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Infographic: The 3 Dimensions & 3 Characteristics (3Cs) of DesOps


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©2018,"The 3 Dimensions & 3 Characteristics (3Cs) of DesOps” by Samir Dash.
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License

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Infographic: The 3 Dimensions & 3 Characteristics (3Cs) of DesOps

  1. 1. (DesOps = Culture and Communications + Work practices + Ecosystem of Tools & Technologies ) The 3 Dimensions & 3 Characteristics (3Cs) of DesOps © 2018, "The Three Dimensions & Three Characteristics (3Cs) of DesOps" by Samir Dash. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License. Download from: PROCESS Process, primarily, a sequence of interdependent and linked procedures, is an important aspect that is made up of the workflows and the over-arching feedback- loop that acts as the spine of DesOps. Being organically associated with different functions, it involves the actions on different spheres of the operations running within the organization as well as the systems involved. CULTURE The social behavior and norms that It is internally affected by both forces encouraging change and forces resisting change -- which are related to structures and events within the DesOps system of humans as well as machines, and are involved in the perpetuation of cultural ideas and practices within current structures, which themselves are subject to change. 1.  Principles & Practices 2.  Cultural Shift towards Lean Philosophies 3.  The Interactions - the way the team works 1.  Work-flows 2.  Feedback - Loop ECO-SYSTEMS Eco-System being is a regularly interacting or interdependent group of entities forming an integrated whole, deals with the technology, tools and the design systems powered with automation, that makes DesOps real on the ground. Eco-system provide the required support to the culture as well as the processes to function as well as transform. 1.  Technologies 2.  Tools 3.  Design Systems 4.  Automation architectures and approaches The consistency plays the major role both in approach and workflows as well as from the design perspective As DesOps completes the full-circle, it complements the vision of DevOps. Also all the dimensions complement each other to ensure the full-circle. Mostly it fuels the continuous design aspect that provides agility to the design process.