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Internet of Things


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In this presentation, Himanshu introduces IoT and associated trends. Himanshu is interested in IoT applications in the areas of smart cities and smart homes.

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Internet of Things

  1. 1. INTERNET OF THINGS(IOT) NAME : HIMANSHU KUMAR E-mail id : Twitter id : @himanshukr2010 University : BIT Mesra , Ranchi Year : 3rd year Branch : ECE
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  I simply understand that Internet of things are the things which are connected to internet . These things can be human, animals, devices, automobiles, industrial equipment, homes appliances and many other devices. We can take an example of smart bulb built by Philips which can be controlled by mobile phone, there are other things like smart TV , smart thermostat which are currently sold in markets.  The main objective of IOT is to make things work smartly and humans can interact with these devices. Machines itself can interact with other machines.  Most of these devices contain sensors, the sensors sense from environment and the data sensed are processed and transmitted over the internet.  Wi-fi, bluetooth are also used as an network to interact with these devices
  3. 3. TRENDS  According to ABI research, it estimates there will be more than 30 billion devices connected wirelessly to IOT. So there is huge demand of IOT IIN future.  IPv6 have huge number of address space. so, many devices can connected to internet  Speaking of trend I think IOT will become mega trend in future. Trends in which I spot application of IOT started are trends in infrastructure, consumer electronics, medical and healthcare systems ,transport etc.  I think consumer electronics trend will make big impact in next five years. It will change the way of living as humans demands grows day by day, they wants more comfort in their life.  Human pays a lot for their comfort so most of the organisation works on making things which human feels more comfort.
  4. 4. TRENDS IN FUTURE  There are so many consumer electronics things are already available in markets that are IOT like smart TV, smart thermostat, gaming consoles, smart watch etc.  There are things which can be connected to internet like music systems, DVD and CD players, camcorders, microwave, fridge, washing machines and its demands will grow in future.  Most of the things available are costly now but its price is reducing day by day as its demands are growing. These things will have huge demands in future as these things offers such new things that so many peoples will be attracted towards it.  So, IOT like consumer electronics trend will have big impact in next five years
  5. 5. INTEREST AREAS  As I am an ECE student so, learning about these things excites me. Taking about areas, I like concept of smart city. As in India there have been already been plans to make smart cities where information, communication and technology is principle infrastructure. My interested areas is to connecting most things to internet that’s makes city smarter.  I like to innovate thing like smart pump for pumping water for house hold use. I observe that people have to wake up in morning to turn on the motor but if the motor is connected to internet we easily turn it on from any where and even set the timer to make it on/off any time we want.  If I have been given internship in this area first I would like to work on to provide high speed internet to people and devices for better interaction.  I like to connect every things through internet which need to be connected by providing required hardware in that system. I like to work on developing things to provide better life to people in fields like smart healthcare system.