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Eco newspaper


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Eco newspaper

  1. 1. page Eco- Friendly Planet 10 June 201310.06.2013ТПГ “НИКОЛА ЙОНКОВ ВАПЦАРОВ” гр. РадомирECO-FRIENDLY PLANET…THIS IS OUR HOME, KEEP IT CLEAN!Clean-up Campaign in RadomirTECHNICHESKA PROFESIONALNAGUIMNAZIYAEarth DayOn 22dApril in connection to the project “Eco - Friendly Planet… This is our Home,Keep it Clean!” and the world Earth Day the students from Vocational school NikolaVaptsarov took part in a number of activities executed with the help of Miss MarianaKolarska, coordinator and leader of the project. The guests and the audience were in-formed about the origin and the reasons for the celebration of that day and its impor-tance in our lives. Read from 2 to 3 pageECO-FRIENDLY PLANET…THIS IS OUR HOME , KEEP ITCLEAN!
  2. 2. page 2 Eco-Friendly Planet 10 June 2013This is part of the storywe believe everyoneshould know in order tobecome involved in theconservation of our na-ture…In 1969 the people be-came witnesses to thedevastating oil spill inSanta Barbara, Cali-fornia. This made Gay-lord Nelson start acampaign for the con-servation of the envi-ronment and on his ini-tiative on 22 April 1970the world Earth Daywas celebrated for thefirst time. Millions ofAmericans took part in the demonstration andinsisted politicians, statesmen and the businesscircles to include in their priorities the conser-vation of the environment.Bulgaria is one of the first countries that joinedthe annual celebration of the Earth Day whichstarted in 1990. On 22 April 1992 the Presidentof the Republic of Bulgaria, Zhelyo Zhelev,signed the oath in the name of the Earth. Morethan 30 000 Bulgarian children signed the Lifeon Earth Declaration. The Declaration washanded in the UN conference for environmentalissues and development which was held in Riode Janeiro in June 1992.Thence Bulgaria participates every year in the celebration of the Earth Day and gives its contri-bution for a cleaner and healthierenvironment as well as for the pres-ervation of life on earth.We, the students of NikolaVaptsarovVocational school , be-lieve that today is the day to realizethat we must not deliberately pollutethe environment, the mountains andseas, the valleys and rivers, ourcountry, our town and the greenspaces among the blocks of flats,our school and classrooms. Wehave to understand that we mustn’tdrop litter wherever we want, butonly in the designed for that places.ECO-FRIENDLY PLANET…THIS IS OUR HOME, KEEP IT CLEAN!
  3. 3. page 3 Eco-Friendly Planet 10 June 2013We, the people, continuouslypile our Earth with tons ofrubbish. We find it every-where and we don’t evenbother to think how long itneeds to decompose and willstay in the nature. That is whywe send an appeal not to pol-lute the environment and notto turn it into a dumpingplace.In defense of this cause wepresented the scene where thefour natural elements: MrsWater, Mrs Earth, Mr Air andMr Fire were our guests. Theyfaced the public with an ap-peal to protect the environ-ment and preserve it the waywe took it from our ancestors,to keep the water and air clean and to use the fire wisely.We have to understand that we are part of the nature and it is our duty to live in harmony with it. It maybe everlasting, but it is incapable of curing the numerous wounds which we cause with our reckless ac-tivity. We can fight the ecological problems on Earth when we change the way we think and man’s ac-tivity. Let’s save our planet clean in order to leave something behind!In order to support our words with deeds we cleaned the area around our school, planted flowers andshowed the environment our love and care.The aim of the project, on which we work, is to keep our planet clean. We meet a great support in theface of the headmaster of Nikola VaptsarovVo-cational School , Mrs Vasilka Stoilova.The celebration continued with songs and folk-lore dances and ended with the song of MichaelJackson “Earth Song” which made us thinkabout our existence and the planet Earth.
  4. 4. page 4 Eco-Friendly Planet 10 June 2013Nature…..“Nature entertains the stupid,teaches the smart, and it revealsits interesting secrets to thewise”A. EinsteinWhich group would you like tojoin in?Nature is a fairy tale; it is ourhome, it is harmony, beauty andunity.For the last decades we have beentrying to harm and destroy itrather than keep it safe.This process reflects on us too,the way we think is the way wecreate our reality.We can change things for the bet-ter.First of all, we need to see na-ture’s beauty and understand it.This happens to every man in adifferent stage of his or her lifeand it is a matter of man’s pointof view, and you should believethat it can motivate us to createtrue beauty in our everyday real-ity.What could be better. It is “thekey to life”, “a sorceress filledwith the most vital power of lifeand spirit”.The nature is a conglomerate ofsun, air and water, mountains andforests…It inspires, brings pleas-ure, amuses, brings aestheticpleasure which makes us feel de-lighted and stand in awe.It is in the nature where we findinspiration and relax…Being in an abiding admirationfrom its sceneries, we can rein-carnate it into our themes of life.It is extremely important for ourway of life. Nature cures every-one with herbs, the aroma of theflowers and the freshness and pu-rity of the air. It pours vital cur-rents into plants, animals andpeople.In the century of nuclear plants,computers, Internet, wild andgiddy music and disharmony, thenature can hardly resist such raidsof nightmares…the forests whichastound us with their colour andvividness are the most powerfulgenerator of air. They serve ascoordinators of the rain clouds.Every plant is like a medical bot-tle of oxygen which generouslyreleases pure and fresh oxygen.Now the forests are sad, you can’thear the sweet songs of the war-blers. What you can hear therenow is the noise coming fromwood chippers and the falling ofbeautiful giant trees – the pride ofthe forest’s nature. An almostburned down cigarette thrownaway carelessly can start an enor-mous fire and devastate wide for-est regions. The forests are apriceless bio centre for the humanhealth, so every damaged treeaffects the environment. Theygive shelter to many different andbeautiful animals…The decisionwhether to ruin and devastate orto build our surrounding world isin our hands.If we choose to ruin and devas-tate the nature, it will destroy ourhuman environment…But if wetake care for it every single day,it will allow us to develop andbecome richer both literally andmetaphorically..These are several things we cando every day:We need 15 to 30 min every dayto help saving our planet Earthjust changing some things in oureveryday life. We can’t stop theclimate changes, but at least wecan choose a way of life whichdoesn’t help increasing thesechanges and helps protecting theenvironment.If we make a wise choice for ourway of life, each of us can give agood example to the others.These are some simple thingswhich you can do for half an houror even less to help protecting ourplanet. They won’t change yourlife in a drastic way, but they willbe extremely helpful.Eat more fruits and vegetables.Eating more fruits and vegetablesthan meat can help the environ-ment more than you can imagine.The extensive consumption ofmeat and dairy products helpsglobal warming because for theanimals we breed for food thereare more greenhouse gases re-leased than there are when wegrow plants. Breeding animals forfood needs huge amounts of soil,water, grains and fuel.It doesn’t take more time to makea salad than making a hamburgerand it is the better option for youand the environment. During theweek you can replace severalmeat meals and at the same timeto help yourself and the environ-ment…
  5. 5. page 5 Eco-Friendly Planet 10 June 2013Walk or ride a bike for shorter dis-tances and choose the public trans-port for the longer ones.You will be surprised what distanceyou can walk on foot for half an hour.Calculations show that the people whowalk on foot to work for example aremuch healthier than those using trans-port for the same distance.According to latest researches if themembers of a family use only the pub-lic transport or walk on foot, for oneyear they can save money enough to pay their yearly expenses for food.Use reusable bagsThe use of reusable bags significantly reduces the amount of generated rubbish. Most of them can befolded and become small enough to have them with us. So they will be close at hand when we go shop-ping. Reduce to its minimum the use of plastic bags. A lot of energy and resources are used for their pro-duction and there are many harmful substances issued from this production. After being used they be-come rubbish, pollute even the water reservoirs and are responsible for the extinction of thousands of seamammals. Speaking worldwide there is about 1 trillion plastic bags used and thrown away every year, orthis is more than a million for just a minute. The good thing is that there is an alternative – the paper andthe reusable bags. They are made from materials which do not harm the environment during their pro-duction, the use and after they stop being used.Replace your electric bulbs with energy saving bulbs.Replace the ordinary electric bulbs with energy saving ones. Thus you will save money and the time youneed to change not working bulbs and will reduce the usage of energy. The energy saving bulbs are tentimes more durable than the ordinary ones and you can lower your electricity bills using them.According to a research if every household in the USA replace just one ordinary electric bulb for an en-ergy saving one, it will reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases as much as it can be done when youstop from usage 7,5 millions cars.Use less plastic items.Switch of the lights when you’re not in the room.Recycle your old appliances.Buy more “green” products…don’t buy goods you don’t really need.Use natural products like vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda to clean your homes.Buy in bigger packages to lessen the rubbish you generate.Use recycled paper…Print as less as possible. Use again everything that is possible.Take part in initiatives that are connected to protecting the environment.Pay your bills online.A lot of banks and companies for paying the electricity, water and other things offer their clients the op-tion to pay their bills online which makes it unnecessary to print notes and invoices. In this way yousave time, money and paper, consequently you reduce your contribution for the deforestation of the for-ests and the global warming…
  6. 6. page 6 Eco-Friendly Planet 10 June 2013Basic PollutersWe usually don’t think about the basic polluters ofthe air which are all around us and the fact that weconstantly live in that environment. That’s why ifwe don’t restrict their influence in our lives, weseriously risk harming ourselves and destroying theplanet. The pollution of the air means the introduc-tion of new, untypical for the atmosphere chemical,mechanical or biological substances and the changein the average annual concentration of these sub-stances. These substances cause serious damages tothe living organisms or these are damages affectingthe environment. The pollution of the air becomes amatter of importance, starts playing an importantrole and causes a serious influence after the Indus-trial Revolution and we unprecedentedly muststrive to avoid it.Let me remind you some of the substances whichare the most frequent polluters of the air:Carbon dioxide is a gas with no colour and witha slightly sour smell and taste. Compared tothe carbon oxide the carbon dioxide dis-solves very well in water.Carbon oxide with the formula CO is a gas withno colour which is toxic. It is obtained fromthe incomplete combustion of coal, methaneand wood. Cars also produce carbon oxide.Hydro carbonatesAldehydesRadioactive substances and heavy metalsSulphur dioxide – the sulphur dioxide is a gaswith no colour with the following formulaSO2, it is the product from volcanic erup-tions and different industrial processes. Thesulphur dioxide is usually obtained with theburning of coal and oil. The further enrich-ing with oxygen and reactions lead to theobtaining of H2SO4 (sulphuric acid) andacid rains.Nitric oxides and especially the nitric dioxidewith the formula NO2 is a poisonous gaswith a sharp suffocating smell and brownish-red colour. It dissolves very well in water.According to the region the main polluters in Bul-garia are dust, sulphur dioxide, nitric oxides, leadaerosols, ammonia, phenol, hydrogen sulfide andothers. And because the greater part of the indus-trial activity is concentrated in Sofia as well as 17%of the population lives there, the level of air pollu-tion is very high.The reasons which influence this pollution are:The rapid increase of the population on Earth, thescientific and technological progress and the ar-mory has radically changed the situation on theplanet for the last 100 years.Basic sources for the air pollution:Among the polluters there are natural sourcestoo which we can hardly avoid, these arenamely:Volcanic eruptionsMineral springsForest firesThe process of decomposition and the breathingof men and animalsThe processes under the surface of the earthAmong the polluters the most dangerous ones arethose which are a result from human activity. Theirrestriction lies in our hands. That’s why we canavoid at least part of their application in our lives.Some of them are:Motor vehicles – cars, planes, boatsPower plants, plants, factories and other indus-trial enterprisesBurning wood for heatingPetrol stationsOrganic waste which release methaneChemical, biological and nuclear weaponsNicotineHeatingInfluence on the environmentThe carbon oxide is poisonous and when breathedin huge amounts it causes suffocation and death.The sulphur oxide and the nitric oxide are poison-ous too. The carbon dioxide in huge amounts ham-pers the breathing of men and animals. The accu-mulation of this gas into the atmosphere leads tothe overall warming of the planet (greenhouse ef-fect).
  7. 7. page 7 Eco-Friendly Planet 10 June 2013In the cities with a lot of traffic and the places where fuelsare burnt there are huge amounts of carbon dioxide, carbonoxide and other gases and polluters in the air. These sub-stances are a threat for the human health.Air polluted with nitric oxide and sulphur oxide dissolvesvery well in the tinywater drops whichform the clouds andwhich causes acidrains that affect theplants, corrode met-als, destroy build-ings, rocks andmonuments. When there are such rains over rivers and lakespart of the animals there die.Alberto 11BWelcome to Bulgaria!Today we will have a close look at the Rhodope mountains.We, the students of Vocational school Nikola Vaptsarov, take part in the different clubs from theextracullicular forms of education in our school. In connection to the activities we do we visited one ofthe most beauiful Bulgarian mountains – the Rhodope mountains. We saw interesting regions andlandscapes about which we are going to tell you about.We visited the village of Bachkovo which is 7 km away south from Asenovgrad. There is located thesecond largest monastery in Bulgaria – the Bachkovo monastery. The monastery is famous and valuedfor its unique combination of Byzantine, Georgian and Bulgarian culture which are united by thecommon religion. We learnt that the monastery was founded in 1083 by the prominent Byzantinegeneral from a Georgian origin Gregory Bakuriani.We visited the resort Pamporovo. There is the Snezhanka peak which is 1926 m high. There is atelevision tower on the top with a height of 156 metres which soars to a height of 2082 metres. Theview that revealed itself from there was awesome and hardly to be described, that is why werecommend everyone who visits Bulgaria to climb Snezhanka peak.We had a sightseeing tour in Smolyan and found out that this city is really amazing. Its geographiclocation and its function as a centre of the towns and villages in the region determine it as the heart ofthe mountain. Smolyan is the biggest city in the Rhodopes and the longest in Bulgaria. The ChernaRiver flows along the city. The river springs from the highest peak in the Rhodopes – the Perelik Peak(2191m).We visited the well known and the biggest planetarium in Bulgaria. In its „heart“ there is a round starhall. There is a projector in its centre which creates an artificial sky which is a copy of the real one. Theprojector visualised right infront of our eyes the movements of the celestial bodies: the Sun, the Moon,the planets and the other astronomical objects and phenomena. The effect was astounding. For 45minutes we were illuminated by the beauty of the sky which created the feeling that we have the spaceon the board of a spaceship.We passed through the Yagodinska Cave which is 10 km long and is located on three floors. There is a1100 metre long path for the tourists. The entrance and the exit are artificially holed tunnels. The cave isunique with its innumerable stalactites, stalagmites, stalactones, hangings and leopard skins…See more page 8
  8. 8. page 8 Eco-Friendly Planet 10 June 2013Welcome to Bulgaria!Some of the forms in the interior remindof Santa Clause, Snow White and theseven dwarves, the Holy Mother andChrist, Pizho and Penda and other fantas-tic creatures. We learnt from the localsthat there are different animals that live inthe region among which are the bearswhich live freely in the forest and it is known that peo-ple have seen them.On the way back we saw one of the biggest lakes inBulgaria, the Dospat Reservoir. It is on 1200 m alti-tude and spreads on a territory of 18.3km2, it is 19 km wide and 1 km long.The beauty of the Bulgarian nature isbeyond description, but man can be con-vinced only if they see it with their eyes.Karolina I Teodora,11 BBuynovsko chineSnezhanka PeakDospat ReservoirECO-FRIENDLY PLANET…THIS IS OUR HOME, KEEP IT CLEAN!This Comenius project has been funded withsupport from the European Commission. Pro-ject Number:2012-1-BG1-COM07-07044 1This project newspaper reflects the views onlyof the authors, and the Commission cannot beheld responsible for any use which may bemade of the information contained therein.