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In this presentation, Himanshu introduces the concept of Automation and associated trends. His interest lies in automation of software testing.

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  1. 1. Name: HIMANSHU TRIPATHI E-mail: Twitter Id: @Anshu_singer University: AMITY UNIVERSITY LUCKNOW Year/Semester: 2nd /4th Branch: M.Tech (Computer Science And Engineering)
  2. 2.  AUTOMATION let us combine multiple tasks into a single automated action.. And it requires three basic concept :  M(measurement)  C(controller)  A(actuator) C A TASK M
  3. 3. Recent areas and applications related to Automation:  Industrial Automation  Video Surveillance  Better Highway Systems  Effect Of Automation In Retail World  Automated Mining  Automation Used For The Development Of Applications And Websites in Information Technology.  And On The Basic Level It Is Required At Home.
  4. 4.  The Emerging and Future areas are:  Information Technology  Industrial Sector  Retail& Marketing  And Home Appliances…  For Application and Websites it plays a vital role in SDLC and the sector which is most affected by it is Testing..
  5. 5.  In Automation my interest area is IT sector.  Software development by automation is “Anything that can speed up the development process and allow the company to bypass most, if not all, of the software development process, jumping from a simple business-level wish list to a ready-for-the market product (writing as little code as possible and hiring as little programmers as possible).”
  6. 6. There are three technologies/methodologies that fit into it:  RAD (Rapid Application Development)  Code Generation  MDA/MDD (Model-Driven Architecture/ Development)  If selected for internship I wish to work in Software Testing field as an intern….