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Technology [repaired] mohan and aron


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Technology [repaired] mohan and aron

  1. 1. A wide range of technologies have been used to enhance the effect ofthe way music is experienced in the music industry. Sometechnologies are used more often than others.Auto-tune, which was invented by Dr Andy Hildebrand, allows theuser to correct the pitch of their own voice in order to hide off-keysinging. The first song to use Auto-tune was ‘Believe’ by Cher in1998. However, Auto-tune has become popular with many of today’sartists, such as: T-Pain, Akon, Rebecca Black and Maroon 5.Auto-tune has also been accessible to the public via a free app called‘I am T-Pain’. This app allows you to auto-tune your own voice. Thisshows how easy it is for anyone to use auto-tune and how much of anaccessible feature it has become.Artists aren’t the only people who Auto-tune themselves. Auto-tune isused on a wide range of videos to turn normal speech intoprofessional sounding music. Nick Clegg – I’m Sorry (Auto-tune):http//
  2. 2. Auto-tune has become somewhat welcomed and encouraged inthe music industry. It also encourages the audience to make theirown music using Auto-tune. One example would be RebeccaBlacks – ‘Friday’.However, despite the positive outcome of Auto-tunedmusic, many artists and audience members argue that Auto-tunehas caused ‘The death of real music’. Jay-Z shares his views in asong called Death of Auto-tune whereas T-Pain is known for hisheavy usage of the tech.Artists who frequently use Auto-tune are said to be able to‘delude’ the audience by covering up off-key notes which allowsthem to get away with it. For example, Kanye West –Heartless, Rihanna – Disturbia and Lil Wayne ft. Static Major –Lollipop.
  3. 3. This new source of technology can be both an advantage and adisadvantage towards the music industry. In one aspect it allowsanyone to become more involved with the music which meansthat even more people can become noticed in the music industry.However it can also create negative effects in the way that artistsare presented. Depending on people’s views it could change theway the audience see’s the artist which could have a very badimpact towards the music industry.
  4. 4. The way that music is distributed is equally as important as theway it is produced. This is why media players have played a bigpart in the distribution of music.CD players were released in 1982 and cost around $900. This wasthe popular choice for most people as it was easy to use andcompact. Also, CD’s were the popular format for most albums.This came across as a great advantage for not only the musicindustry but also for businesses around the world. As music CD’swould increase in demand, CD players would also increase indemand.However it wasn’t long until the MP3 player was introduced. TheMP3 player was an even more compact and efficient way oflistening to music on the go. For example the iPod and the Zune.
  5. 5. The audience always needs different ways in which they can listento music. This is why the music industry has take advantage ofthis and have made sure that music comes in many different typeof formats so that it can be consumed in more than one way.Music can be purchased via iTunes. iTunes is a gigantic musiccatalogue where music can be easily bought and stored for a verylow price. This is the most common way in which music isconsumed by the audience. iTunes can also be used to transfersongs to your iPod or iPhone by automatically syncing purchasedsongs to a connected device.