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Future Center@Junkudo


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Published in: Technology
  • 2011.06.09 池袋ジュンク堂にて野村さんと行ったトークセッションのスライドです。
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Future Center@Junkudo

  1. 1. Tsavo Media Office by Frank Gruber
  2. 2. eBeam Whiteboard Interactive Whiteboard by eBeam
  3. 3. hands wikipedia aussiegall by nojhan
  4. 4. escher wannabe b/w by you are your atman
  5. 5. "Sil te plaît, fais moi un dessin..." by Locktofob
  6. 6. Creative by haroni Girl by haroni
  7. 7. Social Network by eekim
  8. 8. Praying hands by Wiedmaier
  9. 9. question mark by WingedWolf