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  1. 1. 1st Engineer Battalion U.S. ARMY Newsletter 1st Engineer Battalion MARCH 2012 COMMANDER’S COLUMNI hope this newsletter finds our Soldiers and the FRGs,Families doing well as we prepare to enter the that week Inside this issue:spring season. Compared to last year, the winter would notwas calm and quiet – unfortunately, we didn’t have beeneven get a single snow day. Regardless, I hope successful. Commander’s Column 1you have all enjoyed the winter months this year. In closing, I CSM Commentary 2This is a very difficult article to write as it is my want tolast one. I will change command on the 3 rd of thank all ofApril and move to the 1st Infantry Division staff our FRGs Chaplain’s Corner 3where I will deploy for a few months to Afghani- and thestan. I can honestly say that commanding this leadershipbattalion has been the top honor of my career. Family Readiness 4 for each ofThere has been nothing better that I have experi- Group them. There are so many who helped toenced in my 18 years in the Army. Each and make the battalion successful that I won’t listevery one of you made that possible, and Kim names for fear of forgetting someone. Myand I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Volunteer Recognition 5 most enjoyable times were spent at our two Christmas parties, the Halloween Trunk-or- Treat, Apple Days, the Diehard Ball, and onWe have accomplished so many amazing things Hammer 6 and on. I never did anything for these eventstogether. From the recovery and reset from the except explain a vision and then show up. Inlast battalion deployment - to our preparations every case, they were all world class eventsfor the next deployment, this battalion has that everyone enjoyed greatly. Work Horse 7always set the standard that other Army unitsaspire to reach. Probably my best memory withthe Soldiers was the two week field training It has been an honor to know each and every one of you. I thank you for your service to Bulldawgs 8-9exercise that we conducted last summer in June this battalion and to our country. God blessof 2011. It was very intense training, we didn’t each of you and always take care of yoursleep much, but when we completed it, wereached a training level that has not been family and take care of the Oldest and Most Coldsteel 10reached by another Engineer Battalion in years. I Decorated Engineer Battalion in the Unitedcan say that with confidence because I’ve seen so States Army. Until we meet again –many other units over the past 8 years that Assassins 11weren’t given the chance to train on the full spec-trum of engineer missions. We had a window ofopportunity and our leaders and Soldiers took Community Events 12-14advantage of it. I am proud of thoseaccomplishments.I also remember our Diehard Week last yearwhen we hung the 66th combat streamer on ourcolors, unveiled the Diehard Wall of Honor,competed against each other in sporting eventsthroughout the week, and culminated the 165thbirthday celebration with the Diehard Ball. Thatpoint in time was when I believe the cohesionand morale of the battalion reached an incrediblelevel and we were able to build upon that. With-out the incredible support from our Families and
  2. 2. Page 2 1st Engineer Battalion Newsletter CSM COMMENTARYWe have transitioned from our well deserved Christmas leave period into our spring seasonand we have managed to accomplish this safely with everyone coming back from leave readyto accomplish the tasks and training that lies ahead. The hard work of our Soldiers andLeaders daily within this Battalion speaks for itself and it will never go unnoticed. Aftercompleting our Christmas leave we have completed Company Weapons Ranges, DemolitionsRanges, Route Clearance Training, Low Density MOS Training, STT Training and a tough intenseBattalion Squad Competition in which the entire Battalion executed and supported flawlessly.I am convinced that whatever mission that is placed before you will be accomplished becauseof your hard work, commitment and selfless service to our Battalion and to our countrybecause you represent the best that our Army has to offer and I am proud of youraccomplishments. And I want to personally thank you for allowing me the opportunity toserve with you for this short period of time and allowing me to be a part of this Great Team.I can honestly say that I have learned a great deal from every Soldier and Leader within thisBattalion and I hope that I can take what I have learned during my short tenure here to makeme a better leader and a better person.I would also like to thank the Battalion Staff, S-3 NCOIC, Platoon Sergeants, First Sergeants,Platoon Leaders, Commanders and their families for giving me the opportunity to serve withyou and I am very grateful for the support that you have given during my tenure and I wishyou and your families continued success in all of your future endeavors. I have served inseveral units in my career but this will go down as one of the best and I thank you for whatyou do daily. ALWAYS FIRST!!!! DIEHARD !!!! D7
  3. 3. 1st Engineer Battalion Newsletter Page 3Chaplain’s Corner Be Strong inGood day! His Strength It has been a pleasure working with you all as your battalion chaplain for such a short period oftime. Upon this New Year and as many of you continue to carry the torch of patriotism, I wouldencourage you to not miss out on those special moments with your family, friends and to staygrounded in your faith. As I attended one of my soldier’s weddings from down range a few weeksago from the Nebraska National Guard I was introduced to this interesting and yet thoughtprovoking phrase: ―Love is a gift from God, it is the essence of Life and to be united in the love ofGod with one another are we lavished with the meaning of life, for most would think the oppositeof love is hate, but it isn’t, actually the opposite of love is selfishness. To place one’s needs before yourself, to aid a friend, to utilize your time productively and withpassion is what we have been created for. What is your passion? For many of us our passion is themilitary and for some, it is not. The reality of life is that we must always continue to know thatGod is the One who promotes and the one who demotes and within the elements of life we mustalways remember that life is a journey full of adversity, depression, happy moments and joy but inthe waves of life may we continue to know that Jesus Christ is like that anchor in the ocean thatwill keep you secure to the bottom of the ocean floor and even though your little ship may beginto crack or weaken on the course of life’s waves as it crashes against the sides of your ship decks,just know when you are fastened to the Power Source of life (GOD), then are you a winner and aperson who has substance within. Always stay true to who you are, giving honor to your God and to your family values.Remember a demotion could actually be a promotion from God! My father taught me this at ayoung age as he once thought his sales career was over in the late 70’s by some false accusationsfrom another co-worker but actually the very opposite could have been so true as it allotted himto pursue another industry in sales making him ten times more successful. Know that God issovereign and will guide you as you seek Him first. You see my friends it is not what you do, whomakes you who you are but who you are in what you do that makes you. Never lie, always betruthful and honest and make friends that make you better and who don’t bring you down. It isthe pursuit of righteousness that makes you good and true in God’s sight. It is His ways that willmake you that leader, mother, father, and spouse you have always dreamed of becoming. Takecharge of your life! The only person you can control is you and knowthat with Christ all things are possible. Set good work boundaries andrelational boundaries that will establish ways that are prosperous andgood. I hope this note of encouragement has been a delight to yourheart as your eyes are fixed on the Creator rather than the creation!Dream big!―I can do all things through Christ, which strengthens me.‖- King James Version (1611) Philippians 4:13
  4. 4. Page 4 1st Engineer Battalion Newsletter One final vacancy— FSC needs a new Primary Custodian due to a PCS Upcoming Dates FRG Leadership *FRG Company Meetings-Monthly-Get HHC—Co-Leaders– Megan Diamond with your leader for information. and C.C, Chappelle *22-23 MAR 12 — 1 ID Training Holiday *26 MAR 12—72nd FRG Meeting FSC-Leader-2LT Chelsea Habermaas *27 MAR 12—41st FRG Meeting *28 MAR 12— FSC FRG Meeting 41st-Leader-Jennifer Black *30 MAR 12—111th FRG Meeting 72nd-Co-Leaders- *3 APR 12—Battalion Change of Command Brandi Kriegshauser and Brandy Davis *3 APR 12—HHC FRG Meeting or *6 APR 12—Fort Riley Network Meeting 111th-Leader-Michelle Barr *4 MAY 12—Fort Riley Network Meeting *11 MAY 12—HHC and FSC Custodians (CU) & Alternates (AL) Change of Command HHC-CU-Emily Jones-AL-Angela Tate FSC-CU-Amber Walker-AL-Stevie-Rae Ham We have some vacancies, please feel free 41st-CU-Kymberly Dillon-AL-Sarah Devine to jump on board and volunteer. We will 72nd-CU-Courtney Phillips-AL-VACANT also need Key-Callers and Care Team Members. We look forward to hearing 111th-CU-Tequra Washburn-AL-VACANT from you. A special thanks to our volun- teers. We could not do what we do without you. We will have opportunities for fund- raising in May.I have been here for only a few short Be thinking about what you would like to serve for the Die Hard Activities.months. I can honestly say that I feel very Please let me know so I can get your requests in to MWR.blessed to be here. It is my pleasure toserve you as the Battalion Family ReadinessSupport Assistant (FRSA). If I can be of Special Note-You can take the food handlers course online at the hospitalassistance to you in any way, please contact My office hours are typically 9-5, but days it varies due to missionessential requirements. If you have ideasor need resources, I can help with thattoo. I have an open door policy.Respectfully, Rita Burnett
  5. 5. 1st Engineer Battalion Newsletter Page 5 SPC Charles Edwards received VOQ recognition with 4HBCT for 4th QTR. He is in the 41st Company. January 2012 FRG Round-Up Recognitions4HBCT Bracelet Recipients: HHC – Ashley Tate, Emily Jones, Alyssa Gibson, and Kristin Gibson; FSC – Stevie Rae Ham, Amber Walker, and Emily Bowers; 41st – Sara Vaughn, Teresa Reeves, Tracy Elwood, Dawn Floyd, Kymberly Dillon, Larissa Edwards, and Alicia Evans; 72nd – Courtney Phillips; 111th – Michelle Barr. Certificates of Appreciation: FSC – SPC Laurielle Bishop, SGT Dennis Bowers, and SPC Robert Deldeo; 41st – Corey McMillan (teen), 1LT Diamond, 1LT Hattoum, 2LT Dillon, Dakota McMillan (teen), PFC Arce, PFC Banuelos, PFC McKim, PFC Moore, PFC Noller, PFC Ortega, PFC Paige, PFC Taylor, SFC Black, Sgt Elwood, Sgt Herrera, SGT Lichtenstieger, Sgt Brule, SPC Bryant, SPC Devine, SPC Edwards, SPC Henson, SPC Medlock, SPC Perryman,SSG Reeves, SSG Vaughn; 72nd – SPC Lopez, PFC Works, PFC Juhl, SGT Kriegshauser, PFC Sick,PV2 Pena, Jenn Hagg, SSG Hagg, PV2 Clevenger, 1LT McBride, SPC Carll, SPC Duke, SGT Davis;111th - SGT Brian Barber, PFC Allen Branon, PFC Phillip Brunet, PFC Todd Cram, PFC Anthony Elias, PFC Frantz Forestal, PFC Gregor Francis, Christina Gary, PFC Augusta Hubbs, PVT Brett Padgett, PV2 Shawn Perkins, Sandra Rios, Anna Marie Robinson, SFC Kenneth Robinson, 1LT Owen Washburn, SPC Jonathan Wicker, and PV2 Kristopher Ybarra.Charms were also given to FRG Leaders, Custodians, Key Callers, and volunteers with 15+ hours of volunteer contributions. February 2012, Jennifer Black, Julie Fiedler, and Megan Diamond were presented the Patriot Service Medal. They are in the 41st Company.
  6. 6. Page 6 Headquarters Company The HammerHello Hammer Family and friends, It has been a quick minute since the last Company Newsletter andthere is a lot to catch up on. Hammer Company has conducted multipletraining events to include two field training exercises, Diehard Stakes andmultiple weapon ranges since the last Newsletter. The 2011 Holiday Partywas a huge success. Being the humble company that Hammer is, it was thecookie decorating table that was the biggest hit of the party. This upcoming quarter will be fast and furious. There are multipletraining events that involve Hammer. There are also a lot of Soldiers that willbe attending schools and classes to learn new skills for the upcomingdeployment. I can assure you that command will train tough, realistic and to standard while allowing maximum family time for the Soldiers. I must admit, it is with a heavy heart that prior to the next newsletter I will be rotating out of command on 11 May. Mary and I would like to take this chance to thank all of the supportive family of volunteers that made this tour of command so enjoyable. We would like to thank all of you who have volunteered your time. Thanks for a great command, Hammer 6Hammer Soldiers that left usPFC Brunson, SPC GaribNew Hammer Family MembersTucker RayfieldWelcoming new Hammer SoldiersPVT Lumia, SSG Smith, SSG Hall, SFC Davis, PFC Thomas, SSG Wilkes, PFC Leford
  7. 7. Page 7 Forward Support Company WORK HORSE Review It has been long in the making, but it is finally here! We have a new face to the company, and are now called the WORK HORSE!! We have shed the sheep’s skin showing the battalion we are strong and steady and here to support the fight. The WORK HORSE has a hand in everything the Battalion does and is responsible for ensuring they have what they need to complete the mission. The war-fighter has never had it so good! A Bright Future for Maintenance The Maintenance Platoon worked hard before block leave moving the motorpool to it’s new home while maintaining scheduled and unscheduled services for FSC and HHC. InJanuary, 2LT Chelsea Habermaas took over as the Platoon Leader for 1LT Epp, who is nowworking as the XO for 165th Movement Control . The platoon also has a newPlatoon Sergeant, SSG Lonnie Kincaid, who is very excited to take over the position. Theplatoon also welcomed PFC Belt and PFC Pellatier, along with PFC Whyte andPFC Smythers from 41st Route Clearance Company. Recently, Soldiers partook in M916 Driver’s Training, NVG training, and will soon train on the convoy simulators. Over the next couple of months, the platoonwill be extremely busy training up for deployment, our S&R Section will be focusing on training for recovery missions, we will be increasing scheduled services toprepare for LBE turn-in, and many of our Soldiers will attend an array of Army schools. A few Soldiers I’d like to recognize for their tireless dedication to duty are; SGT Smalley, SPC Lang, SPC Palmer, PFC Patterson, and PFC Ledet. Their hardwork has greatly affected the efficiency and morale of the Maintenance Platoon and their continual daily effort does not go unnoticed. -WORK HORSE 86, 2LT Chelsea Habermaas The Distribution Platoon has been working hard behind the scenes the last to 2-34 Armor.couple of months to ensure that the battalion can conduct extensive The Distribution Platoon also planned, prepared and supervised the Obstacletraining while still completing administrative requirements such as supporting Course event during the battalions Diehard Stakes exercise. The eighteen squads ranges, moving motorpools, and turning excess competed to achieve the best time on the nine obstacles to help determine equipment in to the parts program. which squad would be named the top squad of the battalion for Diehard Stakes The Platoon had a huge job in moving the 2012. battalion from the old to the new motorpools. In Along with daily missions, the platoon addition to moving our own equipment, Distro has continued to work hard refining their was responsible for moving nearly 65 tons of abilities on important skills that will be battalions Class IV supplies as well as completing needed down range. Soldiers have been the rigorous EPA inspections and coordination required in order to turn the old motorpool over training diligently on Gun crew certifications, Combat life saver classes, Language courses and convoy training to Upcoming Events! ensure that they are as best prepared asMARCH 3 April: Diehard Change of Command / they can be when we deploy to Change of Responsibility Afghanistan.12– 15 March: Battalion Field Training 16-20 April: Platoon Field Training SupportExercise 23-27 April: Platoon Field Training Support12 March: 10, 17, 24 March: Women’s -WORK HORSE 26, 1LT Jacy Schmidt MAYSelf-Defense Courses 11 May: WORK HORSE Change of Com-19-23 March: Spring Break mand Ceremony19-22 March: Family Resiliency Training FRG Leadership 16-18 May: Diehard Sports Week and29 March: WORK HORSE Field Training We are always seeking new Volunteers for the WORK HORSE Family Battalion Ball on 18 MayExercise Readiness Group. JUNEAPRIL If anyone is interested in supporting your troops, please contact me,2 April-11 May WORK HORSE Change of 1-30 June: National Training Center Rotation CPT Gardner at jacob,b, Inventories 11-14 June: Family Resiliency TrainingI would just like to take a small part of this page to say that the experience I’ve had in leading this company has been a fantastic journey. The challengesthrown at the company were met head-on with WORK HORSE Soldiers who have resourced this Battalion to no end. It is with mixed emotions that Iwill pass on the command of this great unit in May, However, I am absolutely positive that the Soldiers of the WORK HORSE will continue to meet allchallenges head-on as they head to NTC, and the deployment! -WORK HORSE 6, CPT Jacob Gardner
  8. 8. Page 8 41st Engineer Company The Bulldawg TimesFrom the Commander and First SergeantBy: CPT Christopher Adkins and SFC Jason Elwood It has been another busy quarter for the Bulldawgs. January wasfilled with long days and late nights as the Soldiers trained and qualified ona variety of weapons and demolitions. The company also fielded six squadsduring the battalion’s Diehard Stakes Competition. All the squads finishedwithin the top ten. The best performing squads were SSG VanCamp’s Prepping Demo.squad with an overall first place win, SSG Vaughn’s squad with an overallsecond place win, and SPC Celaya’s squad with an overall fourth place.All Soldiers should be proud in how they performed during this intensecompetition. The Bulldawgs once again proved how they dominateeverything they do!!! - Respect All—Fear None—BULLDAWGS!!! Emplacing Cratering Charges. M2 0.50 cal range. Interrogating a possible IED. FMT working hard on the company fleet. SPC Kirby enjoying some hot chocolate. 1st Platoon going to the max. CPT Adkins/CPT Keesling Change of Command On March 8, 2012 I will hand the Guidon off to CPT Matthew Keesling after over eighteen months as the commander of the 41st Engineer Company. I would like to thank all the officers, NCOs, Soldiers, and Families of the 41st Engineer Company for making this one of the toughest, but best experiences of my life. I will never forget you and I wish everyone a great future. The company will welcome CPT Keesling as the new commander and I know the Soldiers look forward to his leadership and experience as the company trains for deployment to Afghanistan. Bulldawg 6 Signing Off—CPT Chris Adkins
  9. 9. Page 9 41st Engineer Company The Bulldawg Times The month of February brought the annual Diehard Stakes competition, a battalion wide 1st Platoon squad level competition. The competition entailed completing nine demanding events over four days, ranging from land navigationto mounted route clearance all while road marching from one event to another. The platoon’s teamconsisted of SGT Brule, PFC Joseph, PFC McKim, PFC Ortega, PV2 Basiaga, PV2 Hershley, PV2 Mackey,and was led by SSG Vaughn. When all the events were complete the team finished in second place, anoutstanding result. The greatest benefits of the competition though are the experience the Soldiersgained from completing demanding tasks under pressure and also knowing now where the platoon hasthe greatest potential for growth. In preparation for Diehard Stakes, 2nd Platoon has been hard 2nd Platoon at work. All types of training have been conducted to ensure the entire platoon was prepared for the challenges of such a difficult and exhausting competition. Long days of land navigation training on TA-24 as well as Leaders Reaction Course and Confidence Course training have been executed to ensure Soldiers were ready for the competition. Ruck marches that felt unending were conducted at least once a week. Additionally, dismounted route clearance training with the use of paintball guns was undertaken. Soldiers enjoyed the fun and challenging nature of using paintball guns and two Soldiers, SPC Paige and SPC Sanchez, were promoted to E-4 while their uniforms were covered with exploded paintballs. But the multiple months of hard and realistic training did not go unrewarded, 2nd Squad, 2nd Platoon took first place in Diehard stakes. To top everything off, 1st Squad, 2nd Platoon placed forth, which is the highest of any squad ran by a Specialist. Such a performance by 2nd Platoon was only made possible because of the expert knowledge of its Non-commissioned Officers as well as the unparalleled dedication and motivation of the Soldiers. For many of the Soldiers, this was the first achievement medal they had received in their young career and for many it will not be 3rd Platoon the last. No better time for training than a beautiful winter day in Ft. Riley Kansas. With ablistering winter temperature of -3, Bulldawg Soldiers of the 41st Engineer Company, 1st Engineer Battalion braved the elements and proved their expertise during a cratering demolition exercise on 19 January 2012. Twenty-two soldiers from 3rdPlatoon led the way by flawlessly executing a successful detonation of a shaping and a cratering charge and coordinating and organizing the range activities to optimize training effectiveness and efficiency. During the day’s events, the soldiers of 3rdplatoon showed their resolve by pressing forward and keeping moral at a maximumthrough teamwork and training. Never stopping to look back and always moving forward, safety remained the priority of the day. ALWAYS FIRST! 4th Platoon conducted Field Leader Reaction 4th Platoon Course (FLRC) training on 8 FEB 12. The FLRC course is made up of many complexobstacles that are based on historical events. Each obstacle has a specific mission and very specificparameters as to what the unit executing the course may and may not do. 4 th Platoon completed thistraining as a way to build unit cohesion and test the ability of leaders as well as Soldiers to solveproblems when given difficult situations. FMT So far 2012 has been a busy year for 41st’s Maintenance Platoon. Several major vehicle repairshave already been conducted, to include replacing the transmission output on the M88Recovery Vehicle and rebuilding the engine on an RG-31. These two major projects werecompleted in conjunction with routine scheduled and unscheduled vehicle services andmaintenance. Though the platoon did not participate in the recent Engineer-focused―Diehard Stakes,‖ they still provided support for the event, to include recovering a stuckBuffalo vehicle. This real-world recovery provided the platoon with more experiencerecovering vehicles they will be working with on the upcoming deployment, as well asgiving them practice at a situation that could easily arise while in Afghanistan.
  10. 10. Page 10 72nd Engineer Company 72nd MAC “COLDSTEEL!” Upcoming FTX: A Quarter in Review The Battalion will begin a Field TrainingThe past month can only be described with one word: busy. The Exercise on Monday, March 12th thatbeginning of February was marked by the change of command between will run until Friday, March 16th. Thethe outgoing commander, CPT Ian Welch, and the incoming focus of the exercise is to train vehiclecommander, CPT Ashton Shoults, on February 9 . The change of crews on gunnery. During the week, thcommand inventories went smoothly, but there was just one bone of the platoons will also be afforded thecontention between the two officers. CPT Welch is convinced that opportunity to conduct Route Clearance Training. At ―o’ dark thirty‖ on Friday, March 16th, the company will return from the field and begin recovery operations before the weekend. Update Corner New COLDSTEEL SOLDIERS Mad Dogs: PV2 Cotes from Wisconsin andthe New York Giants’ Super Bowl victory over the New England PVT Ricks from ChicagoPatriots was his going away present, but CPT Shoults maintains that it Dirty Deuce: PVT Collette from Flower Mound, TXwas his welcoming present. The Giants’ PR department has yet to and SPC Francis from Milford, KS Outlaws: PV2 Meyer and PFC Wilson, both fromreturn our phone calls so we can put it to rest. In other news, the Californiaplatoon’s have done some outstanding training and competed hard in Wrench: 2LT Rumfelt recently is now the PL forDiehard Stakes immediately following the change of command. It was FMT In addition, the mechanics have now integrated anda weeklong challenge centered on the squads that tested every facet of work directly with the platoons, much like theytheir Soldiering abilities as Combat Engineers. After the first ruck will operate during deployment.march, it was apparent to all that the week would be a demanding onethat would challenge their stamina, intestinal fortitude, and ability to Additions SSG Ekis and Cassandra, SPC Fields and Delisa,think under stress. No praise is too high for the level of effort and SPC O’Connor and Isabella, anddedication that the squads put forth. They lived up to the Engineer PV2 DeBoard and Taylor all got hitched!slogan: ―Essayons!‖ Since the competition, the company has been busy SPC Chitwood had a baby boy named Mason,getting ready for the March FTX and sending a lot of Soldiers away to PFC Huber had a baby girl named McKenzie,beautiful Fort Leonard Wood for some schooling on their Sapper and PFC Wilter had a baby boy named Dorian!tasks. Upcoming Events 12-16 MAR: BN FTX FRG Plug: Please come to the next FRG meeting 17-25 MAR: Opportunity Leave (Spring Break) 27 MAR: FRG Meeting on March 27th at 1800. Once deployed, the FRG’s efforts 06-09 APR: Training Holiday (Easter Weekend) will be critical to the morale and welfare of the Soldiers 25-27 APR: BN FTX 18 MAY: CASTLE BALL! and mission success. Please contact Brandy Davis at 760-835-3644 for more info.
  11. 11. 111th Engineer Company Page 11 ASSASSINSThe Assassins have continue’ to clear the wayduring 1st Quarter. We have remained busy andsteadfast as we prepare for our upcomingOperation Enduring Freedom deployment. Inmid-January the Company went to the field inFort Rileys hilly Eastern training areas focusing onroute clearance patrols and ending the week with ademolition and shotgun range. The rest of themonth was followed by machinegun and individualweapons ranges. During February the AssassinsSapper Squads participated in the Annual DIEHARDStakes Squad competition with 1st Squad, 2nd Pla-toon coming in 3rd place overall of 18 Squads in theBattalion. As we enter the month of March theAssassins will be busy with sending Soldiers toschools and conducting a week long field training 111th Soldier firing the M2 .50 caliber Machinegun at Range 7exercise from the 12th to the 16th of March. Therewill be an opportunity leave period from17 to 25 March that is in conjunction with themajority of the Fort Riley area school systemsspring break. As we move towards our deploymentthe Company will continue to gain and lose Soldiersand I would like to welcome all new Assassin familymembers and say thank you to all the families thatwill be leaving us for supporting your Soldier andthe Company. Assassin 6 1st Platoon Buffalo interrogating a possible IED during the Company FTX 111th Soldiers performing pull-ups for DIEHARD Stakes on the new 111th 111th Soldier emplacing a M18 Claymore Mine pull-up tree. during the Company Demolition range
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