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2013.04.25 Learning Sessions 6 - HITS Theatre


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2013.04.25 Learning Sessions 6 - HITS Theatre

  1. 1. Sustainability Program – Phase IIGrant Term:10/2011 – 09/2012Contact:Carrie RayDevelopment
  2. 2. Mission and VisionThe purpose and mission of HITS Theatre iseducational, cultural and civic, and includes thefollowing:• To provide professional-level training in acting,dance, singing, music, technical theatre and mediaby professional staff with theatre and educationexpertise;• To enrich lives by broadening cultural experienceand developing talent in those who participate atHITS as students or audience members;• To enhance the cultural climate for children andtheir families in the City of Houston andsurrounding communities;• To establish an outlet for all young performers,regardless of financial status, to practice their skillsthrough high-quality training;• To serve all talent levels by teaching excellence andthe discipline required to achieve it; and to providea safe and professional facility in which to work.
  3. 3. Use of FundsFunding was used towards the engagement of consultants regarding facilities proforma and fund developmentKey Activities• Enlist an architect to develop a space plan forexisting facilities & assess needs for additionalspace. Develop facilities plan that addresses HITSlong term space requirements• Based on needs identified in space plan, evaluateoptimal leasing opportunities near HITS Theatre• Create an annual development plan for HITS thatincludes a calendar and addresses staffing needs forall fundraising programs• Create new website to enhance online presenceand user accessibility, improve registration andticketing processes and overall communications• Increase individual donations, foundation fundingand corporate sponsorshipsKey Deliverables• Lease agreement signed for administrative offices in August2011• Development plan and calendar adopted. Donor softwarepurchased and uploaded over 1,500 donor records intodatabase to assist in cultivation plan• Individual giving increased by over 25%; foundation givingalmost doubled (includes multi-year grant)• Improved communications with donors, parents, and generalpublicKey Resources• MODE $20,000 funding• Staff, Board of Directors and Consultants• Major donors with specialized expertise in real estatedevelopment and fundraising• Individual, Foundation and Corporate Donors• Funding from ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program tohire intern to implement donor software system
  4. 4. Outcomes & IndicatorsANTICIPATEDSHORT TERM OUTCOMES(beginning of grant)ACTUALSHORT TERMOUTCOMES(end of grant)INDICATORS(Indicators measure whether or nota program achieves its expectedoutcomes. )Review space plan, do a theaterevaluation and define next stepsFacilities committee reviewed spaceplan and has clearer understanding ofcurrent space & needs for leasespace.6 Dance classes added in FY20127-12 grade class was divided into 2classes: 7-9 grade & 10-12 grade inFY2012Lease agreement signed andtimeline/plan in place for spacemodification if necessaryLease agreement signed andtimeline/plan in place for spacemodification if necessaryAdministrative staff of 3 moved off-site, providing additional classroomspace and offices for artistic staffDefine top prospect list andcultivation plan; Reviewdevelopment plan and calendar forboard presentation; purchase donorsoftware; develop website & donorcollateral materialDefined top prospect list andcultivation plan;Staff and consultant prepareddevelopment plan and calendar andpresented to board;Purchased and implementedDonorPerfect.Individual donations of $5000 +increased from 5 to 11 in FY2012Individual, foundation ,corporate andfundraising income increased from51% of total revenue in FY2011 to62% of total revenue in FY2012Architect draws 1st draft facilitiesplan for board presentationPresented facilities plan for extrarehearsal space to Board2 musicals added in Summer 20121 voice teacher added in FY2012Increase individual (by 15%),foundation giving (by 5%), andcorporate (by $30K)Exceeded individual and foundationgoals, increased corporate givingIncreased individual funding by over25%, foundation giving almostdoubled and corporate grew $25K+Org logo here
  5. 5. $ 256 K$289 K$ 39 K$149 KFYE 2012Total Giving = $733 K*FoundationIndividualCorporateGovernmentOutcomes SummaryWhat is different now compared to the beginning ofthe grant term?– Overall giving increased by 53%.– Making appeals for specific needs including facilityneeds, and onstage ask following performances, led toan increase in individual and family foundationdonations.– Better organization of donor data enables HITS to targetfunding appeals and maintain relationships with the HITScommunity and alumni.– Separating admin offices from rehearsal spacesincreased productivity and improved morale. Expandedvoice and dance lessons in studio space previouslyallocated to admin.– Staff and Board have better understanding of theoptimal student and class size for current space.– Updated website allows better engagement with theHITS community, making it easier to purchase tickets,register online and find timely information.– Redefined staff roles and recruited qualified part-timehires improved service to HITS families. (note: ExecutiveDirector resigned after taking maternity leave. Currentlyin search process for new ED.Org logo here$138 K$230 K$13 K$97 KFYE 2011Total Giving = $478 KFoundationIndividualCorporateGovernment*Includes multi-year grant
  6. 6. Before new Website……After
  7. 7. Financial Profile$596,788$734,706 $704,974$716,991$951,179$1,184,128$1,040,946$0$200,000$400,000$600,000$800,000$1,000,000$1,200,000$1,400,000Sep-07 Sep-08 Sep-09 Sep-10 Sep-11 Sep-12 Sep-13 Sep-14OperatingBudgetRevenue Expenses trendline: Revenues trendline: expensesSustainabilityProgramActual ProjectedFiscal Year Ending
  8. 8. Keys to SuccessSignificant accomplishments and strides madethroughout grant cycle– Leveraged the momentum generated by MODEgrant funding to engage influential members ofthe HITS community to evaluate facility options– HITS has generous individual supporters whovalue our programs and respond well to personalappeals.– Engaging experienced consultants to help HITSmeet goals of this grant.– Designated an intern to help clean data files andpopulate records into donor software.– Active Development committee and Financecommittee comprised of Board members, staffand volunteers helped to execute goals.– Drew on board resources and expertise to create aprocess to evaluate software options and scoringcriteria.– MODE grant provided a framework and helpedkeep the projects milestones on a schedule.Org logo here
  9. 9. Lessons Learned• What were your course corrections?– Only one major technology change can beimplemented at a time, i.e. donor software,ticketing system, website development. Thesetechnology changes may also requireorganization to adopt new routines andbehaviors.– Developed a better selection process forsoliciting bids and evaluating options using amatrix of needs and deliverables. Used processsuccessfully in selecting web consultants, donorsoftware and roofing company.– Having administrative staff at a separate locationimproved productivity, but we learned that beinglocated within walking distance of the theatre isnecessary for collaboration and communication.– Try not to do too much all at once – be realisticwith staff and board availability to work onprojects. Small organizations must utilizevolunteers who have limited time.Org logo here
  10. 10. Summary of Future Plans• Continue to grow our educational programs toengage more children in the performing arts.• Continue to build on increased foundationsupport and individual donations and usedonor database to better target our donorcampaigns.• Expand the number of community partners,particularly with schools and localorganizations.• As revenue diversification continues and classofferings increase, plan for the launch of acapital campaign in 2-4 years for long-termfacility needs.• Drive more communications through HITSwebsite, expand use of marketing toolsincluding video and social media.• Continue to reach beyond the Houston area toattract audience members and participants.• Look for additional ways to enhance the workenvironment to attract quality employees, benefits launched in FY2012.Org logo here