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ADMA's Annual Asia-Pacific Digital Marketing Survey 2009


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Insights into the status of digital marketing in Asia, published by the Asia Digital Marketing Association. To join as a member, visit

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ADMA's Annual Asia-Pacific Digital Marketing Survey 2009

  1. 1. ASIA PACIFIC Digital Marketing Yearbook 2009 “ The imperative for marketers now is to of customers online. join networks and “ interact directly with their communities Edited by Rachel Oliver
  2. 2. ABoUt the ASiA DiGitAL MARKetinG ASSoCiAtion The ears, eyes ❚ Why join the ADMA? and voice of digital Being a member gives you access: • Unified voice for the industry to promote the use of marketing in Asia digital and the Internet (in the media and with potential customers) • Forum for standards and best practice sharing The Asia Digital Marketing Association (ADMA) • Spokespeople to represent members and respond to criticism is the voice of, and advocate for, the digital • Industry contacts and networking opportunities • Sponsorship opportunities to raise awareness of your marketing industry in Asia (excluding Japan). brand • Discounted rates for regional events The ADMA is guided by senior executives in the • Notification of relevant speaking opportunities industry and is charged with gaining consensus • Professional digital marketing qualifications – discounted enrolment fees for members and providing leadership on key industry issues. • Entry in the online Membership Directory and annual Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Yearbook The ADMA actively promotes the benefits of • Job matching service to help you find staff using mobile and the Internet as channels to communicate with consumers as well as lobbying ❚ hoW to join the ADMA and public relations assistance for member Membership fees are set low enough to encourage universal membership among industry players, and taken companies. together provide sufficient revenues to underwrite regular activities. Other activities are funded by sponsorship (cash and in kind) and by charging admission fees for some The ADMA is a non-profit organisation with a events. membership base representing online publishers/ Visit and complete the online registration form. portals, agencies, research companies, technology/ service companies and marketers/advertisers. Visit for more details. The ADMA gives heartfelt thanks all our members for their support and contributions: ADMA Patrons: ADMA Corporate members: ad:tech, Admax Network, Adobe Systems Hong Kong, AGENDA Group Asia,, Coremetrics, draftFCB China, Dow Jones Publishing Company (Asia), Edipresse, eyeblaster, G2 Hong Kong, Grif.inter@ctive, Google Hong Kong, The Hyperfactory, ICLP, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Asia Pacific, MRM Worldwide, NDS Asia Pacific, Nielsen Online, OgilvyOne Worldwide, Omnicom Group, Omniture, Premiere Global Services, Profero, Responsys,, SingTel Digital Media, Sohnar Software, TIME & Fortune, Travelzoo, Universal McCann, The Upper Storey, Wunderman, wwwins Consulting, ZUJI. And all our individual members. asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  3. 3. One way to reach millions is one of the worlds largest news websites, reaching a passionate and engaged audience of 29 million unique users* outside the UK. In Asia, reaches 8.7 million unique users* per month excluding UK – more than twice the number of our closest competitor. users are affluent, professional, educated and international. They are influentual opinion formers with a global mindset who lead active and cultured lives. Join the list of over 800 great brands that have successfully advertised on since the introduction of advertising on the site in November 2007. To find out more about how you can reach your target audience on, please contact: Sunita Rajan | VP – Sales, Asia Australasia Work | +(65) 6296 0864 Mobile | + (65) 9836 4153 Email | Inez Albert, Digital Sales Director, Asia Work | +(852) 2248 0060 Mobile | + (852) 9469 9540 Email | Cindy Tan, Regional Director, Asia Work | +(65) 6296 7903 Mobile | +(65) 9836 4151 / +(65) 8100 0858 Email | Seema Mohapatra Regional Director, South Asia Work | +(91) 22 3065 2121 Mobile | +(91) 98 2116 8167 Email | John Williams Account Director, Australasia Korea Work | +612 8923 4203 Mobile | +61406 420 582 Email | * comScore, Jan-March 2009 monthly average. comScore competitive set includes
  4. 4. Contents ❚ ASiA PACifiC 6 ❚ inDoneSiA 6 ❚ SinGAPoRe 54 ❚ AUStR ALiA 0 ❚ jAPAn 8 ❚ SoUth KoReA 58 ❚ ChinA 6 ❚ MALAySiA 42 ❚ tAiWAn 62 ❚ honG KonG 24 ❚ neW ZeALAnD 46 ❚ thAiLAnD 66 ❚ inDiA 0 ❚ the PhiLiPPineS 50 ❚ VietnAM 70 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  5. 5. It's here! The third Asia Digital Marketing Association (ADMA) Yearbook has more pages and more data and more insights than ever. It's also available without charge online at We've had fantastic feedback on the usefulness of past editions from marketers, advertisers, media buyers and people throughout the digital industry. Just about every marketing director, agency executive or business executive has to develop digital strategies or give a presentation on what's happening online in the Asia Pacific region. That's where the ADMA Yearbook comes in. We've gathered a wealth of the most relevant information and insight available, some of which cannot readily be found anywhere else, along with case studies that showcase some of the most innovative and effective digital work being done now. The Yearbook covers demographics, user behaviour, online advertising, mobile, online gaming, e-commerce, and much more. Many thanks are due to all the companies that contributed data, to our editor Rachel Oliver, and to ADMA Director Kay Bayliss. 2009: Connections Triumph Over Interruption I n the past year, the development of digital marketing that most marketers and advertisers still predominantly took some exciting new turns, reaching not only use websites, online ads and email. Why these relatively new levels of growth and penetration, but also conservative approaches when the Internet changes new levels of sophistication. Marketers who started continuously and offers so many opportunities for with websites, banner ads and email now have an innovation? In some cases, advertisers may be concerned increasingly wide choice of platforms on which to engage about the relative lack of control over their messaging their target customers. Search, social media, blogs, and positioning on social media platforms, and in other sponsored content, mobile, email, and gaming all offer cases they may not yet have discovered a credible way to opportunities for innovation and differentiation online. connect with their target customers online. Online media is increasingly gaining the trust of Asian In any event, there is no doubt that 2009 is the year of consumers. A recent TNS survey revealed that of the top social media. Social media platforms have not figured out a 25 most trusted forms of media, 14 were online. And way to make money from the huge communities they have increasingly, trusted online media includes user-generated created online, but even brands with no clear social media content. The third most trusted overall are expert product strategy know that they must engage by joining networks reviews from websites, with consumer product reviews and conversations. Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, Bebo, from websites at #5 and consumer opinions on blogs and MySpace and LinkedIn have built large-scale user bases message boards at #7 and #12 respectively. in Asia Pacific but these global players don't dominate in In the early days of digital marketing, offline advertising every market. New patterns of usage and local behaviour was used as the model: interruptive messages were placed are emerging across the region, with clear distinctions from in front of (or disrupted) the content in ways that grabbed country to country where consumers spend time online, the user's attention. Now we're seeing a truly interactive and how they behave. For example, 48% of all South model arise, in which brands engage their consumers Koreans have a Cyworld account, and the site has nearly online, either by joining the conversation, or creating a 18 million users, of whom 30% are in their 20s. China's platform for a community to gather around the brand. has 14 million average weekly unique browsers, Some of this new online communication looks more like PR and 150 million Qzone users actively update their accounts than advertising, and clearly the lines are blurring between at least once a month. In the Philippines more than 74% sales promotion, CRM and brand-building. Whatever it will of the online population participates in social networking; eventually develop into, it's exciting. Friendster has 10.7 million subscribers and Facebook has It's clear that Internet users have adopted new more than one million. media faster than most advertisers trying to reach them. The imperative for marketers now is to join these Advertisers need to do some catching up. Although there networks and interact directly with their communities of are some definitive case studies that demonstrate the customers online. Rich media, banner ads, pop-up ads, power of using social media, the ADMA 2009 Survey of the sponsored content and search may continue to command region's advertisers, marketers and agencies uncovered the lion's share of online ad dollars, but brands must now 4 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  6. 6. their overall experience, and more than 60% of users said they also kept in touch with these friends on other social networking platforms. The numbers for online gaming are big and growing. attracts nearly 200,000 unique visitors a month in Asia Pacific, each of whom spends an average 86.8 minutes on the site, and in China draws more than 44,000 visitors monthly, each spending an average of 46.5 minutes there. Looking beyond social media, online advertising continues to become more mainstream and sophisticated, despite the recession. Yahoo! predicts Asia's annual online ad spend will eclipse western Europe's by 2010 to reach US$122 billion. According to the TNS survey, dedicated websites (53%), sponsored content (50%), pop-up ads (46%), banner ads (39%) and email (19%) are the most common types of digital media seen being used in Asia. Online branding efforts appear to be paying off, with nearly a third of users saying that the brand advertising they have seen significantly increased their interest in using the brand in question. China is number one in search, with 12.8 million searches performed in a month by nearly 150,000 searchers - that's 85 searches per searcher. Japan is the second largest search market, with 5.9 million searchers. However, Korea's searchers are most prolific, with 109 searches per searcher, Singapore not far behind with 106. Mobile continues to gain, both as a text messaging and voice call channel, but also for Internet access. Asia Pacific (ex Japan) has 97.6 million mobile online gamers, and 50% of them are in in China. There is 60% mobile phone master the art of connecting with consumers, as well as penetration in the Philippines. Filipinos send the highest -- or in many cases instead of -- interrupting their online number of SMS messages per subscriber in the world. experience with advertising messages. Two years ago, Mobile site page views grew 1120% YOY. 2008 Asia Pacific- the big news in digital marketing was the scale of the wide mobile data revenues topped US$65 billion, and an opportunity, as the number of users in Asia surpassed all estimated 473 million handsets were sold. other regions for the first time. Last year the dominant With usage of all elements of the online marketing theme was putting the consumer back at the centre of mix growing and becoming more sophisticated, all the the equation, as marketers and advertisers refocused on stakeholders in the digital marketing industry -- from customers' profiles and needs, rather than the tools and marketers and advertisers to publishers, agencies, technologies available to reach them. In 2009, the focus is hardware and technology solutions providers -- have a on connecting brands and consumers, and deeply engaging unique opportunity in 2009 to pioneer new ways to engage with target audiences across a wide variety of platforms. consumers and build their brands and sales online. Gaming too can be considered part of the social media phenomenon: in a survey more than 50% of respondents David Ketchum is Chairman, Asia Digital Marketing said meeting other gamers online was important for Association and Ceo Upstream Asia the yearbook is packed with relevant and sometimes surprising data. here's a sample of what you'll find inside: l Asia Pacific is home to the majority of the world's l 44% of Asia Pacific Internet users have shopped Internet users, with 41% of the total online in the last three years, and 76% intend to shop l 32% of Asian users say the online advertising they saw online again in the next six months significantly increased their interest in using the brand l More than half of the region's entire Internet traffic is l Online advertising is expected to have compound from users making repeat visits to gaming sites, and annual growth rates of 25% from 2007 to 2011 online gaming is expected to account for 75% of the US$9.2 billion premium and paid content market by l 82% of Asia's online ad spending in 2008 was in 2013 Japan, South Korea and China l trillion SMS messages originated in Asia Pacific in 17 l More than 450 million consumers across the region 2008 (74% of the world total) participate in social media and Facebook's Asia Pacific visitors to the site jumped 458% between mid-2007 and mid-2008 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 5
  7. 7. ASiA PACifiC ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS Asia Pacific internet Population and Usage inteRnet USeRS PenetRAtion USeR GRoWth USeRS (% of) LAteSt DAtA (% PoPULAtion) (2000-2008) in ASiA The majority of the world's Internet users live in Asia, CHINA 298,000,000 22.4% 1,224.4% 45.8% HONG KONG 4,878,713 69.5% 113.7% 0.8% which is now home to 41% of the world's online INDIA 81,000,000 7.1% 1,520.0% 12.5% population, as at the beginning of 2009. Out of the one INDONESIA 25,000,000 10.5% 1,150.0% 3.8% billion online visitors globally, more than 431 million of JAPAN 94,000,000 73.8% 99.7% 14.5% SOUTH KOREA 36,794,800 76.1% 93.3% 5.7% them come from the Asia Pacific region. MALAYSIA 15,868,000 62.8% 328.9% 2.4% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) PHILIPPINES 14,000,000 14.6% 600.0% 2.2% SINGAPORE 3,104,900 67.4% 158.7% 0.5% TAIWAN 15,140,000 66.1% 141.9% 2.3% Other sources put Asia's online population at a much THAILAND 13,416,000 20.5% 483.3% 2.1% higher number - as many as 530 million Asians could now VIETNAM 20,834,401 24.2% 10,317.2% 3.2% TOTAL ASIA 650,361,843 17.2% 469.0% 100.0% be actively online. (SoURCe: inteRnetWoRLDStAtS DeCeMBeR 2008) (SoURCe: DiGitAL eConoMy fACtBooK 2008/9) Despite rapid increases in broadband connectivity and how Long Asia Pacific Spends online the number of users coming online across the region, totAL UniqUe totAL MinUteS AVeRAGe MinUteS AVeRAGe ViSitS ViSitoRS (000) (M) PeR ViSitoR PeR ViSitoR Asia Pacific's Internet penetration rates still average out at WORLDWIDE 1,078,911 1,442,534 1,337.0 44.3 around 15% in comparison to 30% in the rest of the world. ASIA PACIFIC 431,091 412,611 957.1 34.1 (SoURCe: BtRAx ) CHINA 187,822 155,039 825.5 34.2 JAPAN 62,052 60,777 979.5 36.1 INDIA 32,930 18,988 576.6 19.8 Asia Pacific's online penetration rate is the second lowest in SOUTH KOREA 27,685 43,923 1,586.5 49.8 AUSTRALIA 11,921 13,561 1,137.5 35.3 the world on a regional basis, Africa being the lowest. TAIWAN 11,192 10,906 974.4 32.1 (SoURCe: DiGitAL eConoMy fACtBooK 2008/9) MALAYSIA 9,033 7,441 823.7 25.9 HONG KONG 3,814 4,234 1,110.1 35.9 SINGAPORE 2,523 3,144 1,245.9 35.5 Asian markets possess the highest percentage of NEW ZEALAND 2,414 2,004 830.2 29.2 SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At hoMe/WoRK households with broadband fibre connections, led by LoCAtionS) South Korea with 31.4% of its households linked up to the Internet via fibre-optic connections. (SoURCe: DiGitAL eConoMy fACtBooK 2008/9) 6 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  8. 8. TAIWAN 618 9,735 63.5 ❚ USeR BehAVioUR MALAYSIA 405 6,207 65.2 HONG KONG 199 2,773 71.8 SINGAPORE 171 1,617 105.6 Social networking is big in Asia. More than 450 million NEW ZEALAND 135 1,500 90.1 (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe qSeARCh; totAL ASiA-PACifiC inteRnet AUDienCe*, *exCLUDeS SeARCheS fRoM consumers across the region participate in social media. PUBLiC CoMPUteRS SUCh AS inteRnet CAfeS oR ACCeSS fRoM MoBiLe PhoneS oR PDAS; AGe 5+ - hoMe WoRK LoCAtionS; SePteMBeR 2008) (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) Asia's Social Media Market Asia Pacific is the biggest region in the world for social CoUntRy PoPULAtion foReCASt inteRnet inteRnet eStiMAteD 2008 USeRS 2008 PenetRAtion 2008 SoCiAL networking with 169 million unique visitors - and it's MeDiA USeRS growing the fastest too at a rate of 29%. CHINA 1,330,044,605 253,000,000 19.0% 202,400,000 (SoURCe: DiGitAL eConoMy fACtBooK 2008/9) HONG KONG 7,018,636 4,878,713 69.5% 3,902,970 INDIA 1,147,995,898 60,000,000 5.2% 48,000,000 INDONESIA 237,512,355 25,000,000 10.5% 20,000,000 Such is the pull of social media in Asia that seven JAPAN 127,288,419 94,000,000 73.8% 75,200,000 SOUTH KOREA 49,232,844 34,820,000 70.7% 27,856,000 out of the world's 10 top markets that rely most on MALAYSIA 25,274,133 14,904,000 59.0% 11,923,200 recommendations from consumers are in this region. PAKISTAN 167,762,040 17,500,000 10.4% 14,000,000 (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) PHILIPPINES 92,681,453 14,000,000 15.1% 11,200,000 SINGAPORE 4,608,167 4,026,400 87.4% 3,221,120 TAIWAN 22,920,946 15,400,000 67.2% 12,320,000 Social networking site Friendster has Asia to thank for its THAILAND 65,493,298 13,416,000 20.5% 10,732,800 VIETNAM 86,116,559 20,159,615 23.4% 16,127,692 popularity - out of its 30 million monthly visitors globally, ASIA 3,363,949,353 571,625,328 - 456,883,782 nearly 28 million of them are in the Asia Pacific region. (SoURCe: oGiLVyone) (SoURCe: teChCRUnCh/fRienDSteR) Bloggers in Asia vs USA % of ReSPonDentS ASiA USA Facebook's 153% visitor growth which it recorded between MALE 73% 57% mid-2007 and mid-2008 was higher than any other social AGES 18-34 73% 42% AGES 35+ 27% 58% network in the world - and it had Asia Pacific to thank for SINGLE 57% 26% it, the number of the region's visitors to the site jumping EMPLOYED FULL-TIME 45% 56% HOUSEHOLD INCOME US$75,000 9% 51% by 458% in that period. (SoURCe: BRAnDRePUBLiC) COLLEGE GRADUATE 69% 74% AVERAGE BLOGGING TENURE (MONTHS) 30 35 MEDIAN ANNUAL INVESTMENT $30 $80 MEDIAN ANNUAL REVENUES $120 $200 More than half of the region's Internet traffic is down to % OF BLOGS WITH ADVERTISING 60% 52% users making repeat visits to gaming sites: 51% of Asia AVERAGE MONTHLY UNIQUE VISITORS 26,000 18,000 (SoURCe: eMARKeteR; jULy/AUGUSt 2008) Pacific's online population visited gaming sites in August 2008 on average 11.5 times, each spending on average 87 minutes there. The keenest players of the lot? The South Koreans, who spent around three hours per visit. (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe) ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG A key motivating factor for Asian online gamers is Online advertising spending in Asia (ex-Japan) will socialising. In a survey, more than 50% of respondents experience dramatic growth going forward, with compound said meeting other gamers online was important for their annual growth rates of 25.4% over the 2007-2011 period. overall experience. And these friendships can last - more (SoURCe: iDC) than 60% of users said they also kept in touch with these friends on other online social networking platforms. Online ads may be informing customers in Asia Pacific (SoURCe: iDC) about their choices - but it doesn't means they are persuading them to buy anything. More than 60% of users Asia Pacific's online Gaming Usage % ReACh totAL UniqUe AVeRAGe MinUteS AVeRAGe ViSitS in one survey said they saw online ads as informative yet ViSitoRS (000) PeR ViSitoR PeR ViSitoR TV ads were more likely to make them want to buy the ASIA PACIFIC** 51.1 199,081 86.8 11.5 CHINA 54.9 90,292 69.8 13.0 product that was being advertised. (SoURCe: iDC) SINGAPORE 49.6 1,172 140.0 13.0 AUSTRALIA 44.7 5,032 125.2 11.3 TAIWAN 42.4 4,465 151.0 15.5 NEW ZEALAND 41.1 926 134.5 9.9 If advertisers do want to increase their persuasive abilities SOUTH KOREA 40.5 10,715 189.6 13.0 online, the best thing to do is make them laugh. According MALAYSIA 40.2 3,463 130.8 11.9 JAPAN 39.8 22,830 76.1 10.0 to one survey, nearly 70% of Asian online users watch HONG KONG 36.9 1,388 142.9 13.1 online video ads, with 60% of users saying they would be INDIA 27.4 8,295 45.4 4.3 highly interested if that ad was funny. (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe WoRLD MetRix; AUGUSt 2008; totAL ASiA-PACifiC inteRnet AUDienCe*, *exCLUDeS SeARCheS fRoM PUBLiC CoMPUteRS SUCh AS inteRnet CAfeS oR ACCeSS fRoM MoBiLe PhoneS oR PDAS. (SoURCe: iDC) AGe 5+ - hoMe WoRK LoCAtionS) Asia-Pacific's Search Usage Patterns Together, Japan, South Korea and China took up nearly CoUntRy SeARCheS (M) UniqUe SeARCheS PeR 82% of Asia's online ad spending in 2008. SeARCheRS (000) SeARCheR (SoURCe: SoZon) ASIA PACIFIC 28,967 341,850 84.7 CHINA 12,758 149,219 85.5 JAPAN 5,879 61,130 96.2 KOREA 2,303 21,072 109.3 Asia's online ad spend should eclipse western Europe's by INDIA 1,169 22,931 51.0 2010 to reach US$122 billion. AUSTRALIA 977 8,523 114.6 (SoURCe: yAhoo!) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 7
  9. 9. Online ad spend in south east Asia alone will net almost US$200 million by 2010, led mostly by increases in display ❚ MoBiLe advertising activities. And three markets - Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines - will be responsible for An estimated 472.5 million mobile phones were sold in Asia as much as 90% of the south east Asia region's market in 2008, a 17.9% increase on 2007. growth over the next five years. (SoURCe: MARKetinGVox) (SoURCe: MARKetinG-inteRACtiVe/nieLSen/yAhoo!) By 2013 more than 50% of the world's projected 5.63 Online branding efforts appear to be paying off in the billion mobile connections will come from the Asia Pacific region, with nearly one third (32%) of users around Asia - region. Not surprisingly the two markets leading the charge from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and will be China and India. Thailand - saying the brand advertising they have seen (SoURCe: tRenDSniff/oVUM) across all forms of digital media significantly increased their interest in using the brand in question. Excluding Japan, Asia now has around 97.6 million mobile (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA) online gamers. More than half of them are in China. (SoURCe: iDC) Nearly half - 45% - of Asia Pacific's advertisers and marketers surveyed said they used online games as part of Mobile data revenues in Asia Pacific in 2008 came to their digital marketing strategies in 2008. US$65.1 billion - in 2003 they stood at just US$21.9 billion. (SoURCe: ADMA DiGitAL MARKetinG SURVey 2008) (SoURCe: fRoSt SULLiVAn/ZDnetASiA) So much for the financial crisis - 59% of Asia Pacific On a regional basis, Asia Pacific is the largest mobile advertisers surveyed actually increased their digital gaming market on earth, generating an estimated US$2.3 marketing budgets in 2008 while only 10% made cutbacks. billion in end-user spending in 2008, which is estimated to (SoURCe: ADMA DiGitAL MARKetinG SURVey 2008) rise to US$3.4 billion in 2011. (SoURCe: GARtneR) internet Advertising Revenues forecast by Region ReGion 2007 ($M) 2008 *($M) 200 *($M) In 2008, 1.7 trillion out of an estimated 2.3 trillion mobile NORTH AMERICA 188,415 194,990 207,570 WESTERN EUROPE 119,976 124,420 135,781 SMS messages sent around the world came from Asia. (SoURCe: DiGitAL eConoMy fACtBooK 2008/9) ASIA PACIFIC 102,807 111,534 127,916 CENTRAL EASTERN EUROPE 31,563 37,041 48,424 LATIN AMERICA 26,329 30,924 38,920 REST OF WORLD 16,490 18,606 25,938 By 2012 more than US$880 million of Asia Pacific's mobile WORLDWIDE 485,580 517,515 584,550 music revenues will come from ad-supported business (SoURCe: ZenithoPtiMeDiA *PRojeCtionS) models. (SoURCe: eMARKeteR) types of Digital Media Seen Being Used in Asia MeDiA % of USeRS DEDICATED WEBSITES 53% SPONSORED CONTENT 50% By the end of 2008 there were an estimated 91.4 million POP-UP ADS 46% mobile social networking users in the world - 50% of them BANNER ADS 39% living in the Asia Pacific region. EMAIL 29% (SoURCe: infoRMA teLeCoMS MeDiA) MOBILE PHONES 19% ADS IN VIDEO GAMES 6% ADS IN VIRTUAL WORLDS 4% OTHER 11% Asia Pacific's 3G population is set to explode. The region (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA; RePReSentS ChinA, honG KonG, MALAySiA, SinGAPoRe, tAiWAn AnD thAiLAnD) was home to an estimated 158.4 million 3G subscribers in 2008. By 2013 that figure could mushroom to 564 million. trust in Media Channels in Asia (SoURCe: inteLLASiA/fRoSt SULLiVAn) MeDiA ChAnneL % Who tRUSt the ChAnneL CoMPLeteLy RECOMMENDATIONS FROM FRIENDS AND FAMILY 54% INDEPENDENT REVIEWS IN PUBLICATIONS 25% Mobile TV revenues in Asia Pacific (ex Japan) are ExPERT PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 28% PRODUCT LABELS ON PACKAGING 27% anticipated to reach US$1.88 billion by 2013, a dramatic CONSUMER PRODUCT REVIEW FROM WEBSITES 22% increase from the US$440 million earned in 2007. MANUFACTURERS/BRANDS WEBSITES 22% (SoURCe: eMARKeteR/fRoSt SULLiVAn) CONSUMER OPINION IN BLOGS 18% TV ADS 18% PRODUCTS/BRANDS THAT APPEAR IN MOVIES OR WITHIN TV PROGRAMMES 19% MAGAZINE ADS 16% NEWSPAPER ADS 16% Mobile Data Revenues by Region CONSUMER OPINION ON MESSAGE BOARDS 15% ReGion MoBiLe DAtA % of totAL MoBiLe MonthLy MoBiLe EMAIL NEWSLETTERS 15% ReVenUeS (M) ReVenUeS DAtA ARPU CONSUMER OPINION IN CHAT ROOMS 15% ASIA PACIFIC $20,272.57 24.57% $4.74 ADS ON POSTERS, BUSES/BUS SHELTERS 13% WESTERN EUROPE $13,065.12 21.13% $7.92 ADS AT THE CINEMA BEFORE THE MOVIE STARTS 14% NORTH AMERICA $8,636.30 19.76% $10.48 RADIO ADS 12% EASTERN EUROPE $2,866.93 15.70% $2.45 RECOMMENDATIONS FROM OTHER CONSUMERS WHO YOU DO NOT PERSONALLY KNOW 11% LATIN AMERICA $2,384.20 13.02% $1.84 ADS THAT APPEAR ON SEARCH ENGINES 12% MIDDLE EAST $927.63 8.21% $1.73 BANNER ADS ON WEBSITES 11% AFRICA $881.74 6.62% $0.93 ADS THAT HAVE BEEN SENT TO YOU BY EMAIL 9% TOTAL $49,034.48 19.68% $5.07 (SoURCe: eMARKeteR; q 2008) POP-UP OR POP-UNDER WEB ADS 7% ADS IN VIRTUAL WORLDS 7% ADS VIA MOBILE SMS 6% ADS IN VIDEO GAMES 6% (SoURCe: tnS/MeDiA; RePReSentS ChinA, honG KonG, MALAySiA, SinGAPoRe, tAiWAn AnD thAiLAnD) 8 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  10. 10. Mobile Advertising Spending in Asia Pacific Asia Pacific online Shopping Revenues 2007-202 CoUntRy 2007 (US$Bn) 200 (US$Bn) AUSTRALIA 27.2 37.3 2007 2008 2009 200 20 202 CHINA 297.8 1415.7 ($M) ($M) ($M) ($M) ($M) ($M) HONG KONG 5.5 10 MOBILE MESSAGE ADS 700 1,229 1,827 3,100 4,309 5,320 INDIA 70.8 734.3 MOBILE DISPLAY ADS 12 36 91 182 293 397 JAPAN 168.9 185.3 MOBILE SEARCH ADS 26 72 190 373 732 1,160 SOUTH KOREA 82 114.7 TOTAL 738 1,336 2,108 3,655 5,344 6,877 (SoURCe: eMARKeteR) SINGAPORE 4.5 6.6 THAILAND 5.9 20.8 (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe) Mobile Music Spending in Asia Pacific, by format, 2007-202 Asia Pacific online Shopping Market outlook 2007 2008 2009 200 20 202 CoUntRy onLine ShoPPinG onLine ShoPPinG (M) (M) (M) (M) (M) (M) PenetRAtion RAte PoPULAtion MASTERTONES, RINGBACK TONES AND OTHER* $654 $843 $1,110 $1,579 $2,311 $3,450 2007 (%) 200 (%) 2007 (M) 200 (M) FULL-TRACK DOWNLOADS $535 $747 $1,067 $1,644 $2,606 $4,216 AUSTRALIA 67 72.1 10.4 12 TOTAL MOBILE MUSIC SPENDING $1,189 $1,590 $2,177 $3,223 $4,918 $7,666 CHINA 70 74.8 147.1 480.4 OF WHICH: AD-SUPPORTED MOBILE MUSIC $42 $80 $142 $258 $566 $882 HONG KONG 50 62.5 2.4 3.5 (SoURCe: eMARKeteR; exCLUDeS MonoPhoniC AnD PoLyPhoniC RinGtoneS; inCLUDeS ChinA, INDIA 47 59.2 28.1 203.1 inDiA, jAPAn, SoUth KoReA; *otheR inCLUDeS MUSiC ViDeoS AnD StReAMS) JAPAN 83 83.1 72.7 75.1 SOUTH KOREA 83 88.9 29 33 SINGAPORE 60 67.7 1.5 1.8 THAILAND 43 57.5 3.6 10.5 (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe) ❚ e-CoMMeRCe Online shopping throughout Asia is a growing trend, with 44% of users having shopped online for the past three ❚ CASe StUDy years; and 63% of respondents saying they now shop online at least occasionally. Over a three month period, regional shoppers bought an average of 3.1 purchases online, spending on average $612.40 on their purchases over that period. More than three-quarters of them (76%) intend to shop online again in the next 6 months. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) In general, online shopping seems to be a pleasurable experience for Asia's consumers, with 71% finding it convenient; 66% finding it easy; and 62% of users finding it simpler than catalogue or telephone shopping. (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) Price and security matter to online shoppers across Asia. A sizeable 87% of shoppers cite secure payment facilities as an important factor affecting their online purchasing decisions, with 87% also citing price and 85% noting convenient payment methods. Equally, for those who are less keen to shop online, the key reason is security again, Client: AirAsia with 65% of online shoppers across the region fearing Agency: Yahoo! Mobile online transactions are unsafe. And when asked how Campaign: AirAsia brand building campaign online shopping can be improved, almost three quarters of objective: AirAsia wanted to increase awareness of the the region's online consumers - 74% - said they wanted company and its promotions throughout the region. to see enhanced payment security. Strategy: Encourage interaction and allow users to (SoURCe: MASteRCARD WoRLDWiDe inSiGhtS) immerse themselves with the AirAsia brand. Evoke interest in AirAsia's Sleepless in 3 cities and Beautiful island Asia Pacific's (ex Japan) paid online content market was getaways campaigns. expected to grow by 21% in 2008 from 2007 to reach Details: Partner with Yahoo! Mobile to help drive traffic to a market size of US$4.67 billion. By the end of 2013 the AirAsia mobile website by placing ad banners on the that number is expected to grow to US$9.2 billion. The Yahoo! Mobile homepage, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger key driver behind this growth is online gaming, which and Yahoo! oneSearch. Engage users with a rich mobile is expected to represent 75.1% of all premium or paid experience on the AirAsia mobile website. content revenues in 2013, representing US$6.9 billion. Results: • AirAsia became the first-ever company on (SoURCe: fRoSt SULLiVAn) Yahoo! mobile in Malaysia. • In just 28 days AirAsia garnered 6,091,490 impressions on mobile phones across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan and Hong Kong. • 108,405 clicks were obtained (CTR of 1.78%) from mobile users. • Average CPC on market value was $0.56. asia pacific digital marketing yearbook 9
  11. 11. AUStRALiA Uluru (Ayer's Rock) in the Australian Outback NON DIAL-UP (B) ❚ DeMoGR APhiCS ISDN/OTHER 19 DSL 4,208 FIxED WIRELESS 164 MOBILE WIRELESS 1,298 Nearly three quarters (73%) of Australian homes are now SATELLITE 80 connected to the Internet. At the end of June 2008 there CABLE 916 ALL NON DIAL-UP CONNECTIONS 6,685 were 6.21 million active Internet households in the country. TOTAL ACCESS CONNECTIONS 7,996 (SoURCe: ABS/ACMA) Download Speeds Broadband's popularity surged in Australia in 2008, with SPeeD '000 LESS THAN 256KBPS 1,319 household penetration rates rising to 97% last year, up BROADBAND from 84% in 2007. 256KBPS TO LESS THAN 512KBPS 1,458 (nieLSen onLine) 512KBPS TO LESS THAN 1.5MBPS 1,181 1.5MBPS TO LESS THAN 8MBPS 2,012 8MBPS TO LESS THAN 24MBPS 1,653 You can tell a lot about a person by their Internet 24MBPS OR GREATER 373 TOTAL BROADBAND (256KBPS+) 6,678 connection it appears - Australians with post-graduate TOTAL DOWNLOAD SPEEDS 7,996 degrees are 83% more likely to have broadband access (SoURCe: ABS; q4 2008) than those without tertiary qualifications. (SoURCe: ABS/ACMA) The Internet also appears to be the domain of the wealthy ❚ USeR BehAVioUR - households with an income of more than AU$2,000 or more a week are three times more likely to have broadband Australians now spend more time consuming media and than those with less than AU$600 per week. Indigenous this is largely thanks to the Internet: Australians were households are around half as likely to have broadband. spending 16.1 hours a week online in 2008, up from 13.7 (SoURCe: ABS/ACMA) hours in 2007. (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) how Australians Connect ConneCtion '000 The average Australian spends one and a half hours of DIAL-UP their leisure time online every day. ANALOG 1,298 (SoURCe: tnS) ISDN/OTHER 13 ALL DIAL-UP CONNECTIONS 1,311 0 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  12. 12. AIRLINE TICKET PURCHASE 45% 35% Australian men in general spend more time online than BILL PAYMENT 68% 58% their female counterparts - amongst heavy Internet users ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKING (E.G. FACEBOOK, MYSPACE, LINKEDIN) 27% 18% 62% are male and 48% are female. DIRECTORIES (YELLOW/WHITEPAGES) 60% 52% (SoURCe: ABS/ACMA) SUBMITTING FORMS OR INFORMATION TO GOVERNMENT WEBSITES 29% 22% VOICE OVER IP/INTERNET TELEPHONY 9% 2% ACCOMMODATION BOOKINGS 39% 32% ADULT SERVICES/WEBSITES 10% 3% More media consumption means more multi-tasking: 61% LOCAL/COMMUNITY INFORMATION 25% 18% of online users watch TV while they are online and 50% GAMBLING 10% 3% INSTANT MESSAGING 39% 33% use the Internet while they listen to the radio. For all users HEALTH AND MEDICINE SITES 31% 25% who do multi-task, the Internet is most commonly cited as EDUCATION/STUDY SITES 29% 35% the primary focus. (SoURCe: ACMA/nieLSen onLine) (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) Australian online Activities by Gender ACtiVity feMALe MALe More Australians are using the Internet to make voice calls, ADULT SERVICES/WEBSITES 3% 20% with traffic for Skype and other types of voice over Internet DOWNLOADING AUDIO 21% 35% protocol (VoIP) services increasing by 27% in the year DOWNLOADING VIDEO 15% 28% NEWS, SPORTS OR WEATHER UPDATES 67% 79% ending April 2008. STREAMING VIDEO 6% 15% (SoURCe: AUStRALiAn CoMMUniCAtionS AnD MeDiA AUthoRity) GAMBLING 6% 14% MAKING PAYMENTS FOR GOVERNMENT SERVICES 17% 24% STREAMING AUDIO 6% 13% VoIP's growth potential in Australia is such that now nearly AUCTIONS 34% 41% MAPS/DIRECTIONS 60% 65% half (47%) of all ISPs offer VoIP as part of their bundled HEALTH MEDICINE SITES 32% 27% broadband packages. EDUCATION/STUDY SITES 31% 25% (SoURCe: AUStRALiAn CoMMUniCAtionS AnD MeDiA AUthoRity) (SoURCe: ACMA/nieLSen onLine) Australians are high adopters of social networking sites - Activities of Australian Gamers vs non-Gamers onLine ACtiVity % of non-GAMeRS % of GAMeRS 65% of online users in the country use them. SELF-PUBLISHING/BLOGGING 11% 23% (SoURCe: iBM inStitUte foR BUSineSS VALUe) DOWNLOADING COMPUTER OR VIDEO GAMES 8% 43% DOWNLOADING TV SHOWS OR MOVIES 18% 35% OTHER 32% 32% The Internet is now the preferred medium for VOICE OVER INTERNET TELEPHONE 33% 33% entertainment and leisure in Australian homes. In a survey PLAYING COMPUTER OR VIDEO GAMES 0% 64% SOCIAL NETWORKING 37% 51% of media habits of Australian gamers, 87% of them ranked WATCHING STREAMING MEDIA 39% 60% using the Internet first as their preferred media activity CHATTING 44% 57% DOWNLOADING MUSIC 41% 63% ahead of watching TV, watching DVDs, reading books, STUDY 56% 62% newspapers or magazines and listening to music. WORK 66% 70% (SoURCe: ieAA) BOOKING TRAVEL/HOLIDAYS 86% 81% SHOPPING/BANKING/PAYING BILLS 90% 91% READING THE NEWS 90% 90% Perhaps because of their preference for the Internet as a PRODUCT INFORMATION 93% 95% BROWSING/SURFING 94% 97% leisure activity, gamers are more likely than non-gamers to EMAIL 99% 100% use newer online services: 23% of gamers blog compared (SoURCe: ieAA) to 11% of non-gamers; 51% of gamers engage in social networking against 37% of non-gamers; and 35% of gamers download TV shows/movies compared to 18% of non-gamers. ❚ onLine ADVeRtiSinG (SoURCe: ieAA) Expenditure on online advertising in Australia in 2008 came Awareness of blogging in Australia is high, with 93% of to a sizeable $1.7 billion, representing a 27.1% increase on Australians aware of them, yet only 40% access them and 2007, or an additional AU$364.25 million. only 13% contribute to them. (SoURCe: iAB/PRiCeWAteRhoUSeCooPeRS) (SoURCe: tnS) Of the AU$1.7 billion of Australia's online ad expenditure, Australian online users rate the Internet as their most AU$465 million was spent on display advertising; $439 trusted source of information (27%), above newspapers million on classified advertising; and $807 million on search (20%) or the television (17%). and directories. (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) (SoURCe: iAB/PRiCeWAteRhoUSeCooPeRS) Behind the increase in online ad spending in Australian Australian online Activities by internet Connection ACtiVity BRoADBAnD DiAL UP has been strong annual increases across all categories: a BANKING 75% 53% 30% increase in search and directories; a 27% increase MAPS/DIRECTIONS 64% 47% NEWS, SPORTS OR WEATHER UPDATES 73% 58% in general display advertising; and a 23% increase in AUCTIONS 39% 25% classified ads. MAKING PAYMENTS FOR GOVERNMENT SERVICES 21% 8% (SoURCe: iAB/PRiCeWAteRhoUSeCooPeRS) SUBSCRIBE/SIGN UP TO EMAIL NEWSLETTERS 37% 25% ONLINE RADIO 13% 2% STREAMING VIDEO 11% 0% Most online Australians seem happy with ad-supported STREAMING AUDIO 10% 0% READING BLOGS 17% 7% online video content, with 75% of them saying they would DOWNLOADING VIDEO 22% 12% watch ads either before or after quality, free content. The asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  13. 13. remaining 25% of them however dislike ads so much that Australia's top online Gaming Sites they would actually pay to avoid advertising messages. Site % ReACh (SoURCe: iBM inStitUte foR BUSineSS VALUe) WILDTANGENT NETWORK 6.9% MINICLIP.COM 6.3% MSN GAMES 4.6% ADDICTINGGAMES.COM 3.3% Australians are split straight down the middle when it DISNEY GAMES 3.0% comes to how they feel about sharing information about (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At AUStRALiA hoMe/ WoRK LoCAtionS) themselves with advertisers in exchange for something of value - 50% of that said they were willing to do this. Australia's top technology news Sites (SoURCe: iBM inStitUte foR BUSineSS VALUe) % ReACh NETSHELTER TECHNOLOGY MEDIA 26.8% CNET 22.9% Australians are becoming less tolerant of advertising ABOUT.COM TECHNOLOGY NETWORK 5.8% across social media, with 38% of users saying they ZDNET 3.3% BESTOFMEDIA GROUP 2.9% considered advertising an intrusion, compared to 29% GRAYSONLINE.COM.AU 2.5% who said the same in 2007. Equally while 51% said they COMMENT CA MARCHE 2.4% WIRED.COM 2.4% didn't mind advertising in 2007, a lower number - 47% - SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN NETWORK 2.2% now say that is the case. SLASHDOT.ORG 2.2% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At AUStRALiA hoMe/ WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) Member community sites - including blogs and social Australia's top entertainment Sites % ReACh networking sites - now reach 59% of Australian online YOUTUBE.COM 74.1% users, compared to 55% in 2007. ITUNES SOFTWARE (APP) 45.1% (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine) CBS INTERACTIVE 44.1% VIACOM DIGITAL 27.4% GORILLA NATION 23.9% Australia's top online Ad Spend Categories in 2008 MSN VIDEO 23.3% CAteGoRy onLine DiSPLAy ALL MeDiA IMDB.COM 23.2% AU$M ShARe % AU$M ARTISTDIRECT NETWORK 20.1% FINANCE 85.6 14.1 606.3 MYSPACE MUSIC 19.4% COMMUNICATIONS 65.2 18.0 362.2 BREAK MEDIA 17.6% MOTOR VEHICLES 56.9 5.1 1,118.5 (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe SeGMent MetRix; feB 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At AUStRALiA hoMe/WoRK TRAVEL/ACCOMMODATION 35.4 6.7 525.3 LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) MEDIA 25.8 8.1 319.8 RETAIL 21.9 1.1 2,084.3 ENTERTAINMENT LEISURE 19.7 2.6 771.0 online Advertising expenditure - total Spend by SERVICES 19.3 7.6 254.6 Category by Period (AU$M) INSURANCE 18.4 6.6 278.8 COMPUTERS 17.7 20.9 84.6 2 MonthS GeneRAL CLASSifieDS SeARCh AnD % yeAR/ yeAR TOTAL FOR ALL OTHERS enDeD DiSPLAy DiReCtoRieS totAL GRoWth NOT IN TOP 10 84.1 11.2 112.5 DECEMBER 2008 $464.5 $439.2 $806.2 $1,710.2 27% TOTAL AD SPEND DECEMBER 2007 $367.0 $356.7 $622.2 $1,346.0 34% ESTIMATES FOR 2008 450 4.5 10,063 DECEMBER 2006 $303.0 $299.0 $399.0 $1,001.0 61% (SoURCe: nieLSen AiS AUStRALiA) DECEMBER 2005 $194.0 $206.0 $220.0 $620.0 60% (SoURCe: iAB/PRiCeWAteRhoUSeCooPeRS) Australia's top 0 Sites online Advertising expenditure by industry totAL UniqUe % ReACh totAL MinUteS (MM) ADVeRtiSeR inDUStRy CAteGoRy 2008 2007 2006 ViSitoRS (000) FINANCE 20.82% 21.31% 23.15% GOOGLE SITES 9,708 81.4% 1,220 COMPUTERS COMMUNICATIONS 15.13% 16.58% 16.96% MICROSOFT SITES 9,071 76.1% 3,931 MOTOR VEHICLES 14.94% 14.47% 14.73% FACEBOOK.COM 5,331 44.7% 758 TRAVEL/ACCOMMODATION 6.30% 6.93% 6.72% YAHOO! SITES 5,254 44.1% 370 ENTERTAINMENT LEISURE 7.18% 6.15% 6.13% EBAY 4,810 40.3% 340 MEDIA 4.00% 4.33% 5.09% FOx INTERACTIVE MEDIA 4,218 35.4% 565 FMCG 4.20% 4.66% 3.33% NEWS INTERACTIVE PTY LIMITED 3,992 33.5% 186 REAL ESTATE 2.91% 2.37% 2.53% TELSTRA CORPORATION LIMITED 3,877 32.5% 101 RETAIL 3.31% 3.10% 3.47% WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION SITES 3,731 31.3% 53 INSURANCE 3.41% 3.70% 2.00% APPLE INC. 3,624 30.4% 24 HEALTH/BEAUTY/PHARMACEUTICALS 4.04% 3.18% 2.65% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At AUStRALiA hoMe/ GOVERNMENT 2.93% 3.47% 2.78% WoRK LoCAtionS) OTHER 4.04% 4.01% 2.90% RECRUITMENT 1.84% 1.81% 3.69% ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES 1.28% 1.15% 0.74% Australia's top online Retail Sites EDUCATION LEARNING 1.60% 1.17% 1.03% % ReACh HOME PRODUCTS SERVICES 0.76% 0.72% 0.87% AMAZON SITES 38.9% COMMUNITY/PUBLIC SERVICE 0.88% 0.62% 0.85% APPLE.COM WORLDWIDE SITES 26.2% OFFICE BUSINESS EQUIPMENT 0.43% 0.27% 0.38% SHOPPING.COM SITES 17.0% (SoURCe: iAB/PWC) COLES GROUP 16.0% WOOLWORTHS 12.6% AMERICANGREETINGS PROPERTY 7.7% NINEMSN SHOPPING 7.3% TICKETEK 7.2% DEALSDIRECT.COM.AU 7.0% ❚ MoBiLe GETPRICE.COM.AU 6.9% (SoURCe: CoMSCoRe MeDiA MetRix; feBRUARy 2009; AUDienCe: ALL PeRSonS 5+ At AUStRALiA hoMe/ WoRK LoCAtionS; heAVy inteRnet USeRS) Mobile phone revenues in Australia increased by 6.9% in the 2007-08 period generating AU$11 billion in revenues. (SoURCe: AUStRALiAn CoMMUniCA tionS AnD MeDiA AUthoRity) 2 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  14. 14. Mobile phone penetration rates remain high in Australia Looking ahead, Australians want more of the same, with with 83% of adults using a mobile phone service. Other the most popular requests for future mobile content sources place it much higher, as high as 108%. being digital music downloads (30%), games (27%) and (SoURCe: AUStRALiAn CoMMUniCAtionS AnD MeDiA AUthoRity/BUSineSS MonitoR) wallpapers (25%). (SoURCe: AiMiA) By 2013 it is estimated there will be more than 25.8 million subscribers in Australia, representing a penetration rate of The key types of information Australian mobile Internet 117.4%. users access are news (53%), weather (50%) and sport (SoURCe: BUSineSS MonitoR) (34%). Compared to last year's data the greatest growth in the type of information accessed has been maps (347% Nearly all Australian mobile phone user (97% of them) increase), restaurant/cafe guides (174%) and TV listings use their mobile for more than just making phone calls. Of (93%). those, 61% use their phones for information services; 57% (SoURCe: AiMiA) for entertainment purposes; 99% for communication type services; while 31% used their phone to make purchases. For mobile users who don't use their phones for anything (SoURCe: Mnet/teLeCoMPAPeR) other than voice or SMS, 10% of them say they do this because they don't know what it does; 26% meanwhile Nearly a third of Australians (31%) have now gone online say they don't get any value out of it; 10% don't know via their mobiles, on average doing this 1.9 times a week. how to connect to the Internet; 7% don't know how to (SoURCe: MySPACe.CoM/SWeeney ReSeARCh) access content when connected; and a sizeable 60% of users just don't care. The cost of using mobile data services is proving a (SoURCe: AiMiA) deterrent for Australian mobile phone users. A sizeable 69% of mobile users take photos with their phone, costing For mobile users that share their mobile content, by far them nothing, while only 39% forward them on to friends, and away the most popular type of content is photos with a service which they need to pay for. Equally, while 39% of 96% of users saying they share this, compared to 41% mobile users have gone down the 3G route, only 27% of who share videos; 32% who share music; and just 3% that those people have used their phones to go online. share blog posts. (SoURCe: AUStRALiAn CoMMUniCAtionS AnD MeDiA AUthoRity) (SoURCe: AiMiA) Mobile Internet activity is on the increase in Australia - Half of those who share their content tend to do it once a between September and December 2008, the number month or more. And users aged under 25 are more likely to of page views across mobile Internet sites increased by create content to share with other users. 17.3%, representing a compound annual growth rate of (SoURCe: AiMiA) 89.3%. (SoURCe: AiMiA) The two main methods Australians use to share content are MMS (63% of users) and Bluetooth (61%). For Australian mobile users, SMS is now as much of a key (SoURCe: AiMiA) expenditure each month as voice services with 84% of users in each category saying this was the case, followed Community Services Used by Australian Mobile Users % of ReSPonDentS by MMS (22%), buying content (9%) and email (7%). SeRViCe ViA PC ViA MoBiLe (SoURCe: AiMiA) MSN MESSENGER 57% 8% YOUTUBE 46% 2% FACEBOOK 45% 5% More than a third (36%) of Australian mobile phone users MYSPACE 28% 3% have purchased and/or subscribed to information services YAHOO! MESSENGER 23% 2% SKYPE 22% 2% via their mobiles in the past 12 months, while 33% had GOOGLE TALK 12% 2% purchased mobile content. More than 50% of them became FLICKR 10% 1% LINKED IN 7% 1% aware of new mobile content via the Internet. (SoURCe: AiMiA) CHAT ROOMS 7% 1% RSS FEED READER 7% 2% APPLE ICHAT 2% N/A AOL MESSENGER 2% 1% Nearly half (48%) of mobile users bought content online via CYWORLD 1% 1% their PC; 17% bought it from their mobile carrier's portal; (SoURCe: AiMiA) while 12% bought it from their mobile phone menu. (SoURCe: AiMiA) Australians' Usage of Mobile Devices teChnoLoGy % of DeViCe % of DeViCe enABLeD USeD The most popular types of content purchased by Australian CAMERA 82% 69% mobile users are games (43%), true tones (42%) and MMS 66% 39% MOBILE INTERNET 60% 27% wallpapers (33%), the first two items having grown BLUETOOTH 57% 36% significantly in popularity in the past two years - the VIDEO RECORDER 47% 25% MP3 PLAYER 40% 23% popularity of true tones growing by 173% and games by VIDEO CALLS 37% 10% 171%. The number of mobile users purchasing digital music DOCUMENT READER 16% 5% GPS 10% 4% downloads has jumped by 113% over the past two years. (SoURCe: nieLSen onLine/ACMA) (SoURCe: AiMiA) asia pacific digital marketing yearbook
  15. 15. and when? Relevant, timely email communications help your customers feel recognised, connected and valued. Epsilon International offers the industry’s most robust and powerful email platform and combines it with comprehensive agency services to help assure every interaction builds your relationship, results and marketing ROI. 4 asia pacific digital marketing yearbook