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Treasurer Information PowerPoint


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Treasurer Information PowerPoint

  2. 2. REGIONAL DIRECTOR TRAINING  CONTENTS  Role and Responsibilities  To the Region  To the Board  To the Chapter Office   Communication and Connection   With the Region  With the Board  With the Chapter Office
  3. 3. THE ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES  OF A REGIONAL DIRECTOR  The Connectors  Role and Responsibilities  To the Region  Marketing NASW and Outreach to Membership   Social Networking, Social Advocacy Groups, and Meeting the Other  Needs of the Region  Annual Banquet  CEU Programming  To the Board  Attending Board Meetings  To the Chapter Office   Financial Responsibilities and Accountability   Accessing Assistance
  4. 4. MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION  Each monthly, regional membership information  will be sent to you by e­mail.  The information  will include the month’s suspended members,  reinstated members, and new members.  Suspended means that their membership has lapsed  and they are at the end of a ‘90 day grace period.’  At  the end of the month this person will be considered  an inactive member.  Reinstated means that the person has renewed their  membership within the 90 day period.  New members are either brand new members or  members who were once members and joined again.
  5. 5. HOW DO WE RETAIN AND GAIN  MEMBERS?  New Members  Meetings and Workshops  Presentations  Bringing up NASW in conversations with  social workers  Suspended Members  Personal phone calls from                                   regional leadership  Mailings
  6. 6. REGIONAL AWARDS  Each year awards are given out on the regional, state, and  national levels to social workers, elected officials, public  citizens, and social work students.  Each region will collect award nominations at the  beginning of the year, make decisions on the award  winners after verifying their membership status in early  spring, and then have a ceremony for the winners.  After the award decisions are made regional directors will  send the materials to the state office for state  consideration.  The state Awards Task Force makes their decision in June  and the ceremony is held during the conference in the fall.
  7. 7. BANQUET The Chapter office is  here to help you plan your  awards banquet. • We will assist you in marketing the event. • Please do not use your personal credit card.  Give  us a call and we will do the leg work in  contracting with the facility and paying fees.   • We will assist you in finding, ordering, and  paying for plaques or other types of honorariums.    Please give us a call once your leadership team has  identified the date, time, and place of  your event  and we will assist you with the details.  
  8. 8. CEU WORKSHOPS  Providing 1 or 1.5 hours of CEU workshops is a  valuable resource to members and is an excellent  mechanism to bring social workers together.  
  9. 9. PROCEDURES FOR CEU  WORKSHOPS  Identify your presenter, time, and location of the  workshop.  At least two weeks prior to each workshop the  chapter office needs:  A copy of the resume of the presenter  A copy of clear goals and objectives  A copy of the flyer, brochure, or listing.   The Chapter must be in receipt of these items before  advertising can begin for the workshop to ensure that  CEUs can be given.  
  10. 10. THE CEU WORKSHOP MUST:   Provide a sign in sheet (available on website)   Include an evaluation component (available on  website)   Provide a CEU certificate to those who received  CEUS* *These will all be provided to you by the Chapter office once  you submit the initial paperwork.   Workshop expenses will not exceed revenues for  cash advances.   Be offered in a place accessible to persons who  are physically challenged.   
  12. 12. AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE  WORKSHOP…..   A copy of the  attendance sheet,  indicating those who  received CEUs Send back to    A copy of the  the Chapter:  evaluations   Return completed  Regional events  Financial Summary  form
  13. 13. QUARTERLY REPORTS TO THE  BOARD  Regional Directors are members of the Board of  Directors and are responsible for providing a  report at each quarterly board meeting.   On the next slide you will find the format that  you should use to organize your Quarterly  Report. The report is organized according to the  priority issues identified in the Chapter’s  Strategic Plan. Underneath each priority issue,  you will see suggestions of activities, events, and  updates to include in the report.   You may access this form through the Chapter  website. 
  14. 14. NASW Ohio Chapter Region ____ Report DATE  Information included in the report should reflect activity that has occurred in the last quarter.  Priority Issue 1: Membership   Outreach to students  Contacts with suspended members (i.e. phone calls)  Contacts with new members   Other contacts with members  Efforts to increase member involvement in regional activities   Surveys or mailings sent to members in the region   Events held during the quarter, including:  Networking/social events  Trainings  Regional meetings  Attendance at events – members and non­members (speak to the diversity of the event)   Priority Issue 2: Social Work Public Education Campaign  Media efforts  Newspaper articles/ads  Social Work Month publicity activities   Priority Issue 3: Diversify Revenues  Current financial status for the region   Income brought in by fundraising efforts   Expenses  Priority Issue 4: Advocate for Social Policies and Advance Social Justice and Diversity  Regional advocacy efforts   Activity in coalitions on the regional level   Meetings with local legislators when acting as an NASW representative   Actions to diversify membership (geographically, culturally, professional sectors, etc.)  Respectfully Submitted,
  15. 15. COMMUNICATION IS CRITICAL  Timely, effective communication is critical for all  of us.    The Chapter office has set up various  communication mediums  such as…   Ohio Update (6 published per year)  Electronic Newsletter (monthly)  Advocacy News (weekly)  Website (  Blast e­mails  Social networks (Face book)  The telephone (9 am – 5 pm weekdays)  As well as U.S. postal service for post­cards, flyers,  and letters.
  16. 16. COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR  REGION The Ohio Chapter Newsletter, the Ohio Update • The Ohio Update, is published six times a year.  • The process: –  The newsletter articles are developed at the chapter  office. – Sent to a graphic designer –  Designer sends proof to chapter staff for edits – Sent to Printer  – Printer sends proof for final edits – Printer sends final copy to mail house A Process that takes approximately 4  weeks!!!
  17. 17. COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR  REGION  Who receives the Ohio Update? • All “active” members (approximately  4,000) • 150 Legislators • Community Leaders • Organizations, such as the Ohio  Counselor Social Worker and  Marriage and Family Therapist  Board.  *Students and members who opt out of  printed copy receive an online version.  
  18. 18. COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR  REGION  Regional News in the Ohio Update is critical   Members are seeking to find ways to participate  and find local information.    This is an effective medium to communicate   Upcoming events (meetings and workshops)  Regional news that may impact or interest social  workers  Recognition for regional honors and thank you to  volunteers
  19. 19. COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR  REGION Ohio Update Newsletter  Regions need to submit a report by: Newsletter Due Date September­October August 5th  November­December October 5th  January­February December 5th  March­April February 5th May­June April 5th July­August June 5th   Members will not receive the newsletter until the first week  of the month; therefore do not include anything that occurs  before that date.  Send your information by email to 
  20. 20. SAMPLE: REGIONAL UPDATE  NEWSLETTER SUBMISSION Region III Newsletter 02.15.08 Regional Director: Rebecca L. Sanford, LISW-S (e) Happy Social Work Month! I find March to be a great month to renew my enthusiasm and passion for the work that we do as social workers. I hope this month is a time of pride and celebration for you in the work that you do, too. Please consider ways to celebrate the wonderful work that is being done by social workers in our community! The Steering Committee continues to meet but has a slightly revised meeting schedule. We now meet the first Thursday of every month at 8:30am at Phoenix Coffee at 2155 Superior Ave. The Steering Committee helps plan regional events and respond to professional issues and social justice issues in the region. All members are welcome to join at any time! Just email to let me know if you plan to attend. In the end of February, a survey was mailed out to members in the region along with a flyer listing the upcoming events and trainings in the region. The Steering Committee put the survey together in an effort to better understand the needs of the members in the region and to help guide our efforts in the future. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing from each of you. By the time this article is published, we will have celebrated our Annual Awards Banquet. The award winners will be published in the next article, but I want to congratulate them in advance for their accomplishments! Thanks to all who attended and took part in the celebration, too. The email list continues to help us keep connected in the region. If you would like to be added to the email list or are not sure whether or not you are on the list, send me an email at the address listed above. Feel free to also send me information, such as trainings, social action issues, or job opportunities, that you would like to have shared with other members of the region. Note the upcoming regional events:  Training: Addictions for Non-Addictions Specialists  Presenter: Louis Weigele, LISW  Location: Free Clinic - 12201 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, OH 44106  Date: 04/25/2008 and Time: 8:45am-12:00pm  Please register for this training online at  Join us after the training for our quarterly Regional Meeting from 12:15pm-1:30pm and free lunch!
  21. 21. COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR  REGION  Monthly e­Newsletter  The E. Newsletter is sent on a monthly basis to  all members.  It is an effective communication  medium to provide readership timely  information.  
  22. 22. COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR  REGION Monthly e­Newsletters  Regional reports must be submitted by: Month Due Date Send Date July 09 July 22nd  July 24th  August 09 August 19th  August 21st September 09 September 23rd September 25th  October 09 October 14th October 16th  November 09 November 18th November 20th  December 09 December 16th December 18th  January 10 January 20th January 22nd  February 10 February 17th February 19th March 10 March 17th  March 19th  April 10 April 21st April 23rd  May 10 May 19th  May 21st  June 10  June 16th  June 18th 
  23. 23. COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR  REGION Weekly Advocacy e­Letters  Regions can submit advocacy updates/alerts to  the weekly e­letters.  All submissions must be in by Thursday to be  sent on Friday.
  24. 24. ARCHIVAL COMMUNICATION All of the  communications  through the state  (Ohio Update, Monthly  e­Newsletters, and  Weekly Advocacy e­ Letters) are archived  on the Ohio Chapter  Web­Site under the  tab ‘Resources’
  25. 25. E­MAILS TO YOUR REGION  What is a blast E­mail?  A blast e­mail is an e­mail that is sent to many  recipients.    We can send blast e­mails to the full membership or  target…  specific regions,   categories of members, and/or  specialty practice section.  The Ohio Chapter will only Blast information for  NASW Ohio activities.    Any information from other organizations will be  included in the monthly e­Newsletter.
  26. 26. E­MAILS TO YOUR REGION  All e­mail blasts (e­mails that are sent to a large  number of people) need to be sent through the  Ohio Chapter.    This ensures that all members of your region are  receiving the information, SPAM laws are  followed, and that we are consistent and accurate  in our messaging to members.  If you want to send an e­mail to your region send the  text to the Ohio Chapter and it will be forwarded.  If your region has a online group please make a staff  member an administrator and send the text of an e­ mail you wish to send to the Office.
  27. 27. NASW OHIO CHAPTER WEBSITE  Our website is the most effective way to  communicate information.  Inform your region of events, develop links and  share information within your region, and build a  strong communication link between social  workers across your geographic area. 
  28. 28. HOW DO YOU EFFECTIVELY  UTILIZE THE NASW, OH CHAPTER  WEBSITE?  Staying Updated  The webpage is continually updated­ it is the most  important place for you to access information  Accessing Documents  Governance Documents  CEU Workshop Documents  Advocacy  CapWiz Page  Issue Pages  Membership Tool  Marketing  Archive of Publications
  29. 29. COMMUNICATING WITH YOUR  REGION­ U.S. POSTAL MAIL  You wish to send members in your region mail.    Remember it has become very expensive –  but there are members who are not linked  electronically, so at times, using the postal mail  service is validated.   • The Chapter office is equipped to provide mailing  service to you. • Gives us a call or send us an email and we will  assist you with your communication. 
  30. 30. QUESTIONS  Where do you find forms that you need?  What are effective and affordable mechanisms to  communicate with members?  What materials must be submitted to the  Chapter your CEU event? office prior to  advertising   What is the timetable to submit information for  publications?  What are the responsibilities of Regional  Directors at Board Meetings?