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June 2012 1HBCT" Devils Corner" Brigade Newsletter


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The Devil’s Corner 1HBCT Monthly Newsletter is now available and can be found on the 1HBCT webpage on the 1st Infantry Division website at due to the size, please click on the link to read. We are always up and posting new information on FaceBook! Join us on the Official 1HBCT FaceBook Page at

In this issue you will find:

*We are on the web
*Devil 6 Comments
*Devil 7 Comments
*Chaplains Corner
*FRSA Contact Information
*What makes you?
*Soldier highlights
*Victory Week Results
*Devil Stakes
*Calling all Commander and 1SG Spouse Seminar
*Big Red One Soldiers take part in CLS Training
*Gary Sinise and the Lieutenant Dan Band Free Concert
*Defiant Soldiers, Trained, Ready for next phase of Reset
*Dreadnaught Soldier Receives MOVSM with Silver Star
*Custer Hill Golf Course Summer Events
*Army Family Team Building Training
*2012 Summer Kids Series at the Movies
*Band of Brothers
*The US Army Soldier Show – get your free tickets
*Dining Facility Weekend and holiday Schedule
*K-State Extension offers cooking classes
*Victory Week 2012- One to Remember
*Sundown Salute Information
*1HBCT t-shirt and glass sales
*Crimes and Punishments
* Don’t deal with a problem alone. Reach out a helping hand

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June 2012 1HBCT" Devils Corner" Brigade Newsletter

  1. 1. P 11/ Devil Stakes P12 / Big Red One Soldiers P 14/ MOVSM w/ SS P19 / Victory Week 2012Devil Brigade Soldiers compete Dreadnaught awarded Iron Ranger Soldier reveals Take Part in CLS in a Warrior Task and Drill Military Outstanding Volunteer experience during first Victory Ten Soldiers from across thecompetition as part of the Devil Service Medal with a Silver Week and his team’s winning of 1st Infantry Division conduct Warrior Competition Star, the first awarded on the Victory Warrior. combat lifesaver training at Fort Fort Riley, during the 1st ID’s Riley’s Military Schools Facility. quarterly volunteer recognition ceremony. IS006 June 2012 EDITION Victory Cup Winner: Iron Rangers of 1/16 IN, 1st HBCT Victory Week photos begin on page 9
  2. 2. 1/1 HBCT Commander 1/1 HBCT Command Sergeant Major Col. Michael Pappal CSM Thomas Kenny Public Affairs Officer Public Affairs NCOIC1st Lt. Michael Hogans Staff Sgt. Donald Martin Public Affairs Journalist Public Affairs Journalist/Editor Sgt. Kerry Lawson Sgt. Kandi Huggins 1/1 HBCT FRSA Noel Waterman 7232 NORMANDY DRIVE The ‘Devil’ Brigade FORT RILEY KS 66441 Read the Post paper online! KEEP INFORMED AND UPDATED WITH 1ST BRIGADE BY FOLLOWING US ON THESE WEBSITES: 1st Infantry Division and Fort Riley: Click on Units, 1ID Brigades, 1HBCT or just click on this link: Page.aspx?unit=1bct Facebook: vFRG website: Family Members and Approved Personal can also go onto the vFRG and log into their Soldier’s BN’s vFRG site, where more information can be found. ‘Devil’ PAO Email:
  3. 3. 6EVIL D dinates into this category. I Enjoy your 4th of July holiday. expect good leadership for Play hard but play safely. Take our Soldiers and will remove some time to think about why any Leader that is incapable we celebrate Independence Day. of doing that. The freedoms we have and the Sexual assault and sexual responsibilities that come with it.Devils, harassment tear a team up Compare the differences we haveIt is a pretty sweaty summer and as much, if not more, than with what they have in Iraq andit is not even half over. We have a hazing and abuse. They Afghanistan. I know I appreciatelot of good hard training going on tear down the entire team our Constitution much more nowwith most units testing and cer- by damaging every team- than I did 10 years ago.tifying the individual battletasks member’s respect, trust and No Mission Too Difficult, No Sac-trained over the past few months. faith in each other. This is a rifice Too Great, Duty First!!I have seen some great work and zero tolerance area with me Devil6training set up and run by our and I will take action againstSoldiers. This is the foundation perpetrators when reportedthat we will use to build upon for or found. Supervisors whocrew collective and then platoon know that this is going onand company collective offensive and do not stop it are just astraining. I want to take this time culpable as the share a few thoughts that are I am asking for everyone onon my mind from a few incidents the team’s help in combatingthat have occurred to let everyone these team breakers. If youknow where I stand. need help whether medically,Asking for help shows strength. emotionally, or because youIt shows that you want to get are being hazed or abused,stronger to support your team, sexually harassed or as-your family, and yourself. Gutting saulted tell someone in yourout any medical condition will do chain of command. I you donothing but make it worse in the not think that willlong run. Our success depends work please comeon each and every Soldier in the and see me at anyunit. No one should ever stand time and with noalone. If you know someone who appointmentneeds help it is your duty to take necessarypositive action and to let his lead- with noers know so they can lead him to fear ofthe required help. retribu-Respect, up, down, and sideways tion orin the hierarchy of the Brigade is stigma. I wanta bedrock value when it comes to identify andto building strong teams. Hazing, remove thesein any form, does not. Permitting cancers fromit, or ignoring it, does more than the mightyharm the individual being hazed; Devil Brigadeit destroys the teamwork and but I can onlytrust of all Soldiers. I put abuse do it with every-of authority and abuse of subor- one’s assistance.
  4. 4. DEVIL 7 best uphold the same ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that drove our founding fathers to sign the Declaration of Independence their lives in securing the freedoms we enjoy today- don’t waste yours unneces- sarily. This will be my last monthWe enter July with the Com- on July 4, 1776. as Devil 7 as we welcomemander’s cup trophy from Benjamin Franklin, one of CSM Mark and PatriciaVictory Week safely secured our most respected founding Kiefer to the team. It haswith the Iron Rangers of fathers, jokingly reminded been a great year working1-16 Infantry. All battalion his fellow Patriots during the with an awesome team of theteams throughout the bri- signing of the Declaration most professional Soldiers Igade placed in the top three of Independence, “We must, have ever been privileged toin at least one of the numer- indeed, all hang together, or work with. I look forwardous events during the week. most assuredly we shall all to assuming my duties in 4-4Congratulations and job hang separately.” He was re- CAV as Pale Rider 7 andwell done. I hope all Sol- minding them that they need- continuing to serve in thediers had an opportunity to ed to stick together as a team, Devil Brigade. Thanks forenjoy the week of events as fight for what was right, and everyone’s unyielding sup-we celebrated our Army and he wanted them to stay safe in port and hard work over theDivision birthdays. Thanks the pursuit of their cause. last year as we reset the teamfor everyone’s hard work I ask all Soldiers and Family from two theaters of opera-and flexibility that made this members to do the same… tions and move forward withweek such a success. stick together as members of a training.The 4th of July is one of my team every day, fight for what No Mission Too Difficult!favorite holidays. On this is right when you have the No Sacrifice Tooday, we celebrate the birth of opportunity, and always stay Great! Duty First!our nation by spending time safe…especially on holidays! Devils!with family and friends at It’s your duty to keep an eyecookouts, going to parades, on one another and take careand watching fireworks. of those within our ArmyHowever, it’s also important Family. It requires per-to reflect on the significance sonal courage to standof this day when we declared up and be loyal to oneIndependence and stood up another. Remind eachfor the dignity and freedom other to “buckle up”of man. This is a day for us in the car or “grab ato relax, but it’s also a day cab”; plan ahead so youto reflect on those brave don’t find yourself in anAmericans that helped shape unwelcomed situation; andour nation. It’s a day for us don’t let your ego get theto reflect on how we can best of you. Patriots gave
  5. 5. Contact Info: CH (CPT) Ted Parks 785-239-2513 Office: 7232 Normandy Drive 24/7 Line: 785-239-HELP (4357)Potential & ExpectationsA new teacher came to a school and was assigned to teach a class of misfits. She looked at the records leftbehind by the previous teacher and found IQ levels written for each student that were very high. Some were110, 120, and one was even as high as 160. On the first day of class, she addressed the class and said, “Youare all extremely bright and intelligent students, but you are not living up to your potential.” So, she began toexpect from them the kind of performance that their potential demonstrated.After the term was over, their grades had increased and all were making A’s and B’s. The principal came toinvestigate the phenomena and the teacher said, “You didn’t tell me these kids had such high IQ’s.” The prin-cipal looked at her records and replied, “Those aren’t IQ scores. Those are their locker numbers.”All too often, we so easily give up on people, thinking that they are beyond help or hope. We associate poten-tial with test scores or past experience and develop a lowered expectation that fails to develop the full poten-tial of others. Whether it is with soldiers, our children, or those young in the faith, if we encourage and expectgreat things from them, they will rise to the challenge and exceed even their own expectations. Perhaps thegreatest power of leading is the power of suggestion. Dare to suggest greatness!“We must remember that one man is much the same as another, and that he is best who is trained in the sever-est school.” - Thucydides, “The History of the Peloponnesian War”“You really need to like soldiers. You need to the amused at Unit Chaplains Contact Informationtheir humor. You need to be tolerant of their bawdiness. Youhave to understand that they are as lousy as you let them be BDE CH(MAJ) Dissmoreand as good as you make them be.” - General Melvin Zais 785-239-2513“Lucky Eagle” BSTB CH (CPT) Ball 785-279-6836“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” - Proverbs 23:7 BSB CH(CPT) Adriatico 785-239-9530“Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is oldhe will not depart from it.” - Proverbs 22:6 1-16 CH(CPT) Ball 785-240-3111 2-34 CH (CPT) Isfan 785-240-2444 Build resiliency by attending a Strong Bonds event. Here is a tentative schedule of events: 1-5 CH (CPT) Jung - no number 4-4 CH (CPT) Lesh - no number BSTB 29 JUN-1 JUL COUPLES 1-5 20-22 JUL COUPLES 1 EN CH (1LT) Sanders 1 EN 3-5 AUG COUPLES 785-240-5972 BSB 3-5 AUGv SINGLES
  6. 6. Need to contact yourFamily Readiness Support Assistant? (FRSA) 1HBCT Noel Waterman 785-239-2242 1-1 BSTB and HHC, 1HBCT 1-5 FA Helen Day Barb Stanley 785-240-4337 785-239-9288 101st BSB 2-34 AR Hope Stanley 785-239-1772 785-240-6728 1-16 IN 4-4 CAV Liz Tripp 785-239-6687 785-240-4644 1-1st ENG Nina Wilson 785-239-4783
  7. 7. JUNE 2012 page 7 WHAT MAKESYOU SPC Brandon Johnson A Co, 2/34 CAB My wife and being a partPFC Brandon Stott of an awesome squadA Trp, 4/4 CAVMy NCOS who push me. SGT Robert Gonzalez HHB, 1/5 FA My position in the Army. The responsibilities I have makes me think twice before I make a decision I’ll regret. I have Soldiers who look to me to do the right thing so I have to make sure I’m setting an example and exceeding the STRONG PV2 Kesan Slater SFC Elbert Powell 1/16 IN HHC, 1st HBCT The support from my Knowing my job makes a wife and good NCOs is difference and saves the what makes and keeps lives of Soldiers and civil- ians during combat opera- tions.
  8. 8. JUNE 2012 page 8 Soldier Highlights MOVSM w/ SS Dreadnaught Soldier first on Fort Riley to receive iron rangers dmor Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal with Silver Star. see full story on page 14 Defiant Warrior Challenge 1st Place: SGT Welch’s squad, HHC (From Left to Right: CSM Samuel Stoker, 2-34 AR Command Sergeant Major; LTC BSTB Anthony New, 2-34 AR Commander; COL(R) Lynn Rolf, Inductee; COL(R) Gregory Fontenot, Honorary Colonel of the Regiment)Since its activation, the Armor Regiment has provided a program for rec- 2nd Place:ognizing people who made contributions to, or distinguished themselves SGT Baggerly’s squad, Cin service to the Regiment. The designation as a Distinguished Member of Co., BSTBthe Regiment is largely ceremonial and serves to perpetuate the history andtraditions of the Regiment, enhancing unit morale and history. After carefulconsideration, the 34th Armor Regiment chose three individuals to induct 3rd Place:this year: MG(R) Lon E. Maggart, COL(R) Lynn Rolf, and 1SG Timothy SGT Prunty’s squad, A Co.,Delarosa. BSTB
  9. 9. JUNE 2012 page 9 Victory Week 2012 and the winners are... Victory Cup - 1/16 IN Arm Wrestling - 1/5 FA Bowling - 1/1 BSTB Victory Cup events: Weight Lifting - 1/16IN Tug of War - 4/4 CAV Victory Warrior - 1/16 IN Volleyball - 2/34 AR
  10. 10. JUNE 2012 page 10
  11. 11. JUNE 2012 page 11Devil Stakes Calling ALL Commander and 1SG Devil Brigade Soldiers Tackle the Obstacle Course Spouses Have you ever thought about what kind of leader you are? Future or current Company Commander and 1SG’s spouses master the skills needed to take on the role of an informed, involved, productive, and proactive member of the Command Team. Q&A Panel discussion to follow lesson modules *Special weekend and single day classes available.* July 14th 0830 - 1630 Sept. 26th 0830 - 1630 Free Childcare is provided Registration required. To register call ACS Resiliency Learning Center 785-239-9435 Sgt. Kerry Lawson| 1st HBCTSpc. Ethan Lambert and Pfc. Bryan Stough, both medics with Headquarters and Headquarters All classes will be held in the ResiliencyBattery, 1st Battalion, 5th Field Artillery, 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Divi-sion, maneuver their way through the weaver station during the Warrior Task and Drill compe- Learning Centertition at one of Fort Riley’s confidence courses on May 30. Lambert and Stough placed 14th out BLDG 7285 Normandy Driveof the 25 teams that competed from within the brigade. The competition was one part of theDevil Warrior Competition, which began in April, and consisted of a five-mile run, a WarriorTask and Drill competition and a physical fitness challenge, scheduled for early June. Soldiers of the 1st Heavy Bri- Bryan Stough, medics with Head-gade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Di- quarters and Headquarters Battery,vision, competed in a Warrior Task 1st Battalion, 5th Field Artillery,and Drill competition, as part of the the competition was redemption forDevil Warrior Competition, on May them not passing the Expert Field30 at one of Fort Riley’s confidence Medical Badge competition a fewcourses. months ago. The Devil Warrior Competition, “We have been prepping for thewhich began in April, consisted of past three weeks with twice-a-daya five-mile run, a Warrior Task and physical training,” Lambert said.Drill competition and a physical fit- “Stough and I ran four to five milesness challenge, scheduled for early every day and trained for the ropeJune. climb and cargo net wall.” Twenty five, two-man teams, Stough said he and Lambertcomprised of junior enlisted Sol- chose events similar to the obstaclediers, noncommissioned officers course to hone their skills and buildand officers competed. their endurance. The Soldiers scaled an incline “Our platoon conducted anwall, maneuvered over wooden in-house competition to see whohurdles, and completed the compe- would represent our company fortition by evaluating three different the competition,” Stough said. “Thefaux casualties and calling in for a training we had gone through for theMEDEVAC. EFMB competition was still fresh For Spc. Ethan Lambert and Pfc. >> cont. page 18
  12. 12. JUNE 2012 page 12 Big Red One Soldiers Take Part in CLSStaff Sgt. Donald Martin Ten Soldiers from across the1st Infantry Division spent July19 through 22 conducting combatlifesaver training at Fort Riley’sMilitary Schools Facility. All of the Soldiers came fromdifferent backgrounds within themedical field, including a Soldierwho has never been a certifiedcombat life saver. Spc. Cristy Woodruff, Head-quarters and Headquarters Com-pany, 1st Heavy Brigade CombatTeam, 1st Inf. Div., said this wasthe first time she completed a fulland certified CLS course. Wood-ruff said the course was some-thing she was glad to be a part of,and thought every Soldier shouldgo through CLS. “CLS is important becauseevery Soldier should know how tosave their battle buddy’s life whilein combat or in peacetime backhome,” she said“I would want toknow if I was seriously hurt andwas unable to do anything for my-self that the Soldiers to my left andright would be able to stop a bleedand save my life.” Woodruff said she was veryconfident with her skills and therealistic training helps make itstick. “My favorite part of the train-ing was the hands-on,” Woodruffsaid. “A person can read, but reallygetting into the lanes, putting whatyou learned from the book to prac-tice shows what you will be ableto accomplish in each of the timedevents.” >> cont. page 18
  13. 13. JUNE 2012 page 13Defiant Soldiers, Trained, Ready for Next Phase of Reset Sgt. Kerry Lawson 1st HBCTBy Sgt. Kerry Lawson leaders, to monitor their subordi- collective training that’s to come,” nates and see how well they lead Lt. Col. Calkins said. Soldiers of the 1st Brigade Spe- their troops. Lt. Col. Calkins said the unit iscial Troops Battalion, 1st Heavy During the 36 hours of the com- now increasing its operational tem-Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infan- petition these Soldiers were tested po for offensive operations, similartry Division, competed in a Warrior with 10 separate events. to those faced while deployed, to beTasks and Drills competition as part The Soldiers conducted day and able to move the battalion quicklyof the Defiant Warrior Competition night land navigation, disassembled in support of the brigade’s mis-(DWC) on June 6 at Fort Riley’s and reassembled a M4 Carbine ri- sion. Maneuver Area-Juliet. fle, evaluated a casualty, called in The DWC tested the Soldiers a medical evacuation and loaded aon their warrior skills training and casualty into a simulated helicopter.culminated the reset phase from the During the one and half daysunit’s recent deployment to Iraq. in the field, the Defiant Soldiers Some of the key tasks the bat- marched approximately 10 milestalion aimed to accomplish were throughout the course of the com-to accurately assess the battalion’s petition.readiness, maintain the proper re- “It’s all about building camara-sources necessary for training and derie and esprit de corps,” said conduct a physically challenging Steven Holdren, a combat engineer,training event that provided realis- Charlie Company. “My Soldierstic feedback of their Soldier’s pro- have done an outstanding job outficiency in the Warrior tasks and here.”skills. Sgt. Holdren said his newest “This competition is designed Soldier, Pvt. Clark has shown greatto be physically grueling, but also effort in the competition. Clark whoto build a strong bond and cohe- is also an engineer with Charliesiveness within these teams,” said Company has established himself asLt. Col. Samuel Calkins, 1st BSTB a great asset to the team, Sgt. Hold-commander. ren added. Lt. Col. Calkins said this com- “This competition validates thepetition also served as a basis for all training the Soldiers have done in-leaders, from him, down to the team dividually and prepares them for the
  14. 14. JUNE 2012 page 14‘Dreadnaught’ Soldier Receives MOVSM with Silver StarBy Sgt. Kandi Huggins1st HBCT Public Affairs Staff Sgt. Burke Bodie receiveda Military Outstanding VolunteerService Medal with a Silver Star,the first awarded on Fort Riley,during the 1st Infantry Division’squarterly volunteer recognitionceremony at the Riley ConferenceCenter on May 30. He is a squad leader in 2ndBattalion, 34th Combat Arms Bat-talion, 1st Heavy Brigade CombatTeam. The MOVSM is given to Sol-diers who volunteered a minimumof 100 hours. In order to receivethe MOVSM with a Silver Star, Sgt. Kandi Huggins | 1st HBCT Sgt. Burke Bodie, a squad leader in Company A, 2nd Battalion, 34th Combat Arms Battal-Bodie had to volunteer a minimum ion, 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, is congratulated by Commandtotal of 600 hours within the past Sgt. Maj. Thomas Kenny, the brigade’s senior noncommissioned officer, after receiving the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal with a Silver Star during the division’s quar-two years, said Becky Willis, in- terly volunteer recognition ceremony May 30 at Riley Conference Center. Bodie received thestallation volunteer coordinator. MOVSM with a Silver Star, the first at Fort Riley, for volunteering more than 700 hours in the last two years with a homeless veterans’ organization in Columbiaville, Mich. “I’ve volunteered with Othila,Inc. for about eight to nine years,” of his generation. and volunteered to serve his fellowBodie said. “After they tallied “A lot of the vets from OIF and veterans.up the sheets, I had somewhere OEF have a hard time with PTSD, “It feels kind of awkward re-around 2,000 hours but since they and after returning from a deploy- ceiving this award,” Bodie said. “Ionly go back two years for volun- ment, volunteering has been like a shouldn’t be recognized for some-teer time, the hours came out to be self-medication for me because I thing I don’t think is a big deal.over 700.” know I am helping someone doing Instead, recognition should go to Othila Inc., located in Bodie’s a little bit worse than I am to get people who need the help.”hometown of Columbiaville, through (their hard times),” BodieMich., is a non-profit organiza- said.tion that helps homeless veterans Bodie went home during Christ-receive the help they need to get mas, spring break, block leave andback on their feet said Rebecca mid-tour leave during two deploy-Neph, Othila Inc. director. ments to volunteer his time because The organization has found he “doesn’t think there is anythinghomes for over 20 veterans, helped greater than the chance to helpthem get jobs, provided them with one person feel better about them-transportation and assisted them in selves,” he said.getting the mental help they need. Neph said it was awesome Having deployed three times, Bodie received the award becausetwice to Iraq and once to Afghani- he is a veteran himself. It makesstan, Bodie said he has benefitted it all the more sweet because hefrom helping the homeless veterans volunteered to serve his country
  15. 15. JUNE 2012 page 15 Come Join Us... Army Family Team Building Level I (2 classes available) July 10-11 July 14 & 21 (weekend) Chain of Command Benefits & Entitlements Financial Readines Level II August 7-9 Stress Management Problem Solving Intro to Leadership Level III August 28-30 Leadership Styles Delegation Coaching & Mentoring All classes are held in the Resiliency Learning Center 7285 Normandy Drive, Custer Hill from 9am-3pm Free Childcare is provided Registration is required. To register call ACS Resilience Learning Center 785-239-9435 Shark Tale - July 5 How to Train Your Dragon - July 12 Madagascr 2 - July 19 Bee Movie - July 26 Monsters vs Aliens - August 2 Megamind - August 9
  16. 16. JUNE 2012 page 16Band of BrothersSgt. Kandi Huggins Memorial Day. The day thenation honors and remembers itsfallen men and women. A day Sol-diers of the 1st Battalion, 16th In-fantry Regiment, 1st Heavy BrigadeCombat Team, 1st Infantry Divisionpreceded by honoring members oftheir regiment for their service dur-ing their deployment to Afghanistanin support of Operation EnduringFreedom. The ‘Iron Rangers’ honoredStaff Sgt. Jeff Dodds, acting firstsergeant, Bravo Company, and StaffSgt. Aaron Duncan, squad leader,Bravo Co., with Bronze Star Med-als, during an awards ceremony Sgt. Kerry Lawson| 1st HBCTheld on May 24 in the company ar-eas of the Iron Rangers. “I felt honored to receive thisaward,” Duncan said. “After theceremony all my Soldiers came upto shake my hand and I told them,hey this is for all of you.” Duncan said the award was froma culmination of events and was not Sgt. Kandi Huggins| 1st HBCT Staff Sgt. Aaron Duncan, squad leader, Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry Regiment,an individual award. His squad and 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, returns a salute to Col. Michael Pappal,the Marine Special Forces and Navy brigade commander, during an awards ceremony held on May 24 in the battalion’s companies areas. Duncan received a Bronze Star Medal on behalf of the Soldiers deployed with him at theSeals with them were in over 100 Darry eh Bum site in Afghanistan. “I felt honored to receive this award,” Duncan said. “After the ceremony all my Soldiers came up to shake my hand and I told them, hey this is for all ofengagements with insurgents whom you.”they fought and, very tactically,pushed back every time. In actuality, with everyday ment. He also worked in direct link From day one, as soon as they contact, the number of times his with the Army OD-A team, or Spe-hit the ground at Darry eh Bum, group pushed the insurgents back cial Forces, and overall, workedDuncan said they were in a firefight. was well over 100 times and his supporting the mission of the bat-Every day at four p.m. he said they group suffered zero friendly casu- talion.knew what to expect. alties, except for one rolled ankle. “This is my job and I love doing “We got there Feb. 12 and that Dodds also said it was a great it,” Dodds said.was the first time we’d gotten con- honor receiving a Bronze Star. The various successes of theirtact and a first time for a lot of my While deployed, Dodds took missions and their contribution toguys,” Duncan explained. “It was half of a platoon under his men- OEF would not have been possiblea way to break reality to them that torship and leadership and served without their brotherhood and di-you are here, you’re here and this is as acting platoon sergeant for the versity of training, Duncan said.what’s going to happen.” duration of the 12-month deploy-
  17. 17. JUNE 2012 page 17>> cont. from page 12 enough to aid us in prepping for this competition.” Lambert and Stough started as the 10th team and finished the entire course in just under 17 minutes, placing 14th. The team pushed themselves both physically and mentally to complete the entire course for accuracy and time without get- ting any time deductions. “We competed not just for redemption for the EFMB com- petition, but because we wanted to,” Stough said. “We wanted to complete the course to show our pride and rise above our past failure.”>> cont. from page 14 Soldiers were put to the test to evaluate their skills in many areas, including checking for responsiveness, finding and sealing all wounds, placing a tourniquet and calling in a nine-line medevac. This was also a fairly new course for the instructor, Sal Portelli, who was only teaching his fourth course. Portelli said CLS is nothing new to him, though. “I was in the Air Force as a pararescueman, and I had to use my skills to treat all sorts of inju- ries such as IED blasts” Portelli said it was important for Soldiers to grasp the concepts of CLS because the more they remember, the better the chances of more wound- ed service members making it home. “We’re trying to get 100 percent of the troops trained so that when they’re downrange and someone gets hurt, chances are there won’t always be a medic around (This sentence doesn’t make sense. I get what he’s trying to say, but the second part of the sentence doesn’t match the first. Here’s how I re-wrote it: Officials want all troops to receive CLS training because there are chances a medic won’t always be around if some- one gets hurt, Portelli said “If these guys need to use their skills one day, they’re going to be able to save their buddy,” he said.
  18. 18. JUNE 2012 page 18
  19. 19. JUNE 2012 page 19 Victory Week 2012 One to RememberBy Chase Jordan, The Daily Union “It’s an opportunity for them to the Army and being a part of it is learn about this great division,’’ something everybody should be Regiments of Soldiers covered MacWillie said. ‘’We talk a lot proud of,’’ Fuller said.Fort Riley’s Custer Hill Parade about these patches that we wear Capt. Alexander Werner fromField Thursday morning to cel- and we talk a lot about the heritage. the 1st Battalion, 16th Infantryebrate their history and cheer on When they get to see it, hear it and Regiment was victorious in histheir comrades. touch it, I think it makes a big dif- involvement in the Victory Warrior As a part of Victory Week 2012, ference.’’ Competition. The event consistedthe 1st Infantry Division held the During the birthday celebra- of a 12-mile foot march with bodyVictory Cup Awards Ceremony. tions, soldiers and attendees re- armor and other infantry-related-The weeklong event included ceived a history lesson while sol- skills. Werner is new to the divi-sporting events and ceremonies to diers wore uniforms from different sion and celebrated his first Victoryhonor soldiers. eras. Week. After participants received Chief Warrant Officer II Gor- ‘’From what I’ve seen so far,awards and recognition for ac- don Fuller and Chief Warrant it’s a week to celebrate the divi-tivities such as weight lifting, flag Officer III Tony Mercado won the sion’s almost 100-year history,’’football and tug of war, the Big paintball tournament. They enjoyed Werner said. ‘’It’s taking a breakRed One celebrated its 95th birth- the camaraderie and the cohesion from the grind of normal training,day and the U.S. Army’s 237th amongst the units. getting out and having some funbirthday, as well. ‘’It’s all about being a part of and letting off some steam and Brig. Gen. Donald MacWillie the Big Red One, the best division celebrating who we are.’’said it helps connect the soldiers to in my opinion,’’ Mercado said. His regiment received the divi-their past, which makes it a little Fuller agreed and enjoyed the sion’s Victory Cup for having themore special to serve in this divi- birthday celebration as well. highest score from competitionssion. ‘’There’s a lot of heritage in throughout the week.
  20. 20. JUNE 2012 page 20
  21. 21. JUNE 2012 page 21
  22. 22. JUNE 2012 page 22 Sundown Salute July 3-7 in Junction CityJUNCTION CITY - The largest free Independence Day celebration in the state of Kansas is coming to JunctionCity July 3 to 7 at Heritage Park. Kicking off with a Military Appreciation Day July 3, Sundown Salute willinclude a variety of Family fun, including carnival rides, vendors and crafts, a parade, car show, a 10K run anda mud bogz driving experience. Nikki Davies, activities chair, Junction City Geary County Area Chamber ofCommerce, said the planning experience has been quite a ride so far, and the event will offer plenty of activitiesfor children to enjoy. Live entertainment is scheduled throughout the five-day event.The following bands will take the stage: July 3 . Landslide, the tribute to Fleetwood Mac . Double Vision, a tribute band to Foreigner . Think Floyd, a tribute to Pink Floyd July 4 . Hells Bells, the tribute to AC/DC . House of the Holy, a tribute to Led Zeppelin . Blackwater, a tribute to the Doobie Brothers July 5 . Mark Schultz, Christian singer/songwriter July 6 . Dead or Alive, a tribute to Bon Jovi . Silver Bullet, a tribute to Bob Seger . Edge of Forever, a tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd July 7 . Outlaw Junkies . Women of Rock, a tribute . Uncle KrackerNovelty booths and performers, including a master pumpkin and watermelon carver, magic and yo-yo shows,and medieval swordplay and war-craft demonstrations also will be available. A fireworks extravaganza isscheduled for 10 p.m. July 4 in Heritage Park.For more information on Sundown Salute, visit By Pamela Redford, 1st Inf. Div. Post,
  23. 23. JUNE 2012 page 23 Brigade still has some extra glasses left over from the Brigade Dining- In and looking to recoup some money spent on them. Brigade is selling them for $2/glass! They would make great gifts, even if that gift is for you!!!! We will not mail these, not a fundraiser. Please bring exact change for the # of glasses you would like to purchase. POC: PFC Oudman at Brigade, CMD Sec.
  24. 24. JUNE 2012 page 24 Crimes and Punishments F FSC, 101st BSB A CO., 2-34 AR Offense: Wrongful use of Offense: Wrongful use marijuana of marijuana Sentence: Reduction to Sentence: Forfeiture grade E1; confinement for of 994.00 pay; confine- 14 days ment for 30 days