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What kind of media institute may distribute my product and why


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Media question 3

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What kind of media institute may distribute my product and why

  1. 1. What kind of media institute may distribute my product and why?
  2. 2. What is an institute? A media conglomerate, media group, or media institution is a company that owns numerous companies in various mass media; i.e. television, radio, publishing, motion picture, and the Internet. They can do this by publishing DVDs. They can be spread internationally or locally, and is sent out to shops. Institutions can help with funding and money problems.
  3. 3. Stages of production Someone starts off with an idea, they go to a company and present this idea. It normally is presented in the form of a story board. Then the storyboards help with casting and script making. It then helps with deciding the locations. After filming at them locations editing them begins, at this point they can see if certain shots need re shooting. Then it would be finalized then released as a dvd or straight to the TV if so preferred.
  4. 4. Companies After looking and finding a few examples of the same genre, gone girl, lucy and limitless. Both Sony or Universal would take my film as the genre i have used is a very new developing genre. It’s very popular at the minute and they look for what's popular being big conglomerates. But also 2oth Century fox.
  5. 5. Gone girl ● 20th Century Fox. ● They distributed gone girl. ● Is an american film studios, distributor and one of the 6 main major american film companies
  6. 6. Lucy - Universal pictures - An american film studio. - Is one of the ‘big 6’ film studios in hollywood. - Distributed Lucy.
  7. 7. Limitless - 20th Century Fox. - They distributed Limitless. - Is an american film studios, distributor and one of the 6 main major american film companies
  8. 8. Companies The main two companies that would produce my work would be Universal pictures and 20th century fox. Sony would throughout england but mainly them two. For best results it think the ‘big six’ would be the best to produce my product.
  9. 9. Advertisement NOUN 1. a notice or announcement in a public medium promoting a product, service, or event or publicizing a job vacancy: 2. "advertisements for alcoholic drinks" 3. synonyms: notice · announcement · bulletin · commercial
  10. 10. Advertisement further.. Film companies use advertising in almost everything they do. They do this using trailers and posters. The poster mainly show the dates of release and a still shot. Trailers shot a taster of what is to be expected in the film. This is to help get people to see if they like the film or not and whether they would like to go and see it.
  11. 11. Sony Pictures Sony pictures starts from the big conglomerate. Produced films such as spider-man, men in black underworld and resident evil.They vary in genres and are widespread this means they would be good to distribute my film.
  12. 12. Universal Studios They work with a lot of different genres with 2 Guns to american pie. They do also do many psychological thrillers as they have started to become popular. They have some of the best ratings on rotten tomatoes and IMBD for films. This is why i think they would be one of the best to distribute my film.
  13. 13. 20th century fox They produce many different genre of film such as limitless to alvin and the chipmunks, i think these and universal are equal in the best to produce my film as they both have produced many of my genre before.
  14. 14. In conclusion To conclude all the companies have a variation of genres so they all could produce my film but 20th century fox are more experienced and have the right target audience which is really everyone. My film would be more like Gone girl as that does not seem like a very big budget compared to limitless and Lucy.