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User guide mcnavigationcontrol

  1. 1. User Guide:MC Navigation Control ®Component for Flash
  2. 2. Developed by :Enterprise System Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ESSPL)Infocity, Bhubaneswar, India – 751024www.esspl.comComponent Author:Samir K. Dash, Systems Consultant, ESSPLComponent Page URL :© 2006Support InformationFor support information/ feedback mail to : ess@esspl.comLicense Agreement for swfSequencerswfSequencer is distributed by Enterprise System solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ESSPL) as iswithout any warranties whatsoever. By using this Flash component you accept the fact thatESSPL will not be liable for any damage it may cause.This product is free to be used by anyone for noncommercial usage, without a written referenceprovided by ESSPL ( no fee is charged for the commercial license of this product , the developer/ firm usingthis product for any commercial use must get a written reference from ESSPL beforehand.To get the commercial license , please send a mail to with the following details: Company Name: ____________________ Company Address: __________________ Period of Usage: ____________________Disclaimer: ® Flash® is the registered trademark of Adobe Systems INC.All content/ information presented here is the exclusive property of Enterprise system solutions Pvt. Ltd. (ESSPL). Thecopyrights of trade marks/ logos of any other organizations/ companies/ vendors are under their respective copyrightholders and are in no way linked to ESSPL or any of its subsidiaries. The content/ information contained here is correct atthe time of its publishing. No material from here may be copied, modified, reproduced, republished, uploaded, transmitted,posted or distributed in any form without prior written permission from ESSPL.Introduction ®MC Navigation Control 4 is a Component for Flash which helps Flash developers and Flashcontent authors to create flash movies with complete control over their flash movie navigation.MC Navigation Control 4 helps you to create a seek bar for your flash movies with Bookmarkcapabilities and full navigational control. After installation, just drag it onto the stage of your movieand the rest will done by this component. Using this component you can drag the seek bar toreach at any particular frame of your movie, you can play and pause it or even skip to the next
  3. 3. labeled frame. Also you can control audio level of your movie. Using this component the user can"Bookmark" any frame of the Flash movie at any particular time and can reach it at any point oftime, using "Save Bookmark" and "Go to Bookmark" buttons even when he/she re-launches theflash movie.Method of InstallationTo install MC Navigation Control 4 you need to have Extension Manager . . Macromedia Extension manager is a free product and isavailable with the installation of Flash. Alternatively you can download Extension Manager fromwww.adobe.comUI Access :After installation, MC Navigation Control 4 is available in Components Panel of Flash IDE underESSPLComponents folder.i) Descriptions of ParametersmcNameThis parameter represents the movie clip of your Flash movie which should be controlled by MCNavigation Control. The default value of this parameter is “_root”. If the default value is not altered,then the MC Navigation Control controls the _root timeline of the flash movie.If you have a movie clip which you want to be controlled by MC Navigation Control then you cangive its instance name in this parameter.For example if you want to control a movie clip on stage with the instance name “myClip” thenyou must set the value of “mcName” to “myClip”
  4. 4. labelPositionsThis parameter represents an array of the frame label positions in your movie clip. If you want theuser of your Flash movie to be able to skip to any specific label positions of your movie clip, thenyou can do it by providing the frame numbers of those labels in this parameter.If you do not specify any label position in this parameter, then the Skip to Next and Previous labelbuttons disappear.
  5. 5. Please note that while specifying the label positions you must specify the first frame number (i.e.1) of your movie clip as the first element , for convenient skipping between the labels.colorThis parameter changes the skin color of the MC Navigation Control to any of the 5 predefineddifferent colors.These colors are:Sky Blue (default color)Champak Yellow
  6. 6. Frog GreenCoal BlackCherry Redii Other FeaturesPlay and Pause buttonsThese two buttons help you to play or pause the loaded swf movies.Volume Control buttonClicking the Volume Control button, displays a volume controller slider, using which the user canadjust the volume of the flash movie at any point of time while playing the movie.
  7. 7. Save Bookmark and Go to Bookmark buttonsUsing these two buttons user of your flash movie can book mark any frame of any the movie clipand can go to this frame at any point of time even after they close and reopen the flash movie atany point of time.On the rollover of the Go to Bookmark button, the details of the last time a bookmark is saved isdisplayed in the seek bar area.Previous and Next buttonsThese two buttons help to load the next and previous swfs of the currently playing swfrespectively.Seek BarThis helps to move between any frames of the existing playing movie clip. By dragging theseekbar you can reach any particular frame of the movie clip. While dragging, you can see thepercentage of the completion of the movieFurther Reference:For further reference you may contact at any of the following e-mail addresses:
  8. 8. For support information / commercial usage license : ess@esspl.comFeedback / suggestions for enhancements can also be mailed to: ess@esspl.comRelated links:At Adobe’s Flash Exchange: About ESSPL ESSPL offers a wide range of e-learning, m-Learning and interactive solutions, from animation, interface design, multimedia assessment need analysis, customized courseware design, simulations, interactive kiosks, online design solutions, Flash based mobile content designing and development, to suit the wide range of client needs ranging from e-learning, m-learning to sales promotional campaign and presentation needs. For more details on ESSPL’s offerings in e-Learning and interactive design, refer to ESSPL website at