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Social Media Landscape Hong Kong - August 2013


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45-minute introduction to the behaviour behind social media usage in Hong Kong, presented to 100 women entrepreneurs at the Entrepreneurs Club.

Presented by Napoleon Biggs, Founder of Web Wednesday and Chief Strategy Officer of Gravitas.

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Social Media Landscape Hong Kong - August 2013

  1. 1. Social Media Landscape Hong Kong 24th August, 2013
  2. 2. Knock-­‐out  Game:  How  Social  are  You?  
  3. 3. Insert  image(s)  in   this  space   FLEISHMAN-­‐HILLARD   3   •  PIERS MORGAN – CNN (LARRY KING REPLACEMENT) Do  you  s3ll  get   Bri3sh  papers  in   the  morning?     I ve  just  stopped  ...   TwiGer s  become   my  number  one   news  source.   But…he  was  spoGed  reading  newspapers!  
  4. 4. Global  Love  Story!  
  5. 5. C2C:  real-­‐Eme  producEon   Available  within  2  hours   in  China!   Available  within  24  hours  in   China!  
  6. 6. Social  media  is  more  than…SNS  
  7. 7. People  are  using  social  media  for…    
  8. 8. Government  officials   University    management   Pop  stars   And  more…   They  are  on  social  media,  too  
  9. 9. Social  media  helps  your  brand  building    
  10. 10. Social  media  can  also  destroy  your  brand  
  11. 11. Rapid  migraEon  to  mobile  
  12. 12. In  Hong  Kong,     we  use  smartphone  for…   Sources: Google Our Mobile Planet survey (2011) visit social networks 93% 88%look for local information mul3-­‐task  when using smartphone 86% 71% play games   shop on mobile 33%
  13. 13. Source:  CIC  Data  2012   60  Seconds  on  the   Internet  in  China…  
  14. 14. Online  Shopping  Boom  in  China  
  15. 15. Who’s  making  money?  
  16. 16. How  do  you  get  started?   28  
  17. 17. Get  to  know  your  local  plaQorms  
  18. 18. Set  clear,  measureable  goals   30  
  19. 19. Use  Search  Wisely   Pay  aGen3on  to  the  cultural  differences  between  the  northern  and  southern  parts   of  China.   e.g.  Jacket:    棉衣  or  棉服 in  Southern  China;  棉猴 in  North-­‐Eastern  part  of  China  
  20. 20. Embrace  group  buying  
  21. 21. Where  is  it  all  going?  
  22. 22. Top  Take-­‐Aways   •  Before  you  begin,  learn  how  the  plaorms  work  and  how  people  use  them   •  Apply  different  tac3cs  for  different  parts  of  China  (search  and  social)   •  Be  authen3c  and  down  to  earth:  a  person  not  a  corpora3on   •  Don t  focus  on  fan  numbers  BUT  look  at  what  they  say  and  share   •  S3ck  with  it  and  be  pa3ent  (an  abandoned  account  screams  failure  or   jumping  on  the  bandwagon )   •  Don t  let  an  intern  manage  your  online  marke3ng   •  Use  the  right  management  tools  (email,  search  and  social  )   •  If  someone  follows  you,  pay  aGen3on.  If  they  are  interes3ng,  follow  back   •  Be  prepared:  keyword  buying  strategies,  content  plans,  influencer  incen3ves.   •  Experiment...and  adapt  quickly   •  Pay  for  exper3se  –  you  will  save  a  lot  of  money  and  3me!    
  23. 23. Thank  You!  谢谢!     Napoleon  Biggs     Chief  Strategy  Officer,  Gravitas  Group   Founder  &  Host,  Web  Wednesday         Direct  +852  3759  5988  |  Mobile  +852  9278  5898   Email:   Blog:     TwiGer:   Community: