The podcast: from hype to lost hope to red hot


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Audio on the Internet has been around for 20 years. The podcast as we know it for a decade. But only recently has the medium started to live up to its early hype.

This is a visual story of the podcast.

The podcast: from hype to lost hope to red hot

  1. The  Podcast     From  Hype  to  Lost  Hope   to  Red  Hot   By  Michael  Wolf   @michaelwolf  
  2. Audio  and  spoken  word  on   the  Internet  goes  back  as   far  as  the  80s   Image  courtesy  of    flicker  user  h3p://  
  3. But  of  course,  these  were  early  days   Image  courtesy  of    flicker  user  h3p://   It’s  like  no   one  can  hear   me.    
  4. Image  courtesy  of    flicker  user  h3p://   But  in  the  late  90s  and  early   2000s,  technology  evolved   to  make  distribuOon  of   episodic  audio  easier:     RSS,  iTunes  lisOngs,   broadband    
  5. Introduc<on   Some  early  heroes  of  podcasOng:   Dave  Winer  –  RSS   Adam  Curry  –  RSS,  iPodder,   Podshow   Chris  Spencer  –  Libsyn   &  many  many  more  
  6. Source:  h3p://<ng.digitalmedia   In  2004,  the  word  “podcast”   was  born  
  7. Source:  h3p://   And  then  Apple  made   podcasOng  available  in   iTunes  
  8. No  doubt  about  it…   PodcasOng  had  a     bright  future  
  9. Sourceh3p://   Meanwhile…     others  were  building  a     different  kind  of     media  product  
  10. And  soon  social  media  was   what  everyone  wanted  to  write  and   talk  about   Source:  Fllickr  user  h3p://  
  11. Podcast  listeners  plateaued   Source:  Pew  Internet  Research  
  12. Source  Flickr  user  h3p://   Limited  to  those  who  had  pa<ence  for   the  connect  &  sync  model  
  13. And  who  liked  to  listen  to  podcasts   about  technology  and… technology   Source  flickr  user  h3p://  
  14. Before  long,  the  podcast  was   relegated  to  the  media   basement  
  15. Introduc<on   But  eventually…slowly…things   began  to  change  
  16. New  mobile-­‐centric  podcast   apps  became  available  
  17. And  podcasts  eventually  became   easier  to  find,  download   and  consume  
  18. And  new     faces   began  to     use  the     medium   Source:  Flickr  user  h3p://  
  19. And  it  seemed  everyone  was   launching  a     podcast  network   Sourceh3p://­‐jay-­‐mohr-­‐launch-­‐podcast-­‐networks_n_1748052.html  
  20. Source:  h3p://   ATer  the  early  hype  was  long  gone   and  a  long  period  of  lost  hope,  it   seems  the  podcast  good   <mes  are  back.  
  21. Introduc<on   Where  will  it  go  from   here?  
  22. Introduc<on   Stay  tuned  and  keep   listening.   Michael  Wolf   @michaelwolf