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Applying des ops in your enterprise 04 oct 2018 v1.0 slides

UX India 2018 Workshop
4 Oct 2018

Applying DesOps in your Enterprise
3 hrs Workshop | Category: Design Practice & Process | Target Audience: Anyone who is interested in optimising the processes used in the enterprise or building solutions that focuses on process reengineering are the most suitable audience for the first part of the workshop. Any User-Experience pro, Design Thinker, Service designer and product-management professional can be benefitted. The second part of the workshop is helpful for the designers and UI developers who use the design system or would like to build scalable design system for their organization or team. Basic understanding of HTML and CSS is good enough for the 2nd part of the workshop.

The workshop will focus on two aspects of DesOps, namely the process and eco-system. The process aspect will be identifying touch points in the enterprise, and try to optimize that with some solution using technology. The ‘eco-system’ part of the workshop will focus on the a building a sample design system using Nuclear Design Model to make it scalable and extensible.

Three key takeaways:

Basics of DesOps from process and eco-System Angle.
Learn about how to identify touch-points in the process /workflow that can be optimised to bring automation or technological solutions.
Learn about the basics of of Nuclear Design Model and applying to build open, scalable and extensible design systems.

Samir Dash
Principal Software Engineer (UX) at Red Hat, India

Samir is currently working as a Principal Software Engineer at RedHat, focusing mostly on Information Architecture and Interaction Design aspects of various RedHat Openshift products in cloud and DevOps space. Samir has 14 plus years of diverse experience into design, development and product innovation in organizations like Samsung, Dell, IBM, Cisco and Xerox. Samir is an MBA in Systems and marketing along with an M.A. from English literature and Critical Theory. He has authored a number of books including the most recent
title “DesOps Enterprise: Overview and Culture” that presents a view on the future of Design Operations (DesOps) in organizations and industries. He maintains a blog on the same subject at Also, he has recently started an initiative on, that focuses on building a semantic design system and associated ontologies for the future of design related automation and machine learning domains.

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LICENSE: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Samir Dash @ UX India 2018 – (Workshop) - Applying DesOps in Your Enterprise 4 Oct 2018, Bengaluru

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