along with everything in between. Don‟t worry though, the soldiers are working out five days a week and will come home in better shape than ever. Each day the soldiers become more and more proficient as they perfect the soldier drills they spent so much time learning at Fort Hood. For many of the first time deployers, it has been a culture shock as we interact with new people and see places we have never seen before. Soldiers even look forward to dismounting dur- ing engagements with tribal leaders in hope that they can get some Chai (a sweet tea served extremely hot with sugar). The soldiers all look forward to your letters, pack- ages, and emails, and your continued support helps keep morale high, giving us a taste of home. We‟re keeping friends and family in our thoughts and look forward to coming home when the mission is complete. 2nd Platoon Warriors patrolling in their 2LT Scott P. Smith area of operation 2nd Platoon PL Greetings to all of our Gator Families! Gator Blue Platoon, or simply 3 rd Platoon,has been busy this month! We spent some extra time at Al Assad Air Base, but as soon aswe got to Joint Base Balad it was game on. We immediately started training and learningfrom the unit we were replacing so we could begin our very important mission as soon aspossible. Since our arrival we have already completed over a dozen highly successful andeffective patrols and meetings. The level of motivation and morale exhibited by GatorBlue every day makes me proud and honored to be part of this Platoon. As the monthwears down to an end, and as we reflect on how much we have already accomplished as aPlatoon, and, as a Battery, it is exciting to think how much we will have achieved by theend of our tour. It is a privilege for me to be able to speak for these exceptional and dedi-cated men, and I can only hope that I can embody and communicate their spirit in the bestway possible. Continue to email and contact your Soldier and thanks for all the care pack-ages that have already been sent. These seemingly little things go a very long way towardsimproving and sustaining morale. We ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayersand we will surely do the same. 1LT Anthony J. Forstner 3rd Platoon Soldier pulling security 3rd Platoon PL during a Key Leader Engagement Members of the Gator family, Best regards from the big sandbox. Headquarters Platoon has been working hard to support our brothers in the maneuver platoons. The BC and 1SG have been working with each platoon to refine tactics and battle drills to make our troops the best they can be. The Radio Operators have been keeping the communication flowing be- tween the Troops and Battalion. The COIST Cell has been hard at work making sure our guys roll out with the best info possible. Supply has come through with lots of Gatorade and other supplies for the men to roll out with. The Training Room has been making sure all your packages get to your loved ones as quickly as possible (so keep them coming). We‟re all looking forward to the point when our mission here is com- plete and we get to come back home. 2LT Caleb L. Gaasch HQ/ COIST PLGator Soldiers digging their vehicle out of soft Iraqi soil
  7. 7. Page 7 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Bravo Battery 3-82FA “Thunder” Thunder Battery, 3-82 FA, has had a vastly different deployment thus far compared to the rest of the Red Dragon Battal-ion. Thunder Battery, which consists of White Platoon and Headquarters Platoon, has been given the mission to operate away fromthe rest of the battalion, located at Joint Base Balad. Thunder Battery currently operates in the city of Samarra. Samarra is the ma-jor focal point of Sunni/Shia Muslim relations and has one of the oldest archeological sites in the Middle East. Samarra was at onetime the largest city in the world and was designated the capital of Iraq in the early first century. The city lies on the Tigris Riverroughly 125km north of Baghdad and is the home to approximately 348,000 Iraqis. The major attraction of Samarra is the Al-Askerian Mosque, also known as the Golden Mosque, and the city is predominately Sunni inhabited. In regards to the War on Ter-ror, Samarra was most notably in the news due to the 2006 bombing and destruction of the Golden Mosque. Since then, the IraqiSecurity Forces, with the help of United States Forces, have successfully secured the city and have neared completion of rebuild-ing the Golden Mosque. Thunder White Platoon, lead by 1LT Mike O‟Donnelland SFC Chris Schuerger, has been designated to perform suchmissions as accompanying the Battery Commander to KeyLeader Engagements, both in and around the city of Samarra,securing the Samarra Joint Coordination Center (SJCC).We have had the opportunity to experience Iraqi culture inSamarra to include local food provided by the Iraqi SecurityForces, with whom we partner here at the SJCC. We have alsohad the opportunity to conduct escort missions in the city down tothe Golden Mosque. Recently, we escorted Major General Bu-chanan, LTC Cook, and CPT Williams down to the GoldenMosque and around the city of Samarra. Our Headquarters Platoon, lead by 2LT Sean Murphyand SSG (P) Monty Mitchell (who is also given the daunting taskof FOB Mayor), has done an outstanding job of upgrading our White Platoon prepares to go on patrol in Samarracompound and making Samarra and enjoyable place to live sincewe arrived here in early June. 2LT Murphy also heads up theCompany Intelligence Sustainment Team (COIST) cell here inSamarra in conjunction with SSG Thomas Coons, SGT Arthur Gifford, and PFC Michael Nolasco. They work hand in hand with our Law Enforcement Professional, Mr. Charles Matthews. They have done an outstanding job developing information packets on insurgents in our area leading to multiple arrests in the first month we have been here. Samarra is becoming a much safer place and we continue to develop a great working relationship with the Iraqi Security Forces and the local populace. We have had a great start to our deployment thus far. Morale is high in the unit as we look forward to continuing our joint efforts with Iraqi Security Forces to better secure our area and Iraq as a whole. Although we have been in Samarra less than a month, we have clearly made a lasting imprint as we continue to strive to make Iraq a safer and better place to live. Members of Headquarters Platoon and White Platoon work- ing together on position improvement at the SJCC CPT Jason Williams Thunder 6
  8. 8. Page 8 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Golf Forward Support Company “Gladiators” The month of June not only marks the beginning of summer, where we tend to go on vacations with our families, but it alsosignals the first month of our deployment. This month has been filled with mixed emotions from leaving families behind. Our braveSoldiers are now embarking on the dutiful obligation of serving our great Nation, and committing themselves to the difficult task ofproviding daily support in the rebuilding of the economic and political structure of Iraq. Though the sacrifice is great and the timethat has expired here in Iraq is short, the Gladiators are maintaining an outstanding record of seamless, logistical support to the RedDragon Battalion. Their actions are validated through preparation in pre-deployment operations, various training exercises, and fi-nally through being a resilient organization able to sustain and maintain the force as far forward on the battlefield as possible. We hope that you are enjoying your summer! A special thanks goes also to our FRG who continues to inspire us with sup-port as we begin this deployment. We would not be successful without your efforts!! Sincerely, CPT Crystal Chatman Gladiator 6 Golf Forward Support Company Platoons The 3-82 FA Distribution Platoon has done an excellent job balancing the distribution requirements similar to those back atFort Hood with the rigorous patrol requirements of deployment. Ever since the Red Dragons landed boots on ground at the begin-ning of June, the platoon has been responsible for the numerous equipment movement requirements for both Golf Company and the3-82 Battalion. Soldiers and NCOs from the Cargo section routinely pull long and arduous shifts to keep all of the Red Dragons‟assets easily available for use and transit. In addition to the movement requirements, the Distribution Platoon also has an embeddedManeuver Section which is responsible for all of Golf Company‟s Combat Mission requirements. This tasking includes escortingKey Leaders to engage Iraqi Army officials, the protection of Navy assets assigned to dispose of explosive ordnance, and, most im-portantly, the re-supply of Bravo Battery‟s Soldiers located in Samarra, an Iraqi base approximately 45 miles away from the RedDragons‟ home in Balad. The Distribution Platoon has used the time here in Iraq to help out both the Gladiators and Red Dragons inany capacity possible, and intends to maintain this hard work ethic until all of the Soldiers make it safely home. 2LT Matthew Cline Distribution Platoon Throughout the month of June, all six sections of the Maintenance Platoon have performed their duties above and beyondthe standard required in the Red Dragon Battalion. They have set up the 3-82 Field Artillery Battalion Motor Pool. From the mo-ment our Maintenance platoon landed boots on the ground, they have been running. The maintenance Platoon has worked long days performing inspections and maintenance on every vehicle in the Battalion Fleet. Each section focuses on their Battery‟s vehicles and equipment ,including, fork- lifts, Mine Resistant Ambush Protective (MRAP) vehicles, HMMWVs, pallet- ized loading systems, trailers, fuelers, generators, wreckers, and Forward repair systems. We have fully inspected all technical aspects of every vehicle in the Battalion fleet, performed a weekly quality assurance/quality control check of all of 3-82 FA‟s maneuver combat patrol equipment, and ordered numerous parts for the Battalion fleet. Upon a breakdown of vehicle, the maintenance team recovers and repairs the vehicle within 24hours to be fully mission capable. We also con- duct small arms repair through our armor met section. Maintenance is working hard and will continue to do so throughout our time here. 2LT Amanda Fonk SGT Coffey changing a tire on a Gun Truck Maintenance Platoon
  9. 9. Page 9 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Rear Detachment Commander’s NoteRed Dragons, Families, and Friends, This month has been a difficult one as we adjust to the unit being deployed, but I must say, you have all done a spectacularjob! I hope you are all able to hear from your Soldier on a (somewhat) regular basis and know they are doing great work in Iraq.The amount of pride I feel from the support of families and friends of the deployed Soldiers has been amazing, and the constant com-munication is truly bringing us together as a team. For those of you who were able to attend the last Red DragonFamily Night on 9 June 2011, I hope it provided a snapshot of whatyour Soldiers are doing to assist and advise their Iraqi counterparts. Wewill continue to provide guest speakers that can help you through thistime. For those unable to attend, we hope you can make it on July 14th2011, at 6 pm at Oveta Culp! Our guest speaker for this month will bethe Brigade Rear Detachment Commander, Major Marne Sutten. Please remember that your Rear Detachment is here for you!When issues or questions arise, please feel free to contact myself or theRear Detachment Team and we will do everything within our power toassist you and keep you informed. Your support of the Red Dragonsmotivates and encourages me, and I know we will keep it up for theduration of the deployment! Thank you for your tireless efforts, andplease know that your work, patience, and dedicated devotion is seenand appreciated beyond what you may see. Red Dragon Ladies enjoy catching up at the FRG Family NightRed Dragons!CPT Chris Freeman3-82 FA Rear Detachment Commander Red Dragon Strong Warriors of the Week Up Coming FRG Events SGT Thornton, William of HHB: May 24th - May 30th Steering committee meeting on July 7th at the Battalion Conference room at 11:30am. SPC Keith, Curtis of Bravo: May 31st - June 6th Family Readiness Group will host Family Night on July 14th at 6:00pm at the Oveta Culp. SSG Tyree, Richard of HHB: June 7th - June 13th Town Hall Video Teleconference on July 19th. Time and location are TBD. SPC Flannery, Joshua of Alpha: June 14th - June 20th SPC Nielson, Ritchie of Alpha: June 21st - June 27th
  10. 10. Page 10 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter SPECIAL NEWS HHB “Hellraisers” Anniversaries Birthdays SGT Jones - June 2 PV2 Reeves - July 8 PFC Templeman - June 1 1SG Durand - July 1 PFC Khan - June 4 MAJ (P) Capra - July 19 SPC Triana - June 5 SSG Tyree - July 2 PFC Donkor -June 10 PFC Orozco - July 7 SSG Bennett - June 11 PFC Ybarra - June 13 SPC Vanpelt - June 21 SPC Vasquez - June 23 PFC Loera - June 25 Promotions Babies Born 1LT Koppel - June 25 Re-enlistments SFC Gray and his wife had a CPT Hamidou - July 1 baby girl, Joselyn Elizabeth, June  SSG Tyree - July 1 CPT Carroll - July 1 3 CPL Vazquez and his wife had a baby girl, Izabelle, 20 June Alpha “Gators” Anniversaries Birthdays SPC Lopez - June 5 SGT Netherland - July 1 2LT Gaasch – June 3 SGT Morales - July 9 1LT Hobgood - June 14 SFC Sollano - July 2 SSG Hood – June 4 1SG Minton - July 11 SSG Rijos - June 14 CPT Esquivel - July 24 SPC Wonderlin – June 6 SPC Allen - July 16 SSG Williams - June 15 PFC Cruger - July 27 SGT Canning - June 4 SGT Wickline - July 22 SGT McCord - June 24 SFC Sollano – June 13 SPC Hyndman - July 28 SPC Thomson - June 27 SGT Reho– June 17 Reho– SSG Crebo - July 31 SPC Goodwin - June 28 SPC Saucedo - June 17 SGT Trinidad - June 29 CPL Vazquez -June 17 SSG Rifenbury - June 25 Promotions Babies Born  SGT Reho - June 1 SFC Gray and his wife had a  SGT Abrams - June 1 baby girl, Joselyn Elizabeth, 3  CPT Esquivel - July 1 June CPL Vazquez and his wife had a baby girl, Izabelle, 20 June
  11. 11. Page 11 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter SPECIAL NEWS Bravo “Thunder” Anniversaries SFC Schuerger - June 14 Birthdays SGT Kee - June 25 SFC Schuerger - June 5 SGT Morales - July 9 PFC Piper - June 28 SPC Shinholster - June 16 1SG Minton - July 11 PV2 Fiolek - June 9 SPC Allen - July 16 SGT Wickline - July 22 SPC Hyndman - July 28 SSG Crebo - July 31 Promotions  SSG Welch - July 1 Golf “Gladiators” Birthdays SSG Wills - June 8 PFC Osmon - July 1 PFC Simmons - June 9 SGT Moss - July 4 Anniversaries PFC Fiolek - June 9 SPC Gizynski - June 10 SPC Santana - July 6 SGT Colon - July 7  1SG Towns - July 12 SSG Phillips - June 11 SGT Bland - July 12 PFC Hartz - June 11 1SG Towns - July 15 SGT Coffey - June 14 SPC Castillo - July 18 PFC Turner - June 15 SGT Kuilan - July 27 PFC Maly - June 26 SGT Vila - July 27 Babies Born Promotions  PFC Maly and his wife had a  PFC Calhoun - June 7 baby girl, Amia, June 22
  12. 12. Page 12 3-82 FA Red Dragon Newsletter Red Dragons in Action SPC Flannery perfecting his skills with his M240B crew served weapon An Iraqi Commander greets Alpha Battery Soldiers as they arrive at his checkpointCPT Marcoux demonstrating the proper way to check blood pressure Two 3 -82 FA soldiers patrolling 3- In their area of operation LTC Cook and 2-11 FA LTC Preston meet with local 2- leaders during change of authority 3-82 FA soldiers cordoning off traffic from a possible hazard 3-82 FA soldiers securing the perimeter during a Key Leader Engagement SGTs Reho and Abrams being promoted in front of Alpha Battery Command Post SSG Williams bonding with an Iraqi child during Kid’s Day