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Masterclass RCS RR @ European Radio and Digital Audio Show Paris 2019


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Power and efficiency : The practical experience of a passionate RCS user.
Multi-criteria / multi-program / multi-site programming, virtual radio / remote web interface, mobile control ...
Among the more than 14,500 radio stations, TV channels and cable operators, operating daily RCS solutions, Radio Renacenca, the first radio group in Portugal, is certainly one of the most intensive historical users.
José Loureiro, asstistant manager at the technical and innovation department of R/Com share his extensive software practice, habits and tips to make the most of all the programming capabilities offered by RCS.
Masterclass 25 janv 2019 @ European Radio and Digital Audio Show Paris

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Masterclass RCS RR @ European Radio and Digital Audio Show Paris 2019

  1. 1. Fonte: Bareme Rádio Marktest - Jun'18 - Universo e NetAudience - Mai'18 - Grupo Renascença Multimédia (inclui Renascença, RFM, Mega Hits e Rádio SIM). GRUPO MULTIMÉDIA RENASCENÇA 15/24 years ALL AGE GROUPS TARGETED 25/39 years 40/54 years + 55 years Renascença Multimedia Group |
  2. 2. THEPOWEROFCONTENT MultiplataformInteracts and involves Always on Up to date Radio is the amplifier Renascença Multimedia Group |
  3. 3. RCS TOOLS ECOSYSTEM Safety Inter-Operability Ease of Use Continuous Inovation The Arquitecture of the system gives huge stability and versatility Each computer in Zetta can be configured to have the ability to Go Local. Almost 3 yrs use – 0 min Downtime! Different Stations, different aplications, wide range of users Permanently updated. Built by Radio People for Radio People, with the Radio People Ease of comunication between the 3 Tools AND with the external world! WHY RCS NEWS, ZETTA & GSEL WHAT MADE US DECIDE FOR THESE TOOLS Technical Decision Renascença Multimedia Group |
  4. 4. TOP FEATURES OPERATION & TOP FEATURES Layout Modular approach & customizable window AutoLoad Easy Import | WhatsApp interaction Background Recorder Automatic Record Into File or Into Asset for later replay Use to export to Website, iTunes and Podcasts. Publish Sharing with guests & Use on Social Networks Zetta2Go Renascença Multimedia Group | • 5 Playout Machines • 11 Studio & 10 Production Machines
  5. 5. TOP FEATURES OPERATION & TOP FEATURES Renascença Multimedia Group |
  6. 6. OPERATION & TOP FEATURES Fast and easy communication between Newsrooms. Complete Rundowns, Stories or Audios exchanged between station with less than 3 clicks. Easy sharing of assets with Zetta Special Events Server Aggregation of all information in one application allows fast and versatile workflow. Renascença Multimedia Group | 2 News Rooms Lisbon - 70 seats | Oporto - 20 seats
  7. 7. Quick Records - Ephemeral audios WHAT THE USERS SAY Segue Editor Tool Modular/Layout – Personalize workspace by user Paperless Newsroom Everything inside ONE tool (Wires, Text and Audio) Versatility of Audio Editor operation Stacks Twitter integration and filtering Quarter Hour History – Best Decisions! Goal Oriented Scheduling / Balance Publish tool Renascença Multimedia Group | Better control of songs Starvation stack option on Schedule
  8. 8. INÊS ANDRADE 25 Years Old Ex ZENON user “During my young career at Radio, I had the chance to work with Dalet, Zenon and now Zetta. Zetta is the most sofisticated, intuitive and inovative of all! It’s tailor made for the Presenter/Dj, allowing us to focus on the communication and story telling. It’s a continuous surprise as everyday I find some new feature that makes production and live more fun and easier!” Renascença Multimedia Group |
  9. 9. AURÉLIO CARLOS MOREIRA 81 Years Old 63 Years as Radio Presenter “Zetta is so intuitive and easy to use that it was very easy for me to adapt, even if I’m not a strong computers user. The Multisite Voice Tracking is so easy! I never thought I would be able to record to multiple stations so quickly and with quality.” Renascença Multimedia Group |
  10. 10. Renascença Multimedia Group |