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Presentation Smart Home With Home Automation


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Smart Home With Home Automation

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Presentation Smart Home With Home Automation

  1. 1. Subject: Switchgear and Protective Relays Code: EEN 463 Presentation On “Smart Home With Home Automation”IUBAT— International University of Business Agriculture and Technology Date: 22nd September, 2011 1
  2. 2. Prepared For Anirban SahaFaculty of EEE Department Prepared By Md. Arifur Rahman ID# 08105054 Program: BSEEE Section: Evening 2
  3. 3. IntroductionHome automation is the residential extension of "building automation".It is automation of the:HomeHousework orHousehold activity.Home automation may include centralized control:Lighting of entire houseHVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)Appliances andOther systems (Like Home Weather Station, digital receptionist, etc)Home Automation (HA) provide improved convenience, comfort, energyefficiency and security.
  4. 4. Bringing the Future HomeAutomate chores such as watering your lawn, opening and closingdrapes, controlling your lights and appliances — even controlling yourelectric water heaterUse motion sensors to turn on floodlights and cameras outside yourhome. Or turn on lights indoors as you walk from room to room, createan automatic doorbell, and more.Use water sensors to inform you of leaking plumbing, both minor ormajor, while you’re at home or away for the day or on vacation. (Whynot have your computer call you to let you know?)Control your lights and appliances remotely via the Internet or atelephoneRemotely adjust your thermostat so you can warm up your home beforeyou get there.
  5. 5. Bringing the Future Home (Contd.)Zone your heat and automatically adjust it to make my home comfortablein the areas that we’re using, and energy efficient in those areas that we aren’t.Set up a home surveillance system by using webcams.Keep your eye on your home remotely via webcams and the Internet.Set up your computer to alert you to storms in your area or any areayou specify by e-mailing you or calling your cell phone or pager.Securitymonitoring doors and windows fire, smoke, water
  6. 6. Home Automation (HA)With HA you control and monitor devices and informationMonitor emailTrigger things based on timeTemperature, email or something else.Security Monitoring doors and windows Fire, smoke, waterEntertainment- Music Juke box Streaming PodcastingTV Live TV Recorded (VCR, DVR) Streaming video Video casting (YouTube)
  7. 7. What can you do with it?Lights and appliances (direct, power line or wireless)TV, VCR, DVD, Tivo (IR)Tivo Series I, 2 & 3 (IP network)Monitor weatherTemperatureThermostatsInternet Information
  8. 8. HA DevicesX10 (oldest)Insteon (newer, like X10 but also wireless)UPB (newer, like X10)Z-Wave (wireless)Direct IO (Digital and Analog)Networked (RS485, IP, IButton, SPI)CrestronLutron-RA (WirelessComputer(as a central Server)
  9. 9. HA DevicesPLC (X10, Insteon, UPB, KNX/EIB,Lonworks, CEBus)Wireless (X10, Insteon, Z-Wave, 900MHz)Networking (RS485, RS232, IP, wireless)Ibutton (1 Wire)Dlink streaming video serverIP CameraMotion sensorSmoke DetectorIP CameraComputer Server
  10. 10. HA Architechture
  11. 11. Wired Connectivity Between Devices Module Sensors Light Module X10 Thermos Module Fan Module tat IP CameraInternet Linux Server
  12. 12. Internal Networking (Wireless)
  13. 13. Remote Controlling
  14. 14. SoftwaresLinux (as a server)Linux is an open source and free os. We use Linux os as a server. We cancustomize linux kernel and make work for new devices.Mister House (Web Interface)MH is written entirely in Perl. It has a rather strange Object Orientedmethod of coding because MH writes some of its Perl code at startup.Plenty of examples exist. Mail lists are very friendly and supportive.Heyu (Control X10 Devive )Heyu is a command-line-based program that you can use to control yourhome’s lights and appliances via X10 devices. It’s written in the Ccomputer language. You can, among other things, use Heyu to store aschedule of events and macros in the CM11A’s memory, which it canexecute even when not connected to the computer. In Chapter 13, youbuild a starter X10 kit by using Heyu.
  15. 15. Web Interface
  16. 16. CGI-x10 to control X10 from PC
  17. 17. Q………???