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Asia Digital Marketing - Yearbook 2007


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High-level statistics from the Asia Digital Marketing Association's annual report on the status of the industry across each Asian market. Includes a case study of adidas World Cup MMO game.

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Asia Digital Marketing - Yearbook 2007

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Yearbook 2007 board member companies Yahoo! Asia
  2. 2. Welcome to ADMA “the ears, eyes and voice of digital marketing in Asia” Webinar sponsored by:
  3. 3. Who We Are an industry group that promotes the use of digital marketing as part of the overall mix a non-profit organisation with a membership base representing online publishers / portals, agencies, research companies, technology / service companies and marketers / advertisers Webinar sponsored by:
  4. 4. What We Do • events – annual conference – educational seminars • research • issues and government outreach • publications Webinar sponsored by:
  5. 5. Digital Marketing Yearbook THE source for marketers, advertisers, media buyers and anyone looking to leverage the power of digital media in the region Webinar sponsored by:
  6. 6. Introduction 2007 will be remembered as the year the balance tipped as for the first time, Asia Pacific takes the global lead in some key aspects of the digital marketing mix Webinar sponsored by:
  7. 7. Yearbook Contents • case studies • statistics – broadband – mobile – adspend • country profiles • insights • Member directory • and much more! Webinar sponsored by:
  8. 8. Australia 47% of Internet users in Australia have accessed insurance information in the past six months Webinar sponsored by:
  9. 9. China around 38 million of the 137 million Internet users in China play online games Webinar sponsored by:
  10. 10. Hong Kong Hong Kong’s online travel market is expected to grow by 97.9% by 2010* * in retail sales volume Webinar sponsored by:
  11. 11. India India’s Internet users are expected to rise to 100 million by end 2007 Webinar sponsored by:
  12. 12. Indonesia Indonesia’s internet users have grown 800% since 2000 and represent 4.5% of Asia’s total online community Webinar sponsored by:
  13. 13. Japan in February 2007, Japan added its 100 millionth mobile subscriber – making it the world’s No. 1 mobile market Webinar sponsored by:
  14. 14. Malaysia 18.4% of mobile phone subscribers in Malaysia use their phone to access the Internet Webinar sponsored by:
  15. 15. The Philippines the prepaid Internet market in the Philippines is worth US$17 million Webinar sponsored by:
  16. 16. Singapore in just one month, Singaporeans sent 911 million SMS messages. The population is only 4.5 million! Webinar sponsored by:
  17. 17. South Korea nearly 100% of South Korean Internet users have Internet access at home Webinar sponsored by:
  18. 18. Sri Lanka Sri Lanka’s mobile market has shown an annual growth rate of 50-60% for the last few years Webinar sponsored by:
  19. 19. Taiwan by 2008, advertisers in Taiwan will spend more than 10% of their budgets online, one of just eight markets globally Webinar sponsored by:
  20. 20. Thailand Thailand has 15% PC penetration, while 50% of the population has a mobile phone Webinar sponsored by:
  21. 21. Vietnam 10% of households in Vietnam will make purchases online by 2010 Webinar sponsored by:
  22. 22. Case Study – adidas using online games to leverage adidas’ sponsorship of FIFA World Cup 2006 Webinar sponsored by:
  23. 23. 2-phased Approach Phase 1 Phase 2 The TUNiT Flash game The Impossible Team online game multi-level challenges Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) 3D realistic content avatars, virtual world, real time Webinar sponsored by:
  24. 24. The TUNiT Flash Game (Multi-level 3D Realism) 3D Web site passing opponents Berlin Stadium boot selection challenging terrains the Final Goal! Webinar sponsored by:
  25. 25. Fully Engaged Players • popularity: 8 million page views -> over six weeks • data collection: 70,000 registrations (optional) • brand exposure: 72,300 minutes spent playing the game • brand immersion: 11 minutes per player on average - standard Flash games generate 3-4 minutes playing time - high quality 3D graphics, fun game play, multiple environments and mini-challenges within the TUNiT generated 3 times as much player engagement • lead generation: clicks on ‘Shop Finder’ banner -> 165,000 Webinar sponsored by:
  26. 26. The Impossible Team Online Game (3D MMOG) branded game login buy virtual adidas kit visit a virtual World Cup manage & train players chat with 3D friends team & country rankings Webinar sponsored by:
  27. 27. Brand Immersion • popularity: 1 million game logins (over 6 weeks) • data collection: 600,000 registrations • brand exposure: 15 million minutes (258 hours) spent playing • brand immersion: 533 minutes (9 hours) per person spent in the adidas virtual world! • game play: top participant played over 300 hours (12.5 days) • Top 30 players on average spent 126 hours • repeat visits: 36 logins per registered user • compelling content: 15 minutes per login per user • worldwide exposure: participants from 50 countries! Webinar sponsored by:
  28. 28. Download for FREE download at: for a printed copy or more information, email: Webinar sponsored by:
  29. 29. Thank You! to all our members, everyone who contributed, and editor Rachel Oliver Webinar sponsored by:
  30. 30. Join ADMA Now be part of a growing industry force Webinar sponsored by:
  31. 31. board member companies Yahoo! Asia
  32. 32. About this Online Conference Is an online-conferencing service of interest to you? Like to know more about online-conferencing? No interest at the moment Will you or your company have an interest in using Online Conferencing Solutions in the future? REFER to our sponsor – Premiere Global Services – and you will be entitled to a VALUABLE GIFT! Webinar sponsored by: