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SoLoMo: Creating Value for On-the-Go Consumers


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Is "SoLoMo" just an industry buzzword or a real behavioral phenomenon?

Learn why mobile is rapidly becoming the dominant way to access people's favorite activities on the internet, from socializing to playing games, finding discounts and searching for nearby places.

This punchy talk will include behavioral trends, tweetable stats and case studies from Asia

Speaker: Napoleon Biggs, Chief Strategy Officer, Gravitas Limited

Published in: Technology, Business
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SoLoMo: Creating Value for On-the-Go Consumers

  1. 1. SoLoMo – Creating Value for On-the-Go Consumers Napoleon Biggs Chief Strategy Officer Gravitas Mobile Group Founder & Host - @webwednesday
  2. 2. Knock-­‐out  Game!  
  3. 3. 老母  
  4. 4. Social Network Loyalty (mobile  loyalty  card)   Payment (mobile  payment,  NFC,  etc.)   To Store (store  locator,     m-­‐coupon  etc.) Event (m-­‐event  ;cket,     interac;ve  ac;vity) Print Ad (QR  code  on  print   from  off  to  on) Location based alert Web Browser Smartphones are versatile tools! But, don’t get lost in technology…
  5. 5. Focus on changing human behaviour We live in a multi-screen, mobile and socially-connected world. Where the individual is in charge. Media channels take a back seat. Media consumption is on my terms, when I want it and how I want it.
  6. 6. Simple,  Immediate,  Relevant  
  7. 7. In  Hong  Kong,     we  use  smartphone  for…   Sources: Google Our Mobile Planet survey (2011) visit social networks 93% 88%look for local information mul;-­‐task  when using smartphone 86% 71% play games   shop on mobile 33%
  8. 8. ©TNS 2013 N N 11.90 LEFT MARGIN 11.90 RIGHT MARGIN 38 42 39 61 71 72 37 38 37 12 9 4 Agree Disagree And we’re way ahead of the West 5 “My mobile is my most important piece of technology” US UK Australia Thailand South Korea Hong Kong
  9. 9. Mobile  bridges  offline  needs  with   online  services   ©TNS 2013 S RGIN RGIN TOP 11.90 LEFT MARGIN 11.90 RIGHT MARGIN Because mobile is the ultimate utility device, meets a long tail of ‘offline’ needs with online services 7 Convenience Experience Relevance Independence Reassurance
  10. 10. Direct marketing was all push...
  11. 11. Locate Inform