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Nasw Chapter Committees

  1. 1. NASW Chapter Committees Corresponding Documents to this PowerPoint are available at: http://
  2. 2. NASW, Ohio Chapter’s Mission NASW – Ohio Chapter shall be the recognized voice for Social Workers in Ohio. It shall be an organization that ensures excellence in the local and national social work standards, practice, education, and licensing, and shall be a powerful force in the political process
  3. 3. How do we accomplish our mission? Through our committees. A committee is a body of people who work together on the chapter’s policy, program, or administrative issue.
  4. 4. Committees Committees are charged with moving the Chapter’s strategic plan from vision to reality.
  5. 5. Role of the Committee • To make recommendations to the full board, • To advise staff, or, • In some cases, to take on a significant project.
  6. 6. Committees are provided with administrative support from staff and board president.
  7. 7. Committee membership • Committee Chairs are appointed by Board President. • Committee members must be a member of NASW.
  8. 8. Committee Meetings Committees meet occasionally face to face but conduct much of their business via conference calls and e-mail. Frequency of meetings is determined by the work of the committee.
  9. 9. The Work • In line with Chapter’s strategic plan, committees are to: –Establish goals and objectives –Develop work plan –Carry out plan
  10. 10. Reports and Records Written records are critical. – Meeting minutes • Provides closure on action items • Provides written progress made by committee – Quarterly written reports to Board
  11. 11. Written Charge • Each committee has a written charge from the board. • The written charge includes: authorization and accountability, purpose, timeframe/type of committee, members, terms, criteria, and specific responsibilities
  12. 12. Standing Committees • Program Planning and Budget • Nominations and Leadership Identification • Ethics/COI • Membership • Legislative • International Service • Professional Issues • PACE
  13. 13. Nominations, Identification and Leadership Committee The mission is to identify, nominate and develop leaders of NASW. NLIC will cultivate leadership through recruitment, training, mentoring and recognition.
  14. 14. NLIC Goals and Objectives o Create a leadership development workshop. o Recruit nominees for national leadership. o Establish leadership qualities, utilizing national priorities regarding diversity, students and public sector members. o Recruit and fill all slated positions for Ohio NASW leadership.
  15. 15. View NLIC Policies and Standards Here
  16. 16. PACE Political Action for Candidate Election Committee Mission o Endorse and support political candidates who support social work values; o Promote political education; and o Identify and promote social workers for public and political party offices.
  17. 17. View PACE Policies and Standards Here
  18. 18. Membership Committee Mission • Retain and Recruit members • Provide positive public exposure for the social work profession in Ohio, • Identify our contributions to the state and its citizenry, and • Recognize outstanding achievements by our members
  19. 19. Ethics Committee The 2009 – 2010 Ethics Committee will be defining their priorities in addition to their mandated role of processing surrogate complaints. One focus being an ethics train the trainer curriculum.
  20. 20. View Ethics Policies and Standards Here
  21. 21. Professional Issues Committee Formed to:  Increase Chapter involvement and address issues of interest of members  Address issues specific to specialty areas of social work practice  Address issues related to any of social work practice groups - clinical, medical, administrative, community organizing, school, etc.  Address issues of local importance impacting social workers in specific geographic areas of the state  Provide timely responses to identified issues  Address issues in timely, responsive, and relevant manner  Provide “early identification” for emerging issues  Assist the Ohio Chapter in assuming a greater leadership role in addressing those issues of importance to membership
  22. 22. Professional Issues Policies and Standards • A new committee that is beginning to develop structure.
  23. 23. International Service Committee Mission “The International Service Committee's mission is to promote cultural competency and international social justice that is consistent with social work values and ethics."
  24. 24. Strategic Goals of ISC • To increase educational opportunities at the NASW Ohio Chapter conference and regional level in the areas of cultural competency and international social justice, • To increase advocacy for both international issues and local issues that impact international persons, and • To strengthen networking amongst professionals regarding cultural competency and international issues.
  25. 25. Legislative Committee Mission Set the legislative agenda for the Chapter in keeping with the National Delegate Assembly Program Priorities.
  26. 26. A project of the Legislative Committee
  27. 27. Advocacy Day educates membership and lawmakers to our advocacy agenda.
  28. 28. Advocacy Agenda  Agenda  Health and Human Services Workplace Sa  Educational Debt Relief Fact Sheet  Elimination of Civil Service Exemption Fact
  29. 29. In addition to the standing committees, the Chapter has additional projects that are undertaken by a taskforce or ad hoc committee.
  30. 30. Task Forces/Ad hoc committees • Created to handle – specific tasks, – issues, and – operations • Disbands when their charge has been fulfilled
  31. 31. Annual Conference Task Force Mission Provide diverse quality educational offerings, varied in-kind and exchange of knowledge among social workers, so as to enhance the skill and professional growth of conference participants. The committee shall be financially self- sufficient and generate positive revenue.
  32. 32. Conference 2008
  33. 33. Awards Task Force Mission is to enhance the public’s perception of social work through identifying those who display social work values, dedication and commitment.
  34. 34. 2008Life Time Achievement Award Betti Hinton, LISW-S
  35. 35. This orientation was to provide you basic information that will assist you in your new leadership role. A successful organization is based on the knowledge, skills, involvement, passion, and commitment of committee members. Take time to review this orientation as you prepare for your position on the Chapter’s committee leadership team. Each member plays a critical role in the success of the whole.