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A concept for a web browser

In this presentation, Vinoth has presented an innovative browser which integrates tightly with cloud to give a personalized experience.

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A concept for a web browser

  1. 1. Advanced semi-automatic web browser Name : Vinoth Kumar.R E-mail : Twitter Id: @vinooovinoth University: Pondicherry University Year : III year Semester : VI semester Branch : Information Technology
  2. 2. Introduction ○ This browser allows us to create an account.The preferences of each account is separately noted and it works accordingly. ○ When an account is logged in : ➢ The home page , bookmarks and settings of that user is displayed i.e. It is unique for each account. ➢ History, cache and cookies backups are stored in cloud and when the account is logged out they are deleted from the computer. Hence privacy is not affected.
  3. 3. Introduction (Cont.) ➢ Since the preferences, history,cache and cookie of each account is stored separately it supports multiple users. ➢ The user can store the passwords of his account without any hesitation because the data is hidden from other users. ➢ Hence the typographical works are reduced and the security is enhanced.
  4. 4. Trends ○ Browsing through current browsers lends more time. ○ If the password is remembered by the browser it may give access to unknown users and loses its security. ○ In addition , if the cache and cookies in the computer is not cleared it may give chance to retrieve the data by anonymous users.
  5. 5. Trends(Cont.) ○ The needs of multi-users are not satisfied in current browsers. ○ Features of proposed browser: ○ When the Registered user logins his account, the history,cache and cookie data of that user's previous sessions are loaded in the computer and when logged out, these data are deleted from the computer. ○ Guest is an unauthenticated user .This account works the same as the registered user account.
  6. 6. Interest Areas ○ The domain which I used in this topic is Cloud and Big data. ○ I wish to work in a role of Technical Analyst(Customer Services) or Product Analyst.
  7. 7. Thank you