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Mootie13 Mid Kent College PLP


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During MoodleMoot 2011 MidKent College presented their Personal Learning Plan (PLP) developed from the ULCC block. The presentation included visual images of the MidKent PLP which included the 'FlightPlan' which is designed to keep students on target and provide a tool to assist tutors in the 'stretch and challenge' process.

This presentation will provide an update on what has happened since MoodleMoot 2011, what Ofsted said about the tool and how staff are now embracing the PLP as integral to their role.

Presented by Rosie Douglas at the Moodlemoot Dublin 2013 -

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Mootie13 Mid Kent College PLP

  1. 1. MidKent CollegeThe Personal Learning Plan (PLP) and Flightplan Update 2013 Moodle Moot Presentation 2011 Background reading: Rosie Douglas Teaching, Learning and Assessment Manager Dan Attwood – Moodle Developer
  2. 2. What was the need? Student retention in further education: a problem of quality or of student finance?• Retention in FE Colleges is a problem• Around 25% of students withdraw in an academic year.• Identifying ‘at risk’ students early on in their course is a key factor to improvement.• Support during the induction period and first stages of a course is of paramount importance Davies, 1999
  3. 3. Starting point• Paper based ILP was already in use• Plan it – bespoke electronic ILP, externally hosted• Went some way to meet needs but didn’t integrate with other college systems
  4. 4. Initial elements of the PLP in 2011• General • History of study student/contact • Support/differentiation details needs• Traffic Light • Rewards• Flight plan • Shared with parents• Live attendance data • Multiple input facility• Student records • Group reporting• Exams
  5. 5. Has the traffic light on your PLP ever been amber or red?100%90%80%70%60% Yes50% No40% Dont know30%20%10% 0% Course A Course B Course C
  6. 6. Has your Flightplan ever fallen below your target?100%90%80%70%60% Yes50% No40% Dont know30%20%10% 0% Course A Course B Course C
  7. 7. If your Flightplan did fall below how did it make you feel?100%90%80%70% It made me determined to60% do better It made me worried50%40% It made me want to give up30% It had no effect on me20%10% 0% Course A Course B Course C
  8. 8. What made the difference?• The conversation• The structure of 1:1 meeting• Personal tutor support• Praise, reward and target setting
  9. 9. What did we do?• Whole college training on ‘motivational dialogue’• Change of name from ‘review’ week to ‘on target’ week• More rewards and recognition built in to the system i.e. medals• Achievement regarding employability skills logged• Progression targets included to motivate
  10. 10. Same problem in 2013?• Retention greatly improved• Success rates now above national average• Emphasis shifted to progression• Still more work to do – value added
  11. 11. PLP in 2011-13• Flight plan changes• Aggregation of minutes late displayed• Job Shop links added• Personal best target added• Employability passport created• Progression targets added• Career options included• Group profiles generated• Links to Career Information Advice and Guidance (CAIG)
  12. 12. Changed Landscape - PLP in 2012/13 Visual Representation ––2012-13 Visual Representation 2011
  13. 13. Visual Representation – 2012-13 Visual Representation – 2011
  14. 14. Minutes late from class fed through and aggregated. Staff buy back the time with workshops and extra workVisual Representation – 2012-13
  15. 15. Personal Best (PB) added to the Minimum Target Grade (MTG) section Visual Representation – 2012-13
  16. 16. Progression Targets
  17. 17. Group ProfilesTutor input includes:• Confidence issues• Special circumstances• Facilitator use