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  1. 1. Our artist: DemolisherOur new artist is a 16 year old male from our local area, who goes by the name ‘Demolisher’, he is an unsigned grime artist with asong recorded to a professional quality. As a group, we knew him and were familiar with him so we thought this would make it easier to work with him and stay in contact with him. We asked him via a social networking site; twitter. He responded withinhours and was more than happy to participate. We explained the project to him, and are soon to meet up with him to further discuss the video concept
  2. 2. Artist values• Family come first• Money is the motive• To be successful• Religion matters• Education is important• Relationships are hassle• Life is hard
  3. 3. Target audience• 16-25 year old males• Mainly teens• Usually from a tough household or faced struggles in their lives• They can relate to the artist, they feel a sense of relief as they are not the only ones going through these sort of issues• Males trapped in the wrong sort of crowd, going down a bad path
  4. 4. • Grime is typified by complex 2-step break beats, generally around 140 beats per minute and constructed from "different" sounds. Stylistically, grime takes from many genres including UK Garage, dancehall and hip hop. The lyrics and music combine futuristic electronic elements and dark, guttural bass lines• Grime is seen as the movement from UK Garage, set into more deeper and darker themes and sounds, this including the convention of a mix between drumnbass, a splash of punk and also hip hop. Grime was invented in the inner cities of London, mostly in East London. MajorFm.come was a major promotive institution online station there to support grime music & gave grime its first appreciation to the international market.
  5. 5. • This genre has been exposed by a number of television stations, these including Channel U, (which is now known as AKA), Logan Samas show on London station Kiss FM, and also the BBC’s youth oriented radio station 1xtra; these of which most young teenagers enjoy watching as they display maybe similar things that they want to do as a career or sometime in their future. Dizzee Rascal and Wiley, both members of Roll Deep (Roll Deep are a MOBO Award-nominated London based grime music group). They were established in 2002, by a group of MC’s including Wiley and Dizzee Rascal (who have both since left). Both artists are closely associated with the modernised group, Boy Better Know. Boy Better know is a British grime label within the grime genre.• It was created by Jme and Skepta - is a website of which gives an insight to what grime is as well as information about the different artists, DJs and producers.
  6. 6. Stylistic Origins:- British Hip Hop- Uk Garage- Dancehall- Drum And Bass- Dub StepCultural Origins:- Late 1990s-2000East London in the UkInstruments:- Rapping- Toasting- Musical sequencer- Computer technologyMainstream Popularity:Underground with some chart success in the UK/BritainFusion Genres:- Rhythm and Grime- Electro Grime
  7. 7. Grime genre• Grime music is all about making a better life for themselves and making themselves publicly known• They talk about trying to make it in the music industry and highlight all their life struggles• Believe in ‘money over everything’• The artists themselves are the characters in the video• Usually dressed in well known brands eg. G star, Gucci etc. Dressed in casual clothing/streetwear• The narrative resembles real life, usually to do with their past or present life and home life• Videos often show they have made something of themselves, or are going to. Usually to show those who doubted them, often talk about haters and struggles they have faced
  8. 8. • Narrative is hardly complex• Likely to use ‘slang’• Location plays a big part of the video and song• Often make reference to failed love or ex-partners, videos may involve shots of a female
  9. 9. Conventions• There are many different conventions that are accumulated in the grime genre such as; clothing, locations and props that are used. - Often in a lot of grime videos you see graffiti scattered around in certain places, this is to show the levels of social life in these certain areas, it also shows the lack of respect these artists have for their areas. Also by the use of graffiti people it shows to people watching the video that its their ends.
  10. 10. • The clothing worn in Grime and rap videos are very deliberate and carefully chosen. In more grime videos, a lot of things like ‘airmax’ and ‘new era’ hats are worn, this is to try and insinuate that they are a gangster or hardman. Also things like baggy clothing are worn also to reiterate the point of them being gangster. However, this can work the opposite way also, as rappers such as Devlin where expensive retro clothing like Lyle and Scott to show his wealth and "swagger".
  11. 11. • -There are often many different props in grime/rap videos. A lot of things that are featured in rap/grime videos are often illegal. Things such as guns, knives and drugs are featured often in these genre songs as they are perceived as "hard" or "bad" because they are doing illegal things. often a kind of negative attitude is also shown towards the police, as if the police are the bad guys in the video.
  12. 12. • -In the video are often lots of things that rappers and grime artists show as objects. Often there are many nice cars and other expensive objects such as gold chains and "bling" to portray the wealth of the character.• Also in many videos, women are shown unfairly, as they are portrayed as almost like a possession. There is a lot instances where women are portrayed in a negative light, and they are often referred to as "bitches".• The girls are often dressed scantily clad which reiterates the point of them being treated unfairly
  13. 13. • A lot of grime/rap videos are quite high paced and contain a variety of shots which are edited off and on the beat to create a specific effect on the viewer. Often when you see a grime/rap video it isnt just the singer or rapper in the video, he usually has a lot of his mates behind him, in order to make him look popular and respected. In the picture below, you can see that Devlin is in the centre of the frame which shows that he has the highest status in the "gang" and that by having boys either side of him, shows he is the leader.
  14. 14. • Similar artists: K Koke, DVS, Squeeks, J Cole, Eminem, N Dubz, Joe Black etc• J Cole: As being a frequent listener and fan of J Cole, aswell as seeing him in concert, one of the first artists that came to my head when I listened to Demolisher’s songs was actually J Cole. I found their style of rapping; not fast rapping, slow rap as if they are almost talking. The content of their raps were also very similar. They both go against a typical rap song, which includes topics such as money, ‘hoes’ and cars and instead both artists focus on real life issues, particularly focusing on their own real life issues, which may include stuff like, family, jobs etc. One major similarity in their raps, is that they both highlight the idea of ‘making it’ in the music industry and the struggles they have faced. Similarly to Eminem
  15. 15. DVS • The most similar grime artist to our artist is DVS in my opinion
  16. 16. K Koke
  17. 17. JME• JME is a grime artist from Tottenham, North London. He used to be part of the grime crew Meridian alongside his brother Skepta, another grime artist however now is focuses more on his solo ambitions also with his new group BBK (Boy Better Know), he is known as the founder of this label which includes big artists such as Wiley and Frisco as well as DJ Maximum. ‘Boy Better Know’ is a catchphrase made by another artist in the grime genre named Big H. JME has come into sight on many grime DVD’s including Practice Hours where Bossman, Big H and JME did a freestyle over the beat to his hit single Serious.
  18. 18. • Serious was JME’s first song to be published on MTV Base and Channel U. Both of these are well known television stations, this therefore helped the song to become a success in sales and hearings. JME himself first displayed on his MySpace his music that he was making, gaining views from his friends and fans. embedded The clothes that a grime artist would wear is what is usually seen as the representative of a young boy in mainly London (as this is the area of which Grime was originated from) or even Birmingham that has the latest brand wear, this usually embracing the image of having ‘swagger’, this meaning to have an appealing look to others including all the updated clothes wear and having the likeable personality.
  19. 19. ure=player_embedded&v=jPem8TxM UrI• If you look at this video, it contains all the well known grime artists into one song. This definitely was a big hit for from the entire fan base. All of the artists are males, this of which attracts the female audience as they may admire what they see. However, this is not said that the video is aimed at only females. The male audience of which may desire to be more like the male artists in this video, will be attracted to this video as they would want to view the characteristics that they could then act upon in their daily lives as they have been influenced by what they do. The age audience may be 15+ as this contains different aspects to the video such as sexual preferences however not into a major way. Also, the lyrics suggest to be aimed at this age as they can understand what they are addressing to the audience. The setting is set in a club, this of which most young and old teenagers choose to do to be entertained in their free time. Therefore, they can relate to this and recommend the video within its grime genre.
  20. 20. Old digipak
  21. 21. The song were going to be using is called ‘Last Hope’ H4u9xMBGQ