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Intro to podcasting


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Intro to podcasting

  1. 1. podcasting at the ttag emma hogbin
  2. 2. I am: - a web developer - a community builder - addicted to crafts - daughter of stephen and maryann - an internet loafer
  3. 3. the Web is a scary place photo credit: iNmO_Khem (flickr)
  4. 4. but it can be tamed Photo credit: Marc Shandro (flickr)
  5. 5. the best part about technology is how it brings us together
  6. 6. together with a common goal and around common interests acnatta
  7. 7. podcasting is a mash­up of iPod + broadcasting
  8. 8. podcasts are audio files that start  their public lives on the Internet
  9. 9. podcasts are designed to be  downloaded onto a media player and listened to at a later date
  10. 10. (not all podcasts are like this)
  11. 11. podcasts are changing  broadcast media
  12. 12. CBC Radio now offers many of  their popular shows “on demand”
  13. 13. using the broadcast model: podcasts are released on a  regular schedule
  14. 14. special software can be used to  notify you when new podcasts  are available
  15. 15. this is referred to as “subscribing to a podcast”
  16. 16. the ability to “subscribe” to a  podcast is important
  17. 17. it allows you to “push” content to  your visitors without waiting for  them to visit your Web site
  18. 18. there are podcasts about knitting,  wine, technology, art, dogs,  pottery, politics (but apparently not guinea pigs)
  19. 19. do a Web search for “podcast”  and your favourite subject 
  20. 20. in 2004 Art Mobs tried something new
  21. 21. they hacked the MoMA
  22. 22. and produced their own audio guides of the Museum of Modern Art
  23. 23. and they encouraged others to  make their own guides as well
  24. 24. free audio guides are now  available in many museums and galleries
  25. 25. many are listed at MuseumPods
  26. 26. also: AGO and the ROM
  27. 27. so how does it work?
  28. 28. most sites will allow you to listen to a podcast right now
  29. 29. but using a reader will allow you  to download the podcast and  listen to it later
  30. 30. to subscribe to a podcast you  need a “news reader”
  31. 31. most modern browsers can also  be used as a news reader but iTunes is popular too
  32. 32. subscribing to a podcast: 1. go to to the podcast site 2. look for the orange icon 3. click it 4. follow the instructions to subscribe to  the podcast
  33. 33. the latest podcast will be downloaded to your  computer you can listen to it...  whenever
  34. 34. when a new episode is available  it will be downloaded and you  can listen to it ... whenever
  35. 35. warning
  36. 36. Photo credit: spacejaq (flickr) podcasting is not for dial-up internet connections
  37. 37. audio files are big and take a long time to download
  38. 38. (there will be media players available at the gallery for people to enjoy the tours in-house)
  39. 39. listening to podcasts is pretty easy when you know how
  40. 40. making podcasts is pretty easy too... when you know how
  41. 41. ready? let’s go!
  42. 42. podcasting in ten easy steps
  43. 43. 1. decide what your podcast is about
  44. 44. is it an interview? does it tell a story about a thing? is it a “response” piece?
  45. 45. interviews: Spark on CBC radio
  46. 46. stories about things: Every
  47. 47. response pieces: Art Mobs
  48. 48. 2. define your audience (and their attention span)
  49. 49. will they listen to it on your site? in the car? do they know lots about your topic?
  50. 50. on the Web: the ROM includes video
  51. 51. in the car: AGO lectures
  52. 52. 3. write a script
  53. 53. this prevents you from rambling on and on and on and on AND helps to reduce stage fright when you start recording
  54. 54. 4. assemble your hardware
  55. 55. computer microphone speakers Internet connection
  56. 56. 5. install your software
  57. 57. audacity to record and edit audio (the rest are Web-based tools that don’t need to be installed)
  58. 58. 6. record your podcast
  59. 59. 7. add music for excitement
  60. 60. 8. upload your podcast
  61. 61. 9. add the text transcript
  62. 62. for dial-up listeners and to improve search engine rankings
  63. 63. 10. promote your podcast!
  64. 64. But we want to add PICTURES!
  65. 65. pictures are like little parties for the eyes
  66. 66. Yes, we want little parties!
  67. 67. adding pictures changes a podcast into a vodcast
  68. 68. you can pair podcasts with Web pages that have images for visual engagement
  69. 69. The Ten Easy Steps of Podcasting 1.decide what your 6.record your podcast podcast is about 7.add music for 2.define your audience excitement 3.write a script 8.upload your podcast 4.assemble your 9.add the text hardware transcript 5.install your software 10.promote your podcast
  70. 70. The Web is now your oyster! Live long and prosper! Emma Hogbin