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CHECK US OUT ON FACEBOOK JUST CLICK “Special Troops Battalion, 1st Sustainment Brigade”            Special troops battalio...
BATTALION COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR                                          RELIABLE 7Dear Reliable Soldiers and Family Memb...
HHC, STB        Family, Friends and Soldiers of HHC, first and foremost, your Soldiers are safe, secure and ingood spirits...
11TH QUARTERMASTER COMPANY    11th Quartermaster Detachment   Continuing to provide world class support thismonth, we rigg...
33RD FMSUSPC Short, SPC Byrd, and SGT Hughes pose             SPC Short, SSG Akers, SGT Hughes, and SPC Bartley      befor...
60TH ORDNANCE COMPANY       With less than two months left in theatre most Soldiers from the 60th Ordnance Company are com...
147TH HUMAN RESOURCES COMMAND        It is with great pleasure that the 147th Human Resources Company, Headquarters elemen...
215TH MILITARY POLICE             As the curtain falls upon our journey on Bagram, we take a moment and contemplate thesum...
267TH SIGNAL COMPANY        Another month in Afghanistan has passed, and the Warbirds have been working hard maintainingco...
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Stb newsletter volume_ii


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Reliable November Newsletter

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Stb newsletter volume_ii

  1. 1. CHECK US OUT ON FACEBOOK JUST CLICK “Special Troops Battalion, 1st Sustainment Brigade” Special troops battalion, 1sb BAGRAM AIRFIELD, AFGHANISTAN Reliable Newsletter STB NOVEMBER 2012 – volume II BATTALION COMMANDER RELIABLE 6Dear Reliable Soldiers and Family, It has been one month since our last newsletter. As we work hard in Afghanistan,it is incredible just how much we have accomplished in such little time. Along the way,we always take time to recognize outstanding performances by our Soldiers. I had thepleasure of seeing Soldiers get promoted, congratulated them on their birthdays,recognized Soldiers with Certificates of Achievement and Army Achievement Medals,and we have also reenlisted outstanding Soldiers. It is astonishing how our Soldiersselflessly reenlisted in the Army to continue supporting our great nation during ourtime of need. The call that our Soldiers answer is equally answered by the familymembers that support them. Recently, the Army was accepting charitable contributionsfrom our Soldiers during the Combined Federal Campaign. This is a time where Soldiers can donate any amountto a variety of charities. The Reliable family collected over $22,000 in support of some very worthy charities.Needless to say, this is another example of our Soldiers service to our great nation. I would also like to take a moment to let you know that as super storm Sandy was getting ready to hit the eastcoast, the company First Sergeants contacted each and every Soldier that might have had family in that region. Wewanted to ensure that every Soldier had an opportunity to call loved ones and family in those regions to ensurethey were all right. Even though we are in Afghanistan, we continuously monitor events in the U.S. that mightaffect our Soldiers. Trust me when I tell you that our Soldiers and anything that might affect them while we aredeployed are my number one concern and priority. I am amazed at how quickly our Soldiers have integrated themselves into the mission. The CSM and I havemade our way to most of the locations we have Soldiers in order to see firsthand the amazing job our ReliableSoldiers do each and every day. Every location I have visited has exceeded my expectations and I will continue tovisit our Soldiers until I get to every location. This month we celebrate Thanksgiving and I would like to ask that that the Reliable Family take a moment toreflect on what each and every one of us are thankful for. I am personally thankful for the hard work that everyReliable Soldier contributes to our mission in Afghanistan and for all of our Family members back at home thatsupport us. Without the support of our Army Families, we would not be able to focus on our mission and assistthe Afghan people. A special thank you to our Rear Detachment Cadre and Staff that continue to do an amazingjob back at Fort Riley. Keep up the great work. From the Reliable Command Team, we wish you and your familiesa very happy Thanksgiving Holiday. Respectfully, Task Force Reliable takes first LTC Charles A. Stamm SPC Pilkington instructs during the place in the Sword Challenge. “Reliable 6” TF Reliable Combatives class. 1
  2. 2. BATTALION COMMAND SERGEANT MAJOR RELIABLE 7Dear Reliable Soldiers and Family Members, Let me start off by telling you that our Service Members are some of thebest Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen that I have had the pleasure to work with. I amsimply amazed as I reflect on our accomplishments over the past month. Our sister battalion, the 548th CSSB, held a competitive event known as theSword Challenge. In this event, 4 person teams competed in various events in the two day challenge. An invitation was sent to me personally asking if I had anyteams that wanted to compete, big mistake. As the new battalion in town,apparently they thought we wouldn’t be up to the challenge. I quickly passed theword and we came up with four Reliable teams to send to this challenge. We went into their home and smokedthem! On the second day, the Reliable teams ended up placing in 1st (HHC, STB), 2nd (C/106th), and 4th (HHC,STB) place. Other accomplishments included promotions, awards ceremonies, reenlistments, and redeploymentfor some units. This month we celebrate Thanksgiving. For many Service Members it will be their first away fromhome, while for others it will be another holiday in a far away land. Regardless, I want everyone to know thatwe will celebrate Thanksgiving in Afghanistan as a Family. I will personally be serving turkey to our ServiceMembers as I thank each and every one of them while they walk through our dining facility. I would ask thatour Families and friends at home take a moment and think about our Soldiers as you and your families gatheraround the table to celebrate Thanksgiving. I am thankful for all the support you provide our Service Membersevery day. As I travel around the different bases, I enjoy speaking to Service Members. I have found that if I’mopen and honest with them, they will tell me what is on their mind. This allows me to maintain an open line ofcommunication with them and helps me identify issues that might need my involvement. Rest assured that ifany Service Member has an issue, I will resolve it. Equally as important is for you to speak with your ServiceMember. Communication reassures both the Service Member and their Family that things are going well. Besure to keep the lines of communication open. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving holiday! Respectfully, CSM Thomas R. Moore “Reliable 7”SFC Leon in the tire flips competition. “Always Reliable!” SFC Leon, CW2 Bridgham, SFC Lockhart and SPC Meyers ruck march to 1st place. REQUEST FOR THE NEWSLETTER BY EMAIL:
  3. 3. HHC, STB Family, Friends and Soldiers of HHC, first and foremost, your Soldiers are safe, secure and ingood spirits. Much has taken place in the last month. The month started with HHC hosting a BrigadeCombatives Training Course training 12 Soldiers. Other training at the company included a M16, M4,M9 Range an APFT, and Equal Opportunity Training. At the same time, while still performing their dailymission each section has been working hard to increase their own Soldiers individual proficiency withintheir Military Occupational Specialty. It is my honor to announce to you all that our Executive Officer 1LT Sam Weber was selected tobecome the International Security Assistance Forces G4 Aide-de-camp. This is a great honor for us andat the same time it saddens us to lose such a good officer within our formation. Sam took on theresponsibility with the same energy and enthusiasm we all know him for; he will do a great job. We had two teams participate in the 548th CSSBSword Challenge, Team 1 with SFC Lockhart, SFC Leon,SPC Meyers, & CW2 Bridgham, and Team 2 with CPT Yee,CPT Taylor, CPT Birkel and CPT Knyshev. Thiscompetition was designed to test the mental and physicaltoughness of our Soldiers and consisted of a tire flip, sandbag carry, mile run, pushup, sit up, two mile relay, six mileruck march, and litter carry events. Our teams placed 1st and4th out of 18 teams competing. Great job to both of ourteams for their hard work and determination! One of the non-standard missions our Soldiers have embraced is that of running a HumanitarianAssistance Yard. This three acre yard is home to 162 containers filled with items to distribute to the localpopulation. Just some of the items include sweaters, heating coal, vegetable oils, rice, flour, and schoolsupplies. These items are an essential part in the Counter Insurgency Strategy and build the trust of thelocal population. Upon our arrival it was determined the yard needed much work and through thededicated efforts of SFC Remily, SSG Lopez, SSG Dettmann and SGT Kiad they have managed to bringthe yard up to standard in less than a month. To date, they have sent out more than $30,000 worth ofmuch needed humanitarian supplies and equipment within our regions and will continue to increase theirdistribution volume in the months to come. Great work by some hard working HHC Soldiers! On the first of November we had an Awards andPromotion Marathon. 30 Soldiers received Certificates ofAchievement for scoring 270 point on their last Army PhysicalFitness Test at Ft Riley. We presented 12 Good ConductMedals and promoted nine junior enlisted Soldiers.Additionally this month we had the honor of promotingThomas Skinner to Sergeant First Class and Alicia Grados toCaptain. Throughout the last month we also had 14 moreSoldiers reenlist totaling 24 since deploying. Best Regards to you all, “VAN” “TOP” C.P. VAN DELIST ROBERT P. MCELYEA Captain, Logistics First Sergeant, U.S. Army COMMANDING FIRST SERGEANT 3
  4. 4. 11TH QUARTERMASTER COMPANY 11th Quartermaster Detachment Continuing to provide world class support thismonth, we rigged and dropped 1,001 ContainerDelivery Systems (CDS), low cost low altitude(LCLA), and Joint Precision Airdrop Systemsweighing 1.3 million pounds which consisted ofvarious supplies. We performed a total of 73missions in support of 19 Forward OperatingBases (FOBs) throughout the Combined JointOperations Area. Always thriving for excellence, three NCOsand five Soldiers received recognition by bothcertificates of achievement and coins fromBrigadier General French (Joint SustainmentCommand-Afghanistan Commanding General) fortheir devotion and dedication to mission successthroughout the entire deployment. Newlypromoted, CPL Foose immediately stepped upand filled the duty positions of Squad Leader andLane Chief as he displayed his ability and desireto accept levels of greater responsibility. We alsohad SGT Apatang dedicate four more years ofservice to our Nation as she re-enlisted thismonth. This month we maintained a high level ofmotivation as we prepare to close out anextremely rewarding, memorable, and proudexperience. We remain focused in preparation toreceive 647th QM as they will be assumingresponsibility of the Aerial Delivery mission nextmonth. “ALL THE WAY” 1LT Carrea Johnson Detachment Commander General French presents awards to 8 well deserving Soldiers. 4
  5. 5. 33RD FMSUSPC Short, SPC Byrd, and SGT Hughes pose SPC Short, SSG Akers, SGT Hughes, and SPC Bartley before running the Zombie 5K. take a break from work to pose for pictures. October 31st can be a scary time or a really fun one. The 176th Financial Management SupportDetachment (FMSD) decided to make it a little bit of both. Halloween 2012 started early with a 5K run at0600 sponsored by the local USO. After the run, daily operations began with one fun twist. Customers coming into the finance officewere greeted with fun costumes and festive Halloween decorations. Throughout the day pictures and jokeswere the common theme amongst the soldiers of the 176th FMSD. Mission readiness and completion has been the primary focus for the detachment since arriving inAugust. However, being able to have fun awakens a newfound love for helping customers every day.Leaders aim to create a comfortable and fun atmosphere for every soldier serving with them. According to SPC Michael Byrd, a Financial Management Support Team cashier with the 176thFMSD, “The customers loved coming into our office. Customers forgot it was Halloween, and it was greatseeing everyone participating. The customers had fun, we had fun, and it was a great day.” The Soldiers of the 176th FMSD work hard every day. They have continued to push themselves andtheir peers to be the best office, serving the best customers in Afghanistan. It seems that they are ahead ofthe game and continually pushing themselves to become the very best they can be. 5
  6. 6. 60TH ORDNANCE COMPANY With less than two months left in theatre most Soldiers from the 60th Ordnance Company are comfortablewith their daily routines working in the yard of the ASP. Not so much for one young engineer, Private First ClassLeady, whose mission has changed out here from week to week. Although he may be one the youngest Soldiers in the company, PFC Leady has gained valuableexperience in his MOS while deployed with the 60th Ordnance Company at Bagram. He has performedhorizontal engineering by helping with the construction of the solar shades in the In Bound/ Out Bound Yard. Hehas helped with a handful of carpentry projects, from building stair cases, to decks, to constructing a roof overthe residue section. Most recently he has honed his skills specifically to his MOS which is horizontalconstruction by helping the Seabees re-build the berms out in the ASP. PFC Leady has also earned his Level Icertification in Combatives and was even recognized by the instructor and BN CSM for his superior performancein the class and looks forward to taking Level II in Dec. PFC Leady said he joined the Army to become moreefficient as an engineer, construction has always been a passion of his while growing up. He is excited to get outof his small hometown and see what the world has to offer.PFC Leady donning his full battle rattle PFC Leady congratulating a fellowin an exercise to test ASP security. engineer on his AAM, an award they all received for constructing the solar shades in the ASP 6
  7. 7. 147TH HUMAN RESOURCES COMMAND It is with great pleasure that the 147th Human Resources Company, Headquarters element, wasable to welcome our replacements, the 444th Human Resources Company, on 5 November 2012. Theyarrived in theater with 14 of their 19 personnel and the other five were not far behind, arriving on 12November 2012. The Soldiers from the Headquarters element make up the team in Bagram and the team at FOBFenty. It has been a long year and we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We weremobilized in Minnesota on 3 December 2011 and spent the next month training at Ft. Dix, New Jersey.We arrived in Manas on 3 January 2012 and finally in Bagram on 7 January 2012. During command our team was comprised of Service Members at nineteen different locationsfrom three different branches of Service: the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force, making us the onlyJoint Unit within the Brigade. We have overseen the RIP/TOA of five postal platoons, two CasualtyLiaison Teams (CLTs), one Air Force Personnel Accountability Team (PAT), and the curtailing of asecond Air Force PAT team. We processed over 300 awards, 150 leave packets, 27 demob packets, and over 20 PR&Cpackets, ensuring all FOBs had the required NTVs and MHEs needed to ensure mission accomplishment.The Bagram APO oversaw the generation of over $3.1 million in revenue and the processing of over 9million pounds of retrograde mail (going back to the United States). The Regional Mail DistributionCenter (RMDC) oversaw the movement of over 25 million pounds of prograde mail (coming in totheater) and over 7.5 million pounds of retrograde mail coming in from the outlying locations. Thepersonnel at FOB Fenty APO oversaw the generation of over $685,000 in revenue, received over 3million pounds of prograde mail, and pushed out over 1.4 million pounds of retrograde mail. All of this was accomplished successfully and without any backlog. The members of the 444thHR Company, Headquarters element, will do great things here. Not only do they come with a wealth ofpostal knowledge as most of them have prior deployment experience in a postal environment, butbecause they are also falling in on a great team. “Always Ready” MAJ Jackie Stenger Commander Soldiers of the 444th HR CO zero their rifles during RSOI training after arriving in Bagram. 7
  8. 8. 215TH MILITARY POLICE As the curtain falls upon our journey on Bagram, we take a moment and contemplate thesummit of our long but exciting endeavour towards yet another milestone achieved by the 215th MP Det andtheir mighty Enforcers. During the last few weeks of wrapping things up, leaving strong foundations for the396th MP Det., the Enforcers and its Operations Section have concentrated their efforts in guiding the RC-North and RC-South AOR’s Main Customs Operations under one cohesive standard and procedure. Theywere properly advised of SOP changes and recent modifications to the CCR 600-10. Our Operations NCOIChas provided purpose, direction and guidance to the newly graduated USDA agents stationed in FOBSharana, where a new USDA program is currently being implemented. All Customs guidelines, SOPs, formsand regulations have been forwarded to this new team in order for them to be successful in the task at hand.All of this guidance provided and support efforts are part of the initiative spearheaded by the mighty 215thMP Det Enforcers and their constant desire to improve and build upon an already sensitive but vast Customsprogram that currently extends its reach along the entire CJOA. This has been our main goal since we arrivedback in January 2012 and as our time comes to an end, we can only hope that this legacy will serve as astrong foundation for Units to come. It has been a pleasure and a real honor to be part of this unique mission whose main purpose is tosafeguard the security of our great warriors and the safety of our homeland. Our Operational numbers for theyear reflect upon the long and cumbersome path that now lays behind us shattering all previous records setby our predecessors: 1,200 Flights, 61,500 Passengers, 190,000 bags, 1,200 Connexes, 8,500 Containers,2,400 Pallets, 22,000 contraband / prohibited items seized thru our Amnesty program and 4,500 Customersserviced thru our Customer Service Counter. All of this meeting the already thousands of pounds ofequipment cleared to arrive back in CONUS, playing an important part of all Units’ re-deployment process. On behalf of the entire 215th MP Det Family, I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the 1STBand all Units’ that have supported our mission during the last year. It has definitely been a great adventurebut as all good things in life must come to an end, there is no real ending of our story but just anothercampaign in the long lineage of this great Unit history. We wish you all a safe time in Afghanistan and aMerry Christmas among your Brothers and Sisters in arms. GOD speed and good luck wherever life takesyou from here. SSG (P) Fabian Rodriguez Detachment Sergeant Unit Public Affairs Representative SPC (P) Melendez, Luis from the CPL Ormaza successfully performs 215th MP Det goes thru one of the the side arm clinch on his opponent. many interactions required to graduate from Combatives Level I Course FOB Sharana. 8
  9. 9. 267TH SIGNAL COMPANY Another month in Afghanistan has passed, and the Warbirds have been working hard maintainingcommunications for their various sites. We have also had some changes in leadership this month. Iwant to bid farewell to SFC Donald Mays and welcome 1SG Michael Boswell to the team. Over thebetter part of the last year, SFC Mays dedicated his time to the Warbirds preparing us for deployment toAfghanistan. He was with the company during all of the pre-deployment training events and he pushedus out of Ft Riley to Afghanistan. SFC Mays enjoyed challenging the company during the morning PTsessions with quick runs and several sets of pushups. But most of all, he liked working with the Soldiersand mentoring the NCOs. We all want to say thank you for your service and best of luck on your futureendeavors. As we say goodbye to a proven Signaleer, we welcome another proven Signaleer who comes to uswith many years of signal experience, 1SG Boswell. Speaking for myself and the rest of the company,we are excited to work with you and want to welcome you and your Family to the Warbirds. Over the past month, the company has been occupied maintaining our fleet of vehicles, installingradio equipment, and training other units on their communications equipment. We sharpened our basicSoldier skills with weapon ranges, classes, drivers training, and physical training (PT) sessions. Trainingaside, we competed in a few events and broke up the usual routine of tower guard and equipmentmaintenance. The company competed in the 378th CSSB Soldier and NCO of the Month Boards, winning bothboards. Congratulations to SGT Singleton and SPC Jacobson who won their respective board and willcompete in the next quarterly boards. I am proud of both of them and anticipate more victories in thefuture. SGT Trowbridge, SGT Scott, SPC Fluker, and SPC Gardner reenlisted, and I was pleased to seeeach of these great Soldiers stay in the Army. Next week, the company will execute the PT Challenge event, which will consist of severalcalisthenic events with a battle buddy around a 1.2 mile course. The PT Challenge will test Soldiers’fitness levels in addition to their ability to work as a team. After the challenge, we will have ourThanksgiving meal, give thanks, and reflect on all the things that are important in our lives.Thank you to the Families back in the States for your continued support. Sincerely, Oliver B. Highley Commander Signal Soldiers qualifying at the Farewell for 1SG Mays. 240B range. 9