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Sept 2012 Devil's Corner Monthly Newsletter


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Please check out all the stories on our Soldiers!!! In this issue you will find:
*D6 Comments
*D7 Comments
*Chaplain’s Corner
*FRSA POC Numbers/Emails
*What makes you STRONG?
*Soldier highlights
*Safety Message
*2-34 Shoot House
*Captain America, story on CPT Marty Small HHC, 1ABCT Co Commander
*October Volunteer Opportunities
*Pale Riders return to Basics of RECON, SUPPORT
*Domestic Violence Month
*2-34 STX
*2-34 AR CBRN Chamber
*1ST En Recon
*Court-Martial’s in 1ABCT
*Healing Arts Events

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Sept 2012 Devil's Corner Monthly Newsletter

  1. 1. the DEVIL’S CORNER IS008 September 2012 EDITION SGT. KERRY LAWSON, 1ST ABCTReady to charge the mock-enemies inside, Soldiers of 2nd Battalion, 34th Armor Regiment, 1st Armored Brigade CombatTeam, 1st Infantry Division, get into a stacked formation as they prepare to breack the mock-insurgents at the ShoothouseRange on Fort Riley Sept. 19. The Soldiers conducted close-quarter combat, reacting to contact in close quarters, evaluatingand treating a casualty, calling a nine-line medical evacuation request, and loading and unloading a casualty in a Blackhawkhelicopter.
  2. 2. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 2 1/1 ABCT Commander 1/1 ABCT Command Sergeant Col. Michael Pappal Major CSM Mark A. Kiefer The ‘Devil’ Brigade 7232 NO R MANDY DR I VE FO R T R I LE Y KS 66442Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs NCOICWO1 Mathew Williamson Staff Sgt. Donald Martin Public Affairs Journalist Public Affairs Journalist/Editor Sgt. Kerry Lawson Sgt. Kandi Huggins 1/1 ABCT FRSA Noel Waterman Read the Post paper online! KEEP INFORMED AND UPDATED WITH 1ST BRIGADE BY FOLLOWING US ON THESE WEBSITES: 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley: Click on Units, 1ID Brigades, 1ABCT or just click on this link: Page.aspx?unit=1bct Facebook: vFRG website: Family Members and Approved Personal can also go onto the vFRG and log into their Soldier’s BN’s vFRG site, where more information can be found. ‘Devil’ PAO Email:
  3. 3. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 3 6 DDevils, Where did that hot summergo. It’s hard to believe that we arein the Fall season with Halloweenand Thanksgiving looming beforeus. Congratulations to HHC/1-16IN being the first place companyin Devil’s Stakes this quarter andalso 1-16 IN for taking first placein the overall battalion competition.Kudos go out to each and every in-dividual and team that representedtheir unit and especially to thosethat excelled finishing at the top intheir respective competitions. Thestandings were extremely close thisquarter with three companies onlyone point from HHC/1-16 IN and for too long. training occurring as all of ourtwo battalions in a tie for first until There have been some changes units are getting out to the field toDUIs were factored in. The fact to our organizational structure learn, refine, and develop our corethat the Iron Rangers had no DUIs over the past month. 1st Engineer warfighting abilities. We have lostin the quarter clinched the win Battalion deployed to Afghanistan a lot of our field craft to live tacti-for them. Great job all around by to clear routes of IEDs to protect cally in a field environment withouteveryone. our patrols using the roads at the the FOB or COP during the past In case you haven’t noticed, beginning of the month. The 1st ten or so years. I challenge those ofwe’re no longer the 1st Heavy Engineer rear detachment, D/1 EN, you that have these skills to makeBrigade Combat Team (1HBCT). is now a part of the Dreadnaught sure that you pass them along toWe’re now officially the 1st Ar- Battalion. We also welcome into our newest generation of Soldiers.mored Brigade Combat Team our ranks the rear detachment for We need to understand how to sur-(1ABCT) due to a naming and pol- the Division Headquarters and vive away from civilization, howicy change at the Department of the Headquarters Battalion (DHHB), to use terrain to your advantage,Army. This only highlights our true the rear detachment for the 1st and how to maintain your vehiclecapability as we train and arm our- Sustainment Brigade including and drive without lights just for aselves to be the premier armored 541st CSSB and all of its subordi- few. Take every opportunity to passstriking force of the Army. The Iron nate units will be supported by the along field craft wisdom and toRangers began the fielding of our Brigade Headquarters with specific train a task to standard. There is abrand new M2A3 Bradley Fighting areas of oversight and administra- tremendous amount of exceptionalVehicles and our mechanics began tion. Welcome to the Devil Team. training taking place every day.learning how to maintain our soon I’m seeing some outstanding Keep it up, you are all doing arrive M1A2SEPv2 AbramsTanks. I could smell the armoredvehicles in the motor pool as I no mission too difficult. no sacrifice too great.walked in. We have been without duty first.all of our machines of destruction devil 6
  4. 4. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 4 D7 I would like to start by say-ing thanks to everyone who madethe SMA visit in mid September arousing success. A special thanks tothe BSB for hosting the luncheonat the Devil’s Den. The event wasoutstanding and the new Divi-sion standard. I would also like torecognize SGT Adams from 1-5 FAfor a fine performance and beingrecognized as the Division NCOof the Quarter runner up. In Octo-ber, SGT Jordan from 1-16 IN andPFC Leheney from 4-4 Cav willrepresent the BCT at the 1st QtrDivision NCO/Soldier competition.They are both outstanding candi-dates and I’m sure will representthe BCT extremely well. I would like to talk about a fewitems of interest and concern for (PARS) is linked to DEERS and into perspective when we, as ansoldiers and families. In a recent uses the phone number in DEERS Army have spent the last 10 yearsconversation with the Irwin Army to contact you 48 hours prior to the providing an environment for IraqCommunity Hospital (IACH) appointment with a voice reminder. and Afghanistan to freely elect theirCSM, he provided some very If you are not receiving this re- government representatives. I thinkspecific data regarding appoint- minder, then your data in DEERS casting a vote of my choice is per-ments. The hospital supports nearly may need to be updated. haps one of the most important acts60,000 soldiers, family members My next issue I want to address I can perform as a citizen, and I doand retirees in the community. Ev- is something every soldier should not take this responsibility lightly.ery time an appointment is missed, participate in. As I write this, we For those that wish to get involvedthe cost to the government is about are only 7 weeks away from the and register or to simply cast an$120. In the 1st Brigade, we devote National election in November. absentee ballot, see your, Company,a large amount of time to reduce I often ask our youngest soldiers Troop, or Battery Voting Assistancemissed appointments and ensure and sergeants if they are registered Officer or the First Sergeant forall appointments are attended. For to vote and whether they will cast more information. Until the nextthose that can’t make a scheduled a vote. I am surprised how many installment…appointment, contact 785-239- consider this unimportant and de-DOCS, then the appointment can cide not to vote. I put this decisionbe cancelled and open the space tosomeone else. If the appointmentis made through Tricare, then acancellation request can only be no mission too difficult. no sacrifice too great.made through Tricare. The Patient duty first.Appointment Reminder System devil 7
  5. 5. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 5 Contact Info: Chaplain Maj. Don Carrothers 785-239-2513 or 785-307-0514 Office: 7232 Normandy Drive 24/7 Line: 785-239-HELP (4357) Chaplain’s Corner The cooler temperatures, shorter days, and the falling leaves all signify that great change is coming to FortRiley. Most of us in the Army will begin preparing for the cooler weather we know is coming by pulling outour long sleeve PT shirts and digging out our “snivel gear.” The fact that winter is coming is not in question.It’s going to get cold. That truth drives prudent people to action before the cold comes. You buy a snow shoveland get “ice-melt” pellets before the snow comes. We change the antifreeze in our vehicles before the tem-peratures bottom out. We unhook the garden hose from our water faucets before they freeze and bust the waterpipes in our houses. You get the idea. People who allow truth to motivate the prior to an impending event, arepeople who do not become “that guy”. We have all been “that guy” from time-to-time; I was a few winters ago.I waited until after the first big snow of the season to go buy a snow shovel. Well, by the time I made it to thestore on that snowy morning, the store was sold out of snow shovels. Have you ever tried to shovel snow withan ordinary garden shovel? Trust me, it’s not very effective. The Bible tells us to learn spiritual lessons about life in the same way we learn lessons from the impendingweather change. Jesus referred to the common lore of his day about predicting the weather based on the colorof the sunset (Matthew 16:1-3). He then went on to say that people can read the weather and take appropriateaction, but some don’t read the spiritual “signs of the times” and take action. The message for us is - do today what we know we need to do today. There is a great attraction to puttingthings off for tomorrow when we know we need to act today. The lesson of nature and the lesson of God issimple - (Nike borrowed it for their slogan) Just Do It (and I’d add “today.”) Strong Bond Marriage Retreats and Single Soldier Programs dates are still in the planning process for the newfiscal year. We will put out the information through the various channels probably in mid-October, but if youhave any questions please contact me or your battalion chaplain, listed below.Peace,Chaplain Don Carrothers Unit Chaplains Contact Information BDE CH (MAJ) Carrothers: 785-239-2513 BSTB CH (CPT) Ball: 785-279-6836 BSB CH (CPT) Adriatico: 785-239-9530 1-16 CH (CPT) Ball: 785-240-3111 2-34 CH (CPT) Parks: 785-240-2444 1-5 CH (CPT) Jung ---- No Number 4-4 CH (CPT) Remy ---- No Number 1 EN CH (1LT) Sanders: 785-240-5972
  6. 6. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 6 Need to contact your Family Readiness Support Assistant? (FRSA) 1ABCT Noel Waterman 785-239-2242 1-1 BSTB and HHC, 1ABCT 1-5 FA Helen Day Barb Stanley 785-240-4337 785-239-9288 101st BSB 2-34 AR Hope Stanley 785-239-1772 785-240-6728 1-16 IN 4-4 CAV Liz Tripp 785-239-6687 785-240-4644 1-1st ENG Barb Stanley 785-239-9288
  7. 7. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 7 what makes you STRONG? Lt. Col Brann Calvetti Battalion Commander, 1-1 BSTB My wife and kids, my immediate family and my Army family. 2Lt. Matthew Bell S-1,HHB, 1/5 FA Pfc. Bryan Guethlein HHT, 4-4 CAV My wife, kids, and Soldiers. My family, especially my wife. Along with my unborn child and my 2-year-old son Zachary. Pfc. Nathan Anderson HHC BDE, 1st ABCT My family and friends.They always support me and guide me.
  8. 8. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 8 Soldier Highlights
  9. 9. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 9 Soldier HighlightsDevil Stakes results for 4th QuarterSearch a Detainee / Report Intel Top Company Placement 1) A Co, 1-1 BSTB (Streamer) 1) HHC, 1-16 IN (Streamer+Plaque) 2) B Co, 1-16 IN 2) C Co, 2-34 AR 3) C co, 2-34 AR 3) A Co, 1-16 INEvaluate Casualty Perform First Aid / Top Battalion PlacementRestore Breathing 1) 1-16 IN (Plaque) 1) C Co, 101 BSB (Streamer) 2) 4-4 CAV 2) A Co, 1-16 IN 3) 101st BSB 3) HHC, 1-16 INTactics Exam 1) ATRP, 4-4 CAV (Streamer) 2) D Btry, 1-5 FA 3) HHC, 1-16 INEST Competition 1) D Btry, 1-5 FA (Streamer) 2) A Co, 2-34 AR 3) D Co, 2-34 ARMaintenance HMMWV Timed Tire Changeand PMCS 1) B Co, 2-34 AR (Streamer) 2) A Trp, 4-4 CAV 3) F Co, 2-34 ARNCO / Soldier Board 1) 1-16 IN (Streamer) 2) 4-4 CAV 3) 101 BSB NCO going to 1ID board for BDE is - Sgt. Sanford, 1-16 IN Soldier going to 1ID board for BDE is - Pfc. Leheney, 4-4 CAV10 Mile Run 1) HHT, 4-4 CAV 2) HHC, 101 BSB 3) B Co, 1-1 BSTB
  10. 10. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 10
  11. 11. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 11 2-34 AR Shoot House SGT. KERRY LAWSON, 1ST ABCTSoldiers of Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 34th Armor Regiment, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division,received air support for pick of a mock-casualty during the unit’s training at the Shoot House Range at Fort Riley Sept. 19. TheseSoldiers conducted close-quarter combat, reacting to contact in close quarters, evaluating and treating a casualty, calling in aMEDEVAC request, and loading and unloading a casualty in a Blackhawk helicopter. Soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, right mind-set, situational aware- the Soldiers entered into the shoot34th Armor Regiment, 1st Armored ness and accountability,” McIntosh house, they cleared room by room.Brigade Combat Team,1st Infan- said. He also added that they had During which they will come upontry Division, tested themselves air support during the three-day a casualty who will be one of theto the extreme during the unit’s exercise. team members. They will finishmilitary operations on urban ter- The Soldiers will hone their clearing the rooms, then renderrain (MOUT) training at the Shoot skills in calling in a nine-line assistance and medical attention toHouse Range at Fort Riley Sept. medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) the casualty.19. request. The Blackhawk will then “Here is where the combat life- “Today’s training is designed come in for a quick debrief on the saver training will come in handy,”to show Soldiers what it feels status of the casualty and for pick- Gonzalez to shoot with a form of live up of the casualty. The sergeants and staff sergeantstraining ammo,” said 1st Lt. Sean “Having air support during the were the Range Safety Officers,McIntosh, Mortar Platoon Leader, training made calling the nine-line graders and re-trainers of this exer-Headquarters and Headquarters MEDEVAC request more real- cise.Company, 2nd Bn., 34th AR, 1st istic,” said Spc. Cody Gonzalez, After completing this trainingABCT, 1st Inf. Div. “It aslo acts as a grenadier for Alpha Company, these Soldiers conducted close-a refresher for the seasoned Sol- 2-34 AR. “The simulated rounds quarter combat, reacting to contactdiers still in the unit.” enabled the Soldiers to get an idea in close quarters, evaluating and Alpha, Bravo, and HHC were the of what it’s like training with actual treating a casualty, calling a nine-units participating in this training projectile type rounds. line MEDEVAC request, and load-exercise. They used the ultimate Gonzalez said, the simulated ing and unloading a casualty in atraining munitions adaptor assem- rounds also allowed the Soldiers to Blackhawk helicopter.bly kit, similar to the bolt assembly use the training as a refresher for “This enabled all of us to begroup in the rifle, and the M1140 their skills, because we’re shoot- ready for whenever our unit isMarking 5.56 rounds. ing rounds that could cause dam- called to deploy again,” McIntosh “This training allows us to get age. It also reminds all Soldiers to said.back to the basics, being in the remember muzzle awareness. As
  12. 12. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 12 Captain America Sgt. Kandi Huggins, 1st ABCT Captain Martin Small checks his equipment and fine tunes his guitars before performing onstage as a member of Britt Small and Festival Band, for the Missouri Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony held at the Phil Welch Stadium on Sept. 1. The Hall of Fame recognized the band for their improvements and impact on music in Missouri. The band has used music to bring national awareness to issues facing veterans since 1982. “The most important thing you can do on a daily basis is make a positive impact on someone’s life,” said Martin. “ W e’re standing up in thetrees watching all the fighting and starts to sing, he has a huge voice, huge. He starts singing ‘Amaz- An impact so strong that it was the reason Martin stood onstageDad’s not happy. He was wearing ing Grace’ and of course the band at the Phil Welch Stadium in St.his black cowboy hat, that’s what starts to sing. Now you have 15 Joseph, Mo. applauding Britt Smallhe wore all the time, and he takes people standing there singing as the and Festival Band for their induc-his black cowboy hat off, hands crowd’s fighting and yelling, then tion into the Missouri Music Hallit off, pulls his beret out of his it stops and they all began to sing,” of Fame on Sept. 1.pocket, puts it on and walks in the explained Captain Martin Small of “There is nothing in this worldcrowd. He starts walking and the his experience at ‘The Wall’ dedi- that is more powerful than music,”band [Festival] follows him. We cation in 1982, where music had a said the Headquarters and Head-get down in the crowd and Dad positive impact on people.
  13. 13. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 13 Sgt. Kandi Huggins, 1st ABCTCaptain Martin Small and his dad, Britt Small, opens their performance with ‘America the Beautiful’ during the Missouri Music Hallof Fame induction ceremony held at the Phil Welch Stadium on Sept. 1. The Hall of Fame recognized the band for their improve-ments and impact on music in Missouri. The band has used music to bring national awareness to issues facing veterans since1982. “So now on the news that night, instead of fighting you see all the veterans with their arms around each other singing‘Amazing Grace’, ‘America the Beautiful’, and ‘God Bless America’,” recalled Martin of his visit to the Vietnam Veteran Memorial Wall’sdedication in D.C. in 1982. “I was five. That was a life-changing event. I went from wanting to be a cowboy to knowing I was goingto be a Soldier.”quarters Company Commander, 1st Armored Brigade Vietnam veterans’ reunions, the band became knownCombat Team. “Music moves the soul and can take as the “musical voice of America’s veterans”.us places we could not imagine. If your music is not Britt Small, a Vietnam Veteran who served with themaking people happy, you’re doing it wrong.” 82nd Airborne Division as a criminal investigator, said Through music, The Britt Small and Festival Martin has a talent of handling people and sometimesBand, began working on compassion is important.spreading messages to I went from wanting to be a cowboy to “Whatever he did I wantedhelp veterans. Homeless knowing I was going to be a Soldier. him to be the best,” saidveterans, polypharmacy, ~said Cpt. Martin Small Britt Small, Martin’s dad.suicides are a few of the “He didn’t have to be top ofissues they are focused his class when he graduatedon right now. from basic training, but he “It seems that the medical profession (VA) sees was. I didn’t expect him to do anything he’s done, butmore meds as the solution to almost every problem the one thing that’s really amazing about him is thatand it is killing people,” said Martin. “Just like the there’s a lot of love and compassion [there].”issues we are dealing with on active duty, they [vet- “In the Army, we rarely talk about the touchy feelyerans] are living it every day and in a lot of cases stuff. We act all hard and emotionless. But that iswithout the support structure the active duty soldiers crap,” Martin stated. “It is the emotion that drives usreceive.” every day. It is that emotion that enables each one of With performances all over the country, includ- us to put on our boots and armor, pick up our rifle anding the National Salutes of 1982 and 1984, the Great go out to fight… for the people on the left and right ofTexas Welcome Home in 1987 and numerous state us.”
  14. 14. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 14 said Martin. “The most important thing you can do on a daily basis is make a positive impact on some- one’s life. While there are a lot of stuff that needs to be fixed when it comes to veterans, if we’ve helped a little then we’ve accomplished our mission.” Because his focus changed into becoming a Sol- dier, Martin started doing martial arts, boy scouts, swimming, reading and spending time with people with knowledge because ‘knowledge and experience are the two most important things a warrior has’. “So now on the news that night, instead of fighting you see all the veterans with their arms around each other singing ‘Amazing Grace’, ‘America the Beauti- ful’, and ‘God Bless America’,” continued Martin of his visit to ‘The Wall’. “I was five. That was a life- changing event. I went from wanting to be a cowboy to knowing I was going to be a Soldier.” Sgt. Kandi Huggins, 1st ABCT“The price we pay for freedom is the highest price of all. Theprice we pay for freedom is written on The Wall,” sings BrittSmall, Vietnam veteran, at the Missouri Music Hall of Fameinduction ceremony held at the Phil Welch Stadium on Sept.1. The lyrics are part of the song ‘The Wall’, based on a truestory about Small meeting a Gold Star Mother at The Wall [theVietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in D.C.], who lost her sonin Vietnam while serving with the 173rd Airborne Brigade,Small’s unit. Small and Festival Band received recognition forthe band’s for their impact on music in Missouri that nationalawareness to issues facing veterans and servicemembers since1982. Martin, a native of Skidmore, Mo., entered activeservice in 1992 as a Stinger Missile Gunner in the82nd Airborne Division out of Fort Bragg, N.C. “You have to truly love the thing you are doingand love the people you are doing it with in order toreally accomplish the mission whatever it is. I feelthat is the most important thing I bring to this job,”
  15. 15. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 15 OCTOBER 2012 VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIESEvent: Zombie ToxinWho: BOSSWhat: 15 volunteers to run gamesfor kids, some may be selected tobe in the “Haunt”When: Thursdays from 1900-2200,Fridays and Saturdays from 1900-2400, and Halloween night from1900-2200.Where: TBAPOC for this event is: Peter Smith@ peter.m.smith76@mail.milCc: vicky.l.martin.civ@mail.milEvent: Oktober FestWho: MWRWhat: Volunteers to help withcleaning up trash, cleaning tables,manning activities, set-up/ parking,etc.When: Thursday, October 4 from0900-1700 set up; Friday, October5 from 1200-2200; Saturday, Oc-tober 6 from 1200-2200; Sunday,October 7 from 1700-2200; Mon-day, October 8 from 1200-2200Where: TBAPOC for this event is: DuaneClayton @ vicky.l.martin.civ@mail.milEvent: Teen AFAP ConferenceWho: ACS tions to quality of life issues. Fa- dress up. Candy will be provided.What: Teen Delegates to iden- cilitators, recorders, issue support, When: October 31, 1800-2100tify and work solutions to quality room monitors Where: Commissary Parking Lotof life issues. Adult facilitators, When: Training Monday, Oct 15, POC for this event is: Sean Mor-recorders, issue support, Conference Oct 16-18, additional gan @ Saturday, October 13, 2012 details to be released closer to date milWhere: Fort Riley Teen Center Where: TBA Cc: vicky.l.martin.civ@mail.milPOC for this event is: Becky Wil- POC for this event is: Becky Wil-lis @ lis @ becky.d.willis.civ@mail.milCc: Cc: vicky.l.martin.civ@mail.milEvent: Adult AFAP Conference Event: Trunk or TreatWho: ACS Who: BOSSWhat: adults 18 and over, Del- What: Volunteers willing to deco-egates to identify and work solu- rate a car/truck/motorcycle and
  16. 16. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 16 Pale Riders Return to basics of Recon, Support SGT. KANDI HUGGINS, 1ST ABCT Staying low and hidden, Sgt. Jonathan Brisson, scout with Bravo Troop, 4th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, covers the rear while his platoon pushes forward during the Squadron’s squad tactical exercise at Fort Riley on August 22. Cavalry scouts serve as the eyes and ears of the commander during battle. They are responsible for engaging the enemy by tracking and reporting their activities and directing the employment of weapon systems to the enemies’ location.
  17. 17. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 17 C reeping through thegrasslands and fields of Fort Riley,‘Pale Rider’ scouts of the 4thSquadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment,1st Armored Brigade CombatTeam, pushed forward in mountedand dismounted patrols as part of asquad tactical exercise on August22. The exercise, which beganAug. 20, included the entire Troopas they returned to the basics ofsupport and reconnaissance. Cavalry scouts serve as theeyes and ears of the commanderduring battle. They are responsiblefor engaging the enemy by track-ing and reporting their activitiesand directing the employmentof weapon systems to an enemylocation. “A scout’s mission is recon,”said 1st Lt. Robert Heds, a platoonleader in Bravo Troop. “They mon-itor the enemy’s presence… andassess their strengths and weak-nesses so the commander knowshow to better use [the units’] Sol-diers and equipment.” The squadron deployed as aninfantry unit and they performedambushes, clearing operations,and engagements. Heds stated, it’sgreat that the Soldiers get to train Sgt. Kandi Huggins, 1st ABCTin their actual job. Private Jan Buan, wheel vehicle mechanic, with Delta Fire Support Company, inserts The Troops conducted area, the bolt of a B240 machine gun during the 4th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 1stzone, and route recon designed to Armored Brigade Combat Team, squad tactical exercise at Fort Riley on August upon old skills and test their Delta troop is the main logistic piece for the squadron. They focused on supplying fuel to the maneuver troops while training their troops on weapons and systems theytactical knowledge. During a dis- would otherwise be unfamiliar to them.mounted patrol, a platoon coveredabout 4 km of terrain, gathering It pushes them into the realization Kendall Titus. “While the scoutsinformation and signs of enemy that it’s not as easy as it seems.” are working on their recon skills,presence. In regards to the support ele- Delta Troop is testing our sustain- “This is a first time for a lot of ments, the Pale Riders’ Forward ment systems.”the young Soldiers and probably Support Company pushed fuel to Titus said being in the fieldthe largest field exercise they’ve the maneuver troops throughout the helps the newer Soldiers under-experienced,” said Heds. “So the exercise. stand the concept of support whileSoldiers who have been around get “We’re testing our field skills taking them away from their every-to teach the newcomers and see and those we would need in a day distractions.what it takes to control a vehicle. tactical environment,” said 1st Sgt.
  18. 18. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 18
  19. 19. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 19 2-34 STX S oldiers of 2nd Battalion,34th Armor Regiment, 1st Ar-mored Brigade Combat Team,1st Infantry Division, conduct a3 mile march from their battalionheadquarters to Breakneck Lake toperform squad level training exer-cises designed to ensure the unit’sSoldiers were on the same level oftraining. From Sept. 5 through Sept. 7,the Soldiers conducted trainingon movement to contact, reactingto contact, ambush, tactical con-trol points, and how to attack as asquad element. “This validates our squad lead-ers as they receive, interpret, andcarry out an operational order,”said Capt. Chris Minter, AlphaCompany commander, 2nd Bn,34th AR. “They’re allotted onehour to prep what they need, inorder to succeed in their mission.” The training allows Soldiersnew to the unit and the Soldierswho redeployed with the unit fromAfghanistan in Jan 2012, to be onan even playing field. Minter said this is the unit’sfirst time in the field since their Sgt. Kerry Lawson, 1st ABCTredeployment from Maiwand dis- Spc. Jeff Maki, of 1st squad, 1st platoon, Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 34th Armortrict, Kandahar, Afghanistan. Regiment, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, conducts a “During this training they will radio check with the observer control center during the unit’s situational training exercises Sept. 5 through Sept. 7 at Breakneck Lake. The training covered move-be able to build their confidence in ment to contact, reacting to contact, ambushes, tactical control points, and squadhow to train and react as a team,” attacks, enabling the Soldiers to understand how the unit will react, move andRoyd Nuckols, platoon sergeant communicate as a team.for 1st platoon. The Soldiers were taught how Spc. Jeremy Bryant, of 2nd pla- communicate enabled the Soldiersto interpret an operational order toon, 2nd squad, said the training to do better as a team.and hand signals used in the field. benefited the team a lot. “Once the unit is training to “After the training they will “Going through this training standard, it will benefit the battal-have learned how to move to an will enable the new Soldiers to get ion as a whole,” Nuckols said.enemy and assess the enemy’s up-to-par with us and refresh train- The Soldiers of “The Dread-threat level.” Nuckols said. ing that the Soldiers who have been naughts” Battalion endured the It also allows higher command with the unit already had,” Bryant rough terrain and hot weather toto know how well the squad’s ca- said. ensure that each squad became apabilities are after being tested. The training to react, move, and cohesive team.
  20. 20. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 20
  21. 21. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 21 2-34 AR CBRN Chamber Sgt. Kerry Lawson, 1st ABCT Sgt. Greg Scully, a tank gunner for Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 34th Armor Regiment, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, goes step-by-step of knowing each level of Mission Oriented Protective Posture with Soldiers of Headquarter and Headquarters Company 2 Bn, 34th AR, Aug. 27 at the CBRN training site on Fort Riley. Scully ensured that every Soldier knows what article of the MOPP suit is added during each level of alertness. Sgt. Kerry Lawson, 1st ABCT Soldiers of 2nd Battalion, 34th Armor Regiment, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, Sgt. Kerry Lawson, 1st ABCT prepare to enter the gas chamber during the unit’s CBRN training and familiarization at the CBRN training Sgt. Edward Grant, CBRN noncommissioned officer at Head- site Aug. 27. These Soldiers, first had to ruck-march quarter and Headquarters Battery, 1st Battalion, 5th Field Artil- over four miles to the site, where they learned how to lery, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, use and identify chemical agents on M8 and M9 pa- readies the gas chamber for the next group of Soldiers from per, donning the Joint Service Lightweight Integrated the 2nd Battalion, 34th Armor Regiment, who conducted CBRN Suit Technology, proper donning of the M40 pro- training at the CBRN training site Aug. 27. “It’s good to be part mask, and how to react to a chemical attack. While at of a team, because in the gas chamber everyone suffers,” Grant the gas chamber, the Soldiers also had to practice giv- said. Grant also said doing the CBRN training enables the Sol- ing the “gas, gas, gas” call, donning their masks in nine diers to refresh their skills. seconds or less, and evacuate a chemical attacked casualty to a rally point 300 meters away.
  22. 22. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 22NOVEMBER 2012 VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIESEvent: Military Family Appreciation DinnerWho: ACSWhat: set up assistance (will involve lifting tables and chairs from designated pick-up points, loading and un-loading off a truck, and setting up at the clamshell), parking assistants, grill operators & serving line/front linestaff (please complete food handlers safety course through IACH), trash/clean up, 3 puppeteers, period soldier(must fit into regular/regular uniforms), face painting, game staff, set up and cleanup crews. Will also need 3-5volunteers to assist with equipment return on the following Monday.When: November 2, 2012. Equipment pickup/delivery starts at 1000, set up time starts at 1200.Equipment return will be on Monday, November 5, beginning at 0800.Where: Clamshell by IACH (off of Huebner Avenue)POC for this event: Becky Willis @ or vicky.l.martin.civ@mail.milMore information will be available as details are solidified and new events are brought to our attention. Pleaserecord your volunteer hours on VMIS and make sure that you have all of the required documentation in place(DD Form 2793) prior to volunteering.With great appreciation for all that you do,Vicky MartinVolunteer Coordinator239-1376
  23. 23. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 231st Engineer Recon With an influx of new Soldiersthe past few months, the Engineersof Charlie Company, 1st BrigadeSpecial Troops Battalion, 1stArmored Brigade Combat team,created an Engineer recon trainingevent thoughout various locationson Fort Riley Sept 20. The outdoor classroom settinggave the Engineers the visual andtechnical components of calculat-ing the measurements of an over-pass (tunnel), the curve and slopeof a road. “A young Soldier’s job is toexecute what they are told to doand get the job done,” said 1stLt. Christopher Dichiara, platoonleader. “By teaching them thingsthey otherwise wouldn’t learn untilthey are a staff sergeant they willknow the steps of what they are do-ing and that will help them see thebigger picture.” Dichiara said Engineers con-duct recons so their commanderknows the roads and understandswhich vehicles can get through anoverpass, around a curve or over asloped road while traveling fromone point to another. “What keeps mechanized com-bat power moving?” Cpt. JustinStuart, commander, asked his Sol-diers. “Water, fuel, food, logistics,wheeled vehicles. You conductroute recons as tactical scenerios sothe commander and higher knowswhere they can push resupply capa-bilities for maneuver units.” Sgt. Kandi Huggins, 1st ABCT While they work to aid friendlyforces, recons also offer their com- Sgt. Steven Holdren, squad leader, Charlie Companuy, 1st Brigade Special Troopsmander ideas of what can be done Battalion, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, explains how to estimate the height and width of an overpass during an engineer recon training event onto delay or stop enemy forces dur- Fort Riley Sept. 20. Engineers conduct recons to help their commander plan properly foring combat. the movement of maneuver and logistic elements to their objective. “When surveying the land, youwant to give as much detail as whether it’s gravel or a dirt road,possible,” said Staff Sgt. Cook, and any changes to the roads areplatoon sergeant. “Road conditions, vital information.”
  24. 24. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 24 courts-martial in 1st abct Unit: A TRP, 4-4 CAV Charges: Article 85, Desertion Punishment: Forfeiture of $492.00 pay for one month; Unit: 41 En. Co., 1st En. Bn. and to be confined for 30 days Charges: Article 134 (x2), Adultery Punishment: Reduced to E1, Unit: G FSC, 1-5 FA to forfeit all pay and allow- Charges: Article 107, False ances, to be confined for 20 Official Statement months, & to be discharged Punishment: Reduction to from the Service with a Bad the grade of E-3, forfeiture of Conduct Discharge $1,078, suspended to be auto- matically remitted if not va- cated by 26 OCT 12, confine- ment for 14 days Unit: D Btry, 1-5 FA Charges: Article 86 (x3), Absent Without Leave Unit: HHC, 101st BSB Punishment: Reduction to Charges: Article 121, Larceny private (E-1), confinement & Wrongful Appropriation for 21 days Punishment: Reduction to E-1, hard labor & restriction 45 days, bad conduct discharge
  25. 25. september 2012 the Devil’s Corner 25