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Trends and Philosophies in Eportfolio and Open Education


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Presentation to the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, York College/CUNY 03/31/2011. Focuses on current trends and philosophies in ePortfolio and Open Education.

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Trends and Philosophies in Eportfolio and Open Education

  1. 1. Photo by JacobEnos
  2. 2. Youtube Still by Dave Cormier
  3. 3. Photo by tobiastoft
  4. 4. Photo by aussiegall
  5. 5. Photo by jurvetson
  6. 6. Photo by cobalt123 In five years, across all higher education sectors, the use of e-portfolios has tripled since 2003. “ “
  7. 7. The most flexible and extensible environment for creativity and expression that human beings have ever built. Photo by Rich_Lem “
  8. 8. Web 2.0 is an attitude not a technology. Photo by guidosportaal “
  9. 9. If the old model is broken, what will work in its place? Photo by akeg “
  10. 10. Learning comes not from the design of learning content but in how it is used. Photo by Riko Colin Chock “
  11. 11. Reading online, engaging a community, and reflecting it online is a process of bringing life into learning. Photo by cobalt123 “
  12. 12. Photo by snakepliskens Students would build a personal cyberinfrastructure, one they would continue to modify and extend throughout their college career. “
  13. 13. Photo by I like Higher rates of engagement, higher rates of course completion, and higer rates of retention. “
  14. 14. Hijacked by the need for accountability. Photo by “
  15. 15. We find far too many faculty eliminating opportunities for conversation by asking students to turn in work privately. Photo by garryknight “
  16. 16. Efforts to build educational spaces within popular social-networking platforms risk undesirable interactions between personal and professional lives. Photo by docpop “
  17. 17. If what the professor truly wants is for students to discover and craft their own desires and dreams...To get there, students must be effective architects, narrators, curators, and inhabitants of their own digital lives. Photo by Tudor Mitrea “