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Internet of Things

In this presentation, Manish introduces the concept of IoT and associated trends.His interest lies in merging IoT and nanotech to convert real life to a VR type reality.

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Internet of Things

  1. 1. Internet Of Things Name: Manish Jain E-mail: Twitter Id: @manish_zainz1 University: Vishwakarma Institute Of Technology. Pune University Year/Semester: Fourth Year Branch: Information Technology
  2. 2. Introduction  Comprised of Internet(The World Wide Network) and Things (Entities around us).  Things having identities and virtual personalities operating together in a smart space to connect and communicate creating new streams of revenue.  Making things talk to each other.  Examples: Asking your smartphone about the location of your bike’s keys, fitness bracelets, hospitals monitoring pace-makers from long distances.
  3. 3. Trends  Machine to Machine, The web of things, Ubiquitous Computing etc. some trends that originate through IoT.  Proliferation of low cost, smaller, mobile devices, wearable, smarter sensors, and chips that can communicate over the internet.  Development of smart cities, cars, and houses. Increasing security, reducing costs, and defining new ways of communication.  Challenges includes security of data, Management of Exabytes of data, Network speed etc.  Fog Computing : More of the network intelligence to reside closer to the source, reducing the cost of carrying the data to and from the cloud.
  4. 4. Trends  In the next five years IoT will be able to provide:  Automated Warehouses, allowing easy management of stocks.  Remote monitoring and control of physical assets.  Smart clothes, made of smart fabrics, which will interact with climate control of the cars or homes.  New efficient diagnostics combined with nanotechnology enabled lab-on-a-chip technologies open a complete range of novel opportunities for new treatments and prevention of serious diseases.  Intelligent Home, cleaning, climate control, food preservation in refrigerators, housekeeping activities etc.
  5. 5. Interest Areas  Combining Nano-technology and IoT is something that grabs my interest. Apart from that applying IoT in cars and airplanes and applying them on infrastructure seems challenging.  Depending on your mood if the walls of a room can draw a picture of something on it can be a great leisure experience, giving a whole new perspective to  Until now only Virtual Reality can create something of that sort. If Nano-Technology and IoT can be used together then our real world itself can become a virtual world hence removing the gap between the two.  Given an opportunity of this sort, I would like to think on a way where applying IoT can lead to accomplishment of the goal mentioned above. Creating a road-map on how to manage the tremendous amount of data that is going to flow, minimizing security risks, thereby improving user experience.
  6. 6. Thank you