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Artist picture analysis


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Artist picture analysis

  1. 1. Nicole TongeArtist analysis. Ke$ha The colour of this is image is bright and light, making the artist centre of attention as she is the only thing we can see so in main focus. All we can see is the artist who is covered in glitter; her arm is in soft focus so her face is even more in focus. The top of her head has been chopped of so her face is in even more focus to the audience. Nero The picture has been done with a sapphire effect, which means not a lot of colour, this makes the picture come across as dark, therefore creating a sense of mystery between this band, the artist are also wearing dark clothes and have a shadow covering one side of both their faces, this continues to create a sense of mystery between the artists. One of the artists is looking directly at the camera while the other one looks away, this suggests he is the leader and the most powerful as he is the one looking directly at the audience. The smiths This is image is in black and white, this suggests a cool and mysterious vibe about the group, each one is looking directly into the camera, suggesting everyone is equal in the group and they have a shared responsibility. The artists are also wearing light clothes, keeping a light and happy atmosphere about the picture.
  2. 2. Nicole Tonge Rihanna This image is bright and the artist is clearly the centre of attention, there is faint glow around the artist, almost making her come across as innocent, but this creates the artists body as the centre and main focus of the image, she is wearing black underwear suggesting a more sinister side to the artist, also the shadow could represent two sides to the artist. The artist is not concentrating on the camera; she is sipping on a drink, suggesting this is casual to her, as if this is what she does in her own time, making it more realistic. Beyonce This image is bright and fun, the artist is throwing her hair around suggesting she is having fun and not taking herself to seriously, the image is from her waist up, so her face isn’t the main focus. The artist is looking directly into the camera so connecting with the audience, this allows the audience to get a feel of the artist and relate to her. The image is an innocent picture more about fun than sexualisation which is what the audience will relate to.