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Timeless techniques for self leadership


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Timeless techniques for self leadership

  1. 1.  By changing your thoughts, you change your self-concept. If your self-concept is that you are a confident person, you will act this way. Start creating a series of motivating phrases to describe yourself and repeat them as often as possible.
  2. 2.  The mind works through pictures. Through your mind’s eye on a regular basis, you will condition your mind to give desired results. Why does blueprinting work?
  3. 3.  The good leader has to know one of the timeless secrets of self-leadership: live every day as if it was your last.
  4. 4.  If you have never learned that worrying too much drains your physical vitality or that criticizing people harms your relationships, you are bond to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again through your life. If you keep doing the same things every day, you will get the same results every day. To improve the quality of your life , you must improve the quality of what you do. How to kindle the knowledge fire?