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Userguide xmllistboxlite

  1. 1. User Guide:XMLListBoxLiteAn UI Component for Flash Lite 2.0 * Flash® is the registered trademark of Adobe Systems INC.
  2. 2. Developed by :Enterprise System Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ESSPL)Infocity, Bhubaneswar, India – 751024www.esspl.comComponent Author:Samir K. Dash, Systems Consultant, ESSPLComponent Page URL : InformationOn purchase of this component, a support e-mail is provided that is valid for 1 month from thedate of purchase. During this period you can forward all your queries regarding installation,troubleshooting and additional support to use the component effectively for your application.Apart from this no additional support is provided and for the trial and purchased versions theproduct is provided on as-is basis.License Agreement for XMLListBoxLiteXMLListBoxLite is sold/ distributed by Enterprise System solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ESSPL) asis without any warranties whatsoever. By using this Flash component you accept the factthat ESSPL will not be liable for any damage it may cause. Disclaimer: ® Flash® is the registered trademark of Adobe Systems INC. All content/ information presented here is the exclusive property of Enterprise system solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ESSPL). The copyrights of trade marks/ logos of any other organizations/ companies/ vendors are under their respective copyright holders and are in no way linked to ESSPL or any of its subsidiaries. The content/ information contained here is correct at the time of its publishing. No material from here may be copied, modified, reproduced, republished, uploaded, transmitted, posted or distributed in any form without prior written permission from ESSPL.
  3. 3. Contents1. About XMLListBoxLite2. Contents of the SDK3. Features of the Component4. Install the Component5. Know the Component Parameters6. Listing Your Contents7. Associate events with list item8. Keys associated with this component9. Publishing your ApplicationAbout XMLListBoxLiteXML ListBox Lite is a Flash component for Flash Lite 2.0 application development for mobilephones. Creating a lightweight dynamic list box for Flash Lite application becomes as easy as asnap using this component. Now no more the Flash Lite application developers need to beworried about creating dynamically populated list box that will work on nearly every symbianseries 60 models which support Flash Lite 2.0.XML ListBox Lite comes handy when you plan to create a dynamic list which is populated withthe data sourced from a simple XML file , such creating a play list for your Flash Lite MP3 Playerapplication, creating a list for a shopping catalogue etc.Contents of the SDKThe XML ListBoxLite SDK contains the following:
  4. 4. 1. xmlListBoxLite.mxp 2. list.xml (it is a sample XML. You have to modify to fit your needs)Features of the ComponentXML ListBoxLite is a complete solutions for creating customized xml driven dynamic lists inFlash Lite 2 mobile application development.The basic features of the component are: 1. Create Unlimited Number of Tabs: XML ListBoxLite can populate any number of tabs and provides proper visualization and navigation of these tabs. 2. Fully Functional Scrollbars: The scrollbars position ratio is auto adjusted by the number of tabs that appear in the list, which gives the users whether any tabs are left in the list to scroll. 3. Display Tabs as per needs: This list component allows you to display any number of tabs from the range of 8, 4, 2 and 1, at any instance. This serves the need for example when you have more text to display you can choose 4 or 2 tabs so that you need not compromise on the content side. 4. Customize the Look and Feel: You can set any color as parameters for different elements of this list component so that it will fit your application seamlessly. 5. Virtually zero time to implement: This component does not require any extra programming in FlashLite 2.0 Action script to display your contents. Just update the xml list and it is ready for use. 6. Lightweight and User friendly: XMLListBoxLite offers you great glossy look and advanced features within just 17 KB . The user experience is also magnetic.Install the Component
  5. 5. Double click on thexmlListBoxLite.mxp file to run it. If you have Flash 8 orabove version installed in your system then it will open the Macromedia Extension manager andyou will be then asked to accept the terms. If you agree to the conditions then the extension willbe automatically installed.Now open Flash 8 IDE and in components panel you will see the component underESSPLComponents folder.Know the Component Parameters
  6. 6. Arrow Background ColorThis defines the color of the background of the little arrow icon at the top and button of the scrollbar. The default RGB value is 0xcecfce.Arrow ColorThis defines the color of the arrow at the top and the bottom of the scrollbar.HighLighted Tab ColorThis defines the color of the item tabs when selected/ highlighted.
  7. 7. Highlighted Tab Text ColorThis defines the color of the text of the item in highlighted state.List Background ColorThis defines the color of the background of the list .No. of Menu Items DisplayedThis defines the number of items to be displayed at any time. This has possible values of 8, 4, 2and 1. The following images show different selection results.Number the List item?TIf this is set to “Yes” then the serial number of each item appears in each of them.
  8. 8. scrollbar Background ColorThis defines the color of the color of the scrollbar background.scrollbar Thumb ColorThis defines the color of the scroll bar thumb .Unselected Tab ColorThis defines the color of the items tab in the default state.Unselected Tab Text ColorThis defines the color of the tabs at the default state (when not selected/ highlighted by the user)
  9. 9. XML File PathThis defines the file path of the XML file from which the list will be populated.Listing your contentsThe items to be populated in the list are listed in any xml file (in the following example it is thesample file “list.xml”).In this XML file you list down all your high level groups as the following format:- <xmlistboxlite_esspl> <listitem labelname="Write here the item name to be displayed in the list " itemvalue="Any string or number value associated with this item is mentioned here."/> </xmlistboxlite_esspl>For example, if you have a list structure containing three items namely “Item1”, “Item 2”, “Item 3”and “Item 4”, with associated values “value1”, “value2”, “value3” and “value4” then you have tocreate the list.xml as follows:- <xmlistboxlite_esspl> <listitem labelname=" Item 1" itemvalue=" value1"/> <listitem labelname=" Item 2" itemvalue=" value2"/> <listitem labelname=" Item 3" itemvalue=" value3"/> <listitem labelname=" Item 4" itemvalue=" value4"/> </xmlistboxlite_esspl>Now these will be reflected in your e-learning interface as shown in the following figure:
  10. 10. Associate events with list itemThe highlighted Tab related value can be referenced at the “_root” level time line throughthe variable “activeItemValue”For instance in the previous example, when the 1st item in the list is highlighted, the_root.activeItemValue gets the value of it which is “value1” _root.activeItemValue = “value1”Now you can refer this value for your event actions. For example if youwant to move to a particular frame that has the same name as anyparticular list item value, then you can place a button on the _roottimeline with the following example. on (press, keyPress "<Enter>") { gotoAndStop(activeItemValue); }Keys associated with this componentThe default keys associated with this component are <Up> and <Down> key presses. Hence, inthe frame you are using this component, you have all other keys available for you to provide othernavigations, such as <Enter>, <Left>, <Right> and Softkeys.To set softkeys you can use the standard code provided in the ‘Help’ files of Flash IDE. Anexample of setting up softkeys is given below: fscommand2 ("SetSoftKeys", "Left", "Right"); var myListener:Object = new Object (); myListener.onKeyDown = function () { if (Key.getCode () == ExtendedKey.SOFT1) { // Handle left soft keypress event. gotoAndStop("about"); } else if (Key.getCode () == ExtendedKey.SOFT2) { // Handle right soft keypress event. fscommand2("Quit",true) } }; Key.addListener (myListener);
  11. 11. Publishing your ApplicationYou need to publish your Flash Lite applications with ActionScript 2.0 settings. About ESSPL ESSPL offers a wide range of e-learning, m-Learning and interactive solutions, from animation, interface design, multimedia assessment need analysis, customized courseware design, simulations, interactive kiosks, online design solutions, Flash based mobile content designing and development, to suit the wide range of client needs ranging from e-learning, m-learning to sales promotional campaign and presentation needs. For more details on ESSPL’s offerings in e-Learning and interactive design, refer to ESSPL website at