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Todorov’s narrative theory


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Todorov’s narrative theory

  1. 1. { Todorov’s Narrative Theory Jenny Richardson
  2. 2. Todorov’s narrative theory basically states that most story's or plot lines follow the same pattern or path. There are 5 steps in this pattern. NARRATIVE THEORY STEPS
  3. 3. The first part of the story will display a happy start, where the majority of characters are content and everything is as it should be. So in the Simpsons Movie, in the first part, everything is normal and Homer is just doing chores. 1. EQUILIBRIUM
  4. 4. The second part of the story will feature a problem or some thing will disrupt the happiness. In the Simpsons, it begins when Homer saves a pig. 2. A DISRUPTION
  5. 5. This part of the plot is when everyone realises the problem and it is chaos. So, the Simpsons are kicked out of Springfield and forced to move to Alaska. 3. REALISATION
  6. 6. This part of the plot is when the characters attempt to repair the damage and restore the problem. So, the Simpsons go back and save Springfield. 4. RESTORED ORDER
  7. 7. This is the final part of the plot where the problem is resolved and normality can resume again. So, the dome is blown up and everyone is free. 5. EQUILIBRIUM AGAIN
  8. 8. The End