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2012 YNPN State of the Network


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Published in: Business, Technology
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2012 YNPN State of the Network

  2. 2. This past year by the numbers… 4 - # trips to the white house by Trish and members of YNPNdc7 - # of YNPN mentions in the Chronicle of Philanthropy this year 9 - average # of board members per chapter 10 - # of chapters Trish visited (SFBA, DC, LA, Chicago, Twin Cities, SW MI, Grand Rapids, Detroit, PHX, NYC) 10 - # of chapters w/paid membership
  3. 3. This past year by the numbers… 10 - average # of YNPN events across the network each month 25 - # of chapters that joined the first ever YNPN chapter congress34 - # of speaking engagements completed by Trish & National board members 34 – current # of chapters in the network1132 - # of respondents to the national voice survey that resulted in Good in Theory, Problem in P s ractice 36,776 - current # of YNPN members
  4. 4. The Vision for YNPN YNPN will be THE pipeline for moving diverse talent into andthroughout the nonprofit sector.
  5. 5. How we’ll get there Go BroadDevelop infrastructure thatallows us to be accessible to any young person thatwants to build connections in the sector
  6. 6. How we’ll get there Go Deep Serve as a place for a self- selected group of youngprofessionals to not only develop skills but also exercise them (board leadership, training institutes for specific skill sets,
  7. 7. How we’ll get there AdvocacyDevelop platform and tools that allow our members to influence policy that benefits our constituency and serves the greater
  8. 8. How we’ll get there SustainabilityDevelop a dual fundraising and earned income strategy that will support the network
  9. 9. Next 12 Months… YNPN 3.0  Move from proposals to systems for Data Collection, Shared Standards, Chapter Input and Decision Making between now and end of 2012;  2013  implement; assess
  10. 10. Next 12 Months… Look & Feel of YNPN National  Upgrade to the website  More streamlined communications
  11. 11. Next 12 Months…Changes to YNPN National Org infrastructureNational Board restructuring to be more governance-/strategy- focused (stay tuned for
  12. 12. YNPN New National Board Structure YNPN Board of Directors (15 members) - Sets the mission, vision, and values - determines annual and multi-year strategic priorities (including Natl Voice) - maintains fiscal responsibility - Hires and evaluates the Director - Maintains representation of chapter leaders in its membership Sector Leadership Advisors: * Professional and technical Finance & Sustainability: advice & support Executive Committee: Theory of Change * Financial records and reporting * Governance structures & Working Group: * Compliance processes * Works in preparation of our * Budget preparation & financial * Org and Director Evaluation Fall Board retreat to prepare planning * Board management & recommendations and * Consider new models of revenue coordination considerations for strategic generation * Talent recruitment and retention planning. * High-level oversight of the Dir and Chapter Congress * Manages Sector Advisors group Fundraising Workgroup as it * Discuss YNPN local issues * Dir a non-voting participants pertains to fiscal planning and * Identify TA & service needs decisions. * Provide input into YNPN National’s strategic prioritiesNational Voice Committee:* Project Managed Fundraising Working Group:by BOD member * Project Managed by BOD member on Finance &*Formulate an advocacy agenda and messaging Sustainability Committeeplatform based on Natl strategic priorities * Identifies key prospects and strategies for fund Board (+ Dir) Only- Engages chapter leaders in forming implementing development, and work with Director onthe agenda implementation Board Project Manages Chapter TA & Service Needs Other Working Groups Key Influencers and * Project Managed by Board member, * As determined by the Board and supporters of Board supported by para-staff influenced by the Chapter Congress vision, strategy, and * Work group focusing on needs as guided work by Chapter Congress
  13. 13. Next 12 Months…Changes to YNPN National Org infrastructure YNPN LaunchPad Fellows Program - a way for talented folks who are interested in building their skills and experience in a very specific area to lend their time and talents to YNPN.
  14. 14. Open LaunchPad Fellow Positions  (Application Deadline: September 7, 2012) Talent Coordinator YNPN National Leaders Conference Coordinator  Communications + Administrative Assistant  Field Coordinator
  15. 15. 2012 STATE OF THE NETWORK