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Otto Scharmer's Matrix for Educational Evolution and Theory U



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Otto Scharmer's Matrix for Educational Evolution and Theory U

  1. 1. Open Learning Circle 26.6.2017 Otto Scharmer’s Matrix of Educational Evolution and Theory U
  2. 2. Otto Scharmer’s blog in Huffington Post 25.6.2017: management_us_594fa701e4b0f078efd98267
  3. 3. A Journey from Ego-System to Eco-System Awareness 1.0: The state-centric model, characterized by coordination through hierarchy and control in a single-sector society. 2.0: The free-market model, characterized by the rise of a second (private) sector and coordinated through the mechanisms of market and competition. 3.0: The social-market model, characterized by the rise of a third (NGO) sector and by negotiated coordination among organized interest groups. 4.0: The co-creative eco-system model, characterized by the rise of a fourth sector that creates platforms and holds the space for cross-sector innovation that engages stakeholders from all sectors
  4. 4. ULab: Personal, relational, and institutional inversion ● distributed organizing: opening up the classroom to many self-organized hubs around the world; ● generative dialogue: opening up the conversation from teacher-centric downloading to student-centric generative dialogue; ● collective governance: opening up the institution to a global innovation context while cultivating spaces that help the system sense and see itself; ● prototyping practices: opening up the learning modes through hands-on action learning methodologies; ● self-transformation: opening up the deeper sources of human intelligence by activating the open mind, open heart, and open will.
  5. 5. Sources ● 10 insights on the Ego-2-Eco Economy Revolution: ● MITx u.lab: Education As Activating Social Fields: scharmer/mitx-ulab-education-as-ac_b_8863806.html ● Theory U: ● Leading from the Emerging Future: From Ego-System to Eco-System Economics: ● Matrix of Educational Evolution: Starting 17:30:

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