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Product Strategy and Leadership


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Given at Product Tank in November 2017

Published in: Software

Product Strategy and Leadership

  1. 1. PRODUCT STRATEGY AND LEADERSHIP Melissa Perri @lissijean
  4. 4. Good leaders rally people to achieve a goal. @lissijean
  5. 5. BEHOLD MY STRATEGY @lissijean
  6. 6. @lissijean Ingredients and recipes shipped to your door. @lissijean
  7. 7. @lissijean What is your product strategy?
  8. 8. @lissijean “I want a document with every field you intend to put on the site and the content strategy so I can build a back end.”
  9. 9. @lissijean Most Product Strategies are wish lists of features.
  10. 10. @lissijean Most Roadmaps are gantt charts.
  11. 11. @lissijean Creating new products is full of uncertainty. @lissijean
  12. 12. @lissijean STRATEGY “Strategy is a deployable decision making framework, enabling action to achieve desired outcomes, constrained by current capabilities, coherently aligned to the existing context” - Stephen Bungay @lissijean
  13. 13. @lissijean
  14. 14. @lissijean What is your product strategy?
  15. 15. @lissijean Ingredients and recipes shipped to your door. @lissijean
  16. 16. 5 years FDS the Tuesday/Thursday standard option double acquisition Dec 2016 @lissijean
  17. 17. @lissijean Product leaders provide vision, goals, and guardrails. @lissijean
  18. 18. @lissijean ALIGNMENT @lissijean
  19. 19. @lissijean “The price is too high, we should lower it.” “The photos are not enticing.” “We need to rebrand the sign up funnel to the new design.” “We should be offering sign up gifts.” “They cannot try it for free!”
  20. 20. @lissijean Increase conversion rate by X%
  21. 21. 5 years FDS a top dinner option for the target market. double acquisition Dec 2016 increase conversion rate across all platforms by X% by end of Q2. conversion rate is Y% on desktop and X% on mobile.
  22. 22. Obstacle: We don’t understand why people are leaving. @lissijean
  23. 23. @lissijean Learned: The top reasons people are leaving. 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% Reason Can't Find Menu What's in the box? The price is too high I want more plan options I am vegan
  24. 24. @lissijean Obstacle: People cannot find the menu.
  25. 25. @lissijean@lissijean
  26. 26. @lissijean FAQS HELPFDS @lissijean
  27. 27. @lissijean FDS FDS @lissijean
  28. 28. @lissijean Product strategy emerges from experimentation.
  29. 29. @lissijean
  30. 30. @lissijean “Be stubborn on vision, flexible on details.” -Jeff Bezos @lissijean
  31. 31. @lissijean Products are built in service to the company vision.
  32. 32. @lissijean
  33. 33. @lissijean VISION What do we want to be in 5-10 years? Value for customers, position in market, what our business looks like CEO/ Senior Leadership STRATEGIC INTENT What business Challenges are standing in our way of reaching our vision? CEO/ Senior Leadership Business Leads PRODUCT INITIATIVE What problems can we address to tackle the challenge from a product perspective? Product Leadership Team OPTIONS What are the different ways I can address that problem to reach my goal? Product Dev Teams STRATEGY DEPLOYMENT
  34. 34. @lissijean A Product Manager’s purpose at every level is to bring clarity, focus, and direction to a team.
  35. 35. @lissijean Melissa Perri m @lissijean Learn great Product Management online. Coming Early 2018! Melissa Perri twitter: @lissijean